The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Eyesight Assessment
Chapter 152: Eyesight Assessment
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After he had memorized the name list, Su Yu deeply felt an enormous pressure.

He took a light breath and brought out a big bottle of azure colored medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs.

Was it possible to break through with all thirty-five pieces? With anticipation, Su Yu took one medium grade marrow cleansing elixir.

The powerful potency imbued his limbs and bones as always.

However, the cultivation base that he had imagined did not improve significantly.

Feeling doubtful, Su Yu took another four pieces and the result was the same as before.

The powerful potency, after being absorbed by his body, immediately settled into his bloodstream, but it did not drive his cultivation base to advance further.

"What's going on?" Su Yu opened his eyes and looked bewildered. "Why are the elixirs no longer effective for me?"

Unwilling to give up, Su Yu took another ten pieces, and there was still completely no response!

Finally, all the elixirs had been taken and their potency just settled into his bloodstream!

Su Yu's expression was somewhat ugly. He examined his body for a long time and could not help but laugh bitterly. "Don't tell me that there was some hidden damage left from that incident which caused my body to be immune to the elixirs' potency?"

He had taken the fiery lion's tainted Universe's Miracle Mineral Plants and now their effect had finally emerged.

Those are the elixirs which had never been purified, and the energy they contained was too intense.

Once his body had adapted to the intense energy, his body had produced an immunity to the current elixirs' gentle energy!

Although he only needed to wait for some time before his body could return to normal, tomorrow was the Abyss of Wutong Assessment. His cultivation base advancement was crucial!

With a sense of helplessness and agony, Su Yu gave up his cultivation and focused on the comprehension of his cultivation techniques until dawn.

The Artifact Control Technique, a remnant volume with only one layer of the lower tier, already had early signs of successful comprehension. During the three days of hurrying on the road, Su Yu had seized the time to comprehend.

With last night's comprehension, he finally completed the cultivation of its only tier under the right conditions.

He could finally unleash the power of the Divine Ice Ring!

Su Yu was rather looking forward to the divine artifact's specific power.

But, what made Su Yu quite helpless was that remnant piece of Immortal level cultivation technique with a hundred or more characters. So far, he had only scratched the surface of it, he still required some time to comprehend the hundred or more characters.

Thump thump

There was a sound of knocking at the door. It was Mo Wu.

Without even waiting for Su Yu to open the door, she said some cold words and left. "The Abyss of Wutong Assessment, the Inner Sanctum competition room now!"

The Inner Sanctum competition room? Su Yu left immediately.

The competition room was the place where Inner Sanctum disciples swapped pointers and compete with one another.

The area was not big, it could only accommodate one thousand people, far less than the vast arena outside of the Sanctum which could seat ten thousand people.

But the competition room had all the complete facilities. It not only provided a platform for martial force competitions, but was equipped with many props for cultivation, it far exceeded what outside of the Sanctum had.

After all, this place was primed for the outstanding Inner Sanctum disciples.

When Su Yu arrived, most of them were already present.

Among the familiar faces were Song Qingshan, the various Fifth Level Holy Kings from the Golden Bell Hall who were jealous of him, and... Mo Wu!

Somewhat feeling Su Yu's eyes on her, Mo Wu's beautiful eyes lightly glanced at Su Yu and turned back without an expression.

Could it be that she was participating in the Abyss of Wutong Assessment?

Again, he recalled what Wu Qingzhou had said; the four places had already been set aside internally for the Elders' disciples. Then the corners of his mouth twitched in the realization that one of the predetermined places was for Mo Wu!

Soon when the enrolled competitors were all present, two of the Elders came in separately.

One of them was Third Elder whom he had met and the other was an unfamiliar old man.

"The Fourth Elder! He is the one who watches over the Abyss of Wutong. Why is he back here especially for the selection of qualified disciples?" Whispers of excitement filled the room.

The Fourth Elder? Su Yu secretly observed him. He was about sixty-something years old and stern-looking with a square head with big ears.

Though he was old, his back was straight as a ramrod and he was unmoving like a mountain, dignified and solemn.

"Since everyone is here, then the assessment shall begin!" The Fourth Elder spoke coolly as he looked around.

