The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 164

Chapter 164: The End Of The Ruins
Chapter 164: The End Of The Ruins
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"Stop it!" Lin Ming's expression changed and he attempted to block Jiang Rong's attack. However, Su Yu was quite far away from Lin Ming and so Lin Ming was unable to help him.

Jiang Rong refused to listen to Lin Ming. His eyes were fierce and he launched his attack ruthlessly!

No one could help Su Yu!

The fierce wind whistled and lifted up Su Yu's silver hair. His calm and deep eyes were shining fiercely and brilliantly! "Humph!"

The group of martial artists heard a light snort and Su Yu disappeared from his position.

A blurry purple shadow headed toward Jiang Rong without hesitation!

Jiang Rong laughed coldly. "Are you trying to prove something by beating me when you have no chance? How pitiful and regrettable!" He was about to detonate the ball of light yellow spiritual energy.

Rumble, bang

Su Yu rushed toward Jiang Rong. He condensed his spiritual energy into a Blue-Green Ice Flame and collided with Jiang Rong!

When the ball of light yellow spiritual energy and the Blue-Green Ice Flame clashed, they generated a strong air current!

However, the tyrannical spiritual energy in Su Yu's body was out of the ordinary!

The Blue-Green Ice Flame in his palm pierced through the shock wave from the explosion and landed on Jiang Rong's palm!



After giving a horrible shriek, Jiang Rong was sent flying.

His fierce eyes turned terrified. Su Yu's spiritual energy was superior compared to him!

Lin Ming, who rushed to the scene, was surprised. "What a frightening amount of spiritual energy. Could it be that Su Yu had honed Thousand Thread Mantra which was from the faction to its pinnacle?"

The expressions of the other martial artists who hurried to the scene changed abruptly as well!

Among them, Su Yu, who had the lowest cultivation base, had hidden abilities that could defeat someone of the highest cultivation base in the group?

The group of martial artists looked up to the sky. Su Yu's silver hair was fluttering and he was standing upright quietly. This had caused the group of martial artists to gradually change the way they looked at Su Yu.

As for Jiang Rong who had fractured his right arm, no one pitied him. With his powerful abilities, he bullied and oppressed the weak. In the end, he was dealt a serious injury by Su Yu, which and he totally deserved it!

Su Yu shot a glance at him. "I will let you go this one time!"

Su Yu tossed the Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom to Lin Ming. "Senior, since you are leading the team, you will need spiritual eyes. Hence, the most appropriate person to ingest the mushroom is you."

Although the group of martial artists was envious of Lin Ming, they did not dare to disagree.

Firstly, Su Yu and Lin Ming were the strongest among the group and they had no way of going against them.

Secondly, Su Yu's words were rational. If Lin Ming acquired the spiritual eyes, they would be much safer.

Lin Ming was full of gratitude. After he swallowed the mushroom, his eyes emitted a light blood-red light. Within the darkness was as if a pair of red gems had appeared.

"This is great. From here on, I can survey the situation one mile ahead of us!" Lin Ming's heart felt at ease.

The group of martial artists' heart was at ease. As for Jiang Rong alone, dissatisfaction and hatred were hidden in the deepest part of his eyes.

The Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom, which should belong to him, was snatched away by Su Yu!

If he had not had any conflicts with Su Yu maybe he would have ended up like this.

After an hour, the group of martial artists passed through the dark canyon safely, although it was scary.

During their journey, they were ambushed by several Fourth Level Holy King demonic beasts. However, Lin Ming noticed them beforehand and got rid of the lurking danger.

"Junior Su, thank you for giving me the Spiritual Blood-Red Mushroom as it has allowed me to prevent any deaths among us." Lin Ming was full of gratitude toward Su Yu. Although the abilities of the demonic beasts were not high, there were quite a large number of them in the darkness. If Lin Ming had not noticed them beforehand, there would have definitely been casualties.

"Let's leave the canyon first and see whether we can rendezvous with the main group." Su Yu did not pay much attention to Lin Ming. He took a stride out of the exit of the canyon. However, what he saw in front of him caused his expression to become slightly serious.

When the other martial artists exited from the canyon, they were shocked as well!

In front of them was a rift that stretched a hundred miles from the East to the West, totally cutting off their path.

The bottom of the rift emitted a light yellow light that condensed into a layer of light membrane, blocking off the path via the sky as well.

