The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Revenge

"Interesting! Too interesting! A mediocre person, abandoned by Jiang Xueqing, has actually appeared in front of her to duel!"

"Haha, I really want to know what Jiang Xueqing is thinking right now."

The two people went on stage. Jiang Xueqing's snow-like eyes showed no change. She looked at Su Yu like he was a stranger, with coldness in her eyes. Even Su Yu entering the the top silver ranking did not make her feel any sense of remorse.

"Su Yu, admit defeat. You are not my match, you weren't before, you aren't now, and you will never be." Jiang Xueqing's had no trace of warmth.

Su Yu's expression was cool, looking at her like looking at a stranger, remaining silent. To this kind of self-absorbed, heartless woman, even one sentence would be a waste of his saliva and energy. He just silently waited for the judge's command to announce the start of the duel. He did not want to say anything more to her.

Receiving silence as a reply, Jiang Xueqing took him as being stubborn and refusing to admit defeat. Shaking her head and raising her eyebrows slightly, disgust filled Jiang Xueqing's eyes as she said, "No repentance! Coming from a poor background, you should watch your attitude. Being stubborn and not admitting defeat, what does it do for you besides make you suffer?

"Do you know why I left you? It's precisely because you have no skills, no background, yet you protect your pitiful self-esteem, causing me to be looked down upon by other people as well!" Jiang Xueqing scolded, as though she had remembered the past and was releasing all her resentment.

"So, I left you! And chose my own life! Do you see, the past me was even worse than you, but the present me is far ahead! We will continue to go further and further away from each other!" Jiang Xueqing's shoulders shook slightly, a look of relief on her face, as she felt she had finally taken the right path.

Looking over at Su Yu again, Jiang Xueqing's pupils returned to their cold and expressionless state as she said, "You, Su Yu, are not good enough for me. You weren't good enough before, and you will not be good enough in the future! Remember my words, you will never be good enough for me!"

You will never be good enough for me! These words were shouted out in front of thousands of people, in front of the whole institute. The audience looked at each other, some with sympathy, some gloating, and some were disgusted.

In a secret location, a lady who looked like a celestial beauty frowned slightly, her gaze sweeping over Jiang Xueqing with some dislike. Her gaze jumped to Su Yu. The celestial beauty's eyes had a hint of sympathy and warmth. So, he is called Su Yu. He is a martial arts genius with good training talent, yet he is treated this way. That Jiang Xueqing will regret this next time. Jiang Zhishi jeered silently. To fight for a woman with the junior duke would only have a tragic ending.

Su Yu initially wanted to ignore her, but the more this woman talked, the more ridiculous she became. As if her throwing herself into someone else's arms was entirely Su Yu's fault! This kind of logic was just unreasonable.

Stretching his back lazily, Su Yu shook his head and said, "You are already a whore so there is no need to build a sign for it, alright! You yourself are vain, throwing yourself into another man's arms, yet you push the blame on me. Besides that, please do not feel self-absorbed. I, Su Yu, am really not interested in pretentious girls like you," Su Yu said coolly, gazing at Jiang Xueqing as if she was a stranger.

The crowd went wild!

Su Yu, who used to kneel before Jiang Xueqing and plead with her to change her mind. Su Yu, who once threw threw himself into the lake due to emotional problems. He actually called Jiang Xueqing a whore in front of the audience!

Not only was the crowd shocked, Jiang Xueqing herself was stunned.

In her memories, Su Yu had always coaxed her like a baby, afraid that she would break in his hand, never raising his voice. When he saw she was unhappy, he would be so scared that he wouldn't even dare to breathe heavily. When she scolded him, not only would he not dare to get angry, but he would smile along with it!

She never thought that that Su Yu would ever call her a whore with the whole crowd watching! For a split second, she even wondered whether the person standing in front of her was Su Yu! It felt like two completely different people.

Recovering, Jiang Xueqing's pristine face was flushed. Where was her dignity in front of the whole institute?

She hadn't thought about the way she scolded Su Yu like useless trash, telling him he would never be good enough for her. Why wouldn't his dignity be lost then? Chasing to the root of the issue, she only saw herself in her selfish eyes, and never cared about Su Yu's feelings.

Jiang Xueqing felt countless pairs of eyes on her, and wished she could bury herself in the ground. She had never been this ashamed in her whole life. A wave of resentment, strong resentment, rose up in her!

"Su! Yu! I hate you!" anger and hatred filled Jiang Xueqing's eyes.

"Hate as you wish." Su Yu shrugged lightly. Her hate could not cause a reaction in his heart.

Finishing his sentence, Su Yu turned to look at the judge. "I say, Jiang Zhishi, haven't you watched enough of the show?"

The duel was actually due to start a long time ago, but the person with the surname Jiang was happy to see Su Yu being made fun of, so he pretended to be sorting documents to delay the start time.

Annoyance flashed through Jiang Zhishi's eyes, and he was just about to give a scolding, when he was met with housemaster Ye's dissatisfied look. This duel had already been put off for a very long time!