As the Third Elder already knew about the Empire of Darkness' attack on the Abyss of Wutong's disciples, it was well within reason that he would assist the Fourth Elder at this moment to select the suitable disciples to be stationed at the Abyss of Wutong.

"The first round of assessment is the contest of movement techniques!"

Su Yu's eyebrows were slightly raised. Was the quota not decided through duels?

Looking at the crowd again, everyone's face registered surprise.

"The Abyss of Wutong has many dangers. In case of emergencies and crisis, movement techniques are the basis for saving your lives. Therefore, the first round of assessment is based on movement techniques!" The Fourth Elder solemnly said, "The assessment method is such, everyone will fly a circle around the Inner Sanctum Fallen Star. The first fifty to arrive can enter the next round! The rest will be eliminated!"

The Inner Sanctum, which was surrounded by seventeen fallen stars, was the largest fallen star with a perimeter of ten miles.

Based on the speed of a Fourth Level Holy King, a loop was around ten minutes. A Fifth Level Holy King needed about half that time.

One Sixth Level Holy King, forty-two Fifth Level Holy Kings, and fifty-seven Fourth Level Holy Kings were present.

Obviously, all the Fourth Level Holy Kings would be eliminated!

Among the Fourth Level Holy Kings, only those with excellent movement techniques could possibly advance to the next round!

"The time required is within ten minutes! Ready, get set, go!"

Upon the Fourth Elder's command, all one hundred people flew out and maximized their movement techniques to make haste with lightning speed.

Su Yu's spiritual energetic wings unfolded, he soared to a high altitude and was ready to transform his wings into the Icy Divine Wings.


A gale hit and abruptly pushed Su Yu to one side.

Caught off guard, he almost stumbled and took a fall.

Looking over with a frown, it was Song Qingshan and several of the malicious Fifth Level Holy Kings. They intentionally used their Fifth Level Holy Kings' formidable spiritual energy to push Su Yu aside.

"Isn't that Su Yu who could wipe out a Fifth Level Holy King? You must feel really aggrieved not to be in the first place for such a powerful person like you." A Fifth Level Holy King coolly spoke with a slightly mocking smile. "How about we give way a little? That way you won't be left behind by us, otherwise, your secret expert helper will give us trouble."

Su Yu turned a deaf ear to them, maintained his spiritual energetic wing as he unhurriedly flew close to a group of Fourth Level Holy Kings.

Song Qingshan looked down his nose at him, gave him a quick glance and sneered. "Let's wait to fly again, we better behave ourselves in front of a powerful killer of a Fifth Level Holy King and follow behind him."

The surrounding Fifth Level Holy Kings, with deeply mocking smiles on their lips, stood coolly with their arms folded in front of them.

They all had taunting looks in their eyes. They waited and thought it would be wonderful to see Su Yu's expression when they easily overtook him.

Without the Second Elder's protection, what could a mere Fourth Level Holy King like Su Yu do?

When he clocked that Su Yu had already flown several hundred meters, Song Qingshan's lips curled into a sneer, he activated the spiritual energy on his back, and his feathered wings suddenly fanned out!


His blurred figure streaked across the sky with an astonishing speed, he was closing in!

With looks of relish, the other Fifth Level Holy Kings also began to chase.

But, just when they thought they could amuse themselves and get ready to overtake him one by one, they were caught off guard!

The leisurely Su Yu suddenly put away his spiritual energetic wings!

A pair of icy-light wings unexpectedly emerged from his back!

The life-like feathers of his wings were like a bird's and they produced gusts of cold air which swept into a powerful gale.

He had cultivated the Icy Divine Wings to the Stage Three Top Class which was the first formation of the Icy Divine Wings. He had been cultivated it to the peak level, his current speed surpassed others of the same realm which was just under that of a Fifth Level Holy King, so the disparity was not great.

After switching to the Icy Divine Wings, Su Yu's speed soared! He suddenly pierced through the sky in a blur with the speed of light!

Zigzagging between the Fourth Level Holy Kings, he overtook them all!

"Ah! He's so fast! Isn't that Fourth Level Lower Tier Holy King, Su Yu?"

