The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 159

Chapter 159: The Forbidden Ruin
Chapter 159: The Forbidden Ruin
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Su Yu's face slightly changed. Without thinking, he reached out and tried to catch the person who was tossed right in front of his face.

When he put the person down and took a closer look, Su Yu was slightly taken aback. "Senior Brother Wu!"

It was indeed Wu Qingzhou! While escorting the treasures from the Abyss of Wutong, the entire team was wiped out and he was the only one who escaped.

It was Wu Qingzhou who told Su Yu about the Abyss of Wutong's recruitment of members and gave him a way out of his predicament.

Su Yu was grateful. He had been too late to thank him, as Wu Qingzhou had already left for the Abyss of Wutong.

He never thought that when they met again, much less that it would be Wu Qingzhou who was being beaten!

"Junior Brother Su? Go quickly! Don't invite trouble to yourself." Wu Qingzhou gratefully turned back, though he was shocked to see Su Yu!

Su Yu had successfully passed that nearly impossible assessment and had come to the Abyss of Wutong?

He urged Su Yu on.


Several figures darted out from within the camp and dashed over.

The one taking the lead was a boorish youth clad in red. He had squinty eyes with hanging brows and a ferocious face.

His ability was rather strong, he was a Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King like Yang Fan! Several Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy Kings followed him. The four of them charged towards Wu Qingzhou like an angry mob!

"Who gave you permission to pick him up? Put him down and get lost!" The red-clad youth's behavior was rather fierce and harsh.

Su Yu relaxed his supporting grip on Wu Qingzhou. "Is this place so far away from the Faction that the prohibition on fighting in private no longer applies?"

"Why? Do you want to stick up for him?" The red-clad youth was surprised. He looked at Su Yu and found him unfamiliar. But, he realized Su Yu's cultivation base was only that of a Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King, so the red-clad youth sneered. "You actually have the nerve to stick up for him? Mind your own business! Scram now before I count to three! One!" The red-clad youth coolly started counting.

Wu Qingzhou's face changed as he tried to block Su Yu. Though he was grateful, he urged Su Yu on. "Junior Brother Su, quickly go! This is the Abyss of Wutong. The Faction's rules are relaxed here! You don't want to provoke Lu Haosen because of me!"

"Relaxed rules? That's fantastic!" Su Yu moved Wu Qingzhou aside and looked over. "I will also count to three, so scram immediately! One!" Su Yu was serious.

This move stumped the fierce Lu Haosen. In the Abyss of Wutong, how could someone with such a low cultivation base be so clueless?

Suddenly, a Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy King at Lu Haosen's side seemed to realize something. He quietly whispered in his ear, "Senior Brother Lu, he looks unfamiliar, can it be he's a new member who has just arrived today? It is said that they are mostly the Elders' predetermined disciples!"

Lu Haosen's face slightly changed. He was afraid of the consequences.

Because of the deaths of five members, the rumor was that the Faction wanted to add another five strong disciples whom they had selected. In addition, they knew early on that some of arriving members were the Elders' disciples here for the experience. Their abilities were strong and their statuses were illustrious. How could they afford to offend such people?

"So, you're Junior Brother Su. I, Lu, am to be blamed for this misunderstanding." Lu Haosen's gaze changed and he immediately looked contrite. How could he have dared to offend an Elder's disciple, even just a little bit?

"Get lost!" Su Yu flatly said. He had naturally seen Lu Haosen's fear and realized he had mistaken Su Yu for an Elder's disciple.

Su Yu despised people who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

"Yes, yes." Lu Haosen's forehead had a sheen of cold sweat. He left in a panic with the others.

Wu Qingzhou was worried instead of relieved. "Junior Brother Su, you're in big trouble! Lu Haosen is vindictive, he will retaliate! He didn't attack now, he has mistaken your identity. Once he knows the truth, he will double his reprisals against you! It's Senior Brother who implicated you!"

With a smile, Su Yu flicked a look at Lu Haosen and the others before he slightly shook his head. "Let him be."

