The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Death Light Membrane
Chapter 165: Death Light Membrane
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As Su Yu's eyes gradually became narrower, he stared at the stone tablet.

On the stone tablet, there was a shallow palm print!

The stone tablet caught Su Yu's attention as it had existed there for countless years and it had gone through many big changes. the palm print was still considered quite fresh!

It was less than a month old! In other words, someone else had come to the opposite side of the rift before!

Without question, they could not have been a disciple of the abyss of Wutong. But who else could it be?

Suddenly, Su Yu's mind recalled the scene at the bottom of the abyss where he saw the frightening red-eyed shadow!

"Could it be the red-eyed shadow?" Su Yu was shocked.

The other disciples had finally occupied a building of the old imperial palace and they went inside excitedly to plunder all the treasures.

In just a short time, some of the disciples' expressions changed and they went to examine the other buildings of the imperial palace.

they quickly came out from the buildings again and their expression became even more unpleasant.

After an hour, their expressions were all unpleasant.

"What is going on? Only the ten of us here have entered the opposite side of the rift; why is it that precious items were all plundered already?"

"The signs of plundering are still fresh. Which person came here ahead of us?"

The ten of them did not find anything at all from the ten buildings of the imperial palace. Their unprecedented happiness vanished like bubbles in an instant.

"Since this is the case, we will return and report the situation immediately." A Sixth Level Peak Holy King looked at the surroundings vigilantly.


A mournful and grievous cry could be heard from inside the rift which emitted the light membrane!

Buzz, buzz, buzz

The light yellow membrane changed rapidly.

The color of the light membrane changed from yellow to black and it caused the air to fluctuate.

The words carved on the stone tablet right in front of Su Yu changed abruptly.

"It is impossible to pass through the death light membrane, please leave quickly."

The words on the stone tablet could actually change? The ten of them were shocked!

The light yellow membrane had started to change an unusual black color unquestionably.

"Let's leave here quickly!" The Sixth Level Peak Holy King gave a light roar. He took the lead, flew high up into the sky, and passed through the light membrane which was rapidly turning black.

Su Yu's expression changed. He unfolded his wings and started to fly toward the light membrane.

His Icy Divine Wings remained at the first form and his speed was unable to match the Sixth Level Holy Kings.

As such, Su Yu was the in the last position among the ten of them flying toward the light membrane.

Whiz, whiz, whiz

Shadow by shadow successfully passed through the light membrane and escaped. Su Yu bit his teeth and wanted to fly pass the light membrane hastily.

at that moment, he was attacked from the side abruptly!

Rumble, puff

A hand in the shape of a claw emitting a white light quietly headed for Su Yu's back!

Looking at its power, the wielder wanted to kill Su Yu on the spot!

As his expression changed, Su Yu did not think twice and he retaliated with his fists!


When Su Yu attack collided with his opponent, his opponent's spiritual energy entered his body in a frenzy, causing his right arm to feel a slight pain.

Within his body, there was a slight vibration as the pain from his right arm had spread throughout his whole body.

When he turned his head to take a look, Su Yu's eyes turned cold. "Tang! Yi! Xuan!"

At that moment, only the two of them had not passed through the light membrane.

Take advantage of the opportunity, Tang Yixuan secretly executed his murderous scheme to kill Su Yu with a surprise attack and escape with the unique small jade box that was in Su Yu's chest.

"Eh? Your level of abilities Have you achieved Fourth Level Peak Holy King? No wonder!" Tang Yixuan was surprised. His surprise attack should have smashed Su Yu's heart into pieces without any problems.

To his surprise, his attack was actually blocked by Su Yu!

It was evident that Su Yu's abilities had risen!

Su Yu was sent flying for ten feet by Tang Yixuan's claw attack, causing him to get even further away from the light membrane.

The light membrane turned black rapidly. Once it had turned completely black, it would become a death light membrane that was impossible to pass through.

"Hand over the small jade box. If not, you will be stuck here forever!" Tang Yixuan was a bit worried as Su Yu was more difficult to handle than he expected. As such, he could only use the policy of conciliation to quickly get the small jade box first.

