The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Flinging a Dead Dog
Chapter 154: Flinging a Dead Dog
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Song Qingshan stood with his arms folded and looked unruffled. "Please be sure to let this Senior Brother open his eyes..."

However, his speech spontaneously came to an end!

His composed look gradually vanished and was replaced with disbelief!


A ball of light stemmed from Su Yu's fingertips.

It was a deep green color mixed with a light azure color, and it formed a ball of gentle bluish-green glimmer.

This glimmer of light floated and drifted. When seen, the flame was not brilliant and the size of a thumb.

No, it was an ice flame!

An ice flame of a deep green and azure fusion! Though it was weak, it emitted a scalp-numbing deadly chill!


The sound of forming icicles traveled around the ring. With Su Yu in the center, the chill froze everything! The bluestone ring was instantly covered with ice.

Unable to withstand the extreme chill, the ring, which had never been cracked before by the various fights, had densely-packed cracks unexpectedly appearing!

The Fourth Elder looked bewildered. "This is..."

The Third Elder, who saw Su Yu made his move on that day, was deeply surprised. "That's the Glazed Ice Flame, he had... actually cultivated it to Stage One Upper Class!"

"What? The Glazed Ice Flame can be called the most powerful of all the Legacy techniques, and he has cultivated it to Stage One Upper Class? An individual with an excellent powerful insight requires at least ten years to comprehend the Lower Class and twenty years and above for the Upper Class. He only entered the Sanctum a few months ago, and he could comprehend the Stage One Upper Class? He's inhuman!"

Mo Wu's pretty eyes were set with deep disbelief, was Su Yu's powerful insight this terrifying?

The smiles of the Fifth Level Holy Kings, who sat and waited for Su Yu to be taught a lesson, froze.

Even beside the ring, they were deeply gripped by that terrible chill! What type of ice-cold flame had such a horrifying power?

On the ring, ten feet away from Su Yu, Song Qingshan's body was coated with a thin layer of mist which gradually transformed into ice!

His relaxed enfolded arms had long since been unconsciously put down and he was commanding his spiritual energy to drive out the chill!

Just the mere dispersing of the chill was already so terrifying if that ice flame had blasted his body...

Song Qingshan's expression had an unprecedented change. An illusion of death shaded his heart.

A bad feeling bubbled up within and at that moment, he had already believed that the person who chopped and killed the Snow Lion was probably Su Yu himself!

From start to finish, no one had helped Su Yu, it was the result of his own efforts!

He and those other Fifth Level Holy Kings were just jealous and envious. It was their malicious speculation and slander.

But, even if he was wavering on the inside, Song Qingshan also had no way to retreat.

Moreover, that flame was too weak. It just appeared to be frightening, its true power might not necessarily be strong!

"Trickster!" Song Qingshan composed himself and calmed down in the face of danger.

"Barren Mountain Fingerprint!" Growling, a rolling gray draft flowed out from Song Qingshan's finger.

That life-devouring, obscure, and sinister power was heart-palpitating.

It was the same move that defeated Ma Feiming, also a Fifth Level Holy King, in one fell swoop!


Song Qingshan attacked first. He moved like lightning, his one step spanned a distance of twenty feet!

His ten-foot gap was closed in a blink of an eye.

A strong wind, mixed with the gray draft, struck and it stirred up Su Yu's damaged clothes.

His silver hair fluttered and swept over his handsome and calm countenance. His pair of placid eyes did not waver at all.

Su Yu simply stepped forward once. "Glazed Ice Flame!" Su Yu coolly spat out the words.

The weak ice flame on his fingertip, like a candle in the wind, was about to go out.

But in that instant, his two fingers touched!


The weak ice flame that clearly was the size of a thumb, had instantly erupted a hundredfold!

It was like a spark that suddenly became the size of a house! Abrupt and fierce, it was powerful and dreadful! It contained an infinite chill, like a volcano dormant for a long time that had finally erupted!



The infinite chill came and froze everything in the surrounding!

The Fifth Level Holy Kings who were closer to the ring swiftly stepped back with their expressions suddenly much changed!

Those who hesitated a little were covered with ice, they were almost frozen on the spot!

The Third Elder and Fourth Elder had to raise their voices to warn everyone. "Everyone, step back!"


The crowd moved like a tide and scattered in retreat. They stared in disbelief at that volcanic eruption of ice!

Not only the ring, but the entire competition room was plunged into a world of ice and snow!