He asked about the cause of this incident. The cause was still about that escort assignment. Among those who were wiped out, one of them was Lu Haosen's friend.

Because all of them had died in combat and only Wu Qingzhou had escaped alive, Lu Haosen was furious and wanted to seek him out to vent to his fury.

"Junior Brother Su, you really came at the wrong time!" After the brief exchange, Wu Qingzhou lightly sighed.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. "That was the reason?"

"Junior Brother Su, you must be here to join the excavation unit? If it was a month ago, Junior Brother Su might still have a chance to get some credit, but now...ah," Wu Qingzhou said.

It turned out that the excavation within the Abyss of Wutong had already entered the finishing stages!

After decades of excavation, even if there were more ruins in the hundred-mile long Abyss of Wutong, they would not survive the years of excavation. At this time, every part of the ruin which could be excavated had already been cleaned out.

A month ago, there was a clean-up for the last section of the ruins. The sensational Artifact Control Technique and a remnant piece of an Immortal level cultivation technique were unearthed. But, tragically, the escorting members were intercepted and killed midway. The two items had fallen into the hands of the Empire of Darkness.

And now, there were no ruins left to excavate. It was not possible for Su Yu to get any credit.

"What's the point of the Faction's assessment to bring us here?" Su Yu felt deeply disappointed. After all the trials and tribulations that he had to face, only for him to arrive here and be faced with this?

Wu Qingzhou sighed. "Although the excavations were finished, there is still a forbidden ruin, yet to be unearthed. The Faction has dispatched strong disciples here for the forbidden ruin."

Su Yu was puzzled. "The forbidden ruin? How is it different from the common ruins?"

"As you can see, the common ruins have been thoroughly cleaned up. A special restricted area still exists was because, within the forbidden ruin, there are many dangers. Many ferocious demonic beasts occupy the ruin and dangerous spells also exist there. If the ordinary disciples were to enter, nine out of ten will not make it back. Therefore, it has never been excavated."

Su Yu deliberated. "Since that was the case, why did the Elders not personally undertake the task? Aren't they here to keep watch and deal with such dangerous situations?"

"If that was the case, the Elders would have already done so, why would they wait till now? A special spell exists in that forbidden ruin, anyone higher than the Dragon Realm Level Three will be forced to leave. Thus, none of the Elders can enter."

Among the Elders of the Liuxian Faction, the one with the lowest cultivation base was the youngest Tenth Elder, Han Zhi, who was of the Dragon Realm Level Four! Even he was unable to enter.

Therefore, the lower level Dragon Realm disciples like Mo Wu had come here.

Firstly, it was for their improvement through practice and, secondly, it was to use their power to open the forbidden ruin!

"I see, in that case, within the forbidden ruin, there must be many hidden never-seen-before legacies." Su Yu's eyes flashed.

Wu Qingzhou nodded seriously. "That's right! There was once a disciple who took a risk to venture into it and he brought out an ancient martial arts stone with traces of wood-based and thunder-based cultivation techniques.

"According to the Elder's conjecture at that time, the traces of techniques were preserved for tens of thousands of years; even a Legacy level cultivation technique could not achieve that. It was most likely an Immortal level cultivation technique! Therefore, in the forbidden ruin, it is possible that an Immortal level cultivation technique still exists!"

An immortal level cultivation technique? Furthermore, it was a lightning technique?

Su Yu's heart started beating wildly as his eyes narrowed! His heart surged with an uncontrollable desire within!

A lightning technique! A rare lightning technique! His Purple Star Thunderbolt had long since been cultivated to its limit and there had been no new Legacy level cultivation techniques.

If... if he could obtain that Immortal level lightning cultivation technique...

Su Yu found it hard to imagine how powerful an Immortal level lightning cultivation technique could be.

"Not surprisingly, since the Fourth Elder has brought back the Faction's high-level disciples, he will certainly make them enter the forbidden ruin to investigate." Wu Qingzhou was a bit envious.

Excitement sparkled deep within Su Yu's eyes. If he could get hold of the Immortal level lightning cultivation technique, Su Yu's hopes of charging into the Ancient Xianyun Temple would be greater!

