The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 160

Chapter 160: The Ghost of the Ruin
Chapter 160: The Ghost of the Ruin
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Lu Haosen was stunned and he immediately grinned. "A quick fight? Yes, it will be a quick fight to defeat a piece of trash like you."


Lu Haosen boldly made his move.

Underneath his red clothes, his muscle convulsed and gradually expanded with his abundant spiritual energy.

His soft body had been transformed into an iron-like physique! He was full of muscles!

Popping sounds came from his body and he crackled with a bang. The reverberating sound was actually his bones undergoing astonishing changes. His height grew by more than half!

"Senior Brother Lu's Golden Transformation Mantra has been cultivated to Stage One Top Class. Not only he can transform his muscles, he can also change his bones as he has reached the third realm." A junior brother looked envious.

"Junior Brother Lu is conscientious. Although his appearance may be quite unruly, he's quite cautious at the heart. You could learn more from him." A Fifth Level Peak Holy King stood with his arms folded and with admiration in his eyes as he admonished the disciples around him.

Everyone agreed. There were many dangers in the Abyss of Wutong. Caution and prudence were essential for survival and Lu Haosen understood this point extremely well.

Therefore, his habit dictated that, even if he despised Su Yu, he would never be careless.

In the blink of an eye, Lu Haosen transformed into a two-foot-high metal giant!

The terrible power of his inner strength flooded his entire body and the surface of his body appeared to have formed a thick layer of blood membrane.

Not only could the blood membrane be transformed into a form of offensive force, it could also weaken the opponent's attack as a form of defense.

Unexpectedly, Lu Haosen was a master of body refinement!

"Although I don't know how you got into the Abyss of Wutong, it's unfortunate for you to have met me the moment you have arrived!" Lu Haosen took a step and the ground slightly quaked!

The rocks underneath his feet fractured into several fine lines.

"And now, I'm going to beat you up so that you will show your true colors!" Lu Haosen growled. With his knees slightly bent, he was ready to launch!


The rocks underneath his feet rumbled. His entire person turned into a red blur and he charged straight toward Su Yu!

He got closer within that brief instant despite the seemingly long distance.

Lu Haosen's humongous right fist, strengthened with the force of his crimson color inner strength, struck with a loud bang.

It was powerful and crushing. Su Yu felt as if he was still a mortal and a large stone had suddenly fallen on top of his head.

His body felt crushed. He found it hard to breathe and his chest felt tight.

What a powerful physical force! It was unfortunate that he had met Su Yu!


Bluish-green ice flames burst up, sixty feet high!

The terrible chill immediately caused a cold mist to fill the entire place.

Su Yu looked calmly at his opponent's terrible fist while his own right fist rapidly absorbed a large amount of the bluish-green ice flame.


The bluish-green ice flame rapidly increased in size and converged within Su Yu's small right fist as it transformed it into a massive fist!

His opponent's gigantic fist came attacking!

Su Yu slightly turned sideways with his right fist drawn back and a dragon rising from the sea, he suddenly struck with his fist!


Both their fists collided and erupted in an explosion.

Su Yu's extreme chill clashed with Lu Haosen's inner strength and the fallout of the collision sprayed everywhere!

Thud, thud, thud

Lu Haosen tumbled backward.

The corners of his mouth overflowed with traces of blood, his entire right arm was burnt by bluish-green ice flames and had completely turned into an icicle.

A look of anguish emerged on his face. His confidence and calm vanished in an instant. Instead, shock and alarm filled his eyes.

Was his full strike inferior to his opponent's?

He was very aware that Su Yu had held back. Otherwise, that strike would not have just jolted his insides.

The Abyss of Wutong disciples gasped. "Lu Haosen was defeated?"

"The real shocker is this new kid When did such a freak emerge from the Faction?" Another senior disciple lightly gasped.

A Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King had defeated a Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King. If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would have found it hard to believe.

The Fourth Elder slightly frowned; Su Yu had become stronger in just a few days! He could still easily prevail without the aid of the divine artifact.

Even when there was the divine artifact in his last duel with Yang Fan, it was still a hard-won victory for him.

Su Yu withdrew his fist and the sixty-foot high ice flame slowly pulled back into his body. He gave Lu Haosen a cool glance and walked away with the departing team without a word.

His cold look of indifference made Lu Haosen felt deeply humiliated. He felt the loss of face even more.

This fight was indeed fast, but it was Su Yu who easily won!

"Time is pressing. You can set out now," the Fourth Elder ordered indifferently.

Mo Wu took the lead and quickly led her team to down toward the bottom of the Abyss of Wutong. "Use your spiritual energy in your eyes to maintain your vision!" During their fall, Mo Wu immediately became aware that the abyss was pitch-black. No wonder the assessment required a strong eyesight.

Everyone activated their spiritual energies and adjusted their vision to adapt to the dark.

Only Su Yu's crystalline pupils were flickering as the darkness appeared like daylight to his eyes. Furthermore, Su Yu could even penetrate the dark abyss and see the deep bottom with a glance!

The abyss was more than thirty miles deep. If Su Yu's vision had been unable to reach fifty miles, it would have been difficult for him to detect the deep bottom.

"Everybody, pay attention to the formation!" Mo Wu stared at the bottomless dark abyss and coldly commanded them. "The three team leaders will form a drag angle and lead the way. The ten Sixth Level Holy Kings shall encircle the twenty Fifth Level Holy Kings to protect them. We'll slowly advance in a triangular formation!"

Hearing those words, the team immediately regrouped.

