The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Endlessly Till One Dies
Chapter 146: Endlessly Till One Dies
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"Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder!"

Wang Li frantically tried to block Su Yu's attack, but with his spiritual energy already exhausted it was difficult for him to do so!



After letting out a pitiful shriek, both of Wang Li's arms were blown to smithereens. His torso was pierced through by the spear of divine punishment, leaving behind a large, gaping blood hole!

Fresh blood and flesh flew out in all four directions. It was an extremely bloody scene.

"Stop! I promise I won't chase after you ever again!" Wang Li dragged his heavily injured body away as he pleaded and tried to escape. However, deep within his eyes, there was still a deep hatred.

If he had recovered twenty percent of his stamina and spiritual energy, even with his heavily injured body, he would still be able to kill off Su Yu easily!

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!"

The reply to his plea was a gigantic purple lotus flower. Although elegant and beautiful, it exuded a terrifyingly destructive power!



Again, he flew backward for another hundred feet. His blood and flesh were indistinguishable and they gave off a charred smell.

Half of his body had been destroyed by the thunder flames!

"Boy! Don't push me too far!" Wang Li shouted in anger. His eyes gave off a sharp and fierce look like a trapped beast taking up a fighting stance.

Su Yu said calmly. "Pushing you too far is far better than being killed by you."

"Glazed Ice Flame!"



Wang Li had received three blows consecutively, causing him to suffer heavy injuries and leaving him on the brink of death!

A sense of regret surged within his heart. If he had known earlier that Su Yu would be so hard to deal with, he would have been more careful when he attacked him. Now, he had instead landed himself in a perilous situation!

However, knowing that his death was certain, it had instead agitated Wang Li's. "Boy! I might die, but you can forget about getting away easily!"


Channeling his last ounce of strength, Wang Li retaliated desperately!

Wang Li, at that moment, was akin to a wild beast, fearlessly lunging forth and taking an offensive stance. He was not afraid of death!

Su Yu's eyes remained calm, as he took a small distance back to maintain a certain distance, in order to prevent falling prey to a counterattack of desperation.

One was a raging wild beast, while the other appeared calm and at ease.

Loud crashing sounds reverberated throughout the forest as they exchanged blows.

After half a day, Wang Li finally exhausted all of his strength!

Not only was his body in tatters, but he had also exhausted all of his stamina and spiritual energy. He was on the verge of death.

Even Su Yu's unrelenting eyes revealed a tinge of fatigue. As he approached Wang Li with a Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder in his hand, Su Yu sighed. "All of this ends right now!"


Right as the Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder was about to pierce through Wang Li a figure suddenly jumped out from a hidden area and struck Wang Li's head, completely destroying whatever life was left in him.


The mysterious figure knelt down and retrieved a token from the body.

Playing around with the token in his hands, he slowly raised his head. In a playful and provocative tone, he said. "Junior Su, it's been hard on you. The credit of killing him, senior shall receive it unabashedly!"

"Li Hao!" Su Yu's eyes revealed an ice-cold killing intent!

As he had been completely focused on the battle just now, he did not realize that the underhanded snake, Li Hao had been hiding in the vicinity!

He had been hiding all these while, waiting for the moment that Su Yu had completely exhausted and pushed Wang Li to the brink of death, before swooping in for the kill!

However, the credit was no longer important!

Between him and Li Hao, only one could be allowed to live!

Li Hao hated Su Yu for the humiliation of snatching his wife and was determined to kill Su Yu!

Su Yu was afraid that Li Hao, in his madness, would implicate the innocent Xia Jingyu. As such, he had to go!

They could not stop until one of them was dead!

At the moment, they were far away from the Faction and away from the watchful eyes of the public. Hence, it was a perfect place for a duel to the death!

However, in the battle that had just taken place, Wang Li's retaliation before his death had caused the battle to drag on for long. This resulted in Su Yu exhausting more than half of his stamina and spiritual energy, greatly reducing his battle strength!

Li Hao, on the other hand, had been hiding in the shadows. As such, his strength was at his peak condition. In addition, he had an absolutely overwhelming advantage over Su Yu, in terms of cultivation base!

Even in Su Yu's peak, he was not able to better Li Hao, much less in his current state.

"Alright Su Yu, it's time for senior to send you on your way to hell! To encroach on my woman? I'll skin you alive!" Li Hao retracted his playful expression and his suave face suddenly turned ferocious, like he was a vicious wild beast!


