The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom
Chapter 163: Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom
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Whiz, whiz

A noise broke the silence abruptly!

Including Su Yu, many shadows leaped toward the crystal spiritual flower at the same time.

That flower was as precious as a top grade marrow cleansing elixir! To Su Yu, it was an unrivaled and incredible item that could cleanse his soul!

Among those who leaped toward the crystal spiritual flower, Su Yu and a Fifth Level Peak Holy King had similar speeds and they were in the lead!

In the blink of an eye, they were within a hundred feet of the crystal spiritual flower.

"Move away!" The Fifth Level Peak Holy King's eyes were shining with greed.

Seeing that Su Yu was competing with him, he gave a cold hum and threw himself toward Su Yu immediately.

A light yellow spiritual energy condensed into the size of an eyeball was headed for Su Yu's chest. Right before the ball of spiritual energy connected with Su Yu's chest, it exploded abruptly. When the ball of spiritual energy exploded, it generated a violent blast which struck Su Yu.

Taken by surprise, Su Yu was pushed several feet away by the blast, causing him to fall behind the Fifth Level Peak Holy King.

"Hahaha! This gift from the heavens shall go to me!" Jiang Rong was bursting with joy. If he handed over the crystal spiritual flower to the faction, he would be able to exchange it for at least one top grade marrow cleansing elixir!

After he consumed such an elixir, he would only be a few steps away from making a breakthrough to Sixth Level Holy King!


However, when Jiang Rong extended his hand to pluck the crystal spiritual flower, a glittering silk thread appeared from the void and attached itself to the crystal spiritual flower.

After which, the crystal spiritual flower was pulled away quickly!

Jiang Rong was dumbfounded and he assumed a posture to catch the silk thread. However, an extremely cold air suddenly headed for his back.

Jiang Rong's expression changed slightly and he assumed a defensive stance. His five fingers turned into a claw and he struck the cold air.


The cold air entered his body, causing his palm to feel prickly. He hurriedly revolved the spiritual energy in his body and expelled the cold air from his body.

When he looked forward, it was actually an arrow that was created from weaving icy cold, thin, and slender thread!


The arrow was stopped by a single palm and it turned back into the thin and slender thread, which returned to Su Yu's chest.

Jiang Rong's eyes were filled with surprise. "What is that?" Jiang Rong's expression turned gloomy and he stared at the crystal spiritual flower which was in Su Yu's hands.

"You dare to snatch my item? Who gave you the guts to do so?" Jiang Rong's eyes flashed. He took a few strides forward, condensed another ball of light yellow spiritual energy in his palms and headed for Su Yu.

It was worth to cast aside all considerations to fight for an item that was as precious as a top grade marrow cleansing elixir!


At that moment, the remaining Fifth Level Holy Kings rushed toward them. One of the Fifth Level Peak Holy King shouted, "Junior Jiang, stop it!"

Jiang Rong's pupils were slightly filled with fear. "Lin Ming, you wish to help an outsider?" he shouted coldly.

Lin Ming was twenty-nine years old. He wore a scholar's outfit and had qualities of a well-educated person. His words did not contain any forms of anger and displeasure, giving others a feeling that he did not care about the world's conflict.

He cupped his fists. "I have no intentions of helping him. I do not wish for both of you to get angry or injured over an item. The group of us here are the weakest among the whole group. If we do not work together now, when we face any dangers, we will suffer greatly," Lin Ming said rationally.

Jiang Rong hummed coldly. "As an outsider, he snatched my gift. The anger should be toward him!"

However, Lin Ming shook his head lightly. "Junior Jiang, have you forgotten the rules in the abyss of the Wutong? During any excavation, the treasure will belong to anyone who gets it first and no one else should fight for it."

The martial artists behind Lin Ming nodded their heads in agreement.

Among the nine of them, Lin Ming's abilities were the greatest and they naturally followed him.

At the same time, Lin Ming treated everyone nicely and he did not abuse his power. As for Jiang Rong, he was bossy and was not well liked.

At the current moment and situation, the rest of the martial artists naturally followed Lin Ming.

Seeing that the rest of the martial artists agreed with Lin Ming, Jiang Rong could only contain his anger and not say anything. He glared at Su Yu ruthlessly. "Remember! This will be the only time! If not, don't blame me for turning against you and showing you no mercy!

"Now, all of us will start to gather the materials. How much you gather will be dependent on your own abilities. Remember, no fighting is allowed!" After Lin Ming's speech, the Fifth Level Holy Kings rushed in all directions excitedly to gather the medicinal plants.

