The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 153

Chapter 153: The Final Assessment
Chapter 153: The Final Assessment
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The pitch-black environment was no different from daylight to Su Yu.


Suddenly, he could hear faint movements.

Su Yu glanced over from the corner of his eyes and saw the Fourth Elder quietly slipped Mo Wu and the other four disciples, each a piece of the black paper in the dark!

The Fourth Elder had thought no one would detect this and did not realize that Su Yu saw everything.

So, was this considered predetermination? Su Yu felt somewhat powerless.

Then, the Fourth Elder just took out a large piece of black paper, tore it to pieces, and scattered the pieces to every corner of the competition room.

"The assessment starts now!"

At his command, the fifty contenders immediately activated their spiritual energy in their pupils to see in the dark.

While they were still trying hard to adjust their vision, Su Yu was already darting around the competition room, swift as lightning.

He was able to grab a piece of the black paper at every pause.

In the blink of an eye, Su Yu obtained more than five pieces of the black paper!

"How dare you snatch from me." Just at this moment, a soft hum drifted over in the dark.

A faintly discernible terrible force slowly dispersed.

This man was the only Sixth Level Holy King, Tang Yixuan!

After much effort, he had just adjusted his vision, when he found a dark figure taking away a piece of the black paper at his feet, and he was upset.

But there was not enough time to bicker with Su Yu. With this assessment, the black paper pieces affected the total score. The odds of success increased as one more piece was grabbed.


While Su Yu was swiftly in action, Mo Wu also began to grab.

Her beautiful eyes shot a quick glance at Su Yu in astonishment. She had found out that Su Yu had already started seizing the black paper pieces at the beginning.

While the other Holy Kings were still struggling to activate their spiritual energy, Su Yu had treated the darkness like it was nothing.

Was his eyesight really that good? Did he not even have to use his spiritual energy? Mo Wu was slightly stunned.

While the three of them were ransacking the room, everyone else had just adjusted their visions well enough at this time and adapted to the dark environment.

When they started looking for the black paper pieces, those pieces were already being plundered by more than half.

There was a rush of pillaging. Some people were happy and some were worried.

A moment later, the black veil outside the room was taken off.

The assessment was over!

"Those who did not get any black paper pieces, you're eliminated!" The Fourth Elder announced without any expression.


In that instant out of the fifty contenders, thirty people left and only twenty contenders remained!

The original plan was to eliminate only twenty-five people, and now thirty people were eliminated in one shot, more than what the Fourth Elder and Third Elder had estimated.

"What's going on?" The Third Elder was baffled.

The Fourth Elder's eyes flashed. "Take out your black paper pieces to calculate your scores."

After a moment, he said, "Song Qingshan, one piece, one point.

"Tang Yixuan, six pieces, six points.

"Mo Wu, eight pieces, eight points!"

These three had seized a total of fifteen pieces, no wonder so many people were eliminated.

However, what happened next stiffened the expressions of the Third Elder and Fourth Elder at the same time.

"Su Yu... nineteen pieces!"

Looking at the thick pile of the black paper pieces in Su Yu's hands, everyone was shocked!

Mo Wu was stunned; even if he could see in the dark, he should not be this powerful. Unless in addition to being able to see in the dark, his eyesight was extremely sharp, and he was able to easily inspect every nook and corner!

His pile of the black paper pieces alone was nearly more than everyone's total!

After a long while, the Four Elder then announced. "Su Yu, nineteen points!"

"And now the final assessment! The Comprehensive Ability Competition! In short, duels!"

Finally, a segment for duels?

"There are many great dangers at the Abyss of Wutong. If your ability is not good, there's no point in you going. The twenty of you will have duels with each other to vie for the spots. You get five points each time you defeat one person. Finally, only the five contenders with the highest scores will remain, these five people will then become members of the Abyss of Wutong!" The Fourth Elder solemnly announced.

Everyone was excited, the final battle had begun at last!

Apart from Mo Wu and the disciples who were already predetermined, Tang Yixuan, the superior Sixth Level Holy King, was the only target they needed to defeat.

Su Yu clenched his fists. The only way to save Xianer was right in front of his eyes!

Tang Yixuan was the biggest obstacle ahead of him!

"Before you start, you can rest a little for only an hour and prepare." The Fourth Elder swept his gaze towards Su Yu. "You're Su Yu? With regards to your performance just now, I have something to ask you. Come with me."

