The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Reward According To Merits
Chapter 149: Reward According To Merits
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Li Xiaowei's facial expression changed. "Complete obliteration? Cheng You and Wang Li, who were both in pursuit of you, are all..."

Coincidentally, at that moment, Li Xiaowei saw in the corner of his eye that Su Yu's chest had something protruding out of it. To his shock, the shape was similar to the contours of the tokens. This caused him to be momentarily shocked!

Both of them had actually been slain by this person!

Shock and rage combined together and gave rise to a raging flame in his chest like it was going to explode from within!

He did not expect himself to be the last one standing!

The enemy was not a Fifth Level Holy King, nor a Fourth Level Holy King, but a Third Level Holy King!

"You cannot be pardoned!" Li Xiaowei's eyes were blood-shot. He pushed forward a palm thrust which was several times quicker and more forceful!

It wanted to completely disintegrate Su Yu!

However, Su Yu remained unafraid. His facial expression was peaceful as he calmly extended a finger.

"He who kills others should be prepared to be killed by others. I shall send you on your way to join them!" Su Yu said calmly and confidently, as a magnificent flame gradually manifested on his fingertip.

The flames quietly burned. It did not have a temperature, and it was neither hot nor cold. Yet, it possessed an indescribable destructive power!

Li Xiaowei's facial expression stiffened. Those flames on Su Yu's fingertips actually made him palpitate in fear and anxiety!

Li Xiaowei's had an abundance of combat experience. Sensing an ominous feeling, he decisively spread his wings right before he collided with Su Yu, and rushed into the skies in a bid to widen their distance.

Li Xiaowei's eyes were filled with fear, as he stared at the flames on Su Yu's fingertips. "That...exactly what type of move is that? Why was it so terrifying, giving off the illusion that one would be obliterated should he come in contact with it?"

Associating it with the fact that this Third Level Holy King was able to slay three of his subordinates, Li Xiaowei felt that Su Yu's strength was unimaginable.

This guy was no ordinary person, he would avoid fighting him at all costs!

"Youngster! Liu Xian Faction Su Yu, I've memorized your name already! One of these days, the Empire of Darkness will find you! You better be prepared!"


After finishing his sentence, Li Xiaowei fled for his life.

Staring at the opponent's fleeing figure, Su Yu hesitated for a moment, and ultimately decided to give up.

Firstly, in terms of speed, he was beneath that of a Fifth Level Holy King and it would be difficult for him to catch up.

Secondly, he was not left with much time. The registration deadline for signing up for the Xian Yun contest was merely three days!

"Count yourself lucky!" Su Yu was slightly unwilling, but he slowly extinguished the magnificent flames on his fingertips.

However, he had killed a Snow Lion after all, and therefore still managed to gain something out of it.

As it was Fifth Level Holy King realm, the Snow Lion could naturally be exchanged for one hundred credits!

Including the three other people he had slain, it amounted to a total of one hundred and thirty-five credits that he could exchange!

Grabbing the severed head of the Snow Lion, Su Yu made his way back to the Faction.

In the three days, Su Yu only stopped for a short while to rest and eat. The remaining time was used to get back to the Faction.

Should he miss the registration deadline and be unable to participate in the Xian Yun contest, Xianer's predicament would be immensely grim!

"Xianer! Wait for me!" His mind was filled with deep longing for Xianer's delicate and beautiful figure as he focused on rushing back to the Faction.

Finally, after three days, he arrived.

A group of Outer Sanctum disciples who were patrolling the outside world were left dumbfounded!

A feeble youth who was in rags and tatters appeared before them with an extremely pale face due to spiritual energy deficiency. Yet, he was carrying with him a terrifying head which was the size of a house!

Although the blood from the head had already dried up, it still gave off a ferociously sharp aura, causing one's body to tremble in fear.


When he descended from mid-air, the ground slightly trembled, like there was a tremor.

"Su... It's Senior Su Yu!" The Outer Sanctum disciples who were patrolling finally recognized Su Yu.

That unique silver hair of his was Su Yu's most iconic trait!

"Senior Su Yu has returned!" The patrolling Outer Sanctum disciples celebrated in respected and welcomed him happily.

The legendary figure in the Outer Sanctum, Su Yu, had returned. On top of that, he had also brought back a corpse of a terrifying demonic beast!