"This is Why is the light membrane from the entrance of the cave of the forbidden ruins here? Why would they need to block someone from the Dragon Realm Level Three here?" Lin Ming did not understand.

Su Yu maintained his composure. He picked up a broken stone and threw it toward the light membrane in the sky. The broken stone landed on the light membrane, causing the light membrane to turn into a powder.

The eight remaining martial artists gasped! A carefree sigh could be heard.

"Finally there is someone who is slightly more intelligent."

The group of martial artists became vigilant. When they turned toward the direction of the voice, they realized that other members were also obstructed by the light membrane.

As the group of martial artists looked around, they realized that the ninety-nine passages were all directed toward the light membrane.

As for the person who spoke, it was Wei Kang, who had arrived earlier than them. He was a strong martial artist who had achieved Dragon Realm Level One, and he was the vice-captain of the main group!

Wei Kang was between eighteen to nineteen years old. Although he was young, he had frightening talents and he was the Fifth Elder's personal disciple that the Fifth Elder was proud of.

As for his abilities, he was right below The Four Great Core Disciples of the faction.

As he was flushed with success and he was arrogant.

In front of Mo Wu, he restrained himself slightly. However, when dealing with Su Yu and his group, he revealed his true nature.

He looked at Su Yu indifferently and shook his head lightly. "It is a pity that you are only slightly more intelligent and only slightly stronger than a pig."

Lin Ming and his group of martial artists felt embarrassed. Did Wei Kang mean that, in his eyes, they were as dumb as pigs? And that Su Yu was only slightly stronger than a pig?

Wei Kang raised his chin and drooped his eyelids. Filled with arrogance, he flicked his finger and a thread of spiritual energy struck the light membrane.


The light membrane changed magically into the mouth of a beast and it swallowed the spiritual energy!

"This is not the rejection spell at the entrance of the cave. In front of the cave, that spell rejects any strong martial artists above Dragon Realm Level Three. However, at our location If you try to pass through the light membrane when your abilities do not fulfill the requirements, you will be swallowed by the light membrane into somewhere unfathomable!" Wei Kang had a grave expression.

Evidently, no one had predicted that within the forbidden ruins, another light membrane existed.

Moreover, instead of rejecting those above a certain limit, it rejected those under a certain unknown limit. Even Wei Kang, who was of Dragon Realm Level One, was rejected by the light membrane.

Lin Ming gasped!

The three captains could not go any further and they were unable to continue leading the group!

Whiz, whiz

Other shadows came out from the other exits one after another; they were members of the group.

Some of them were filled with excitement as their gains were huge, just like Su Yu and his group of martial artists.

Some of them had bodies that were in dire straits as they were covered in blood, it was clear that they had encountered something that was quite dangerous.

After some time, all the thirty-three members gathered.

Although some of them were injured, none of them were dead. Mo Wu secretly heaved a sigh of relief. When her eyes fell on the light membrane, she was filled with surprise and concern.

"Who arrived here first?" Mo Wu's eyes swept past everyone.

"Senior Wei was the first. The nine of us arrived next," Lin Ming said respectfully.

Wei Kang? Mo Wu's pretty eyes shot a glance toward Wei Kang. Wei Kang slightly withdrew his arrogant expression and replaced it with a respectful expression with admiration hidden in it.

Toward the faction's number one icy beauty, no one could remain calm and composed under her charm. Wei Kang was one of those people who had tried to woo Mo Wu.

"Senior Sister, I have examined the light membrane. It is difficult for someone of Dragon Realm Level One to pass through it. If they were to force their way through, their lives would be in danger." Wei Kang moved toward Mo Wu and secretly breathed in the fragrance that came from her wonderful body. He hoped to get a good response from her.

Mo Wu frowned slightly. "Then, what level martial artist will not be affected by the light membrane?"

Wei Kang's expression turned grave. "I have not found out yet."

A thread of disappointment flashed past her beautiful eyes. Mo Wu's eyes then fell on Su Yu. "Please voice out your views on this matter."

"What type of views does he have? With intelligence comparable to a pig" Wei Kang snorted with disdain.

Su Yu paid no attention to him. "Other than Holy Kings, no one else can enter! Moreover, only ten people can enter!"

The group of martial artists became extremely still.

After researching for some time, Wei Kang was only able to establish the fact that martial artists of the Dragon Realm could not enter the light membrane.

Su Yu was able to establish the fact only Holy Kings could enter the light membrane. He was even able to accurately establish how many people could enter the light membrane!