Snow-white icicles thickly covered the competition room. The roof had icicles, the ground was covered in a layer of thick ice. The stands had become ice sculptures and the martial arts props were frozen.

The chilling cold air transformed this place into an ice sculpture in that instant.

Even breathing in the cold air felt unbearably cold to one's body and soul.

The source of all these was even more chillingly astounding!

That high, blazing ice flame was burning with a rumble. Its bluish-green color was magnificent and wonderful. It radiated the beauty of ice.

Su Yu stood within the sixty high ice flame as if he dominated all the cold ice in the world like its supreme ruler.

In front of him, an ice sculpture preserved its attack stance.

His eyes, expression, and posture were all preserved in the freeze-frame state.

Even his gray draft was frozen.

It was like he was frozen in space and time.

Su Yu slowly put down his finger. His one finger could have easily killed Song Qingshan, but he would have little satisfaction from it.

That day inside the Snow Lion's body, Su Yu had gobbled up a large amount of the Snow Lion blue icy chill and he had finally advanced the Glazed Ice Flame to Stage One Upper Class.

The strength of the most powerful Legacy level cultivation technique was enough to make Su Yu possessed the power to kill a Fifth Level Holy King!

He was so strong that even Li Xiaoyu promptly decided to escape and was visibly afraid of his cultivation technique.

Su Yu coolly gazed at the frozen Song Qingshan and trampled on him with one foot.


When the icicles shattered, Song Qingshan shook uncontrollably from head to toe. His skin had turned blue in a blink of an eye, his whole body was stiffly lying on the ground, and he looked at Su Yu in fear.

He... he had actually lost in one move!

No, he was almost killed in one move!

If this was a death match... he would have been easily killed by Su Yu long ago!

For Su Yu to attain his long line of credits, it was not due to the Second Elder's assistance, but his own. He possessed the ability to kill a Fifth Level Holy King!

Su Yu lightly glanced at him and slightly shook his head. "This was what you were intensely proud of, the ability to bully and humiliate others? How disappointing"

Song Qingshan's face turned red, he was utterly humiliated!

However, due to his fear of being shocked and killed by a snap of Su Yu's fingers, he dared not refute Su Yu. He lowered his head and left in a fluster.

The Fourth Elder looked deeply appalled. "Is the Glazed Ice Flame so formidable? In terms of its power, it has gone beyond the standard Stage One Top Class of a Legacy level cultivation technique, it's much closer to Stage Two!"

"This matter needs to be reported to the Faction Master! The evaluation of the formidable power of the Glazed Ice Flame may perhaps have been too low! Its power is beyond any imagination!" The Third Elder's gaze was bright.

Everyone in the Faction was aware of the existence of the Glazed Ice Flame.

But no one was willing to spend decades to cultivate a remnant volume. And now for the first time, Su Yu had revealed its formidable power, stunned the Elders into acknowledging it and made them realized the unprecedented importance of this volume of Legacy level cultivation technique.

On the ring, it was Su Yu's turn to defend the ring.

Two duels had already completed, so Su Yu could still challenge three people!

Su Yu ignored all the shocked looks, raised his hand and pointed towards a Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy King!

This Fifth Level Holy King was that type of person who was full of slander and deliberately waited for the other disciples to destroy Su Yu before he would take advantage of the situation.

Since this was a duel segment, in that case he was going to challenge him first!

"You, come up!"

The targeted Fifth Level Holy King gave his body a shake and took a hard swallow.

Among the Fifth Level Holy Kings, Song Qingshan, who was the best, had already been badly defeated, what chance did they have?

But, even if he felt fearful, he had no other choice but to step onto the ring.

"Su... Junior Brother Su, I am Pu Nan, the purpose of this duel is to learn from each other. I hope we can both somewhat exercise some restraint, so as not to damage our good relationship." This Fifth Level Holy King said fearfully as he braced himself.

Pu Nan's face was slightly flushed. Not so long ago, Su Yu was someone who was unable to withstand a single blow in his eyes.

And now, he had to lower himself to beseech Su Yu to give him a break.

"Sure." Su Yu said indifferently.

His reply slightly relieved Pu Nan.

"Many thanks!" Pu Nan cupped his fists and then grimly waited.

"Meteor Kick!" Pu Nan roared and was the first to attack!

With his long strides, he was extremely fast!

Everyone could only see a blur and was unable to tell where his body was.

At the same time, a dim starlight surrounded Pu Nan, making it more difficult to discern what was real.

