The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Pursuit of life and death
Chapter 145: Pursuit of life and death
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Debris flew everywhere. Su Yu's figure was exposed from under the rocks!

Su Yu was a little startled. How had his opponent managed to look past the layer of rocks to find out where he was hiding?

But he did not have time to contemplate. The black light flickered in Wang Li's hand. The terrifying technique that killed Cheng You surged toward him!

The threat of death blanketed Su Yu, his expression changing.

At the critical moment, he stuck his finger in his left eye and out the contact film to reveal a purple pupil, extravagantly bright!

"Seal of Time!"

A formless purple dragon coiled around Wang Li's body, causing his physical body to be wrapped in time.

The killing blow had been stopped for a moment.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Su Yu activated Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder, throwing the spear of Thunder and Ice Flames.

Su Yu did not wait for the results. He extended his Icy Divine Wings and took to the skies!

A monstrous rumble came from his back, the energy waves billowing outward. Destructive energy spread all throughout the surroundings.

But Su Yu could feel his opponent was not dead!

"Little bastard!" A furious roar came from within the billowing energy waves!

All he could see from within the wild snow was Wang Li's clothes, which had been torn to shreds. His chest was laced with several cuts. A sliver of blood was dripping down from the side of his lip.

Wang Li had regained control of his body and had blocked Su Yu in time. Even though he managed to survive, he still suffered some external wounds.

Now, Wang Li was angry!


Fast as light, Wang Li unleashed his angry pursuit. He was furious!

Su Yu had killed Yue-er and had witnessed the death of Cheng You; even if Su Yu had a million secret techniques, Wang Li would not let him escape!

Su Yu's Icy Divine Wings were at Stage One Upper Tier, their speed was only slightly lower than Wang Li's!

It would be a battle of stamina if he wanted to catch Su Yu.

Half a month later, Wang Li sat anxious and furious, his heart full of hatred.

In terms of stamina, Su Yu was not weaker than him!

But Su Yu had extraordinary spirit energy, allowing him to escape Wang Li for half a month!

What infuriated Wang Li even more was that Su Yu had taken a long route around the snowfield and returned to the borders of the Wolong Snowfield!

It was only about thirty miles away from where they had ambushed the disciples of the Liuxian faction. Once Su Yu escaped the Wolong Snowfield and brought reinforcements from the Liuxian faction, the situation would get a whole lot worse.

Wang Li was incredibly anxious and furious. Su Yu was also feeling increasingly tired.

Wang Li had strange eyes. No matter how deep or secluded he hid, he would immediately be found; Su Yu could not wrap his head around this.

He had little time to rest during the past two weeks. He had been pushing himself to full power and was immensely tired.

Seeing how Wang Li was increasingly gaining on him, Su Yu used the same techniques again!

"Seal of Time! Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder!"

With the combination of this two techniques, he could inflict minor injuries to Wang Li and buy himself some time.

Seizing the opportunity, Su Yu took to the skies. But Wang Li rapidly pursued!

Su Yu was anxious. His spirit energy was almost depleted and his stamina was weakening. He would not be able to maintain the fast pace for long.

At this rate, he was going to be caught!

He flew pust a wolf's den. Multiple snow wolves were sleeping in the cave.

Hatching an idea, Su Yu slipped into deep thought.

Clenching his teeth, Su Yu charged downward. "I'll take a gamble! Let's see if I guessed correct!"

He let out some Divine Ice Threads, waking up and restraining the snow wolves that were trying to escape.

Su Yu dug into the wolf's den.

Under the wolf's den was a thousand year old glacier. He used all his might to shake the Divine Ice Threads, digging out a pit of ice.

Without a second thought, Su Yu jumped into the pit of ice, pulling the Divine Ice Threads and the wolves in over his head.

Looking from afar, there were only multiple wolves sleeping in their den. There was nothing strange going on.

Not only were the limbs of the wolves restrained, but their mouths were also covered.


At this moment, a cold laugh descended upon the den.

"You are finally tired out?" Wang Li had accurately pinpointed where Su Yu was!

