The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Breakthrough into Fourth Level
Chapter 148: Breakthrough into Fourth Level
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The Snow Lion which possessed some form of spiritual intellect stared at Su Yu with his fierce, blood-red eyes and roared.

It was obvious that it had some impression of Su Yu!

First, he betrayed by Song Qingshan. Then, he incurred the spiritual wrath of the Snow Lion.

Judging from these, Li Xiaowei could verify that the person who had killed the beautiful female was Su Yu!

"It's you!" Li Xiaowei's cold face was overcast with cold frost!

"Snow Lion, I'll leave him to you!" Li Xiaowei coldly instructed while he continued in pursuit of Song Qingshan.

Should there be no one to command it, the Snow Lion was much weaker than Song Qingshan in terms of battle strength. As such, he was much more suitable to give chase after Song Qingshan.


The Snow Lion roared, as its vicious blood-red eyes became fixated on Su Yu's figure. Like it was a small mountain, it charged forth with the strength so great, it appeared to able to split the mountains and empty the oceans!

Su Yu's facial expression changed. That was a Fifth Level Holy King demonic beast!


Su Yu immediately spread open his Icy Divine Wings, and fled for his life!


However, right as he was about to make his escape a black figure charged toward Su Yu from behind!

Turning around to take a look, the Snow Lion had actually caught up with Su Yu easily!

It spat out a mouthful of icy cold breath!


The surrounding air stagnated and turned icy blue. Within a radius of a hundred feet, everything within the Song Zhen Forest had been turned into ice!

Su Yu's back had actually been frozen as well!

The sharp pain overwhelmed him.

Upon entering Su Yu's body, not only did the wave of blue ice freeze Su Yu's body entirely, it had also turned his flesh and blood into blue-colored ice dregs.

What a terrifying coldness!

Its coldness was actually comparable to that within the Icy Azure Lake!

In such a time of crisis, Su Yu turned the azure-green coldness within his body into blazing flames, enveloping his entire body. With this, he managed to gradually expel some of the blue coldness out of his body!

The two flames were momentarily in a stalemate. However, due to the lack of support, the icy-blue coldness had been expelled from the body!


The Snow Lion roared angrily, once again spitting out another mouth of icy-blue cold breath!

Su Yu's eyes were filled with coldness. "Evil creature!"

"Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder!" The blazing spear in his hands traversed across the skies, and shot towards the Snow Lion!

However, the Snow Lion's blood-red eyes were filled with contempt, as it raised its giant claw and swatted it down in mid-air.


A move as strong as Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder, had been instantly disintegrated. Moreover, it did not even harm the Snow Lion in the slightest manner!

"Divine Ice Ring!"

Countless Divine Ice Threads weaved into a giant arrow. Possessing a terrifying coldness, it was headed towards the Snow Lion's eyes!

The Snow Lion remained contemptuous, as it blew yet another icy-blue cold breath in response. The icy-blue cold breath had frozen the arrow on the spot!

Although he realized that things were not going well, Su Yu was still determined to retrieve the Divine Ice Threads.

However, the Snow Lion's eyes revealed a toying look, as it opened its mouth and sucked in Su Yu's Divine Ice Threads, swallowing all of them!

Left with the empty Divine Ice Ring, Su Yu was completely unable to utilize the power that it was supposed to have!

The divine artifact that he had relied heavily upon, had been snatched away from him!

Filled with resentment, Su Yu once again spread open his wings and tried to flee!

Fifth Level Holy King was considered the higher realm among the Holy Kings. Compared with a Fourth Level Holy King, there was an impassable gulf in terms of strength!


However, right as Su Yu was about to make his escape, the Snow Lion roared angrily. As it opened its giant mouth the size of a small house, it suddenly sucked in a deep breath!


Instantly, the air currents turned torrential, forming an extremely big vortex.

Like he was caught in the midst of a powerful torrent, he could not help but be sucked toward the giant mouth!

Su Yu's face slightly changed as he consolidated his entire body's worth of spiritual energy to put up a resistance!

However, the Snow Lion's eyes were filled with contempt as it exerted more strength. An extremely powerful sucking force suddenly exploded forth!


A big patch of trees was uprooted, alongside human-sized rocks; they were all sucked toward that giant mouth as though they were raindrops!


Su Yu had been hit by the various things that were sucked into the vortex. As he snorted, he could taste the blood from his nose.

However, Su Yu was no longer able to resist the fate of being sucked into and swallowed by the Snow Lion's gigantic mouth!

A vicious look flashed across its blood-red eyes. At the instance where Su Yu was sucked into his mouth, the Snow Lion shut its mouth with great force!