In an instant, Pu Nan attacked.


His leg struck, and he was now fighting with Su Yu!

"Glazed Ice Flame!"

However, Su Yu only coolly ignited a weak ice flame, it was not erupted at all. He simply touched the arch of Pu Nan's foot.


But even so, Pu Nan stiffened from head to toe and his whole body froze.

He wanted to strike with his leg, instead he was frozen on the spot!

Seeing how he was about to stumble and fall, Su Yu reached out with his hand and grabbed Pu Nan's calf at this time.

"Thank you, Junior Brother Su..." Pu Nan looked grateful that Su Yu had stayed his hand.

However, just as he was speaking, he felt something was not right!

Su Yu had grabbed his calf and unexpectedly swung him into mid-air!

It was as if Su Yu was holding onto a stick and swinging it in his hand!

"Junior Brother Su, what are you doing?" Pu Nan was appalled to be up in the air.

But Su Yu did not reply.

With a flick of his wrist, he grabbed Pu Nan's calf and slammed him to the ground with a loud bang!



Pu Nan's forehead was covered with blood, several of his teeth were knocked loose and his internal organs quaked. He belched out his fractured teeth mingled with his blood at the same time.

Pu Nan was upset by the severe pain, making him ashamed and furious. He turned his head and yelled. "You..."

However, just as he spoke, Su Yu once again swung up his whole body, and then ferociously smacked him on top of the bluestone floor!

It was followed by another blow.

On the ringside, everyone was dumbfounded.

Su Yu swung Pu Nan around in the air like he was swinging a dead dog. He then smacked him down on the ground.

It was one round after another until Pu Nan was all covered in blood and completely unconscious!

At this point, Su Yu finally stayed his hand and threw him out of the ring like he had flung a dead dog.


The unconscious Pu Nan was like a dead dog which made everyone gasped.

Su Yu was so ruthless!

"People need to be responsible for their words! People who fabricate stories and slander their dead peers to attack others deserve to be severely punished!" Su Yu said coldly.

Soon after, Su Yu's eyes swept across and fell on a second Fifth Level Holy King.

"You! Come up!" Su Yu pointed to a distance.

This person had previously mocked him and wanted to expose Su Yu's true colors.

Now, Su Yu had indeed revealed his true colors. Nevertheless, what he revealed was a ruthless and terrifying ability!

"I... I think..." The one who was targeted had jumped onto the ring, trembling with fear. He cupped his fists and was ready to concede!

Although a spot for the Abyss of Wutong was incomparably valuable, Pu Nan was still lying on the ground like a dead dog!

But, he had not finished speaking when a gust of strong wind struck!

Shockingly, it was Su Yu who took advantage of the moment to come closer!

"Glazed Ice Flame!"


Then, Su Yu did the same thing, picked up his body and flung him up!




Everyone's expression slightly changed as Su Yu once again did the same "fling the dead dog" routine with ease.

It hit three times, his body was covered in blood, and like a dead dog, he threw him to the side of Pu Nan.

Compared to Pu Nan, Su Yu did stay his hand and did not cause him to be unconscious.

But, he was all covered with blood and vexed with unparalleled shame. "You... I had already conceded defeat. Why did you still make your move?"

Su Yu retorted. "Did you concede? When was this? Why didn't I know?"


He was so angry that he coughed up another mouthful of blood!

He did not even finish his words before he had already been deliberately interrupted by Su Yu!

"You did not speak clearly, how was I to know that you had conceded?" Su Yu coolly glanced at him, and pointed to his last opponent. "You! Come up!"

"Ah! I... I give up! I'm not participating in the Abyss of Wutong Assessment!" The last man had looked deathly white and was trembling.

He fled on the spot with a scream!

Five duels had passed with Su Yu winning four in a row. He was awarded twenty points.

During the break, Su Yu was once again summoned by the Fourth Elder to speak alone amidst everyone's envy.

"So, have you thought it over? You only have one chance." The Fourth Elder's eyes are shining brightly with his strong desire to get hold of the top-grade marrow cleansing elixir no matter what.

Feeling slightly threatened, Su Yu's heart felt heavy.

If he did not give in, he was afraid that it would be difficult to pass the assessment. Even if he had passed, he would also suffer harsh treatment.

Taking a deep breath, Su Yu's eyes flashed. "I've thought it over."

"Tell me!" The Fourth Elder looked calm, yet his eyes projected an imposing power!