The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Earth Shaking Small Jade Box
Chapter 162: Earth Shaking Small Jade Box
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"Can you tell me, why do you keep going against me?" Su Yu's heart sank slightly. He did not understand. Even though there were no grudges between Tang Yixuan and himself, why did Tang Yixuan go against him again and again?

He was baffled as to why Tang Yixuan was so murderous. The conflict between both of them was not so bad, right?

"You wish to know? Ask yourself if you have killed someone who you should not have!" Tang Yixuan's expression was unusually cold. His five fingers turned into a claw and with the momentum of a hawk, he leaped toward Su Yu's head.

Someone that I should not have killed? Could it be that among the two persons, Liu Guang and Li Hao, one of them was his friend? And he noticed their strange death?

As the claw approached him, Su Yu's mind became serious.

His deep purple right pupil turned into a bright purple gem, emitting a purple glow that could fill the whole sky. "Seal of Time!"

Tang Yixuan's body was stopped. Taking advantage of that opportunity, Su Yu used Icy Divine Wings and flew away with his wings hastily.

Leaving behind fragments of light and shadow in the sky, Su Yu flew hundreds of feet away in an instant!

Tang Yixuan came to his senses. Processing the situation, his mind was filled with astonishment. "How is that possible? You What secret technique is that?"

An answer did not come; instead, he watched as Su Yu flew away.

"Humph! This just confirms the fact I should kill you!" Tang Yixuan's eyes were icy cold. The Sixth Level Holy King emitted all his spiritual energy into his back and it condensed into a pair of giant wings.

The wings flapped, creating a powerful air current that swept everything away. Tang Yixuan left behind a blur fragmentary shadow and disappeared high up into the sky!

When he appeared again, he had already closed the gap between himself and Su Yu by half!

"Today, no one is able to save you!"

Su Yu's mind became serious and he flew toward the bottom of the green hills at one go into the old imperial palace.

As he charged into the old imperial palace, a whistling noise of the fierce wind echoed behind him. It was Tang Yixuan who was chasing after him!

The frightening power of Tang Yixuan oppressed Su Yu to the point that he was unable to catch his breath. The impressive strength felt like a mountain on Su Yu's chest. Death by oppression befell his mind in a flash.

This is not good! Su Yu's mind was flustered and he flew into the old imperial palace hastily!


The imperial palace was extremely old. It was decaying and on the verge of collapsing.

The strong wind that both of them brought caused the imperial palace to give off a creaking and shaking sound. Su Yu was on the verge of collapsing.


Tang Yixuan laughed coldly and charged into the old imperial palace. "Idiot! You still have a chance of survival outside. Here, you are doomed"

However, Tang Yixuan's words ceased abruptly.

His cold and laughing expression became serious abruptly. "The transportation spell!"

At the center of the old imperial palace, there was a small spell that was in effect. It was emitting a marvelous character and the faint fluorescent light gradually became stronger.

It was a transportation spell!

Moreover, the intrusion of both of them had caused the spell to activate, causing the transportation to start.


Su Yu stepped into the transportation spell with a calm expression.

Before Su Yu descended at his current spot, he had used his strong eyesight and discovered the transportation spell within the imperial palace.

As such, when he was facing Tang Yixuan, he was calm and composed.

"You! Crafty kid!" As the transportation spell was active, Tang Yixuan had no assurance that he would be able to kill Su Yu!

Moreover, he had no time to make any moves as he leaped into the transportation spell quickly.

If only Su Yu alone was transported back and if he destroys the transportation spell on the other side, Tang Yixuan would be stuck at the space which they were at forever.


The light from the transportation spell became brighter and brighter, causing the old and dark imperial palace to become extremely bright.

At that moment, Tang Yixuan's eyes caught a glimpse of something. When he tilted his head toward it, his pupils shrank!

Having noticed his strange behavior, Su Yu tilted his head in the same direction as Tang Yixuan and his expression also changed abruptly!

At the corner of the imperial palace, there was a damaged throne!

The entire throne emitted an astonishing spiritual energy that was oppressing. Even though it was about to collapse from its old age, it was still emitting an astonishing energy.

The throne gave off a feeling that implied if anyone sat on it, his bones and body would cease to exist!

However, there was a skeleton on the throne!

Even after having been there for countless years, the bones that were as white as a crystal did not have a speck of dust on them, meaning that it had not gone through any changes ever since it was there.

