The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Incredible Moon-lit Demon Eyes
Chapter 144: Incredible Moon-lit Demon Eyes
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The ice shattered. A palm of horrifying spirit energy struck out in the direction of Su Yu's head!

At the critical moment, Su Yu shot out a cold gaze! He silently flicked his right index finger. The Divine Ice Ring on his finger emanated a strange cold glow, it was impossible to look at directly.

"Divine Ice Protection!" A low grunt came from within the blinding icy glow just as Cheng You's palm struck!


His palm cracked.

Cheng You did not feel the happiness of killing his foe in one blow. Instead, he quickly retracted his palm like he had just struck lightning!


As he was retracting his palm, a weak sheet of ice had already formed on his palm.

Had he hesitated for a moment longer, he would have ended up completely frozen!

When the icy glow dissipated, Cheng You was surprised by what he saw. There were many Divine Ice Threads coming out from the Divine Ice Ring on Su Yu's finger.

They were woven together to form a rough helmet shape, protecting Su Yu's head.

A faint palm-like impression had been formed on the helmet, but Su Yu was unharmed. It was this helmet made from Divine Ice Threads that had saved Su Yu's life.

"A weapon with its own spirit! It's a divine artifact!" Cheng You was thoroughly shocked!

Divine artifacts were not rare. They could occasionally be found in ruins. But divine artifacts that were actually usable were rarely heard of! Without a suitable wielder, the divine artifacts were not of very much use.

But the youth before his eyes could use a divine artifact, that was enough for Cheng You to be completely shocked.

Even though he was shocked, he did not forget about the reason he was here!

"You killed my future wife! I shall have my revenge!" Not only did Cheng You not barbarically charge forward, but he slowly retreated!

"Incredible Moon-lit Demon Eyes!"

His eyes were like the moon in the sky, creepily shining with a dull golden light.

The power it harbored was like the raging waves, spreading in all directions.

At that moment, Su Yu felt dizzy. He was shocked. "An attack on the soul!"

Other than the Prodigy of Souls he had met in the Xianyu Prefecture martial arts training institute, this was the second person he had ever met with such abilities!

Not good! Su Yu realized that the situation was dire!

A bolt of soul power entered his brain, causing him to hallucinate. It was a hallucinatory style soul attack!

In a battle between two strong people, the victor could be decided in seconds. Wouldn't slipping into an illusion now mean his death?

Buzz, buzz

The long-dormant Nine-Dragon Cauldron lightly quivered. The golden soul power that was invading into his soul was easily expelled out of his body!

Su Yu regained consciousness!

An evil wave assaulted him as the horrifying palm was once again truck toward Su Yu. Cheng You had seized the opportunity and struck while Su Yu was distracted!

This was dangerous even for a Fourth Level Peak Holy King, much less a Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King!

Without hesitation, Su Yu unleashed his Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder.

Thunder and Ice Flames intertwined, harboring a destructive energy. It materialized in the form of a long spear, turning into a stalk of light as it pierced through the air!

"Ah! How could you regain consciousness!" Cheng You's expression changed!

But he could not think too much about it, having no choice but to collide with Su Yu's Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder!


It was like a million lightning bolts had descended, shaking the snowfield. An avalanche descended from every direction!

Snow was flying everywhere. Among the rippling energy waves, Cheng You flew backward with blood in his mouth, completely shocked!

"Half Divine grade Holy Decree!"

Even though he was fearful, Cheng You did not show signs of flustering, instead he grew fiercer. "Yue-er was killed by this move? Alright! I want you to die without a complete corpse!"

Die without a complete corpse? Su Yu thought back to the canyon, where they had spotted remains of corpses that had been chewed up.

Could it be that the Snow Lion had followed him here?


At this moment, a sharp roar reverberated in the sky!

A thick demonic aura was blown toward them with the howling wind!

Su Yu lifted his head to look, his expression changing slightly! It was an eagle of abilities rivaling a Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King! He could actually control demonic and wild beasts!

