The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Imminent Departure
Chapter 157: Imminent Departure
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Su Yu swept seventy-foot high ice flame along. His body was decked out in the Divine Ice Battle Armor.

With a touch of his toe, a cracking sound was immediately heard on the surface of the blue stone floor.

The bluestone floor fractured because he was too powerful! Under the powerful rebounded force, Su Yu shot out like an arrow taking off from a bow.

Everyone could barely see his blurred figure making a beeline for Yang Fan!

Yang Fan looked exceptionally grave with an anxious and uneasy feeling in his heart. If he was not careful, he could become a stepping stone!

With matters coming to a head, Yang Fan had no way to retreat!

"Divine Pupils Flames!" growled Yang Fan.

Both his eyes burned with the scarlet flames once again, they contained extreme heatas small as the fire beams were.


The two beams of flames shot out from his eyes and straight at Su Yu.

Su Yu had already darted closer. His huge palm was clenched into a fist. Under the impact of the high speed, the force of his fist swept the ferocious ice flame along.

It was like a burning iron ball!


The terrifying scarlet flames were instantly crushed by the iron ball. With all the spark gone, the flames sputtered everywhere!

Yang Fan's face finally changed color. He activated his spiritual energy in his right fist and hurriedly forged ahead to meet his opponent!

"I don't believe I'll lose to you!" Tightly clenching his teeth, Yang Fan concentrated his intense spiritual energy in his fist and charged with a powerful force. He clashed with Su Yu with a loud bang!


Both of their fists collided with a muffled sound.

Thud, thud

Yang Fan grunted in pain and he stumbled three steps back. The taste of bile surged up his throat. His spiritual energy in his right fist dispersed while traces of the bluish-green ice flame remained.

In contrast, Su Yu stood on the same spot; he had not moved one bit.

With this punch, the greater power of the two was determined.

"Su Yu! You better consider your situation clearly!" Yang Fan was increasingly rattled within like he was suddenly falling from a precipice into an infinite abyss.

He thought Su Yu was his stepping stone, but the fact was, he turned out to be Su Yu's stepping stone!

Therefore, he used the fact that his master was overseeing this to secretly threatened him!

"My situation is already clear!" Su Yu looked calm. "My situation is this, if I fight, I will die. If I don't, I will die too. In that case, I may as well fight!"

Perhaps even if he had attained the qualification to the Abyss of Wutong, it would still be difficult to save Xianer.

But, if he did not, there would be no hope at all!

Since that was the case, it would be better for him to go for broke and fight! Even if it meant offending the Fourth Elder!


Once again Su Yu was like an arrow unleashed from the bow and kitted out with his Divine Ice Battle Armor to collide with Yang Fan!

"I'll fight you!" Yang Fan roared with rancor and gave it his all to fight Su Yu head-on.


With all his strength, Yang Fan exploded with exceptional combat power.

While driving him back at the same time, Su Yu also suffered some minor injuries.

The more the two fought the fiercer they got, both were risking it all for the last spot!

Boom, bang


On the ring, only the pitter-patter sounds of the intense collision could be heard.

Their figures were indistinct, only two blurred shapes could be seen. Sometimes they were separated, sometimes they clashed, and sometimes they were entangled. It was too overwhelming to follow.

After several hours, a figure finally flew backward with a huge spray of blood!

On a closer look, it was indeed Yang Fan!

He was completely covered in ice. His hair and eyebrows were coated with a dense frost. His cheeks were very pale, almost deathly pale like the color of an icicle.

He coughed up a large amount of blood from his mouth, fell from the ring, and crashed into the spectator stand!

The violent impact caused him to faint on the spot.

In comparison, slightly panting, Su Yu was out of breath and severely worn out.

Even his Divine Ice Battle Armor had some signs of wear and tear and the battle armor was loosened in many places. But, it was undeniable that Su Yu had won in the end, even though it was a hard-won victory!

The Fourth Elder's blazing eyes gradually subsided. His face was ugly.