But when he descended, his expression turned rigid. "Those are snow wolves, not Su Yu?

"Crafty fellow! To think that you could escape the radius of my detection!" Wang Li coldly surveyed the surroundings, anxiously flying to the horizon, searching everywhere. His eyes showed anxiety.

Su Yu had personally witnessed him killing Cheng You, if he were to be captured by Li Xiaowei, then

Thump, thump

Wang Li was flustered. He clenched his teeth, dragging his tired body as he searched everywhere.

After a moment, there was a slight movement deep in the wolf's den.

Su Yu's head emerged, his face full of realisation. "He uses heat vision to see me! In the icy snowfield, the heat that humans emit is like a torch. So, no matter how well I hid, he is able to find me in a glance.

"Now that there are several snow wolves fogging up his heat vision, I can fool him."

Thinking deeply, Su Yu did not leave. He stayed hidden in his ice pit.

Wang Li wouldn't have gone very far. If Su Yu were to barge out now, it would be difficult for him to shake Wang Li, as his stamina and spirit energy were depleted.

Letting out a deep breath, Su Yu activated the Incredible Moon-lit Demon Eyes manual as he recuperated. It was a fraction of a Legacy level technique, only having one stage.

Su Yu finished reading the technique, disappointed as he sighed. "Soul attacking techniques are extremely rare, to be able to obtain one stage of it was already extremely lucky. But. What in the world is the Empire of Darkness?" Su Yu slipped into deep thought.

The Sea Wolves Pirate Chief was merely a Second Level Holy King, yet he had possessed Legacy level techniques.

Cheng You was an extremely rare Prodigy of Souls!

Wang Li was an expert in the art of tracking, he had been hot on Su Yu's heels for the past two weeks.

Each of them had unbelievable abilities.

At the same time, Legacy level techniques to them were not as precious. Even Second Level Lower Tier Holy Kings had the right to cultivate them.

This would be unimaginable in the Liuxian Faction.

Only Inner Sanctum disciples had the right to cultivate Legacy level techniques, and they must have contributed to the faction, such as the Deputy Clan Master of the External Affairs Division, Qin Gang.

Usually, only Fourth Level Holy Kings would have come into some contact with Legacy level techniques. But in the Empire of Darkness, even normal silver robed guards could cultivate them.

After thinking for a while, Su Yu lightly shook his head. This should be the worst of the elders in the faction. The Empire of Darkness had interfered with the territory of the Liuxian faction!

Consolidating his thoughts. Su Yu flipped open the Incredible Moon-lit Demon Eyes.

"This secret soul attacking technique is split into lower class, upper class, and peak. At lower class, you can develop Moon-Lit Demon Eyes, and can cause enemies to slip into hallucinations. With enough practise, one can control demonic beasts with weaker souls.

"At upper class, the effects of the hallucination get stronger, but you will not be able to affect anyone who's three cultivation levels higher than you. You will also be able to control demonic beasts up to three cultivation levels higher than you.

"At the peak, the effects of the hallucination will be at their highest. A word will be able to cause the person under its effects to commit suicide. You will be able to kill without moving!

"The difficulty of cultivating this technique depends on the strength of your soul. For a person without much potential, it will take ten years to even learn the basics. For a stronger person, it will only take two years. It all depends on your fate."

Su Yu had a weird look in his eyes. To think that this technique would allow the user to control demonic beasts!

Calming down, Su Yu began simultaneously gaining insight into the Incredible Moon-lit Demon Eyes, the Artifact Control Technique, and the nameless Immortal level technique.

Ten days passed in a flash. The white snow piled up, falling gracefully. The icy world outside was silent, only the sound of snowflakes falling could be heard.


But just then, a figure descended outside the wolf's den.

It was Wang Li, who had been searching outside for the past ten days!

His face was pale as a sheet and his breathing was ragged. His spirit energy had been depleted and his face showed strong signs of fatigue..

What was most unusual were the multiple claw marks on his body, it looked like he had been attacked by a demonic beast!