The skeleton also carried a destructive energy!

Su Yu also took a glance at it and his eyes felt extreme pain as though it had been stung.

As for Tang Yixuan, he looked somewhere else hurriedly as he had a painful expression on his face!

What type of divine being was that skeleton before he died? Just by looking, the remains caused extreme pain in Su Yu and Tang Yixuan's eyes.

Even strong martial artists like the Liuxian Faction Master and the Great Elder were not as frightening as that skeleton!

Astonished, they also caught glimpse of something else. The hands of the skeleton were holding a small jade box the size of a palm!

The small jade box had a jade green color. Similar to the skeleton, it seemed brand new.

However, the small jade box did not emit any forms of energy, as if it was a normal box made of jade.

However, how was normal jade able to remain as it was even after thousands of years? How was it possible for it to be held in the hands of the extremely frightening owner of the skeleton before he died?

That small jade box was definitely a unique treasure!

In the mysterious space, there was a lone, old imperial palace. Within the imperial palace, there was a skeleton that remained fresh, even though thousands of years had passed. There was also a unique treasure that had been left behind up till the current moment!

In a split second!

Tang Yixuan and Su Yu's hearts were beating extremely fast.


Tang Yixuan did not even think twice about it. He left the transportation spell and rushed to get the earth-shaking small jade box!

Even though both his eyes were in pain, which caused his face to look distorted, he was unable to conceal the brilliant light that was shining in his eyes!

His unbridled greed had caused him to lose his senses.


Before Tang Yixuan reached the skeleton, a layer of energy in the space surrounded the small jade box.

At the next instant, the small jade box disappeared!

Tang Yixuan caught nothing with his hands. When he looked back, a red light flashed pass Su Yu's right eyes.

As for that small jade box, it appeared in Su Yu's palms!

"Little brat! Let go of the small jade box!" Tang Yixuan became furious and roared at the same time. He then flew toward Su Yu!

Su Yu's eyes flashed. He did not have the time to examine the small jade box and he tucked the small jade box under his chest.

Right after that, the transportation spell was fully activated and it finally started its transportation!


When Tang Yixuan headed toward Su Yu, the space energy from the spell caused him to be sucked into space, transporting both Su Yu and himself out of their location.

After both of them left, that sparkling skeleton which had been there for countless years lost its supporting energy. It gradually became dimmer and turned into ash.


Su Yu felt as if the sky and earth were spinning. When he was able to feel the ground again, he used Icy Divine Wings and flew away immediately to escape to Tang Yixuan.

Wings and...

Rumble, bang

When Tang Yixuan sensed Su Yu, he did not take notice of his surroundings and instead made his move furiously!

That unique small jade box definitely had some sort of secret that could shake the Heaven and Earth!

However, at that moment, a voice came forward.

"Humph! Both of you are quite lively!" Mo Wu's icy cold voice could be heard by both of them!

Tang Yixuan's whole body trembled in fear and he withdrew his palm which he extended.

When he looked toward the direction of the voice, his expression changed slightly.

In front of him gathered all the disciples from the abyss of Wutong from whom he was separated from!

Every single one of them was staring at both Su Yu and Tang Tixuan with extremely surprised expressions.

"Junior Tang, what happened to both of you? Why are both of you only transported back now?" A Sixth Level Holy King's face was full of surprise.

Within the cave, after the group of martial artists was transported by the transportation spell, most of them were transported to their current location. However, when they did a head count, they realized that Su Yu and Tang Yixuan were missing! After waiting for a few minutes, both of them had appeared.

It was clear that both of them were transported together. Why was it that the transportation for both of them was delayed for so long?

Tang Yixuan felt overwhelmed. Could it be that only both Su Yu and himself were unexpectedly transported to that secret space?

Right before he was able to explain the situation, he reconsidered and gave up the idea. If he had explained the situation, the frightening small jade box in Su Yu's hands would be known by all of them and become an item that belonged to the faction!

"I have no idea. I only felt that the transportation took a bit long." Tang Yixuan shook his head and frowned.

Mo Wu roughly scanned Tang Yixuan and Su Yu indifferently. "Su Yu, how about you? Were you the same? Why were you escaping from Tang Yixuan?"

Su Yu wanted to report that Tang Yixuan wanted to kill him. However, he gave up that idea in the end.