Su Yu secretly relied on his Divine Ice Threads and snatched five of the blue-colored flowers used to refine top grade marrow cleansing elixirs. As for the medicinal plants used to refine medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs, he did not lay his hands on them.

He didn't want to hoard everything.

After two hours, everyone gained something for themselves.

"Senior Lin, this is great. I can exchange all these medicinal plants for ten medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs, which will be sufficient to serve as my training resources for the next month!" A female disciple who was puffing and panting were filled with excitement.

Lin Ming smiled delicately and his eyes fell on Su Yu, who had a calm expression. He then walked toward Su Yu. "Congratulations, Brother Su. Your gains are huge."

Su Yu looked back and cupped his fists with a smile. "Thank you, Senior Lin, for saving me."

"It's nothing, don't mention it"Lin Ming smiled"Let me remind you again, according to the rules of the abyss of Wutong, all the treasures acquired have to be handed over to the faction and not be monopolized. Junior Su, please remember that."

Su Yu smiled. "Senior, thank you for your reminder. I understand."

Within Su Yu's heart, he disagreed with Lin Ming.

Within the rules, there were many loopholes. If Su Yu reported to the faction that he had lost the medicinal plants, what could the faction do to him?

As though he sensed Su Yu's thoughts, Lin Ming smiled unfathomably. "Normally, the captain will observe the group. Any items that were obtained have to be handed over to the captain. But now, all of us are separated from the captain and there is no one observing us"

As he spoke, he shot a glance at a distance not too far away.

At that location, there were a few disciples who came to a tacit understanding. They secretly swallowed the medicinal plants and started to train on the spot!

Looking at them, the rest of the disciples chose to ignore it and secretly swallowed the medicinal plants.

The captain was not present to observe them and they also possessed many precious medicinal plants. Opportunities like these were hard to come by. As they were all intelligent people, who would expose one another?

"Thank you, Senior Lin, for your reminder!" Su Yu revealed a grateful smile that was filled with a deep meaning and he had a good impression of Lin Ming.

Lin Ming smiled normally. "I did not remind you of anything. It is something that you yourself have understood"

After finishing his speech, Lin Ming glided away.

Su Yu's eyes flashed. He faced away from the rest of the martial artists and swallowed the crystal spiritual flower on the spot.


Once the spiritual flower entered his mouth, it dissolved. A cool and refreshing liquid flowed down his throat like it were mountain spring water flowing into the bottom of his heart.

It was so cooling and refreshing that no words could describe it. The spiritual liquid seeped into and cleaned his soul.

Layers and layers of subtle impurities were removed under the effects of the spiritual liquid. The impurities turned into a grayish and greenish smoke, which dispersed from the top of Su Yu's head.

A free, graceful, and peaceful feeling reverberated within Su Yu's soul.

Apart from the Nine-Dragons Cauldron, only the crystal spiritual flower that he just swallowed had carried such a wonderful effect.

The effects of the precious crystal spiritual flower were reminiscent of the spiritual liquid of the Nine-Dragon Cauldron and its soul-cleansing effects.

Su Yu's soul underwent some changes again!

The soul's secret technique, Incredible Moon-Lit Demon Eyes, had remained at Stage One Lower Class. There was a gap that was hard to close before he could achieve Upper Class.

In the free and peaceful state of his soul, the conditions were met and he easily achieved Stage One Upper Class.

Within his eyes that were closed, a golden light that was as bright as a bright moon was revealed.

Su Yu was delighted. He had finally made a breakthrough to Upper Class for his secret technique of the soul!

However, what made Su Yu more delighted was that the remnants of the spiritual liquid had seeped into his blood vessels and it seemed to cleansed his body as well!

Layers and layers of silvery-gray impurity were expelled from his pores.

At the same time, because he had ingested too many Universe's Miracle Mineral Plants, his blood vessels were unable to absorb the precipitated effects of the elixirs.

As of then, his blood vessels underwent a massive change and reverted back to normal!

Those precipitated effects of the elixirs were completely absorbed by his body at an amazing speed!

His cultivation base was like a huge land that was extremely hungry and thirsty, causing it to absorb the effects of the elixirs greedily!

As he breathed, his cultivation base vibrated and rose up sharply by one tier!

When his body absorbed all the precipitated effects of the elixirs, Su Yu's cultivation base quietly made a breakthrough to Fourth Level Peak Holy King!