As for whether he would let Su Yu go, it was obvious that to keep the small jade box a secret, he would naturally kill Su Yu!

Su Yu's mind was full of hatred. Tang Yixuan was standing in his way during the most critical moment!

Seeing that the light membrane is turning black at a frightening speed, Su Yu whizzed over toward the light membrane from a different direction.


Tang Yixuan blocked his way. Tang Yixuan's eyes were overflowing with concern and anger. "You deserve a thousand deaths! That small jade box is not something that you can control! Give it to me now!"

After his speech, Tang Yixuan headed toward Su Yu to kill him.

Su Yu's mind knew that the small jade box was so precious that words could not describe it.

Apart from the Nine-Dragon Cauldron, Su Yu had not seen another treasure that was as precious as the jade box. As such, he made up his mind that he would not give in to Tang Yixuan.


Tang Yixuan was pursuing Su Yu in front of the light membrane, which was turning black.

Although Tang Yixuan was fast, he was unable to catch up with Su Yu immediately. As such, Tang Yixuan pursued Su Yu for ten breaths' time!

Su Yu saw that Tang Yixuan was about to catch up to him; at that moment, there was only one breath's time before the light membrane turned completely black!

Streams of dark deadly energy were emitted from within the light membrane.

Tang Yixuan's expression changed greatly. He ignored Su Yu, turned around, and passed through the light membrane.

The dark energy came in contact with Tang Yixuan's clothes, causing them to rot quickly with a speed that the naked eye could just barely perceive.

Under the effects of the dark energy, Tang Yixuan's right leg, which passed through the light membrane last, was badly mangled. Straight away after that, his right leg turned into black ash!

His right leg was forcefully swallowed by the dark energy!

After giving off a horrible shriek, Tang Yixuan returned to the main group wobbly. When he looked back at the black membrane, his eyes were filled with fear!

"A deadly energy that swallows human flesh!" Mo Wu's clear eyes turned grave.

It was difficult to perceive the deadly energy with a naked eye. When the deadly energy gathered together to form a thick layer of energy, a naked human eye would be able to see it.

that light membrane was filled with deadly energy. As such, one could see how frightening the deadly energy was.

"Where is Su Yu?" Mo Wu's mind was sharp and she questioned Tang Yixuan.

The light membrane had turned completely black and it was impossible to pass through it. If one were to pass through it forcefully, they would be turned into ashes.

Tang Yixuan's expression changed slightly. His eyes flashed and he was full of regrets. "Senior Sister, Brother Su Yu's speed was quite slow. When I left, he had not reached the light membrane yet. It seems like he will have to stay there forever."

Within Tang Yixuan's heart, he was full of remorse. That small jade box was definitely a frightening item.

"What?" Mo Wu's clear expression changed and her mind was in a turmoil.

Su Yu did not manage to escape?

What made Mo Wu's mood heavy was that the death light membrane had started to emitted thick layers of dark deadly energy!

"Not good! Everyone, leave quickly!" Wei Kang's head was tingling. To someone of the Dragon Realm, that frightening deadly energy could mean death!

Whiz, whiz, whiz

The group of martial artists retreated to whence they came and hid in the ravine that Su Yu and his group of martial artists were previously at to avoid the dark energy.

Mo Wu's beautiful eyes shrank; she blamed herself. Why did she send Su Yu over to the other side of the rift? How was she going to answer to her Master later on? How was she going to bring up this matter to Xianer?

"Not good! Continue to retreat! The deadly energy will totally cover up the forbidden ruins and we cannot stay in the ruins any longer!" The other Dragon Realm Level One vice-captain, Lan Ling, changed her expression and made a prompt decision as they ordered the group of martial artists.

The dark energy passed through the canyon and entered the ravine. All the living beings in the places that the dark energy passed by turned into ashes.

The lively ravine which was filled with flowers turned into black ash which filled the sky instantly as if it was hell.

Mo Wu looked out of the ravine with a remorseful expression. "Su Yu sorry."

She led the group of martial artists and retreated back to where they came from hastily.

Every time they retreated back to another area, the dark energy would catch up to them.

