The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 161

Chapter 161: The Old Imperial Palace
Chapter 161: The Old Imperial Palace
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However, after a short while, the red-eyed shadow disappeared like a ghost.

Su Yu was surprised. What was that shadow?

"Why are you staring into space? If you want to die, go ahead. However, don't drag others down with you!" Tang Yixuan made a sound with his nose and urged Su Yu to go no further.

Su Yu stopped looking around and glanced at him. "You had better watch out for yourself."

"Humph! Even though you depend on a woman for protection, you still have the face to be arrogant in front of me!" Tang Yixuan's eyes were filled with disdain and he sneered at Su Yu.

Su Yu's eyes were calm as if he had not heard Tang Yixuan's words.

His crystalline pupils were constantly watching out, especially looking at the location where the shadow appeared.

One hour passed. Within the darkness, the group of martial artists moved forward for about ten miles until they arrived at the ruins.

Su Yu scanned the area with his pupils and discovered that the red-eyed shadow had disappeared!

"This place that we are in is the last ruins that were developed and two treasures have appeared here," Mo Wu stopped for some time and whispered softly.

This is the place? Su Yu secretly scanned the area. The ruins were completely searched before and all the old and collapsed building buried in the dust had been excavated.

However, there was one thing that Su Yu did not understand. What was that red-eyed shadow that he saw doing secretly at this place? Could it be that within the ruins, there were still treasures that were unbeknown to the people?

"In another thirty miles' time, we will arrive at the forbidden ruins. Everybody, be careful. There are many demonic beasts gathered around the forbidden ruins and they are hard to guard against. Please remain vigilant so that there would not be any unnecessary casualties!" Mo Wu's reminders had caused the group of martial artists to feel anxious.

A calm voice could be heard from the group of Fifth Level Holy Kings. "Don't worry. Within the next ten miles, there are no demonic beasts. Hence, we can proceed quickly."

Mo Wu's eyes turned cold. When she turned her head to take a look, she realized that it was Su Yu who said those words!

After hearing Su Yu's words, several Sixth Level Holy Kings from the abyss of Wutong frowned.

"Junior Su right? I don't know why you are so certain, but from our past experiences, the area within thirty miles from here until the forbidden ruins is a place that lived many demonic beasts. There is a group of Bone Wolf Rat which had been residing in the area throughout the year within ten miles from where we are. Hence, it is impossible for no demonic beasts to be there," A Sixth Level Holy King said with a voice that was still considered polite.

However, Tang Yixuan, who was at another side, did not have such a good attitude.

He dilated his pupils and looked afar. His eyes were filled with arrogance. "Why, can it be that your eyesight is better than all of us?"

Su Yu ignored him and said indifferently, "This is the observation that I have made after surveying the area. It is up to all of you whether you want to believe me."

Mo Wu looked at Su Yu deeply. If she did not remember wrongly, during the eyesight assessment, darkness was inexistent to Su Yu. Could it be that apart from that, he also had the ability to see extremely far?

However, as the safety of the team was more important, Mo Wu could not take Su Yu's words lightly. "Remain vigilant!"

Seeing that Mo Wu had no intentions of reprimanding Su Yu, Tang Yixuan felt indignant. "Humph! You really enjoy being under the protection of a woman!"

Su Yu frowned. Although he had no intentions of competing with Tang Yixuan, Tang Yixuan kept going against him.

Even though it was Su Yu, he was unable to contain his anger. "Keep quiet and don't say anything!"

"Keep your rotten mouth shut! You will get your retribution sooner or later!" Tang Yixuan looked at Mo Wu with fear and hummed coldly.

Su Yu shot a glance at Tang Yixuan with his cold eyes that shined brilliantly.

There could not be hostility between him and Tang Yixuan without reason. It seemed like either he had either offended Tang Yixuan accidentally, or he was entrusted with the task to deal with Tang Yixuan.

The group of martial artists moved forward carefully. They covered the ten miles slowly in an hour.

Surprisingly, during their journey, they were not attacked by any demonic beasts!

The Sixth Level Holy Kings who were familiar with the area had grave expressions. They exchanged looks with one another and shot glances at Su Yu quietly with dumbfounded expressions.

"This is strange. It is normal to not meet other demonic beasts. However, how is it possible for us to not see even a single Bone Wolf Rat? They have been residing in the area throughout the years."

"It is indeed strange. When I came here three days ago, there were many Bone Wolf Rats. Why is it that all of them have disappeared into thin air today? However, there is something even more strange. Could it be that the martial artist called Su Yu really has the ability to see everything within ten miles in the darkness?"

All the chattering was heard by Mo Wu.

After pondering for some time, Mo Wu turned around and looked at Su Yu. "Su Yu, how is the situation ten miles ahead of us? Are there any demonic beasts?"