"What type of amazing movement technique is that? He's as fast as the Fifth Level Holy Kings!"

A group of Fourth Level Holy Kings watched Su Yu, entranced.

Song Qingshan's sneer froze. He could not believe his eyes. Su Yu's movement technique speed was not that much weaker than his?

It was just a moment of distraction and Su Yu had already disappeared from his line of vision!

Song Qingshan's face changed colors. He gnashed his teeth and used all his energy to give chase!

The rest of the Fifth Level Holy Kings' expressions also frozen as they were trying their best to catch up!

At this time, all of them felt their faces burned. They were supposed to have some fun with Su Yu and made sure to wait till he flew a certain distance before they slowly overtook him.

Who would have thought that Su Yu had withheld such an astonishing movement technique!


A group of people swiftly circled the Inner Sanctum and gave chase.

The more Song Qingshan accelerated, the uglier his expression became! Su Yu's movement technique was only a little weaker than histo the extent that he was unable to close a distance of a few hundred feet at all!

Finally, they returned to the competition room after they had completed the loop.

The Fourth Elder and Third Elder stood at the competition room entrance and registered each name.

"The Sixth Level Holy King and thirty-five Fifth Level Holy Kings have returned. It seems the remaining seven Fifth Level Holy Kings...have inadequate movement techniques." The Third Elder secretly frowned.

The Fourth Elder looked solemn. "No hurry, they should be the next batch of returnees, no one can be faster than them."


He had not finished speaking before a thin figure was the first to fly in.

Both elders were shocked.


The seven Fifth Level Holy Kings finally caught up and were breathless!

The Third Elder looked astonished. He appraised Su Yu.

He was even faster than a Fifth Level Holy King! His movement technique was truly extraordinary!

The Fourth Elder was slightly surprised. He turned his gaze and recorded Su Yu's ranking.

When his gaze swept over Song Qingshan and the others, he lightly snorted. "You can't even hold a candle to a Fourth Level Holy King. You all live like princes for too long! Better reflect upon yourselves!"

Song Qingshan and the others flushed, they were unable to raise their heads.

Especially the Fifth Level Holy Kings who had returned first, many of them noticed Song Qingshan and the others purposely targeted Su Yu. They were whispering and snickering among themselves right now.

"They wanted to humiliate Su Yu, instead they ended up being ridiculed by Su Yu."

"They shot themselves in the foot a bit, huh?"

"But speaking of which, Su Yu was quite astonishing. His movement technique was unimaginably close to a Fifth Level Holy King."

Song Qingshan and the others clenched their fists and were full of anger at Su Yu.

Gradually, everyone flew back.

The fifty people who had returned first were qualified. The remaining fifty sadly exited the competition.

"Well, you fifty competitors will advance to the next round of assessment.

"This round is the assessment of your eyesight!

"The Abyss of Wutong is perennially pitch-dark, you can't even see your fingers in front of you. You will require a powerful visual strength, so this round is the assessment of your eyesight!

"The rule of this assessment goes like this, I am going to turn the room into a pitch-black state, and place fifty pieces of black paper in the room. Your task is to imbue both your pupils with your spiritual energy till you have the ability to see in the dark to find these pieces of black paper.

"Only twenty-five people will be retained from this round! Moreover, each piece of black paper that you find will be counted as one point and the points will be accumulated for the next round of assessment. The final score will determine which five individuals will remain! Therefore, you must take this seriously. Every piece of black paper that you find means one more bit of hope to qualify!"

With these words, the Fourth Elder glanced at the Third Elder, and they completely wrapped up the competition room tightly with some black cloth that they had found.

Instantly, the room was pitch-dark. It was even hard to see one's fingers.

When they used their spiritual energy to enhance their eyesight they could make out indistinct figures.

One's specific visual ability was based on the strength of one's spiritual energy as well as their delicate control of one's spiritual energy, it varied from person to person.

Often, those with solid foundation had more sophisticated control of their visual abilities.

Su Yu stood with his arms folded. His pair of crystalline pupils exuded a faint light from deep within.

He smiled deeply. "Eyesight assessment?"