He had arranged for Su Yu to be the last and to be used by his disciple as his stepping stone. Who knew, Yang Fan was the one who was being reduced to a stepping stone instead!

Under normal circumstances, Su Yu's final opponent would most likely be one of the four predetermined disciples or it could even be the Sixth Level Holy King, Tang Yixuan.

At that time, Su Yu would lose without a doubt!

It was under his arrangement that gave Su Yu the opportunity to trample on his disciple and get the spot!

Yang Fan, completely ruined, had already lost the qualification for the top five places.

The spot that he had prepared for his disciple was forcibly taken by Su Yu!

Concealing the chill in the depths of his eyes, the Fourth Elder gave a forced smile. "Congratulations to you all for passing the final assessment. You all have successfully obtained the honor of becoming a garrison member of the Abyss of Wutong. You have one day to prepare, you will set off immediately tomorrow."

With these words, his gaze swept over to Su Yu. "You come with me. I, the Elder, have some queries about your performance."

The Third Elder also stood alongside the Fourth Elder with a glint in his eyes!

Unknowingly, the two Elders had unexpectedly reached a tacit understanding on the sly. Regarding the divine artifact, the Divine Ice Ring with its control technique, the two of them would first get their hands on it and then decide to whom it would belong to.

Otherwise, once the news was leaked, they might not have a chance with it!

But at this time, the expressionless Mo Wu came over with her usual detachment and coolness. "My two Elders, my master has an order. We must return the divine artifact without any delay after the completion of the duels. We have to take our leave now."

After she had spoken, her jade-like hand reached out, took hold of Su Yu's hand, and left the competition room straight away.

The eyes of the Third Elder and Fourth Elder slightly narrowed.

Could it be that Su Yu's divine artifact really belonged to that ugly lunatic?

Oddly, the two Elders did not call that into question, it was as if the Second Elder possessing a divine artifact was the most natural thing in the world.

Halfway through their return, they made sure that no one had followed them.

Su Yu then slipped his hand out of Mo Wu's delicate and warm palm.

"Thank you." Su Yu smiled, the palm of his hand still warm from her residual heat.

She was cold on the outside but warm on the inside. During crucial moments, she had always revealed her inner warmth.

Mo Wu stopped walking and turned around. Her eyes were placid. "I'm just following the Master's orders taking care of you a little, there's no need for thanks."

Su Yu smiled as before and felt gratitude in his heart.

"Senior Sister Mo, I will repay you someday. If you have any wish, I am willing to do my best to fulfill it!" Su Yu solemnly said. He would never forget anyone who had shown him kindness and grace.

To repay me? Mo Wu's beautiful eyes contemplated the distant sky.

The quiet time and space, the remote heaven and earth...that empty void was reflected in Mo Wu's eyes.

Su Yu suddenly became aware of her loneliness.

"My wish..." Mo Wu softly murmured and then slightly shook her head. "You cannot realize it... I will have to achieve it myself and use everything in my life to achieve it!"

Su Yu was slightly shocked. What type of wish did she have that she would use everything in her life to realize?

Exactly what was Mo Wu's inner, secret wish?

After returning to the courtyard with her, Su Yu immediately went into seclusion.

The ultimate clash just now was rather hard. Even though he had defeated Yang Fan, he also sustained some injuries.

However, Su Yu discovered to his surprise, that huge amount of elixir potency that settled within his body had unexpectedly begun to show some results while his blood was inflamed!

Whilst nursing his injuries at the same time, Su Yu immediately activated the "Sigh of Ice" to speed up the elixir potency in his body, circulate in his muscles and blood, improve his physique and absorb the spiritual energy from heaven and earth.

Early next morning, there were a few hours left before they had to leave and set off for the Abyss of Wutong.

Su Yu slowly opened his eyes and a flash of radiance burst forth!

His Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King vigor slowly radiated, and abundant spiritual energy surrounded his body.

All his injuries were gone, and his ability had a breakthrough. At the same time, he had a completely new comprehension of all his cultivation techniques.

Among the ice cultivation techniques, the amplification of his spiritual energy from the Sigh of Ice was now at Stage One Top Class, he was only one step away from the rumored Stage Two!