Su Yu raised his eyes, took a look, and shook his head. "Within ten miles ahead of us, there is a swamp. Within the swamp, there is a tower known as Anti Evil Spirits Tower. As for demonic beasts, there is not a single one of them."

Several of the Sixth Level Holy Kings were amazed. "Within ten miles ahead, there is indeed a swamp. Moreover, there is also a broken Anti-Evil Spirits Tower. Su Yu is really able to see everything clearly within ten miles?"

Mo Wu thought to herself for a moment. "Proceed with haste! However, be careful of your surroundings!"

The group of martial artists was slightly convinced about Su Yu's eyesight. However, they did not completely believe in Su Yu's eyesight.

It was only until after drinking a cup of tea that the group of martial artists looked at Su Yu differently.

"There would normally be at least tens of different kinds of demonic beasts gathered at the swamp. How is it that all of them had disappeared today?"

"The more peculiar thing is that Su Yu's observations were correct!"

Mo Wu's pretty's eyes shone brilliantly and she was slightly delighted. "What about ten miles ahead?"

In the last ten miles Su Yu raised his eyes, looked ahead, and his expression turned grave. "Three miles ahead, there is a group of demonic beasts with abilities comparable to that of a Fifth Level Holy King coming towards us!"

Three miles?

Thud, thud

Although the group of martial artists was unable to see the situation three miles ahead clearly, they were able to hear rumbling sounds, as if a group of living things with a big physique was coming towards them together.

The noise that was initially slender as though it was a mosquito buzzing gradually became as loud as a powerful army riding horses, causing the Earth to tremble slightly as well!

"Not good! It is the Ironclad Horses that reside close to the forbidden ruins! There are many of them and their abilities are quite strong. Everyone, stay in formation!" The Sixth Level Holy Kings who were familiar with the area changed their expressions.


In the blink of an eye, a group of Ironclad Horses were within sight.

The Iron-Clad Horses were black horses that were four feet in height. They had sharp teeth, cruel eyes, and they attacked as if they were an extremely powerful current!

"Sixth Level Holy Kings, attack!" Mo Wu gave a light roar.

Rumble, bang


In a split second, the group of martial artists and the group of Ironclad Horses clashed.

The sounds of horses neighing and their hooves clattering could be heard, causing the area to be in chaos.

After a short while, the powerful force of the Ironclad horses dissipated behind the group of martial artists, leaving behind a land full of corpses.

Most of the Sixth Level Holy Kings were in good condition, but a few of them were injured.

"It is actually the Iron-Clad Horses! They had never left to an area that is more than five miles away from the forbidden ruins. Hence, why is it that all of them are escaping now?"

"The most strange thing is that they had no intentions of attacking us. They were escaping from the forbidden ruins!"

Throughout the journey, there had been many strange occurrences. The group of martial artists finally confirmed that something had happened in the forbidden ruins!

As such, Blood Demon Bats acted unusually and escaped from the abyss. Moreover, the Bone Wolf Rats that resided at the bottom of the abyss had escaped and the group of Ironclad Horses that were extremely strong also escaped hurriedly.

Mo Wu's expression turned grave. "Su Yu! Take note of the situation in front of us at all times. If there is anything wrong, inform me immediately!"

No one else doubted Su Yu's eyesight. In addition, several of the Sixth Level Holy Kings looked at Su Yu with a friendly expression.

In their circumstances, Su Yu's eyesight was extremely useful!

"Four miles ahead of us, there are three demonic beasts with abilities comparable to a Sixth Level Lower Tier Holy King. We can bypass them if we take the right side

"Eight miles ahead of us, there is a demonic beast with its ability comparable to a Sixth Level Upper Tier Holy King. It had felt our presence and it is trying to bypass us"

Su Yu raised his eyes, took a look, and summarized the situation ten miles ahead.

The group of martial artists followed Su Yu's directions and their journey went on smoothly. Finally, they arrived at their destination, the forbidden ruins!

"Incredible! The last ten miles were known as the road of death. In the past, when we surveyed the forbidden ruins, in these last ten miles, we would lose a few of our Senior and Junior disciples! As for today, we reached the forbidden ruins easily and there were no demonic beasts throughout the whole journey!" Several Sixth Level Holy Kings found what had happened so far hard to believe.

"Thank you Junior Su Yu. If it were not for you, there would be casualties for sure. The demonic beasts with abilities comparable to a Sixth Level Holy King residing in this area are quite troublesome to handle and we have lost many Senior and Junior disciples to them."

Su Yu smiled and shook his head. "No need to thank me, it's nothing."

Tang Yixuan had a cold expression. "Humph! The demonic beasts in this area had already dispersed. You purposely make a mystery of this fact and try to get all of us to be indebted to you? This is merely a small trick that is not good enough to be presented on a stage!"

Towards Su Yu, Tang Yixuan gradually got more and more offended by him.