Including Mo Wu, everyone was dumbfounded.

After some time, Lin Ming, who was beside Su Yu, questioned Su Yuas he did not understand. "Junior Su, how did you find out about all this? Can you be more specific?"

"No problem!" Su Yu clenched his jaw softly in thought. "Anyone who wishes to enter the light membrane cannot be at a level higher than a Holy King and cannot be at a level lower than a Holy King. As such, a stone was unable to pass through the light membrane. As for the number of people, only ten people are allowed to pass through the light membrane."

Wei Kang laughed coldly and arrogantly. "What a joke! By just throwing a stone, you are able to establish the fact that only Holy Kings can enter the light membrane? If that is it, then I can close an eye. However, you even said that only ten people could enter the light membrane openly! Do you think that everyone else has a pig's mind just like you and that they will all be fooled?"

Having anticipated Wei Kang's response, Su Yu shrugged his shoulders. "I do not know if everyone else has a pig's mind. However, Senior Wei, you really do have a pig's mind."

"Who told you that I had proved what I just said?" Su Yu's eyes looked toward the light yellow membrane.

The light membrane was distorted and the opposite side of the rift was extremely blurry. However, in Su Yu's eyes, the opposite side of the rift was extremely clear.

Wei Kang laughed. "Even though it was not proven, you still dared to make such irresponsible remarks! I was right, you have a pig's mind"

"What I just said is carved on a stone tablet on the opposite side of the rift," Su Yu interrupted his speech indifferently.

Wei Kang became stiff and looked toward the light membrane clearly. With his eyesight, he was unable to see through the light membrane. How was it possible for Su Yu to see the stone tablet on the opposite side of the rift? How could he see the words carved on the stone tablet clearly?

Surprised, Wei Kang gradually narrowed his eyes. "Why is it that only you can see the stone tablet clearly?"

Lin Ming revealed a strange expression. "Looks like There is really a stone tablet on the opposite side."

Although her spiritual eyes were inferior to Su Yu's crystalline pupils, they were superior to a normal human being's eyesight.

Wei Kang froze and his face turned red.

He had taken half a day to establish the fact that people of Dragon Realm Level One could not pass through the light membrane, yet all his efforts were inferior to a glance by Su Yu!

Mo Wu looked at Wei Kang disappointedly. She then went to Su Yu to inquire more about the stone tablet attentively.

Su Yu's words had earned the trust of Mo Wu and she did not suspect Su Yu.

After a long time, Mo Wu stood up and ordered coldly, "Since this is the case, we will send ten people over."

Mo Wu looked around and made a quick arrangement. "Since non-Holy Kings cannot pass through the light membrane, for safety reasons, we will send the ten strongest Holy Kings, which are the ten Sixth Level Holy Kings over to the opposite side. However, considering the effectiveness of Su Yu's eyesight, one of you will swap with Su Yu."

Mo Wu's eyes swept past the ten Sixth Level Holy Kings before her gaze landed on one of them, whose body was in dire straits after suffering a few light injuries.

"You will rest here. Su Yu will take your place and explore the opposite side of the rift."

Hence, the ten-man group was established.

"Move out now. Within three days, all of you must return and report to me!" Mo Wu issued her order.

After her speech, the ten of them passed through the light yellow membrane.

Just like what Su Yu had said, when Holy Kings passed through the light membrane, they only felt an invisible layer of energy sweeping pass their body and they passed through the light membrane without any problems.

In no time, the ten of them saw the other side of the rift which was obstructed by the light membrane.

What they saw had caused them to be shocked!

The other side of the rift, which was obstructed, was the end of the forbidden ruins!

Buildings of the old imperial palace were completely preserved!

Every building that was part of the excavated ruins were at the faction's center of attention! Moreover, important treasures might also be unearthed.

At their current location, there were ten complete imperial palaces!

In a split second, all ten of them went into a frenzy. Be it a Sixth Level Peak Holy King or a Sixth Level Lower Tier Holy King, their eyes were all burning with excitement!

Without the captains' observation, no one would know if they monopolized a portion of the treasures!

Whiz, whiz

The shadows dispersed and headed toward the imperial palaces to compete for the treasures!

Only Su Yu was left behind. Not only did he not compete for the treasures, but he retreated slightly. His eyes were filled with curiosity as he stood in front of the stone tablet which had warnings carved on it.