Those uneven teeth which were several feet long were extremely sharp and sturdy.

That bite was meant to chew Su Yu into minced meat!

Su Yu's eyes were filled with coldness and desperation. In a bid to get out of this perilous situation, Su Yu shouted angrily. "Seal of Time!"


Even though the Snow Lion had been momentarily stiffened, its gigantic mouth relied on the inertia, and continue to bite down!

"Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder!" Seizing this opportunity, Su Yu materialized a long spear which exploded inside the Snow Lion's mouth!


Billowing airwaves carried along some flying flesh. The previous move had exploded and destroyed a small portion of the Snow Lion's giant mouth!

Fresh blood spattered across, alongside with pieces of flesh. A large gaping hole appeared in the Snow Lion's mouth, and fresh blood splashed all over, creating a hideous sight!


With the Seal of Time undone, an excruciating pain struck the Snow Lion, causing him to fall to the ground and roared madly as he rolled around!

An extremely miserable roar could be heard coming from its mouth!

An immensely strong air current had dragged Su Yu, who was already inside the Snow Lion's mouth, all the way into its stomach!


As Su Yu dropped into its stomach, the immensely strong acidic fluids began corroding Su Yu's body.

Waves of intense burning pain struck Su Yu, all the way to his soul!

His facial expression changed slightly, Su Yu leaped into mid-air, and grabbed onto the walls of the stomach!

However, even the stomach walls had some acidic fluids, causing Su Yu to not have any possible place to hang on to.

Could it be that his death was certain, and he was destined to be turned into a pool of blood water?

Suddenly, Su Yu spotted the Divine Ice Threads which had been swallowed by the Snow Lion previously.

Floating on the terrifying acidic fluids, it actually did not show any signs of corrosion!

His face showed a sliver of joy, as he grabbed the Divine Ice Threads.


Multiple Divine Ice Threads stabbed into the stomach walls, intersecting one another to form a gigantic web.

Su Yu leaped forward and sat on the giant web, preventing himself from being corroded from the acidic fluids.

However, this was not something that was sustainable!

The air was filled with acidic gaseous fluids, Although it was not very saturated, it was inadvisable to stay there for long.

However, it was inadvisable to leave the Snow Lion's body at that moment.

Should the raging Snow Lion discover that Su Yu was still alive, it was not hard to know that Su Yu would most likely die in the face of the raging attacks of a Fifth Level Holy King.

What should he do then?

There were only a few days left to the registration deadline for the Xianyun contest!

Once he missed the deadline, he would have no hopes of participating in the Xianyun contest. Thus, he would be unable to obtain the Phoenix Blood Elixir for Xianer.

"Xianer!" Su Yu clenched his fists and was caught in a dilemma.

Suddenly, Su Yu felt a wave of biting coldness coming from the stomach walls.

A faint blue cold air followed along the blood flow endlessly.

Su Yu's eyes lit up!


Ten Divine Ice Threads which were stabbed into the blood vessels of the stomach walls were absorbing the cold air circulating within the blood vessels!


The excruciating pain from its mouth being torn into pieces overwhelmed the sharp pain from its stomach walls, causing the Snow Lion to actually not realize the strange occurrences happening within its stomach!


Li Xiaowei was engaged in a fight with Song Qingshan, and he was just about to subdue Song Qingshan, before he flew back hurriedly.

Who would have known that the Snow Lion would give out such a miserable shriek, causing Li Xiaowei to be extremely shocked and immediately give up on Song Qingshan?

As he descended to the ground he saw the Snow Lion's severe injuries. This made Li Xiaowei's expression to change immediately, and a wave of panic engulfed him. "The Snow Lion which Lady Hua had lent us, had been handicapped by that little rascal!"

Just mentioning Lady Hua made Li Xiaowei tremble in fear. He hurriedly took out several precious elixirs and stuffed them into the Snow Lion's mouth, in a bid to stop the pain and alleviate the injuries.

However, the Snow Lion continued rolling on the ground in pain.

"No choice, we have to return back to the Empire ahead of schedule!" Li Xiaowei's face revealed a deep anxiety, as he carried the Snow Lion and flew off.

He was so anxious that, he did not even have time to wait for Cheng You and Wang Li to return.

A full day had passed, and the Snow Lion gradually became quiet.

However, as the time passed, it became increasingly feeble and low-spirited.

Once in a while, it would snort in pain and broke out in spasms.

Li Xiaowei did not know of the abnormalities within its stomach and only treated it as a side effect of the wound in its giant mouth.