Firstly, Su Yu did not sustain any injuries. Without any proof, no one would believe his words. Secondly, if he cast aside all considerations for his face and forced Tang Yixuan into a corner, Tang Yixuan might expose the small jade box.

After thinking for a while, Su Yu's face was at a loss. "I only sensed that there was danger and started to run. I do not know what happened."

Tang Yixuan's eyes flashed and he was surprised. "I also sensed danger and made my move rashly. Could it be that it was an illusion that was brought about by the transportation?"

Mo Wu's pretty eyes stared at both of them coldly. It was obvious that they were hiding something.

However, she did not probe any further.

"It is good that both of you returned safely. We will take a rest and reorganize the group for a while. After which, we will continue to proceed."

Su Yu secretly heaved a sigh of relief. His icy cold eyes quietly swept pass Tang Yixuan.

Su Yu wanted to monopolize that ancient small jade box. Hence, it was inappropriate for him to expose the fact that Tang Yixuan wanted to kill him.

Tang Yixuan wanted to snatch the ancient small jade box away from Su Yu quietly. Hence, it was inappropriate of him to expose the small jade box as well.

Both of them had ulterior motives, but both of them decided to hide the matter regarding the ancient small jade box even though they did not have any prior discussion.

Su Yu stopped looking at Tang Yixuan. He was secretly looking forward to seeing the contents of the ancient small jade box.

However, there were many people with him and it was not a good time for him to examine the contents of the ancient small jade box.

After resting for some time, Su Yu finally had the time to examine his surroundings. After which, his expression changed slightly!

There were ninety-nine bronze doors! Every bronze door was connected to a different passage.

Mo Wu's expression turned grave. "We have tried to enter the door just now. Every passage can only be entered by one person. In other words, all thirty-three of us have to operate separately!" Her words caused the atmosphere to turn serious.

Within the forbidden ruins, there were dangers that were unbeknown to all of them. Hence, it would be extremely dangerous for them to operate individually.

"However, the passages are not deep. Moreover, I reckon that after passing through the passages, all of us will join up with one another quickly. As such, if we proceed with caution, there might not be any dangers," Mo Wu said after pondering for some time.

"Starting from now on, we will enter the passages one by one. I will lead the group and the two vice-captains will follow the group."

After finishing her speech, Mo Wu chose a passage randomly and entered it.

After that, the group of martial artists entered a passage one after another.

Su Yu's eyes flashed. He chose a passage that was in the center of the ninety-nine passages and entered it.

As per what Mo Wu had predicted, the passage was not very deep. After passing through the passage, Su Yu's expression changed slightly. In front of him was a lively ravine filled with birds and flowers!

"Oh god! There are so many Universe's Miracle Mineral Plants!" a person beside Su Yu cried out in alarm!

Looking at it, there were nine passages to enter the ravine!

Among the team, the weakest martial artist was at Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King while the strongest martial artist was at Fifth Level Peak Holy King! They had been in the outside world for many years and they were very familiar with the Universe's Miracle Mineral Plant.

"Hiss Is is this a wonderland? The Universe's Miracle Mineral Plant that comes by only very rarely in the outside world can be found all over the place! Medicinal plants used to refine low grade marrow cleansing elixirs grew all over the place. There is also a large number of medicinal plants used to refine medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs. Look, there is also superb medicinal plants used to refine top grade marrow cleansing elixirs!"

One of them pointed at an area in the middle of the ravine happily. There were many charming and glistening blue-colored flowers the size of a human palm. Those were the main materials required to make a top grade marrow cleansing elixir.

In the outside world, those flowers were considered extinct. Within a year, the faction could only collect less than a hundred of those flowers.

However, in that area in the middle of the ravine, there were twenty of those flowers!

"Look! There is also a crystal-colored flower!" It was unknown who was it, but that person's sharp eyes unexpectedly discovered that within the twenty blue-colored flowers, there was a crystal-colored flower swaying according to the direction of the wind!

The crystal-colored flower gave off a strong and delicate fragrance.

Even though they were very far away from the crystal-colored flower, by breathing in the fragrance of the flower, they felt that their cultivation bases were vibrating!

"That that is a crystal spiritual flower! It can cleanse the soul! It is the prodigy of souls' unrivaled and incredible medicine which could match the rumored top grade marrow cleansing medicine!" An unbridled happiness reverberated in all of their eyes.

Cleanse the soul? Su Yu's pupils shrank and a thread of happiness burned in both his eyes!