"Is that so?" Su Yu turned around and took a look. "Behind us at about two miles away, the demonic beast with its ability comparable to a Sixth Level Upper Tier Holy King is still there. If you have guts, you can go and take a look for yourself."

With Tang Yixuan's abilities at Sixth Level Lower Tier Holy King, if he was discovered by that demonic beast with its ability comparable to a Sixth Level Upper Tier Holy King, his chances of surviving and returning were extremely slim.

Tang Yixuan's lips twitched, his eyes became narrow and he stared at the pitch-black area that was far away. His instinct told him that within the darkness, something frightening existed.

"Who do you think you are? Do you think that I will really go if you asked me to" Tang Yixuan stopped looking at the pitch-black area, glared at Su Yu and berated him.

At that moment, Mo Wu hummed. "Tang Yixuan, if you wish to die, I can grant you your wish! If not, keep your mouth shut!"

After being reprimanded by Mo Wu, Tang Yixuan's neck shrank and he hurriedly withdrew his eyes from Su Yu. As he kept his head low, a deeper hatred flashed passed his mind.

"You are a good-for-nothing that rely on a woman's protection! You had better pray that you do not encounter me when you are alone!" Tang Yixuan passed his message to Su Yu coldly and he did not feel threatened in the slightest bit.

Deep within Su Yu's calm eyes, a thread of coldness shone in it.

In no time, the group of martial artists arrived at the entrance of the forbidden ruins.

The so-called forbidden ruins was actually a cave that was formed at the end of the abyss!

The cave run through the cliff and had a complicated path that was unfathomable.

At the entrance of the forbidden ruins, there was an ancient and broken spell that existed since tens of thousands of years ago and it was still in effect!

A layer of yellow light spanned across the entrance of the cave, completely sealing off the entrance.

"We will all enter together to prevent any of us from being separated from the group!" Mo Wu took the lead in passing through the yellow light.

Su Yu also entered the cave. When he passed through the yellow light, he felt an inconspicuous energy piercing his body.

The forbidden ruins had an ancient spell that was able to keep anyone who was above Dragon Realm Level Three from entering.

Only disciples like the group of martial artists were able to pass through the yellow light easily. If it were someone at the level of an Elder, they would be unable to enter the cave.


The group of martial artists entered the cave. This was the first time that a faction from Liuxian surveyed the abyss of Wutong.

It was completely unknown how dangerous it was inside the cave.

"Look! There is light inside!" A martial artist reminded anxiously.

The group of martial artists saw a light shining brilliantly deep inside the cave as they proceeded.

"Be careful! Do not let down your guard!" Mo Wu was unhappy. Instead, she became more vigilant and walked towards the light step by step.

The cave was complicated. The group of martial artists finally saw the light clearly after they passed through three bends.

That was an energy that was emitting a faint fluorescent light!

After countless years, it was still in effect!

However, Mo Wu only took a glance at it and her expression changed greatly. "Not good! Retreat with haste! It is a transportation spell! Once you are within the range of the light, you will activate the transportation spell!"

The transportation spell was connected to a dangerous place that was unfathomable. If anyone were transported there, they would be separated from the group The consequences were unimaginable!

However, it was clear that Mo Wu's reminder was too late!


Su Yu only felt an energy in the space surrounding him and then he was sucked into the spell!

Su Yu felt as if the sky and earth were spinning. When he looked around, he found that he was at an unfamiliar place!

Moreover, the place he was at was strange!

The bottom of the abyss was a sea of darkness.

However, the place he was at was extremely bright.

Looking around, it was a space that was vast and boundless!

Above his head, there were many bright pearls which were emitting extremely bright light.

At a distance away, there were many green hills. Moreover, what made Su Yu's heart skip a beat was that at the bottom of the green hills, there was actually an old imperial palace that was still in good condition!

The imperial palace was covered with dust and it gave off an atmosphere that it had gone through many changes throughout the years.

Bits and bits of astonishing spiritual energy were emitted from within the mysterious imperial palace!

Su Yu's heart was moved and he wished to leap into the imperial palace!

However, a snorting noise could be heard behind him!

When Su Yu turned around and took a look, his expression turned grave abruptly!

Space shook and a shadow of a human figure appeared. The human figure actually belonged to Tang Yixuan!

When the spell activated, Su Yu was not too far away from Tang Yixuan. Hence, both of them were transported to the same place.

Tang Yixuan was initially at a loss. When he realized the presence of Su Yu, he was surprised.

However, when he looked around and realized that only Su Yu and himself were in the big space, his expression turned cold.

Finally, his pair of eyes was unable to conceal the murderous intents that he had.

"Su Yu! You should really sigh that your luck is not good since you really encountered me when you are alone!" Tang Yixuan laughed coldly.

Tang Yixuan took a step forward and revealed his murderous intents. "Without that woman, let me see who will protect you!"