The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 151

Chapter 151: The Abyss Assessment
Chapter 151: The Abyss Assessment
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What? There's another way?

Su Yu's lost eyes suddenly lit up. "Senior Brother Wu, please quickly say it!"

The other twenty-nine people also showed surprise at the same time and they gathered around one after another.

Startled by Su Yu's look, Wu Qingzhou gently sighed after a while. "There is indeed a way, but Junior Brother Su, you'd better mentally prepare yourself, luck may not be with you."

Su Yu's eyes burned with unquenchable hope. "Senior Brother, there's no harm in telling me!"

"The Faction has two quotas for the Xianyun Contest; the first portion is assigned to the Faction's disciples, all three hundred places are filledthat is the quota which you are familiar with.

"There is also another portion which many people do not know about; it is set aside for the disciples who are dispatched on external missions for years. For example, at the Abyss of Wutong, where one hundred disciples are stationed to help the Faction unearth treasures. They are busy with their mission and therefore unable to return to the Faction in time to register. So, the Faction set aside an additional quota of ten places for the disciples at the Abyss of Wutong. Currently, those ten spots are not fixed yet."

The Abyss of Wutong was an ancient ruin discovered by the Liuxian Faction, there were some remnants still intact, and stunning treasures were often found among them. Many of the Faction's cultivation techniques came from the Abyss of Wutong.

To carry out the excavation there, the Faction had sent hundreds of disciples to continue with the mining many years ago.

Given the sheer volume of the population there, an additional quota of ten places was allotted.

"But those spots are allocated for the senior brothers and sisters at the Abyss of Wutong, how can I take it?" Su Yu was perplexed.

Wu Qingzhou looked a little sad. "Usually it would naturally not be allocated to Junior Brother Su. But... a month ago, during the return of those disciples escorting the treasures, a few of our senior and junior brothers fell. The Abyss of Wutong needs to bring in new blood. They are heading to the Faction to select new disciples at this moment."

A month ago, Wu Qingzhou and the others who encountered the attack that resulted in Su Yu accepting the task of going to the Wolong Snowfield to kill the murderer.

With the loss of those disciples, the Abyss of Wutong obviously needed to select new disciples once again from the Faction to make up for the shortage of manpower.

"If Junior Brother Su Yu is selected and becomes part of the garrison at the Abyss of Wutong, you will be eligible to vie for those ten spots," Wu Qingzhou explained.

Not only Su Yu, but the other twenty-nine people also coveted those spots!

But, immediately after, Wu Qingzhou added, "Junior Brother Su, I hope you will mentally prepare yourself for this selection because luck may not be with you.

"For this selection of the best disciples, four members have already been predetermined They are the Faction's Elders' disciples. You should be able to understand this, they want to learn through experience for two months at the Abyss of Wutong, to prepare for the Xianyu Contest. So, in truth, that only leaves you with only one spot." \

The Abyss of Wutong was an ancient ruin which was rumored to be rich in spiritual energy and excellent for cultivation. Those responsible for unearthing the treasures would receive extremely generous rewards if they found any astonishing valuable objects.

There was a story of a disciple who was there for two months and had successfully broken through to the Dragon Realm!

That was the place where many Faction disciples yearned to go.

Unfortunately, it was controlled by the influential disciples and their relatives, so it was hard for the ordinary disciples to squeeze in.

"There are too many people vying for the last spot, many Fifth Level Holy Kings and even... a Sixth Level Holy King is in contention!"

A Sixth Level Holy King?

These four words, like a bucket of ice water, instantly froze their impassioned hearts!

"Are... are you joking? With a Sixth Level Holy King around, how can we be eligible for this contest?" Song Qingshan's face flushed, he felt like he was being played.

Wu Qingzhou glanced at him. "I'm only saying this to Junior Brother Su, what does it have to do with you?"

Song Qingshan was indignant but felt a burst of despair within.

Ah a Sixth Level Holy King, with such a strong contender around, how could they compete?