Holding back the killing intent within him, Su Yu flew towards the deep parts of Song Zhen Forest while he still had the stamina and spiritual energy to do so.

Licking his lips, Li Hao was like a hunter who had just discovered his prey. His savage face, in the dimly lit forest, appeared even more sinister.

"You dare sleep with my woman? I'll let you experience what it means to die in horror!"


Li Hao chased after Su Yu. His speed was so fast, it was not something that a Holy King in his exhausted condition could hope to match.

The distance between the two slowly shrunk!

After slightly less than half a day of chasing, the distance between the two was finally less than a hundred feet!

"Run, like a dog who has lost his house, run to your heart's content! I will catch up with you very soon!" Li Hao's distorted face revealed the joy of being able to exact revenge!

Looking at Su Yu's figure which inched closer every passing moment, Li Hao's killing intent became even more intense!

The humiliation of being made a cuckold had to be cleansed!


However, just at that moment, a roar which shook the skies reverberated throughout Song Forest!

A large male lion covered in flames from head to toe came running out from the depths of the Song Forest while roaring.

Its size was so huge, it was comparable to that of a small house!

Its strength had reached a terrifying Fourth Level Upper Tier realm!

That was the infamous Majestic Flaming Lion and the weakest ones were at least Fourth Level Holy King!

The Majestic Flaming Lions tended to stay in a pack. If one had appeared, then was highly likely that there was an entire pack in the vicinity!

Just the thought of it was enough to make one tremble in fear!

Li Hao could not hold back his hideous grin. "Haha... A pack of Majestic Flaming Lions in front of you and behind you there's me, Li Hao. Su Yu, seems like even the heavens are unwilling to help you! Let's see where you can run off to today!"

However, the next moment, what made the hideous grin froze was!

"Incredible Moon-Lit Demon Eyes!" Su Yu's eyes shot out a dazzling gold light!

like two brightly lit moon suddenly rose from amidst the dark and eerie forest!

The brightness of the gold color dispelled away all eeriness and darkness.

The vague fluctuation in the air, was like the light waves were shot in all directions!

"Soul attack? You are actually a prodigy of souls?" Li Hao's face paled in shock!

Su Yu had only trained the Incredible Moon-Lit Demon Eyes to stage one and therefore it was not of any threat to Li Hao. But even so, it was enough to shock Li Hao.

Su Yu actually possessed a natural gift for souls, something that was extremely rare!

Rumors said that when given the opportunity to develop, prodigies of souls would become extremely terrifying!

It was recorded that in the past, there was a prodigy of soul who wiped out an entire civilization on his own!

A cold wave swarmed his heart! He definitely could not let Su Yu live!

However, before he could even take action, that Majestic Flaming Lion's eyes had turned slightly sluggish.

As it pounced onto Su Yu, its body suddenly stiffened and actually gave up on attacking him! Instead, it turned around and roared at Li Hao, charging towards him!

"What? You can even control demonic beasts!" Li Hao's facial expression instantly changed, as an ominous feeling swarmed his heart.

If by any chance, Su Yu were to make it into the pack of demonic beasts in front, would that not be extremely advantageous for him?

"Evil creature, scram!" Li Hao's heart became flustered and with a strike of his palm, he viciously sent the Majestic Flaming Lion, which was the size of a house, flying.

However, seizing this interval, Su Yu immediately rushed forward!


Rushing out of the Coniferous Song Forest, Su Yu arrived at the spacious rocky plains.

A burning hot air blew against his face. Sensing that there were slight movements in the surroundings, the nine Majestic Flaming Lions charged towards Su Yu.

Each one of them was, at a minimum, a Fourth Level Lower Tier Holy King, and the strongest was Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King!

There were a total of nine of them charging forth, emitting a city demolishing burning flame!

Not only was Su Yu not worried, he was happy!

"Incredible Moon-Lit Demon Eyes!"

A dazzling golden light lit up the skies, enchanting all nine of the demonic beasts at the same time.

"Hold him back!" Upon Su Yu's command, the nine Majestic Flaming Lions roared and leaped towards Li Hao!

Su Yu spread his Ice Divine Wings and prepared to quickly flee.

However, at the corner of his eyes, Su Yu saw the den of the Majestic Flaming Lions. What greeted his eyes made his heart thump madly!

The den was not very deep and therefore the deepest parts of the den could be seen at a glance. It was actually filled full with Universe's miracle mineral plant!

Most of them were spirit treasures which contained extremely thick and rich spiritual energy and were difficult to obtain in the outside world. There were even two items amongst them, which could be considered as the rarest treasures in the world!

