The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Lovers' Battle

Jiang Xueqing was resting beside Qin Feng. With her Level Three power, she was also a dark horse, achieving first in her team. Just at that moment, she glanced at Su Yu's team, and a hint of surprise flashed through her pretty eyes.

Su Yu was even stronger than she had imagined, and could even defeat Jiang Fan! She felt a sense of tightness in her chest. For some unknown reason, the stronger Su Yu became, the more uncomfortable she felt. She was very unwilling to see Su Yu become more powerful.

At that moment, she heard a warm voice.

"Qing-er, if you meet Su Yu later, remember to show some mercy. You are Level Three, and he is Level Two. If you are too ruthless, you will injure him." Qin Feng seemed gentle, as he sighed, "After all, the two of you used to be a pair. To have to fight each other increases my sin, as it it me who caused the two of you to be in today's state."

Jiang Xueqing started as she came to the sudden realisation. That's right! As a Level Three, to have to fight a Level Two, isn't that the prey coming to her hand? If she were to meet Su Yu later, she would openly defeat him without a doubt.

As the uneasiness in her mind dissipated, Jiang Xueqing looked back. Her soft eyes looked at Qing Feng as she gently said, "Brother Feng, you are too kind. You don't owe Su Yu anything and you don't have to blame yourself."

As she talked and looked over to Su Yu once again, Jiang Xueqing's eyes were cold and expressionless. She said, "Our relationship ended a long time ago. From now on, my body and heart only belongs to Brother Feng!"

"As for Su Yu, I will defeat him with absolute power, to let him know that he is not worthy of me, Jiang Xueqing." Jiang Xueqing gave Su Yu a cold stare.

A cold smile was hidden deep in Qin Feng's eyes. He did not care whether Su Yu lived, and only took the chance to comfort Jiang Xueqing, as he was afraid that her heart might be moved by Su Yu's rise in power.

However, hearing her "body and heart only belongs to Brother Feng" made him feel more comfortable.

This Jiang Xueqing was indeed too beautiful, like a fox fairy. To be able to get her, Qin Feng felt it was partly due to luck. As the junior duke, he had seen many pretty ladies, but someone like Jiang Xueqing was extremely rare. It was a pity that although she was his girlfriend by name, they had remained proper and had no any form of physical contact before, not even touching hands.

"Haha, you can handle it yourself. One month later, at the gold student competition, after I win first place, I will top it by asking my father to help us get engaged. How about that?" Qin Feng was feeling excited.

Jiang Xueqing was delicate. Her body shook slightly and she bit her lips as she took a distant look at the common Su Yu. After a long while, she nodded her head lightly, "Okay!"

With that "okay," it was destined that she could no longer turn back. A month from now, she would be Qin Feng's fiance, Duke Qin's daughter-in-law and a lady under the world founder. She would lead a rich and prosperous life, above billions of people.

"Su Yu! Don't blame me, it is you who is useless, my beauty should not be buried by you." Sighing quietly in her mind, Jiang Xueqing closed her eyes.

Qin Feng was overjoyed!

"One month later, at the Golden competition, I, Qin Feng, will get first place!" An unmatchable belief flooded Qin Feng's brain.

Li Minghai has been watching Su Yu for a long time, with suspicion in his eyes. The similar fist and leg techniques made him think of the masked figure he had met on the Huanghun mountain.

"What is it?" Li Minghao was collecting his things to leave with Li Minghai.

With him being number 30 in the silver ranking, he could not enter the top 10 and Li Minghai's fight had ended, so he was preparing to leave.

Li Minghai said hesitantly, "I think the person wanted by the Duke of Xianyu resembles him. That fist and leg technique is very similar."

"Is it?" Li Minghao shook his head slightly, "That is Universal Stroke; many people train in it. Just now, at least 10 people displayed that technique, but their power was not as strong as what you said. To be able to hit consecutively eight times is the power of a Level Three Lower Tier, and can only be accomplished by a gold student."

Li Minghai gave it some thought and agreed, this Su Yu was just a pitiful bug who had been dumped. Although he didn't know how his power suddenly improved so much, training Universal Stroke to a high level would be too difficult.

"If I didn't have to rush back to accompany the young princess to relieve her of boredom, I would really like to see how Xuan Lefei would punish him later." Li Minghai tossed a slight look at Su Yu and left unwillingly.

Su Yu, who was secretly watching the two of them depart, let out a sign of relief in his mind. With Li Minghai gone, he could let loose.

An hour later, the silver ranking competition came to an end. The last highlight was finally starting!

Jiang Zhishi, as the head judge, stood at the huge central arena. "The last challenge, the fight for the Silver King, officially starts now! The 10 winners please come on stage!"

Su Yu and the others filed into the arena. They all had the highest number of consecutive wins in the 20 person team. Jiang Xueqing was one of them.

Silver King Chen Tiannan remained seated. After the 10 people in the arena dueled, only the strongest would qualify to challenge the former Silver King.