Su Yu was shaken; a Sixth Level Holy King unimaginable terrifying level.

How to compete with such a strong contender for the last spot?

No wonder Wu Qingzhou was blunt with his words and said that luck might not be with Su Yu. This was not a maybe, but it was almost certain that it was not with Su Yu!

But the most desperate person in the world was not the one with a faint hope, but the one who was complete without any hope.

Being given a little hope, Su Yu could still create a miracle!

He had done it before and now, he would do so again!

"Senior Brother Wu, please guide me. I want to participate in the assessment! The last spot belongs to me!" Su Yu's gaze was firm and steady, and completely fearless.

No matter how daunting the conditions were, he had crashed his way through before. He would not be afraid of an assessment!

Wu Qingzhou stared blankly for quite a while, the determination in Su Yu's eyes had unexpectedly deeply pierced him in his heart.

Exactly how resolute was his will to have such a determined expression in his eyes?

"Very well! Senior Brother will sign you up on your behalf. The assessment begins tomorrow, I hope that Junior Brother will be well-prepared." Wu Qingzhou said and walked away soon after.

"Humph! If Su Yu can compete even at his level, what's there for me to be afraid of?" Song Qingshan gnashed his teeth and said. "I also want to compete! Without an expert to secretly help this time, who knows if a certain someone can still amaze the world with a single brilliant feat!"

"Me too. Even if I can't compete for a spot, I also want to expose that certain someone's true colors!"

Many pairs of eyes swept past Su Yu with their old flares of jealousy.

Su Yu looked calm and cupped his fists. The final spot for the Abyss of Wutong must be his!

After a while, Su Yu left in a flash.

Tomorrow was the challenge and he needed to think of everything he could to improve his ability.

The best shortcut right now was to take a marrow cleansing elixir!

Especially a top-grade marrow cleansing elixir!

The power of this elixir, surpassed that of one hundred medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs. The refinement process was extremely difficult, and the Faction did not have many.

Even, within the Faction, other than the core disciples, no one had ever seen it.

Its specific efficacy was a legend.

If he could obtain such an elixir, would Su Yu's cultivation base advance by leaps and bounds?

With hope, Su Yu rushed to the Faction Hall of Credits.

The person in charge was an aged Fifth Level Peak Holy King.

"I want to exchange my credits for a marrow cleansing elixir. I have a total of one hundred and thirty-five credits to exchange for one piece of a top-grade marrow cleansing elixir and thirty-five pieces of the medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs." Su Yu gave his name.

The old man checked, Su Yu indeed had one hundred and thirty-five credits under his name.

After he had finished checking, the old man took out the thirty-five pieces of the medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs and without an expression, he deducted the thirty-five credits under Su Yu's name. "Take them!"

From the beginning to the end, the old man did not vary his expression.

Huh? Su Yu's eyebrows slightly twitched. "I also want to exchange for a piece of the top-grade marrow cleansing elixir."

That piece of elixir was the most important!

But, the old man lightly said. "A precious thing like a top-grade marrow cleansing elixir? How can it be stored here? You need to ask the Faction Master to acquire it and then you can exchange for it two days later."

Two days later? Su Yu's heart suddenly sank.

Tomorrow was the assessment. He needed it to compete with a Sixth Level Holy King. What was the point of having it two days later?

But it was the Faction's rule. What could he do about it?

Su Yu cupped his fist in respect and left.

Soon after he left, the old man's expression suddenly turned deferential as he faced the darkness behind him and bowed in respect. "Fourth Elder, I've acted according to your instructions and stopped him for the time being, but he's under the care of the Second Elder. I fear I'm unable to further put him off for more than two days."

In the dark, the Fourth Elder sighed softly. "If I didn't have an urgent need for a top-grade marrow cleansing elixir, I would not have to scheme to take a junior's elixir. You need not take care of the rest of the matter, I will talk it over with him within these two days."

The old man respectfully obeyed.