Su Yu and the rest of the Fifth Level Holy Kings were in the center and were swiftly surrounded by the ten Sixth Level Holy Kings. Every angle had a strong guard. They would be protected at any time if danger struck.

In terms of the angle, it just so happened that Tang Yixuan had inopportunely appeared in Su Yu's direction.

When he saw that it was Su Yu, Tang Yixuan's lips slightly twitched. He was mean and taunting. "Aren't you powerful? Do I even need to protect you?"

Su Yu's expression was calm. "If you have the time to mock others, you better pay attention to the surroundings. Be careful, you don't know when something may attack."

"There's that self-righteousness again. I, Tang Yixuan don't need your reminder."

However, Tang Yixuan's voice had just trailed off when the team leader Mo Wu called out, "Tang Yixuan! Be careful!"


Subtle and rapid sounds came in a dense rush from the precipice of the rock wall, aiming for the center of the team. And it just so happened to be the direction that Tang Yixuan was responsible for.

Tang Yixuan's face changed as he looked over in a fluster. It turned out to be a group of powerful bats!

A bat with the lowest cultivation base was a Fourth Level Peak Holy King and the highest was a Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King!

There were hundreds!

Tang Yixuan hurriedly responded to the sudden invasion. His Sixth Level Holy King power erupted like never before!



Tang Yixuan was indeed a Sixth Level Holy King. His ability was profound and unpredictable. He killed a bat with every move he made.

When the colony of bats swarmed over, many of them were killed by him!

There were only a few bats left. There was not enough time to ward the bats off.

Two of them bypassed him and charged into the pack of Fifth Level Holy Kings and were strangled to death on the spot.

The last Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King bat seized the opportunity to take a bite out of Tang Yixuan.


Tang Yixuan groaned, there was a soul-stinging pain in his shoulder where he was bitten!

Tang Yixuan killed the last bat in fury, but the pain deep in his soul was slow to dissipate. So, his features were twisted and he was in pain.

"These are the demonic blood bats, you should be thankful that they are not poisonous. You will only feel the pain that's all!" Mo Wu coldly snorted with barely concealed anger!

Mo Wu's phoenix eyes were cool. "Pay attention to the surroundings. The next time, you will be beheaded without mercy!"

Obviously, Tang Yixuan's carelessness had almost caused losses to the team.

Tang Yixuan swallowed his pain and his heart slightly quivered. He did not feel that Mo Wu was making a joke.

Regaining his composure, Tang Yixuan paid close attention to the surroundings.

Though, whenever his gaze swept past Su Yu and Mo Wu, a hint of hidden venom slithered within his eyes.

Due to Tang Yixuan's encounter, many inattentive Sixth Level Holy Kings quickly braced themselves. They looked at each other because they all felt there was something strange going on.

After taking a moment to consider, they decided to voice it out to Mo Wu.

"Senior Sister Mo, there is a matter I feel like I should tell you!"

Mo Wu raised her eyebrows slightly. "Speak."

"The demonic blood bats normally live at the bottom of the abyss, they rarely venture out! We are not even down below for less than a tenth of the distance and we have encountered the demonic blood bats. This almost never happens, unless there are very special circumstances." They had been stationed here for years and knew a lot about the demonic blood bats.

Now, the appearance of the demonic blood bats in this section greatly attracted their attention.

A vigilant look slipped across Mo Wu's pretty eyes; even if it was only a coincidence, they had to guard against it.

"What type of special circumstances?" Mo Wu questioned closely.

"For the demonic blood bats have only left once before, and that was a month ago. The bottom of the abyss had an earthquake and many demonic blood bats fled the abyss in terror."

Was there an earthquake in the area a month ago? She had not heard of it before. Could it be that the Fourth Elder did not report it to the Faction?

However, an earthquake did not seem significant enough for it to be reported.

Curbing her misgivings, Mo Wu insisted, "We need to strengthen our security!"


They crossed the darkness and encountered a few more colonies of demonic blood bats along the way.

The strange phenomenon made Mo Wu and the others even more alert.

Finally, they succeeded in their descent to the bottom of the abyss.

When their feet stepped onto the ruin, everyone was more vigilant.

"Stay in your formation! Be highly alert! There will be other dark demonic beasts other than the demonic blood bats from the precipices of the rock walls and bottom. With their strong abilities, we must not be careless!" Mo Wu lightly called out and immediately led the team to proceed to the forbidden ruin.

Su Yu's brilliant pupils looked through the dark and scanned the bottom.

Unfortunately, the bottom of the abyss had twists and turns. His line of sight was blocked by the ruin's rubble. Su Yu could only observe the surroundings within ten miles.

Suddenly, Su Yu was stunned to discover that there was an unexpected flash of a black figure ten miles away!

The figure's speed was very fast, it was beyond the speed of any Holy King! A spine-chilling scary energy also surrounded the figure's body!

His gaze quickly pursued the figure. They stood in a section of the rubble, looking for something. A moment later, he looked like he had found something and ducked into the ruin.

Thump, thump

Su Yu's heart jumped.

Was that a man or a demonic beast?

Rumor had it that there were human-like demonic beasts in existence. Could it be that the Abyss of Wutong also had such peculiar monsters?

Su Yu gasped. The figure seemed to have discovered Su Yu's gaze and they thrust out from within the ruin!

A pair of eyes produced two scarlet rays of light! Only ten miles away, he stared coldly at Su Yu!

His body gave a shudder. Su Yu felt a numbness washed over him as those scarlet ghostly eyes stared at him!