His Icy Divine Wings were already at Stage One Top Class, he just needed a little more maturity to reach Stage Two. Then, his Icy Divine Wings would break away from his current 'Flying Wings' form and they would morph into the second form! What form would his Icy Divine Wings be at that point? How amazing would his speed be?

The Glazed Ice Flame had required two kinds of extreme ice flame to break through to Stage One Upper Class and its formidable power was exceedingly strong. If he wanted to break through to the next layer, he needed to find a new ice flame fusion. Would the formidable power surge again at that time?

The Incredible Moon-Lit Demon Eyes was only at Stage One, Su Yu had only cultivated it to Stage One Lower Class. He was still a long step away from the Upper Class. If he could cultivate the Upper Class, Su Yu would be able to induce hallucinations in strong opponents not higher than him by three tiers. It would be extremely useful when the time came.

Finally, that remnant piece of the Immortal level cultivation technique with a hundred or more characters, Su Yu could not crack the profound mystery of its inner meaning.

But, Su Yu believed that once he successfully comprehended the hundred or more characters of the Immortal level cultivation technique an extremely formidable power would erupt.

With half a day left, Su Yu still had a precious opportunity under his name to enter the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures.

But, after thinking it over repeatedly, Su Yu decided to give it up for the time being.

Firstly, in the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, there were no legacy level lightning cultivation techniques that he wanted.

Secondly, there were many cultivation techniques already in his hands. Biting off more than he could chew and choosing to cultivate by force would be detrimental to his cultivation.

After his return from the Abyss of Wutong, he could decide again based on his ability.

Just at this time, a junior from the Li Family delivered a letter from Zhao Guang.

A month ago, Zhao Guang had left the Faction and had built a secluded cottage to mourn beside Li Guang's grave.

Su Yu felt deeply moved to even have received his letter. He felt comforted after he opened and read his letter.

Zhao Guang had already broken through to the Holy King level. At the time of writing, he had been meditating in front of Li Guang's grave.

Regarding his presence, although many members of the Li Family had opposed, they did not banish him in the end. It was said that it was tacitly approved by Patriarch Li.

Zhao Guang had entreated two things; the first was to ask Su Yu to wipe away the humiliating smear on their master's name. The second was to scrub away the injustice that their master had suffered so that he could return to the Li Family mausoleum and let his soul traveled home.

Even without Zhao Guang's reminder, Su Yu had not forgotten his oath to avenge and exonerate their master.

However, Zhao Guang's last paragraph stopped Su Yu in his tracks.

"Finally, many thanks to Junior Brother, for sweeping our master's tomb every seven days and leaving me a medium grade marrow cleansing elixir each time. Your kindness and grace I, Zhao Guang, will forever keep in mind. But I hope that when Junior Brother comes the next time, you will approach me in person. Why do you insist on coming quietly in the middle of the night?"

Wait a minute! Su Yu was taken aback!

He had previously pledged an oath that if he could not take those two people's heads, he would not be able to show his face in front of Li Guang's grave.

He had spent the last month in the Wolong Snowfield. How would he be able to cross tens of thousands of miles to travel to Li Guang's grave? And to leave the precious medium grade marrow cleansing elixir for Zhao Guang?

It was not Su Yu! It was someone else!

Could it be Patriarch Li? Only Patriarch Li would handle that so quietly.

But, how was the Li family able to easily procure the medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs to give to Zhao Guang so frequently?

Even if it was Su Yu, he would have to go through many trials before he would be lucky enough to obtain just a bottle of marrow cleansing elixir. The Li family had no such resources!

But because it was not Su Yu and not the Li Family, Su Yu realized there was another person who was willing to sweep Li Guang's tomb and secretly help his disciple to cultivate.

That person must be able to evade the attention of the Li Family's many experts and be able to avoid Zhao Guang's detection. His ability must be seriously powerful!

At least, his ability must not be beneath Patriarch Li's!

But who exactly was that person?

Who was the mystery tomb-sweeper?