The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 166

Chapter 166: An Extremely Old Fragment Of A Soul
Chapter 166: An Extremely Old Fragment Of A Soul
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"Who is it?" Su Yu's back felt a chill. Since that person mentioned that he had been there for countless years, how can he be a human being?

"I am right in front of you."

Su Yu looked. Within the sea of darkness at the bottom of the rift, there were broken stones that were in a mess No, there was a grave which did not have a stone tablet!

Weeds grew atop the grave. The grave was in a desolate and barren place by itself. The voice came from the grave.

Su Yu was shocked. Was this a strong martial artist who had died a countless years ago?

His heart shivered slightly. Su Yu thought to himself for a while. After which, he bowed down. "Thank you, elder."

The words carved on the stone tablet on top of the rift had changed again and again. The first change warned them of the appearance of the death light membrane and told them to leave immediately. The second change told Su Yu, who had been left behind, to hide at the bottom of the rift.

Having saved him twice, Su Yu felt indebted and he bowed down to express his gratitude.

"Kid, are you not going to ask who am I?" Within the grave which had no stone tablet, a white smoke curled upward. After which, a transparent shadow like it was mist appeared from the grave.

The white smoke turned into a white robed old man with a gray face.

He wore a simple robe and was well-mannered. Ha had a snow white hair and beard. His face looked old and it was filled with wrinkles, looking like death would approach him any moment.

Although he was old, he was hale and hearty. He was glowing with radiating vigor and his talents were matchless like he was a transcendent being.

What made Su Yu surprised was that the old man was transparent! He suspected ghosts really existed.

He was only astonished for a moment. His astonishment was quickly replaced by calmness and vigilance. "Putting aside who elder is, I am more concerned as to whether elder is a human being or a ghost?"

The old man nodded his head. "Interesting. After having seen my strange body, you are able to remain calm and composed. It is hard to believe that you are only fifteen years old!"

"As you have guessed, I am indeed a soul which took the shape of a body. Using words that normal people understand, I am a spirit!" The old man revealed his identity. He was a soul which took the shape of a body countless years ago!

Although his flesh was destroyed, his soul remained alive and he ended up in his current state.

Su Yu gasped! Soul body! A human being's soul could exist by itself even after leaving the body?

The current state of the old man changed how Su Yu looked at the world!

"Once a soul had reached a certain high level, it can leave the body and travel around the world. This is nothing to be surprised about. At your current state, you would be unable to understand. However, a day will come where you reach my level because you are also a Prodigy of Souls." The old man smiled and looked at Su Yu. With just a look, he could tell that Su Yu's soul was strong.

In front of the old man, except for his secret of the Nine-Dragon Cauldron, Su Yu felt that his entire body had been seen through and there was nothing that he could hide.

Filled with astonishment, Su Yu bowed down. "I have seen souls before Elder spirit."

"I am called Yun Yazi. You can call me Yun Ya."

Su Yu remembered his name. "Elder Yun Ya, you have rescued me twice. Is it because you have a certain request?"

In actual fact, even if Yun Yazi did not have any requests, Su Yu still wanted to put in his best efforts to repay Yun Yazi for rescuing him. If not for Yun Yazi, Su Yu would have lost his life to the deadly energy.

Yun Yazi was slightly surprised. He looked at Su Yu a few times curiously and was astonished. "I have seen many people in my life and there are very few people of your age who are as understanding as you."

"Indeed, I rescued all of you as I have an ulterior motive." Yun Yazi sighed softly. "In the past, someone plotted against me and destroyed my body. My soul was trapped here and for many years, I have tried to escape. However, there is a seal on me and I am unable to escape." Yun Yazi tilted his head and looked at the light membrane above him. That was the seal that suppressed his soul.

"It was only one year ago that the earthquake which occurred here caused the seal to loosen. As such, I was able to move away from the grave for a short while. However, I can only move a hundred feet away from the grave."

After saying that, Su Yu understood Yun Yazi's request. He wanted Su Yu to help him leave the place.

Su Yu did not know who sealed Yun Yazi and he also did not know what kind of person Yun Yazi was. However, he was still indebted to Yun Yazi.