Su Yu finally understood how his location was so easily discovered. The birds in the sky were all controlled. Their effectiveness was even better than that of Su Yu's vision.

No, it had the advantages of Su Yu's vision without all its limitations!


The eagle descended from the sky, it's sharp claws piercing through the clouds, striking towards Su Yu!

The strike caused the winds and clouds to shift, dust and debris flying everywhere.

Su Yu felt a pressure pushing his feet deeper into the snow.

At the same time, Cheng You struck from behind!

A person and a demonic beast, combining their attacks!

Facing two Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King at the same time, Su Yu was incredibly stressed!

But his eyes remained collected, never once showing a ripple of emotion!


Divine Ice Threads from the Divine Ice Ring filled the air.

A terrifying chilly energy flowed out from within the Divine Ice Threads!

Following the sound of the crack, multiple Divine Ice Threads fused together, forming a long spear that was thrown suddenly towards the eagle in the sky!

At the same time, Su Yu unleashed his Purple Star Thunderbolt!


The Divine Ice Threads kept the eagle busy, while Su Yu went into combat with Cheng You.

He was actually fighting alone against two enemies!

Thud, thud, thud

Cheng You retreated several steps, his face a mixture of shock and anger. His expression was sinister. "Cursed that divine artifact!"

"Attack together!" Cheng You let out a low grunt, a golden glow radiating from his eyes!

At this moment, the demonic birds in the air all turned incredibly restless!

like the rain, multiple birds attacked!

Cheng You took advantage of the confusion to strike!


But the Divine Ice Threads once again transformed, separating and forming icicles, scattering in all directions from Su Yu.

Su Yu looked like he was a porcupine!

The birds that were charging down were all pierced by the icicles, unable to disrupt Su Yu! Cheng You was once again struck in his chest by Su Yu!


Suffering two attacks, Cheng You once again spat out a mouthful of blood, retreating with a stagger.


In a fluster, he dropped a technique manual!

It was a sheepskin manual, words carved on the cover using soul powerIncredible Moon-lit Demon Eyes!

It was a top-level Legacy level technique, and it was an extremely rare soul attacking technique!

Not good!

Cheng You's expression changed, rolling on the ground to retrieve his own technique!

Su Yu's eyes blazed. Even the Liuxian faction, as big as it was, did not have a Deity level soul attacking technique, much less a Legacy level one!

How could he miss this opportunity before him?

Seeing Cheng You speedily try to retrieve the manual, Su Yu removed the film in his right eye as a red spirit eye showed itself to the world! "Space Manipulation!"

Just as Cheng You grabbed the technique, the power of space enveloped him! He realized was that he had been teleported a foot in front of Su Yu!

Su Yu was wielding a long spear of Ice and Thunder Flames and was charging toward him in an attempt to pierce his body!


With a pathetic howl, Cheng You was pierced through his chest and his body was sent flying back by the impact. He once again spat out blood!

At the same time, the sheepskin manual was forcefully taken from him in the confusion!

"Ah! You" Cheng You was immensely startled and furious.

But a purple lotus flew toward him at that moment. Cheng You's expression was that of fear. He had already taken three of Su Yu's attacks. With the injuries he had sustained, he could no longer continue the battle!

"Retreat!" With a low grunt, the eagle in the sky descended and grabbed Cheng You as it took the skies.

Su Yu shot a cold glare. "Wishing to escape?"

"Icy Divine Wings!" A cold glow appeared at his back. A pair of lifelike wings silently unfolded.


Su Yu vanished from his original spot. When he reappeared, he was on the back of the demonic bird!

"Ah! How is that possible? How many secret techniques do you have?" Cheng You was immensely shocked, his heart thumping wildly!

An extraordinary spirit energy appeared! It was a mysterious divine artifact from an ancient kingdom!

A fearful Half Divine grade Holy Decree!

Stage One Top Class of the Purple Star Thunderbolt!