In the past ten days, Wang Li had searched the entire area within a thousand mile radius, even extending his search to the Coniferous Song Forest outside of the Wolong Snowfield.

He had been assaulted by a group of demonic beasts in the Coniferous Song Forest and had nearly perished.

But, despite the fatigue, he could not find Su Yu!

He had also passed by this wolf's den multiple times, always searching.

Finally, he had found a detail that he had previously missed!

Returning this time, he looked inside. The multiple snow wolves in the cave were all thin and hungry. But they were still sleeping!

"Boy! To think that you have been hiding here all this while!" Wang Li's expression was sinister, harbouring a deep frustration. "Looks like you've already discovered the method I used to track my enemies!

"I was not meticulous enough, to miss such a detail! In a harsh winter snow wolves need to intake food. How can they spend ten entire days in the cave without exiting?! There's only one answer; they must be trapped and unable to go out and find food!" Wang Li clenched his teeth, filled with self blame. Had he discovered this detail earlier he could have saved himself all the effort he had spent the last few days.


The sound of ice breaking could be heard from within the cave. A purple-robed figure descended.

Su Yu's eyes slowly opened, a faint golden glow filling them. His lips formed a slight smile. "Who can you blame for your own stupidity?"

Green veins popped up on Wang Li's forehead. "Boy, it's all over now!"

"Is it? Say that when you catch me!" After resting for ten days, Su Yu had completely recovered. He extended his Icy Divine Wings, gliding toward the horizon and heading toward the outside of the Wolong Snowfield.

Wang Li clenched his teeth, dragging his exhausted body in pursuit!

Even though his stamina and spirit energy was running dry, he could still defeat Su Yu!

One running and the other hot in pursuit, another day passed.

They had both flown out of the Wolong Snowfield into the dense Coniferous Song Forest.

Compared to the snowfield, the terrain of the forest was more complicated, with more wild beasts. It was hard for Wang Li to discover were Su Yu was.

But Su Yu was not familiar with the place, while Wang Li had been searching there for the past few days. Wang Li was more familiar with the place and so he was gradually catching up to Su Yu!

"Boy! There's no escape now! Further into the forest is where all the demonic beasts gather. You will either end up in the belly of a demonic beast, or die by my hands!" Wang Li let out a string of cold laughs.

Su Yu suddenly turned back, his lips forming a mocking smile. "The energy here is not bad, this ends here!"

"You? I will be the one to end it!" Wang Li was not worried, he was instead elated. A faint black glow materialised on his fingertips!

Su Yu's expression was calm, a cold light flashing through his eyes.

"Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder!"

With a low grunt, Su Yu circulated the spirit energy in his body, fighting with all his might!


Thunder roared, shaking the sky!

Thud, thud, thud

Su Yu took a few steps back, but Wang Li was sent flying ten feet back. A mouthful of blood spat out from his mouth!

The victor had been decided with a single move!

"How can it be?! In just ten days, your spirit energy has increased another thirty percent! It is even higher than my spirit energy when I'm at full power!" Wang Li's face turned rigid, he was immensely shocked!

How was he to know that in the vast snowfield, when Su Yu was being chased to the point of desperation, the Sigh of Ice had taken advantage of the cold and had broken through to Stage One Top Class!

At this point, his spirit energy was three times that of another person at the same cultivation level!

It was slightly higher than a Fourth Level Peak Holy King!

Had Wang Li been at full power and were they only using spirit energy, Su Yu would have had to consider before engaging in a head-on collision.

But, in ten days, Wang Li had depleted most of his spirit energy. This, coupled with another full day of pursuit, meant Wang Li's spirit energy had been mostly depleted.

Su Yu naturally had the upper hand in today's battle!

A feeling of unease welled up within him! Wang Li had fallen into a trap. Fear gripped him!

Clenching his teeth, Wang Li turned to retreat. He would pursue Su Yu again after he had recovered!

But Su Yu's eyes were cold. "You have chased me for a full ten days. It is now my turn to pursue you!"