Plentiful and strong spiritual energy leaked out from his body. Having become extremely strong, Su Yu was glowing with pride and happiness.

He had finally made a breakthrough! Fourth Level Peak Holy King!

At that moment, the rest of the martial artists also swallowed an appropriate amount of medicinal plants and were satisfied as well.

"We will move out now and rendezvous with the main group!" Lin Ming led the group of nine martial artists and proceeded forward.

Their location was connected to the outside world. However, before they could get to the outside world, there was a canyon that they had to cross.

By crossing the canyon, they would then be able to leave the ravine and head toward the next destination where they could possibly rendezvous with the main group.

Before the group of them headed into the canyon, within the canyon was a sea of darkness and there was a cold and chilly wind blowing toward them.

It was the complete opposite of the lively ravine that was filled with flowers.

"Everyone, be careful! The wind contains energy that reeks of blood!" Lin Ming's eyes turned serious.

The group of martial artists slighted sensed the wind and realized that there was indeed a light smell of blood.

Without question, within the dark canyon, there were ferocious beings!

"This canyon is very strange! Why is it when I revolve my spiritual energy I am unable to see what is a hundred feet ahead?" Jiang Rong's expression turned grave. Within the darkness in the abyss of Wutong, he was able to see the surroundings within a three hundred foot radius. However, in this strange canyon, his eyes were unable to perceive even a hundred feet!

"I can only see the surroundings up to a hundred feet ahead as well! There might exist some spells that we do not know in this canyon. Everyone, be careful and do not leave the group unnecessarily." Lin Ming's expression was extremely serious.

Moving cautiously, the group of martial artists finally entered the darkness.

Once they entered the darkness, they could feel a gloomy atmosphere. The energy which reeked of blood became thicker and thicker.

Halfway through the journey, the group of martial artists felt like they were in a pool of blood! However, the ferocious beings that they had imagined did not appear at all.

Su Yu frowned slightly. His eyesight was not affected in the slightest bit. Under his observation, the dark canyon, apart from it being pitch-black, had no ferocious beings.

So where did the energy that reeked of blood come from?

Suddenly, Jiang Rong who was beside him stood up straighter in surprise. "What is that?"

Following his eyes, the group of martial artists discovered surprisingly that, at the bottom of a thousand feet cliff on the right side, there was a blood-red giant mushroom!

Bright-colored and glistening red liquid was dripping from within the blood-red mushroom. It was this mushroom that was emitting energy which reeked of blood!

Lin Ming was slightly terrified. After some time, his face was filled with happiness. "Oh god, could this be a Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom?"

"What? Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom? The rumored Heaven and Earth's treasure as well as an incredible item that grows in the Yin of the Heaven and Earth in which after swallowing it, allows one to acquire spiritual eyes?" The disciples behind Lin Ming was astonished.

The Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom is a rare treasure that allows one to acquire spiritual pupils. Once it had been ingested, one would be able to view darkness as though it was daytime. Hence, the mushroom was an incredible treasure.

Even among the faction, the Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom was so rare that it had not appeared for many years.

Whiz, whiz

At the same time when they heard the words, five to six shadows leaped high up to the sky and competed for the Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom!

Among the shadows were Jiang Rong and Lin Ming, whose faces were full of excitement!

If they possessed spiritual eyes, their might would be further strengthened in the darkness!

However, as the mushroom was found by Jiang Rong, his reaction was the fastest!

He was in the lead as he extended his hands to grab the palm-sized Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom.

However, just as the Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom was able to fall into his hands, it disappeared abruptly!

When he fixed his eyes upon the mushroom, he discovered that the mushroom was pulled away by the icy cold, thin and slender thread!

"Su! Yu!" Jiang Rong was extremely furious and he looked back ruthlessly.

When he looked toward Su Yu, Su Yu was standing at his original position normally. When Su Yu flicked his index finger, the Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom that the group of martial artists was fighting for landed on his palm.

Su Yu paid no attention to Jiang Rong's anger as he leisurely held the Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom in his palm.

"I have already given you a chance! You did not value that chance; don't blame me for not valuing our friendship in the faction!" Jiang Rong was extremely furious. During the matter with the crystal spiritual flower, he swallowed his pride out of consideration for Lin Ming.

However, at the current moment, Su Yu snatched away the treasure that belonged to him again!

Even if Lin Ming stopped him, he would not have any mercy on Su Yu!


Jiang Rong flew downward quickly. His palm condensed a ball of light yellow spiritual energy as he headed toward Su Yu from the sky. "Kneel down now!"