The Icy Divine Wings with shocking speed!

Obtaining any of the following would make someone the king of their cultivation class. He would be victorious.

Su Yu was able to use all of those techniques!

An uncomfortable feeling welled up within Cheng You. This person was too scary!

A strange scene unfolded in the air. A Third Level Upper Tier Holy King was in pursuit of two Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy Kings who were fleeing for their lives!

Some time into the pursuit, Cheng You's heart felt a little despair.

A powerful aura suddenly descended from the sky!


It was the Fourth Level Peak Holy King of the Empire of Darkness, Wang Li!

He had received orders to chase after Li Hao, but upon hearing the large commotion he saw it fit to come check it out.

"Silver Guard Wang!" Cheng You was elated. He speedily maneuvered the eagle toward him.

Su Yu's heart skipped a beat, his pupils dilating!

He had encountered a Fourth Level Peak Holy King!

"Quickly kill this person! He is able to use many secret techniques, and is in control of a powerful divine artifact!" The worry in Cheng You's heart had dissipated, laughing as he looked back, like he was looking at a dead person!

But at this moment, a ferocious gust of wind suddenly attacked him from the back!

The horrifying spirit energy pierced through his chest at the moment he was least cautious!

His entire chest, from the front to the back, had been completely pierced through. The bloody hole was a sight to behold!

Cheng You staggered as he rolled, dropping from the sky, his eyes full of disbelief.

Silver Guard Wang, his friend of many years, had launched a sneak attack on him!

"Silver Guard Wang You!" Cheng You was full of disbelief

Wang Li squinted as his eyes were a mixture of hatred and mockery. As his figure chased after him, he let out an evil laugh. "There's finally a chance for me to get rid of you! Yue-er grew up together with me and we were in love. I should have been the vice-captain. But you, a Prodigy of Souls with your talent and your usefulness, were much to the fancy of Li Xiaowei. You have taken everything that was supposed to be mine!

"I could bear with you taking away the position of vice-captain, for I am weaker than you. But you even stole Yue-er from me to be your wife! Do you know how much I wanted to kill you?!" Wang Li grunted, his killing intent surfacing!

He had waited for this day for too long!

There would not be a better opportunity than this to kill Cheng You. They were away from privy eyes and he could blame it on the disciple of the Liuxian faction!

Cheng You came to his senses, angrily howling. "You want to kill me? Fat chance! Retreat!"


The eagle let out a sharp shriek, gliding through the sky, escaping together with Cheng You.

Wang Li let out a cold laugh. "Do you think you can run?"


In the blink of an eye, Wang Li had caught up to the eagle!

A black light materialized at the tip of his finger, pointing toward Cheng You and the eagle. Cheng you's expression changed. At this critical moment, he ordered the eagle to rotate its body, protecting him under it!


A pathetic cry spread forth. The eagle had been pierced by the black light! Its body plunged downwards rapidly!

Cheng You had been pieced together with the eagle!

His head was nowhere to be seen!

Wang Li had merely used a finger to kill two Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy Kings!

That was the power of a Fourth Level Peak Holy King!

With a cold laugh, Wang Li saw a person and a demonic beast fall to the ground, turning into mincemeat!

His lips formed a contorted smile, satisfied with his revenge.

He then turned his gaze back. "Boy, it's your turn! Even if we do not talk about taking revenge for Yue-er, you have seen what you should not have seen. You shall die too."

There was no one behind him!

"Thinking about escaping? It would be a joke if you managed to escape the eyes of a guard of the Empire of Darkness!" Wang Li surveyed the surroundings, a bolt of white light flickering around them.

In his field of vision, the complicated ice glaciers were transparent.

He could clearly see where Su Yu was!

"Found him!" Wang Li let out a ferocious laugh, his gaze locked on a figure under a glacier.


His figure flickered, harboring a cold smile. He tapped his foot on a rock, thinking to himself. "Accept your fate obediently!"