However, yet another day had passed. The Snow Lion was on the verge of death. The number of times it had broken out into spasms had noticeably increased, it was even spitting out blood from its mouth at times!

Li Xiaowei was extremely anxious and bore an extreme hatred. "Little rascal! Not only did you kill my fellow people from the Empire of Darkness, you also harmed the Snow Lion from my empire. I want you to die a horrible death!

Swoosh, swoosh

However, it was at that moment the surrounding spiritual energy began to have some weird changes!

Waves of spiritual energy, like being summoned, gushed madly towards the Snow Lion.

No, it was gushed towards its stomach!

An energy wave of cultivation base which had been hidden for a long time was no longer able to remain concealed among the weird changes.

"The symptoms of achieving a breakthrough into Fourth Level!" Li Xiaowei's facial expression changed, as he put the Snow Lion down, revealing great shock on his face.

"How could there be symptoms of a breakthrough coming from the Snow Lion's stomach... Unless..." A jolt of lightning flashed past Li Xiaowei's mind, as he suddenly thought of a possibility. His face turned ice cold, as he shouted. "Little rascal! You actually hid inside the Snow Lion's stomach to train!"

The anger within him turned into a wave of raging fury!

No wonder the Snow Lion became increasingly feeble. It turned out that Su Yu was still alive within its body, destroying his body from within!


What replied him, was a Fourth Level Holy King aura which gushed out with a bang!

Su Yu had successfully achieved breakthrough!

Within two days, Su Yu had frenziedly absorbed the Icy Blue cold air from the Snow Lion's blood vessels, spurring the cultivation of Sigh of Ice!

In addition, there were the Universe's miracle mineral plants which Su Yu had consumed previously. Most of the energy within was unable to be digested in a short time and remained in Su Yu's body.

In such a perilous situation, Su Yu had successfully achieved breakthrough from Third Level Peak Tier Holy King to Fourth Level Holy King!

A strength which far superseded that which he had ever possessed, engulfed Su Yu's heart.

Su Yu had finally attained the requirements for registering for the Xianyun contest!

At the same time, after a month of pursuing and being pursued, Icy Divine Wings had finally achieved Stage One Top Class after two days of comprehension!

In addition, , which improved one's spiritual energy capacity, had improved from Stage One Top Class, and was merely a sliver away from attaining Stage Two!

However, the one with the greatest improvement was Glazed Ice Flames!

Known as the hardest to comprehend, and the strongest destructive power Legacy Level cultivation technique, it had finally achieved Stage One Top Class after frenziedly consuming the Snow Lion's icy blue cold air!

Outside, Li Xiaowei was shocked and furious!

"Get out here immediately, and I could still spare your life! Or else..." Li Xiaowei was afraid that Su Yu would refuse to appear, and continue to cause more harm to the Snow Lion.

If that was the case, he had no way of answering to Lady Hua!

"Hehe, as you wished, I'll come out now!" A voice could be heard coming from within the Snow Lion's stomach.



The Snow Lion was in excruciating pain, as it roared several times towards the skies before it actually fainted from the pain!

Its abdomen area had been cut open, leaving behind a gaping blood hole the size of a small house!

A foul-smelling young man emerged from the gaping blood hole, with his clothes in rags and tatters.

Although his appearance was unkempt, his expression remained calm and collected. There was confidence in his eyes, and he was in high spirits.

"You actually dare to harm it to this extent!" Li Xiaowei's expression was so gloomy that, it almost appeared like he was able to cry. That was Lady Hua's Snow Lion!

How was he supposed to explain to her?

"Harm it?" Su Yu slightly shot a glance at the Snow Lion. Two days ago, he was almost bitten to death by this vicious Snow Lion!

Its viciousness... Su Yu had remembered it vividly till now.


With a flick of Su Yu's Finger, the Divine Ice Threads entangled around the Snow Lion's head.

The sharp silk threads had severed off its head while it was knocked out!

Such a harmful and dangerous beast would be better off exterminated!

Unable to prevent it in time, Li Xiaowei's eyes were filled with anger. "You are courting death!"


His heart was completely filled with ice cold. The only option left was to capture Su Yu, and ask for forgiveness from lady Hua!

Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy King's horrifying aura was spread in all directions!

A terrifying fist stance attacked forth with a strength that shook one to his core!

The force from the fist blew Su Yu's hair up, revealing a pair of ice-cold eyes.

Faced with such a terrifying strike, Su Yu did not retreat in fear. Instead, he took a step forward and extended a finger. "That's fine with me. Including you, that would be complete obliteration. This journey's credits shall be claimed by me alone!"