During their escape, all the demonic beasts that they met were turned into ash by the dark energynot even their bones were left! The deadly energy that caused all of their heads to feel tingly had forced them to leave the forbidden cave.

Only once they reached the light yellow membrane at the entrance of the cave was the deadly energy blocked and kept inside the cave.

If not for that, the whole abyss of Wutong would have been covered by black mist.

The group of martial artists narrowly escaped from their death. their losses were quite great and they were in dire straits.

All their faces wore an elated expression as they, fortunately, survived the crisis.

"We got out of the danger alive! What is the horrible shriek that came from deep inside the rift? Why did cause the light membrane to change and become full of deadly energy?" That was the question that everyone had.

Lin Ming's face was filled with grief. "The only pitiful thing is that Junior Su We have abandoned him!"

The group of martial artists became terrified.

Although Su Yu's cultivation base was not high, his contributions to the group were so great that he could be not replaced. Most of the disciples from the abyss of Wutong had good impressions of him.

All of them had escaped. Su Yu alone was left behind forever!

Mo Wu slowly closed her eyes and cupped her jade-like fists. Her knuckles turned slightly white.

She had failed to bring Su Yu back alive!

"Senior Mo, sorry, I" Tang Yixuan pretended to be remorseful.

Although everyone else did not say anything, Tang Yixuan sensed that they blamed him. Why did he not give Su Yu a hand during the critical moment?


Mo Wu opened her eyes. Her eyes were overflowing with coldness and her jade-like hands slapped Tang Yixuan's cheeks ruthlessly.

Her clear and gloomy slap left everyone else dumbfounded!

Tang Yixuan himself was stupefied. Had he really just been slapped in front of everyone?

"You" Tang Yixuan became furious. Even if he was really at fault, was there a need to slap him in front of everyone?

His voice ceased abruptly. After slapping him, Mo Wu also slapped herself.

A clear red palm print appeared on her beautiful face that looked like jade that had been carved.

Everyone then realized that Mo Wu's eyes were overflowing with tears.

"You are responsible for Su Yu's death, but I am even more responsible" Mo Wu said coldly.

Her words were slightly trembling; this had never happened before.

Everyone felt ashamed and mournful.

Senior Mo was depressed over Su Yu's death. She, who was as cold as an ice mountain, was unable to express her happiness or anger. She was in mourning.

Tang Yixuan touched his warm face and he secretly felt hatred within him. "You dare slap me? Good! It's time then! Mo Wu, your good days shall come to an end!"

Within the forbidden ruins, Su Yu's expression was extremely grave.

The appearance of the death light membrane had caused the atmosphere to be filled with deadly energy as if it wanted to turn everything into ash.

Moreover, Su Yu was at the end of the ruins and there was no way out!

Against the frightening deadly energy, there was nothing that Su Yu could do.

"Am I going to die here?" Su Yu was dissatisfied. If he died, who would rescue Xianer? Would Jingyu be depressed?

Even though the Heaven and Earth were vast, he could not ask anyone for help!


at that moment, the words carved on the stone tablet changed again.

"If you wish to be rescued, go to the bottom of the rift!"

Su Yu did not even think twice and he headed deep down into the rift. As to whether he could escape from the deadly energy, it was a race against time.

Whether the words carved on the stone were true or false, Su Yu had no choice but to follow them. If he stayed on the surface, he would be killed by the deadly energy. If he headed to the bottom of the rift, he might have a chance of surviving.


The rift was not very deep; it was only a few hundred feet deep.

When Su Yu landed at the bottom of the abyss, the deadly energy swept past the area. It came into contact with Su Yu's clothes, causing them to turn into ash.

The anti-dust purple robe that Su Yu wore had been already damaged by the Snow Lion's stomach acid. It was now completely destroyed.

Surprisingly, Su Yu discovered that the deadly energy could only linger about ten feet above the bottom of the rift.

As such, the bottom of the rift was extremely safe.

"After countless years, I finally see a second living person." An old and hoarse voice which carried an ancient vibe could be heard by Su Yu!

Su Yu's expression changed and he felt a chill in his spine!