There were all food reserves which the Majestic Flaming Lions scavenged and found in the extremely deep areas of the mountains.

Should they be taken back to the Faction, it would definitely net him a huge amount of credit!

Struggling for a moment, Su Yu gritted his teeth and said. "I'll stake my life on it!"

Fleeing away was definitely not the wisest decision. He might escape once or twice, but he would not be able to escape for his entire life.

Rather than live in endless days of fear like a dog who had lost its house, it was better to stake his life and take a gamble!


Flying into the den, Su Yu grabbed and consumed the two most precious spirit treasure!

Boom Boom

An immensely strong and raging spiritual energy entered his body, like tens of thousands of horses galloping forth. This caused Su Yu's blood flow to rapidly increase and his heart to thump madly.

After all, those were unrefined Universe's miracle mineral plant and therefore contained several impurities. Upon consumption, the raging energy which burst forth caused the body immense pain.

However, Su Yu continued to give a death stare to Li Hao. His eyes showing resoluteness, Su Yu opened his mouth and continued to consume without stop!

The immense energy caused his cultivation base to rapidly increase!

A wave of aura nearing the boundaries of a Third Level Peak Tier Holy King remained well hidden!

Li Hao angrily attacked and with each palm strike, he blasted away a Majestic Flaming Lion!

Regardless of whether it was Lower Tier or Upper Tier, in front of Li Hao who was Fourth Level Peak Tier Holy King, they were as fragile as a thin sheet of paper!

One Lion!

Two Lions!

Three Lions!

Each time Li Hao blasted away a Lion, he would inch slightly closer, closing the distance between him and the den which Su Yu was in!

Four Lions!

Five Lions!

Six Lions!

There were still three Majestic Flaming Lions remaining, which were blocking the entrance of the den, guarding Su Yu faithfully!

Only three steps left!


The seventh Majestic Flaming Lion was blown away!

Li Hao took another step and said with an ice-cold killing intent. "Some ant who has just entered the Faction for not long dared to taint my woman! Such a humiliation was the first in my entire life! You deserve to die!"


The eighth Majestic Flaming Lion was blown away!

Li Hao took another step and there was only one Majestic Flaming Lion left before him!

"I must skin you with my own hands! I won't let a single person associated with you off!" Li Hao's face contorted. Like he was in a maniacal state, he roared and attacked!


The ninth Majestic Flaming Lion was sent blasting away, revealing the den and revealing Su Yu!

There was no longer anything between the two of them!

Li Hao's face was extremely serious. His hatred billowed, unable to swallow the humiliation within his heart.

Staring inside the den, he saw Su Yu sitting cross-legged with his eyes shut tight. As though he was a raging lion, Li Hao shouted out, full of hatred within his heart. "After you die, I will toy with the people associated with you, until they die! I'll let them begrudge you, hate you! That's because you implicated them!"

The humiliation of being made a cuckold was what drove Li Hao into his current maniacal state of bigotry.

It had never crossed his mind that all these happened, all because he tried to set up Su Yu in the first place. His plan backfired on him and instead let Su Yu occupy Yun Yan!

It could be said that he reaped what he sowed!

However, Li Hao showed no signs of reflections and was filled with hatred and anger!


A ball of terrifying spiritual energy manifested in Li Hao's palm, carrying with it a horrifying killing intent. As Li Hao attacked towards Su Yu, he let out a grin filled with vengeance. "You, your friends, all must die! And that slut, Yun Yan as well!"

"Does she really think that hiding in Yun Family would mean that she would be safe? Once I achieve a breakthrough into Fifth Level Holy King, I will personally make a trip to Yun Family! To have the audacity to betray me! I will make her my plaything for the rest of her life, trampled upon by me!" The contorted Li Hao had gone completely bonkers, as he viciously blasted a palm strike!

However, right as he was about to kill Su Yu!

Su Yu's eyes opened slightly!

A bright light shone and the air currents revolved around him. like heeding its summon, a vast spiritual energy entered Su Yu's body.

His cultivation base had finally broken free from its shackles, achieving a breakthrough to Third Level Holy King!


A strong energy wave burst forth from within Su Yu's body!

It caused the airwaves to be unsettled and his silvery hair to danced wildly.

Covered by his silvery hair, a pair of vast and starry eyes that seemed to shine forever like the stars in the sky, exuded a cold aura. Alongside it, Su Yu lightly sighed with an ice-cold determination to kill. "The battle between you and me won't end until one of us dies!"