Su Yu was slightly stumped. Could it be his performance just now was so exceptional that it aroused his suspicion?

On the other side, Song Qingshan felt even more pressure and his eyes burned with jealousy.

"Senior Brother Song, don't tell me because this kid performed so well just now that he was lucky enough to catch the Fourth Elder's eye? Is he going to give him the final spot by default?"

"I too have this worry. After all, the Second Elder has Su Yu's back!"

Song Qingshan's gaze was direct and hard. There was deep resentment and indignation. "Humph! It's still too early! Even if it's by default, he must also have the ability to defeat us!"

With all the Fifth Level Holy Kings present, if Su Yu was unable to defeat them and pass this round, how could it be by default?

It was sparsely populated outside the building.

The Fourth Elder smiled and said. "Su Yu, you have performed well. As an Elder, I intend to recommend you enter the Abyss of Wutong."

Huh? Su Yu was stunned, but he quickly regained his composure. "Thank you, Fourth Elder, for your generous favor, but I'm not sure what does Fourth Elder have in mind?"

"It's amazing how your intelligence is beyond someone of your age!" The Fourth Elder's high praise was from his heart. Su Yu looked only about fifteen years old, but his wisdom and intelligence were incomparable and his quick reactions greatly surprised him.

He had thought that he had to waste his breath to explain. However, Su Yu had understood immediately.

"I, the Elder, am relieved that you understand. I will give you a spot to the Abyss of Wutong and as an exchange, I hope you can secretly procure a top-grade marrow cleansing elixir for me... This matter needs to be kept a secret. Also, after you enter the Abyss of Wutong, I will secretly give you a pointer or two as an Elder."

Su Yu's heart slightly sank, did he want the top-grade marrow cleansing elixir?

This elixir was hard to come by. It was unlikely that Su Yu would have the chance to acquire one again.

The temporary emergency mission only happened once a year!

And it was not possible for him to take the credit every time.

The Xianyun Contest was close at hand and it could be said that the top-grade marrow cleansing elixir was the pivotal elixir for Su Yu to enhance his ability!

But, if he did not agree, his hope of winning for this assessment would be slim. Once he had offended the Fourth Elder, even if he did enter the Abyss of Wutong, he might overtly or covertly receive unfair treatment.

Although, according to the projected schedule, the Abyss of Wutong was about to rotate to the Third Elder for him to oversee. But even it was one day in the Abyss of Wutong, the Fourth Elder would still have the authority to deal with Su Yu.

Su Yu was suddenly caught in a dilemma.

"There's no hurry to answer right this moment, you can think about it a little more. If you agree, give me a signal using your eyes," The Fourth Elder said warmly and looked around watchfully before he went in without an expression on his face.

But, before he left, he looked gloomy for a moment. He had originally thought he had Su Yu in the bag, but Su Yu actually had some resistance!

"Humph! Just because he is backed by that ghost-faced hag, does he think he can somehow rely on her support?" The Fourth Elder looked cold and gloomy.

Su Yu silently sighed. He could sense that the Fourth Elder was genial on the surface, but he was already angry.

If he did not agree, it would be difficult to predict the consequences.

It was just that the Xianyun Contest was imminent, and Xianer...

Gnashing his teeth, Su Yu headed back to the competition room.

The duel segment began.

"The duel follows the rules of the ring. The winner is entitled to challenge the next opponent. And after five duels, there will be a short break."

With these words, the Fourth Elder looked at Su Yu meaningfully.

"The first ring defender is Ma Feiming!" The Fourth Elder appointed a ring defender.

Ma Feiming, around twenty-three years old, was a Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy King and had his breakthrough half a month ago.

Racing up to the ring, Ma Feiming looked around. When his gaze fell on Song Qingshan, in a flash, his finger immediately pointed to Song Qingshan. "Senior Brother Song, come up for a fight!"

"Senior Brother Song, this kid Ma Feiming still bears a grudge against you." The disciple beside Song Qingshan had a smirk on his face.

Previously when Ma Feiming was at the Fourth Level Peak, he had accompanied Song Qingshan on an external assignment. They had found a piece of spiritual treasure in the mountains. In the end, it was commandeered by Song Qingshan.

After handing it over to the Faction, Song Qingshan received ample rewards and advanced his cultivation base.

Due to this, Ma Feiming was disgruntled but he had no opportunity to take revenge.