"Where is the Third Elder?" Su Yu asked frantically. After handing over his mission, he wanted to immediately register.

Three full days of rushing back had caused Su Yu's spiritual energy to be completely depleted. Although he was immensely tired, he still rushed back.

That day was the last day of registration, and Su Yu was therefore not late.

"At... at Golden Bell Hall. He is currently assembling the Inner Sanctum disciples and preparing to issue the new mission."

At that moment, Song Qingshan appeared like he was the returning hero and attracted the attention of the masses. In front of the few hundred Inner Sanctum disciples, he described his experiences.

"To all the seniors and juniors present, I am completely useless. Only I managed to survive. The rest of the juniors have all.... died!" Song Qingshan cried. "It's my fault, I will accept my due punishment!"

The Inner Sanctum disciples all sighed.

Such a result was well within their expectations. A six-man team in that situation was merely sending them to die.

Song Qingshan to be able to escape and bring back valuable information on the killers was a cause for celebration.

Amid the gloomy atmosphere, Song Qingshan continued to cry. "The various Junior disciples and I encountered the killers. Among them, the two strongest were Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy Kings, and they were one man and one demonic beast respectively. In addition, there were one Fourth Level Lower Tier, Upper Tier, Peak Tier Holy King each. We were unprepared for their assault, causing the rest of the people to have all died in combat. Only I was able to survive."

Two Fifth Level Holy King? No wonder!

The masses all turned serious. It was no wonder that the previous team which escorted the treasures had been completely wiped out. It turned out that there were actually two Fifth Level Holy Kings!

The Third Elder gradually came to terms. After sacrificing so much, they had finally found out the enemy's overall strength, making it worth the sacrifice.

Lightly patting on Song Qingshan's shoulder, the Third Elder's face revealed a tinge of sadness. "You have already done your best, no need to be so devastated. This time, you successfully investigated the details of the enemies, doing the Faction a great service. Although you did not manage to kill anyone, my promise to you still holds. The person with the greatest merit will be able to enter the depository of scriptures once."

Hearing that, all the Inner Sanctum disciples present were green with envy.

Although Song Qingshan appeared to be grieving on the outside, he was immensely happy on the inside! For such a wonderful thing to happen to him!

However, it was at that moment, a clear, cold voice was heard from an inconspicuous corner. "How did Su Yu die?"

The crowd looked over. What met their eyes surprised them, with a considerable amount of people even having feelings of affection.

An extremely graceful and beautiful lady stood alone in the corner.

Her classical, graceful looks were like those of a portrait beauty, she was extremely beautiful.

But her icy-cold temperament is what attracted the most attention.

It was none other than one of the four great core disciples, Mo Wu!

The greatest beauty in the entire Inner Sanctum! Nicknamed the Icy Beauty, she was the target of affection of countless disciples.

Song Qingshan's heart suddenly clicked. The way Su Yu died, he knew best of all.

It was precisely him who directed disaster to Su Yu in a bid to lessen the pressure on himself. By doing so, Song Qingshan was able to escape by the skin of his teeth.

As for Su Yu's safety, there was no room for doubt. Faced with a Fifth Level Holy King, only death awaited him.

However, on the way back, Song Qingshan had already thought about the excuse. Grievingly, he said. "Senior, in order to protect us and let us escape, Junior Su Yu offered to lure the enemies away from us. Now, his whereabouts are unknown. The last time I saw him, he was being chased by a Fifth Level Holy King Snow Lion!"

Chased after by a Fifth Level Holy King Snow Lion? The masses were shocked, and secretly felt sympathy for him.

Mo Wu was stunned for a brief moment before she lightly sighed. She felt a slight sense of relief inside her heart, yet at the same time, there was an inexplicable disappointment.

Her master had shown extensive care toward Su Yu, causing her to feel deeply threatened as she was used to being the sole recipient of her master's care and concern.

Yet for some unknown reason, thinking back at Su Yu's heaven-defying willpower at the Fallen Star contest, and his disruption of the wedding ceremony, it was as though her heart had lost something.

From there on, it was most likely that she would never get to see that unwavering and determined figure again?

Should master know of his death, would she grieve for him?

Dejected, Mo Wu lowered her head and left expressionlessly.