Moreover, he kindly warned Su Yu and his group of people about the appearance of the death light membrane and told them to leave quickly. From the looks of that, Yun Yazi was not an evil person.

"Originally, I had hoped that one of you could help me to leave this place. However, who expected that evil creature to be so ambitious. It tampered with the seal and caused the death light membrane to appear. This had unexpectedly put all of you into danger and had also caused you to be trapped here," Yun Yazi said as he signed.

Evil creature? Who?

Su Yu suddenly remembered that, in Yun Yazi's words, he was the second person that Yun Yazi had seen in the countless years that Yun Yazi had been here.

Who was the first person?

It was unknown why but Su Yu suddenly recalled the red-eyed shadow that he saw at the bottom of the abyss of Wutong.

Could it be him?

Su Yu put aside his uncertainty and said. "Elder Yun Ya, how do I rescue you and how do we leave this place?"

Since that red-eyed shadow was able to leave the forbidden ruins after activating the death light membrane, Su Yu should be able to leave as well.

Yun Yazi was slightly surprised. It was unexpected that Su Yu would save him of his own accord.

"It is very easy to rescue me. If you have a magical treasure that can accommodate and nourish a soul body, then it can be done," Yun Yazi said.

A magical treasure to accommodate a soul? Su Yu was at a loss. The only treasure that he possessed was the Divine Ice Ring. Within the ring it was extremely cold and prickly. As such, it was inappropriate to nourish a soul in the ring.

Suddenly, Su Yu recalled that he had a small jade box that he had kept under his robe. That small jade box was considered astounding. Since it was under the protection of a frightening skeleton, it must be an extraordinary box.

Su Yu took out the small jade box and asked. "Elder, is this box suitable to accommodate your soul body?"

"Eh! The divine artifact that was possessed by Wutong's Zhang Zun is actually in your hands!" That was the first time that Yun Yazi revealed a surprised expression and he looked at Su Yu with amazement.

Divine artifact? Su Yu's heart gave a loud beat. Moreover, the small jade box was the divine artifact of Wutong's Zhang Zun. Could it be that Zhang Zun is the master of the abyss of Wutong?

If that is the case, the power of the divine artifact must be overwhelming!

Knowing that Su Yu obtained the small jade box unexpectedly from the space, Yun Yazi could no longer hold his laughter and he laughed. "You and Tang Yixuan have extremely good luck! That space should be the place where Wutong's Zhang Zun passed away. That space was probably created by Zhang Zun himself and it was sealed off forever. There was only a transportation spell to exit the space, but there weren't any spells to enter the space! Even if it were people from the abyss of Wutong, it was also extremely difficult for them to enter the space.

"As for the both of you, because the transportation spell had been left in the cave for many years, both of you entered that sealed space unexpectedly. For you to be able to obtain the small jade box, you have extraordinary luck!"

"You must know that in the whole of the abyss of Wutong, the value of all the treasures cannot be compared to one tenth of that of the small jade box." Yun Yazi praised.

What? This small jade box is so precious? Su Yu's heart was beating quickly. His gains were so huge that it was unimaginable.

"Elder, what kind of treasure is inside the small jade box? Can you enter the small jade box?" Su Yu questioned.

Yun Yazi's expression turned grave. "It can barely accommodate my soul body. However, I advise you to refrain from opening the small jade box. At your current level of cultivation base, the small jade box will only bring you harms and not benefits."

Su Yu was overwhelmed. He recalled that by just looking at the skeleton, his eyes would feel prickly.

Hence, he could imagine that within the small jade box, there would be a huge amount of energy. If he opened the small jade box recklessly, he might bring about a disaster instead of good fortune for himself.

"Elder, please enter the small jade box." Su Yu extended the small jade box.

Yun Yazi was surprised. "Are you not scared that after I have escaped, I will go back on my words and requite kindness with enmity and snatch the small jade box away from you? Although I am a soul that has taken the form of a body, dealing with a little kid like you is as easy as turning my hand over."