If such a cultivation technique really existed, he must get his hands on it!

Early next morning, Su Yu was in high spirits after a day of rest. From the middle of the camp, the sound of a soft call was heard by everyone. "The Abyss of Wutong disciples are to assemble now!"


Everyone dashed out from within the tents.

Su Yu joined the crowd and came to a vast space in the center of the camp.

As far as the eye could see, a hundred disciples were standing erect in the center. Their abilities were unevenly matched; the weakest ones were Fourth Level Lower Tier Holy Kings and the strongest ones were Sixth Level Peak Holy Kings.

Among them, the Sixth Level Holy Kings were the core excavation disciples of the Abyss of Wutong. They were responsible for upholding safety and were indispensable.

As for the preparations and hauling, they were mainly assigned to the Fourth Level Holy Kings.

The Fourth Elder scanned the crowd and when his gaze swept past Su Yu, his eyes were cool.

"The main excavation had already been completed. Everyone's main task is to sweep through the ruin once again and check for any gaps," The Fourth Elder announced.

The Abyss of Wutong disciples had no change in their expressions, they had known that the main excavation was over as early as a month ago.

"I need to build a new team to go into the remaining forbidden ruin and the team is as follows: the team leader is Mo Wu, the assistant team leaders are Wei Kang and Lan Ling, and the ordinary members will be selected among you."

Mo Wu was a strong Dragon Realm Level One Peak!

Wei Kang was the Fifth Elder's disciple and a strong Dragon Realm Level One Lower Tier!

Lan Ling was the Sixth Elder's disciple and a strong Dragon Realm Level One Lower Tier!

Mo Wu had the absolute ability to crush anyone present, hence she deserved to be the team leader and no one would refuse to comply.

"Now you can start to pick your team members!" the Fourth Elder said, "Ten Sixth Holy Kings are needed to be responsible for assisting the three team leaders to eliminate the dangers and twenty Fifth Level Holy Kings will carry out the main excavation work. If you want to enroll, you can join now!"


A large group of people joined immediately!

All the nine Sixth Level Holy Kings from the Abyss of Wutong had signed up and Tang Yixuan, who just arrived from the Faction, also enlisted. They made up a group of ten people.

Forty Fifth Level Holy Kings enrolled. Fifteen of them were Fifth Level Peak Holy Kings, Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy Kings numbered more than twenty and the rest were Fifth Level Lower Tier Holy Kings.

No, there was a Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King.

The specified number of excavation workers had somehow been exceeded.

The Fourth Elder slightly frowned. "The fifteen Fifth Level Peak Holy Kings are all through. The remaining five places will be assigned in accordance with the sequence of registration!"


Without any hesitation, Su Yu had swiftly acted and immediately rushed up to the Fourth Elder to put his name down.

"Ah! You're really fast!"

Everyone immediately came forward to grab a spot, soon the last four places were completely taken.

The Fourth Elder coolly glanced at Su Yu with a slight frown. He had run over quickly!

But he could not disqualify Su Yu, so he had to tacitly approve. "The team is complete. You can get ready to leave."

However, just at that moment, a red-clad figure sprang out from the crowd. He glowered at Su Yu with indignation. "Elder! I object! How could a Fourth Level kid take a spot that belonged to us, the Fifth Level Holy Kings?"

After a night of inquiries, Lu Haosen had found out that Su Yu was not any Elder's disciple, but an ordinary disciple!

He felt humiliated when he recalled his public apology.

A hidden smile flashed across the Fourth Elder's lips and he slowly nodded. "If your ability can surpass him, you can replace him."

Lu Haosen was slightly startled and he immediately flashed an icy look at Su Yu. "You took away my spot! You want to get lost on your own or shall I help you?"

Su Yu had no other choice but to step forward. "You want to challenge me?"

"Challenge? You think you deserve my challenge?" Lu Haosen bared his teeth and exposed a row of white teeth.

Su Yu slightly frowned. "Well, let's quickly get this fight over with!"