Knowing that it could not be delayed any longer, he could only swallow his anger and announce, "The fight starts now!"

"Su! Yu! I will not let you off!" Full of hatred, Jiang Xueqing pounced forward crazily, starting the fierce fight.

"Colorful Flying Ribbons!" Jiang Xueqing took her shot in anger. Colorful Flying Ribbons was a medium level technique

Three colorful ribbons shot out from her sleeve and danced on her palms. One ribbon scraped the floor, and took a layer of it off like a knife! If it scraped a human body, it would scrape off a layer of meat!

"Jiang Xueqing is really is taking a vicious shot!"

"Just watch, if Su Yu is not the enemy, he should know to surrender and admit defeat, he is not dumb."

Jiang Xueqing was heartless. There was only one thought on her mind, which was to torture him, to use extreme torture on this damn man!

"Don't you dare to think you are going to leave this arena unharmed!"

Hearing the threatening words, Su Yu's expression remained cool. The instant the colorful ribbons attacked, both his fists and legs were prepared.

"Universal Stroke!"

The opponent's three colorful ribbons appeared to be twisting at the same time, but Su Yu's eyesight was excellent and he could see that the twisting had a rhythm. He just had to break them one by one, and he could thwart the move.

Instantly, he showed his hand. First was a punch to the first colorful ribbon, swiftly and accurately fending it off from the side. After that, with almost no gap in the flow, a leg attacked and kicked off the second ribbon which was about to attack. Immediately following that, a fist punched the last ribbon. Finally, his leg kicked out like a whip, landing precisely on Jiang Xueqing's chest!

Jiang Xueqing's face paled and she instantly blocked it with both her arms as she felt the sudden wave of enormous force! What was even scarier was that her opponent's fists and legs did not stop, coming down on her continuously like intense rain, not giving her any chance to take a breath.

Four continuous hits! Eight continuous hits! 16 continuous hits!

Finally, Jiang Xueqing could not bear the enormous power. After a cry, she was kicked off the arena by Su Yu! That was Su Yu's first time displaying all of Universal Stroke, and it was displayed on his ex-lover! He never showed any mercy!

Standing on the arena, Su Yu looked at Jiang Xueqing, who was injured and had fallen to the ground. Her eyes showed her shock, and she said coolly, "It looks like you are not as strong as you thought. In the past, you were not as good as me, and now you are still not as good as me!"

Hearing his words, she didn't look at him and returned to the center of the arena, closing her eyes to take a rest. I was actually defeated! Level Three, lost to a Level Two! And lost to the man that I once dumped! She felt that on her training journey, she had dumped Su Yu far, but in reality, Su Yu had dumped her!

Jiang Xueqing was unable to accept the harsh reality. In her eyes, Su Yu was just a weak and cowardly man with mediocre qualifications. But today, after she had improved by leaps and bounds, just when she thought she could be the star of the day and rise to the top, her opponent shot out his hand and slapped her down from the sky. Such harsh reality was like a bucket of cold water pouring down, freezing her internally.

Qin Feng rushed over, staring at Su Yu angrily! He then went to support Jiang Xueqing by the arm, but was rejected by her.

Struggling to get up, Jiang Xueqing's eyes were full of hatred, and she said coldly, "Brother Feng! Help me to defeat him!"

"You just have to defeat him, I. will be yours!" Jiang Xueqing's gaze was firm. She knew that Qin Feng was after her looks, and she knew even more surely that was all she had to attract Qin Feng. She did not let Qin Feng touch her easily because that was her only capital.

Qin Feng was overjoyed, his heart beating loudly. For everything, he just had to defeat Su Yu?

According to the institute's rules, gold students were unable to challenge silver students, in order to protect the silver students from bullying.

However, there was an exception! That was at the Golden Assessment a month later, the top three gold students could invite the top three silver students to duel, to showcase the difference between gold and silver and encourage silver students to improve. The silver students chosen could not reject.

"Alright! In a month, I will easily defeat him, and achieve the honor of the Gold King at the same time!" Qin Feng was elated. By their agreement, after achieving the Gold King title, Jiang Xueqing would agree to be engaged to him.

After becoming the Gold King, he could get everything. Qin Feng was excited, and couldn't wait for the month to pass!

"No! A month is too long, I can't wait!" Every day that Su Yu was around would be another day that she would not sleep well.

Qin Feng's head sobered up a little, he thought for a while and said gloomily, "How about I think of a way to chase him out of the institute?"

Jiang Xueqing coldly replied, "Good! Disrupt his future!"

Jiang Xueqing was very afraid that Su Yu will become better and better, afraid that she would be filled with regret one day.

Color flashed past Housemaster Ye's pupils as he praised "What an amazing boy! A hard skill like Universal Stroke was trained to Stage Three Upper Class, just a step away from entering the Top Class with infinite hits!"

Having defeated Jiang Xueqing, Su Yu's popularity instantly peaked, with cheers for him everywhere.

"Su Yu could actually couterattack, defeating Jiang Xueqing, who dumped him!"