Until today, now he could challenge him openly and aboveboard!

Song Qingshan half smiled. "A grudge? Who, him? The one who has just broken through to the Fifth Level Holy King, what can he do to me?"


Leaping onto the ring, Song Qingshan stood with his arms folded and icily glared. "Ma Feiming, you finally had some progress and dare to challenge me now?"

Under his opponent's glare, Ma Feiming felt a little dread. After all, when he was still a Fourth Level Holy King, Song Qingshan was already a veteran Fifth Level Holy King and had carried out countless of dangerous assignments. He was impressively famed for his fighting prowess.

But when he recalled the humiliation he had suffered, he remembered his grudge. "Song Qingshan! You went too far on that day, so don't blame me being tough! I, Ma Feiming, am no longer the same as before, you'd better take me seriously!"

"Let me see, you're pretty confident but you overestimate yourself!" Song Qingshan put down his arms with purpose.

Ma Feiming growled and immediately made his move!

"Seven Stars Attack!" Ma Feiming roared and used a Legacy level cultivation technique!

He had impressively reached the Stage One Upper Class!

Coupled with his Fifth Level Holy King cultivation base, his power was unfathomable!

When he took a step, he moved so swiftly that he was a blur!

After taking seven steps, his seven movements continuously emerged in quick blurs.

What made his seven endless-looking steps imposing were, his movements were all very focused and deliberately created quick blurs!

Each of his quick blurs contained a strong power.


After his seven steps, Ma Feiming made a feint to move closer and he growled!


There were clearly seven quick blurs before, but at this moment he looked like his real body was besieging Song Qingshan from all seven directions at the same time!

There were seven steps, seven stars, and seven quick blurs. He was using the formation of all the stars surrounding the moon to besiege Song Qingshan!

This was his Seven Stars Attack!


His seven quick blurs were all airtight formations and impossible to guard against!

However, Song Qingshan looked calm.

His Seven Stars came attacking in quick blurs, yet Song Qingshan had an indifferent smile on his lips as he just lightly extended his finger!

"Barren Mountain Fingerprint!"

Clearly, it was an ordinary point of his finger; it felt like the mountains and rivers were eradicated.

A heart-palpitating, deathly stillness encircled his fingertip. Surges of gray draft flowed out with a faint life-devouring force.

The Third Elder nodded slightly. "That's right, this remnant volume of the Barren Mountain Fingerprint was cultivated by him to the Stage One Top Class not too far off from Stage Two."

The Fourth Elder lightly nodded. "It's indeed original. Even if they are not dead, those with weak physiques will be put into a coma by the gray drafts of life-devouring force."

Mo Wu and several others also secretly nodded.

Among the Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy Kings, Song Qingshan was truly the finest competitor.


His finger swept across and the gray draft rolled out in all directions!


The seven quick blurs were unexpectedly crushed!


At the same time, Ma Feiming suffered a heavy physical blow.

With a blood-curdling screech, he was flung back on the spot, smashed under the ring, and nearly fainted.

Horror and loathing filled his eyes. With so much hard work for so long, he still could not defeat Song Qingshan.

Retracting his finger, Song Qingshan towered above and said with disdain. "Crawl back to the hole you came from to cultivate a few more years! Otherwise, you'll always be defeated by me!"

"You..." Ma Feiming was furious, but in the end, his ability was inferior to him, so he could only swallow his humiliation and leave.

Soon after, Song Qingshan's cold eyes fixed on Su Yu and the corners of his mouth cracked a heart-palpitating grin. "Su Yu! It's your turn! Let me see how you were able to kill a Fifth Level Holy King!"

Everyone's eyes shot towards Su Yu, who was the only Fourth Level Holy King.

"Is it his turn? I wonder if that expert will suddenly pop up to defeat Song Qingshan."

"Finally, are his true colors going to be exposed? This is interesting, let's see how Senior Brother Song is going to torture and defeat him."

"That day he was clearly secretly helped by an expert, but he had waited for a Junior Brother to die before showing himself to take advantage of the situation. Such a person should have encountered today's fate a long time ago, I hope Senior Brother Song will show no mercy!"

Even though he sensed all the sharp looks, Su Yu looked calm as he leaped onto the ring in a step.

"Let's begin, since you want to experience the power of how I had killed a Fifth Level Holy King, I'll grant your wish." Su Yu spoke evenly and slowly extended his forefinger.