"The 10 of you will draw straws to compete. In the first round, five people will be eliminated. Out of the remaining five, four will fight and one will enter the semifinals straight away," Jiang Zhishi announced.

Su Yu and the rest came forward to duel according to their order. His luck was not bad, and he picked the student who had been ranked in position six. He won this fight without a doubt.

Jiang Xueqing's luck was good too, and she easily defeated the student ranked number eight.

Following that, Xu Sen, ranked number three, won. Xuan Lefei, ranked number two, won. The last person was ranked number five, Fan Li, had better luck and met the student ranked number nine, allowing her to enter the semifinals.

There were only five people left!

"Let's start drawing straws! There is one empty straw, the person who draws that does not have to compete and will enter the semifinals straight away," Jiang Zhishi announced indifferently.

The five people drew their straws successively. Su Yu quietly looked at his straw, and was instantly shocked. His luck was too good! His straw did not have an opponent's name, which meant that he had entered the semifinals.

Out of the four remaining people, Jiang Xueqing looked forward steadily and did not look at him once. The other three threw him envious looks.

It was easy for Su Yu to be happy, as he got to watch the fights from the side and observe their powers at the same time.

The fight between Jiang Xueqing and Fan Li was not very exciting. With her Level Three cultivation base, Jiang Xueqing used the rolling technique and finished off Fan Li with two moves, entering the semifinals.

Su Yu's focus remained on Xuan Lefei and Xu Sen. One was second among the silvers, and had apparently narrowly achieved success in a challenge against Chen Tiannan. The other was third among the silvers, whose power was not to be looked on lightly. Both of them were at Level Three Lower Tier, and it was unknown how far apart their powers were.

Xuan Lefei went on stage laughing. Her petite body had a seductive outline, and caused many male students to secretly cast youthful passionate looks at her. Xuan Lefei was like a little fairy.

"Haha, brother Xu Sen, you have to show mercy. " Xuan Lefei smiled flirtatiously.

Xu Sen's face darkened. After being betrayed by Li Qian and being defeated by Li Minghao, he was feeling frustrated and ignored her, coolly saying, "Let us start!"

"Swift Horizontal Knife!" he back-handedly retrieved his knife, his expression looking more fierce, as though he could only maintain this mode when fighting.

Xuan Lefei hit her waist laughingly, and two purple bats flew out from a small colorful pocket. Different from normal bats, purple bats gave off a strong sense of demonism, and the people could feel their fierceness.

"Category One demonic beasts, purple-blooded bats?" Some people who recognized the creatures were shocked!

Su Yu's pupils constricted slightly. He vividly remembered the power of Category One demonic beasts, the fire dragon was just as hard to handle.

However, by intuition, it seemed like the purple-blooded bats were far less powerful than the fire dragon.

"That is the young version of the Category One demonic beasts! Their power is merely around Level Three Lower Tier, look how scared you are." A more experienced older student pursed his lips.

The surrounding audience came to the realization, "So it is!"

If it were a mature Category One demonic beast, Xuan Lefei would have become the Silver King.

"However, despite them being young, they are still very dangerous. Purple-blooded bats can give off ultrasounds that cannot be heard by human ears, causing people to feel faint. They will take the chance to approach and suck your blood. The poisons contained in their bodies will also enter the human body, causing poisonous paralysis and death.

"In the forest, purple-blooded bats usually live in groups. Once you encounter them, even a Level Four would be poisoned and paralysed, and slowly sucked dry by a group of purple-blooded bats."

Hearing that, the people who were learning about this for the first time shuddered.

In the arena, Xu Sen's expression changed, and he started sweeping horizontally with the long knife in his hand, hoping to sweep away the two purple-blooded bats.

A sweet smile played on the corners of Xuan Lefei's lips as she whistled.


Instantly, the two purple-blooded bats took the chance to open their mouths and emitted silent ultrasounds.


Xu Sen's body suddenly flickered as he quickly reversed, clenching his teeth and furrowing his brows, a look of pain appearing on his face. Taking this chance, Xuan Lefei approached and lightly placed her small tender hands on Xu Sen's body.

Xu Sen wanted to retaliate, but the two purple-blooded bats had fluttered over, releasing the ultrasounds at a short distance and blocking Xu Sen's body. In the end, Xu Sen suffered a hit and was hit off the arena.

Jiang Zhishi nodded slightly. Xuan Lefei had pressured Xu Sen, and was deserving of her second place in the silver ranking.

"Xuan Lefei wins!"

As such, there were only three people left! Su Yu, Jiang Xueqing, and Xuan Lefei! Out of the three, only one would remain and ultimately challenge Silver King Chen Tiannan!

Jiang Zhishi secretly glanced at Su Yu, coolness in his eyes. He had performed brilliantly, from a common silver student who was about to be eliminated, to his state today!

It was a pity that he had to stop here. Both Jiang Xueqing and Xuan Lefei remained were at Level Three. There was no chance for Su Yu to win.

"The semifinals officially start now! First round, Su Yu versus Jiang Xueqing!"

There was an uproar in the audience as everyone perked up their attention.