The Third Elder slightly sighed in secret. Did that courageous little fellow also die?

If he had known earlier, he would not have agreed for him to join the team.

Containing his feelings, the Third Elder's face was filled with sadness and anger. "To have killed our Liu Xian Faction's disciples twice, they cannot be spared! Who wants to sign up for this emergency mission?

"The mission requirements are that you have to be at least Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy King!" With the concrete details of the number of people, their strengths and their area of operations, it was easier to capture and kill the enemies.

In an instant, several high-level Holy King disciples, who had been waiting, responded to the recruitment immediately.

The most dangerous reconnaissance had already been completed, and they only had to reap the profits of others' labor.

The enthusiastic crowd built upon the corpses who had been left behind at the Wolong Snowfield forever.

At that moment, an indifferent voice was heard coming from outside the door. "Cancel the mission, there is already no need to execute it."

The enthusiastic crowd instantly became silent. There was actually someone who dared to defy the missions of the Faction?

What made them really dumbfounded was the figure who stood at the doorsteps with his hands clasped behind his back!

With her head lowered, Mo Wu walked toward the entrance. Unable to react in time to the figure who had suddenly descended from the skies, her head plunged into his chest.

The wide and warm chest alongside the mature, manly aura caused the dejected Mo Wu to return to her senses. Raising her head to take a look, her beautiful eyes widened to the extreme. "Su Yu!"

Following which, unsure of whether it was out of joy or anger, she shouted. "If you didn't die, then you should have appeared earlier!"

Although she felt threatened, at the same time, there was an inexplicable relief in her heart.

Su Yu's cheeks blushed slightly. As he had rushed over here frantically, he did not pay much notice to the situation within the hall.

Due to that, he descended in a hurry and did not expect Mo Wu to plunge into his chest.

Mo Wu's face blushed slightly, and gave a death stare at Su Yu, before turning around with a cold face.

"Su... Yu, you didn't die?" Song Qingshan looked like he had seen a ghost.

Pursued by two Fifth Level Holy King, he... actually managed to survive!

Silently shuddered, Song Qingshan felt extremely guilty.

"All thanks to Senior Song, I managed to survive by the skin of my teeth!" Su Yu stepped into the hall and shot a cold glance at him.

The Third Elder, along with the various other Inner Sanctum disciples, were extremely shocked.

Various Fourth Level Peak Tier Holy Kings have fallen, and yet Su Yu, a mere Third Level Holy King, managed to return alive!

"Oh my goodness! He actually achieved his breakthrough from Third Level Lower Tier Holy King to Fourth Level Holy King!" Somebody's sharp eyes instantly discovered the change in Su Yu's aura.

"Not only did he not die, he managed to have such a rare encounter. It is simply unimaginable!"

The Third Elder was momentarily shocked. As the person with the lowest cultivation base, Su Yu had actually managed to return alive. With a surprised expression, he laughed. "As long as you return alive, all's well!"

After staying silent for a brief moment, Third Elder stood taller. "For bringing back concrete information on the enemy, your achievements are commendable. However, considering that Song Qingshan is the leader, the right to enter the depository of scriptures shall be given to him. As for your reward, you will be given ten credits."

"Such good luck. Not only did he survive, he also managed to claim ten credits."

"If I were as lucky as him I would have joined the team as well."

"Escaping and returning like a dog who lost his home, what is there to be envious of?" A Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King was disdainful. "He is merely making use of his deceased seniors to gain the sympathy of the Faction, in exchange for some reward out of pity! We are the true heroes who will obliterate the killers!"

Hearing that, quite a few people nodded their head in agreement. If not for the fact that most of the team had died, why else would the Faction have rewarded them?

Rather than saying that it was a reward, it was more accurate to say that it was a form of charitable alms given by the Faction to console them.

In terms of slaying the enemies, and taking revenge for the deceased disciples, it still had to rely on them!

No need." Su Yu walked over with his hands clasped behind his back.

Having been defied openly, Third Elder's loss of face caused him to be slightly angered. Expressionlessly, he asked. "Why?"

"Because the merit that belongs to me is not something that anyone else deserves to enjoy!" Reaching inside his clothes, Su Yu took out three tokens and slammed them onto the table!

Everyone present looked over in disbelief!

The enthusiastic atmosphere within the hall was instantly silenced!