The Fourth Elder took the urgently needed top-grade marrow cleansing elixir in his hands. His purpose for it was unknown and extremely mysterious. He did not want others to know. Therefore, it was awkward to discuss this with the other Elders.

Only by secretly handling the matter, he was able to seek the top-grade marrow cleansing elixir.

Coincidentally, the only one who was recently eligible to exchange for the top-grade marrow cleansing elixir was Su Yu.

For this reason, the Fourth Elder secretly instructed the old man to use a pretext to obstruct Su Yu for the time being.

Taking this opportunity, the Fourth Elder would have to have a chat with Su Yu and promised him some benefits to secretly exchange for the top-grade marrow cleansing elixir.

In fact, the old man knew clearly that if the Second Elder did not have Su Yu's back, perhaps the Fourth Elder would use tougher means.

The old saying of an innocent person's only guilt of the crime lain with the fact that he possessed a treasure, had made sense here.

Su Yu did not know that he had already entered the purview of the Fourth Elder.

In the Second Elder's courtyard, his palm stroked the big bottle full of the marrow cleansing elixirs. He was ready to take them all at once tonight.

However, when he returned to the courtyard, Mo Wu was sitting alone in the courtyard.

She was a beauty alone in the dim moonlight.

Her classical jade-like face with an exquisite aesthetic was framed by the faint moonlight, like her face was covered with a translucent veil which made her even more alluring.

Except she had a dry expression in her eyes and was completely emotionless. She gave off an icy air.

"You want to participate in the Abyss of Wutong assessment?" Mo Wu turned her head around and asked icily when she sensed Su Yu's return.

"Why not?" Su Yu calmly asked in return.

Mo Wu glared at Su Yu and said with composure. "You should give up immediately!"

"Why?" Su Yu raised his eyebrows. His eyes coldly looked back at her too.

If Su Yu were to give up, who was going to save Xianer?

"Because you will not be able to pass the assessment, so don't waste your time and energy! The difficulty of the assessment is greater than you can imagine!" Mo Wu looked stony.

"If you just want to persuade me to give up, you have said your piece. I, Su, will not keep you company here any longer!" Su Yu evenly said and stepped into the house.

Mo Wu's jade-like face looked icy as she casually tossed a piece of paper which flew straight to Su Yu's back.

When he felt the strong wind, Su Yu turned his head and grabbed the paper. On a closer look, it was a list of names.

"The participant name list for the assessment?" Su Yu was surprised. He hastily took a glance. Not only did it have the competitors' names from the Abyss of Wutong, but also their corresponding cultivation bases, commonly used moves and so on. The descriptions were detailed and clear.

To know oneself was to know one's enemy and to emerge victorious in every battle. Such a precious intelligence was rare and remarkable to Su Yu.

Su Yu's heart was slightly moved.

These were naturally unnecessary to Mo Wu as she had stayed at the Faction for years and knew her rivals' abilities inside out.

This... was prepared for Su Yu!

It was Mo Wu who prepared for Su Yu!

When he looked up, Mo Wu had gone straight back into her room, leaving Su Yu with a lonely but beautiful image of her.

Feeling grateful, he rushed to bow in respect towards the view of her back.

Although Mo Wu's character was cold, her heart was warm. It belonged to a warmhearted person with a cool exterior.

On some level, she had that in common with the Second Elder.

This pair of master and disciple was interesting.

In his room, Su Yu immediately memorized all the names and information.

A total of one hundred people had enrolled. But, the lowest cultivator was a Fourth Level Peak Holy King!

There were plenty of Fifth Level Holy Kings, the Lower Tier ones were already thirty people! The Upper Tier ones were already ten people! And there were two Peak ones!

The most ridiculous thing was that there was a Sixth Level Holy King who signed up!

This powerful Sixth Level Holy King was ranked thirtieth in the Faction!

With his abilities, he was a rare opponent within the Faction.

And now, Su Yu had to compete with him for the same spot?

The heavy pressure made Su Yu felt a bit breathless.

This competition was so intense, it was terrifying!

But even if he were a god, Su Yu would still challenge him!