Su Yu laughed bitterly. "It is natural for me to be worried. You are of unknown origin and your abilities are unfathomable. Hence, there is no doubt that I would incur a risk.

"But you" Yun Yazi did not understand. However, Su Yu had thought about Yun Yazi's point a long time ago.

Su Yu stopped his bitter laughter and regained his calmness. "In my life, there are debts that I have to repay! You are just a spirit, that is it."

Even though he knew that there would be a risk, he still wished to repay his debts?

Yun Yazi looked at Su Yu deeply and he admired Su Yu. Within his eyes, the thread of hesitation disappeared.

Yun Yazi's unusual expression returned to normal. He then shook his head and laughed. "Hahaha, I like the fact that you want to repay your debts! As of now, I can finally be at ease! If you were like that evil creature, even if you invited me, I would not leave with you!"


Yun Yazi turned into a transparent smoke and entered the small jade box.

Yun Yazi's laughter could be heard from the small jade box. "Kid, don't worry. Although I have met with misfortune, this small jade box still does not catch my eye. When my abilities are fully recovered, and if you wish to give me the small jade box then, I might not even take a look at it."

Su Yu was stunned. Such big words! In Yun Yazi's eyes, that unique small jade box was something that he became uninterested in after taking one glance at it!

Where did a strong martial artist like him come from? How did he end up here?

"Elder, how do I leave this place?" Su Yu questioned.

The small jade box remained silent for some time. After which, an awkward voice could be heard. "Can it be that you also have no idea?"


A gust of wind blew toward Su Yu. Su Yu stood on the spot stiffly and his forehead was full of cold sweat!

He was counting on the help of the mysterious and unpredictable old man!

In the end, he had no idea as well!

"Since that evil creature was able to enter and exit freely, there must be a passage somewhere. I have been suppressed by the seal and I cannot leave further than a hundred feet away. Hence, I was unable to find out where the passage was. You have extremely good eyesight, just do a thorough examination of the surrounding," Yun Yazi said after pondering for some time.

Su Yu's mind had that idea. He was examining the surrounding.

Suddenly, he discovered a crevice that allowed a person to pass through on the right wall of the rift!

The crevice was located at a remote area and it was hidden intentionally. As such, Su Yu only noticed it after some time.

Su Yu moved to the crevice quickly and was about to enter it.

"Stop!" Yun Yazi warned Su Yu abruptly.

Su Yu stopped immediately and he was surprised. "Why, is there a trap in the crevice? Why do I not sense it?"

Yun Yazi spoke in a low and deep voice. "That evil creature's cultivation base is way above you. Hence, it is normal for you to be unable to sense the traps that he had set."


A thread of soul energy was emitted from the small jade box and it struck the entrance of the crevice.


A layer of red flame subtly appeared at the entrance of the crevice.

The red flame had an extremely high temperature. This caused Su Yu's heart to beat extremely fast and he immediately retreated by about ten feet!

What a frightening flame!

If he had come into contact with it carelessly just now, would he have been turned into ash immediately?

"What a malicious move! In order to prevent anyone else from entering, he had hidden this trap at the entrance of the crevice. That evil creature!" Yun Yazi gave a light hum. He released some soul energy which swept pass the entrance of the crevice, extinguishing the frightening red flames on the spot.

As for Yun Yazi's soul, it was not affected by the flames in the slightest bit!

What a frightening soul! His soul was actually able to extinguish such a frightening flame! How strong had he been before his body was destroyed?

"Elder, I will now enter the crevice." Su Yu said.

Yun Yazi took a look deep inside the crevice and became silent for some time before he sighed. "I am afraid that you will also be trapped here forever.

"Although the flames in the crevice have been extinguished, there are many fire stars hidden in the crevice. Those fire stars have an extremely high temperature. If you were to enter the crevice, you would not last for even a short while."

Su Yu looked forward and discovered that within the crevice, flames with extremely high temperature were scattered everywhere.

If Su Yu were to enter the crevice recklessly, he would be turned into ash instantaneously.

What kind of person left this trap here? The red flame is actually this frightening? Su Yu's heart sank.

"You must achieve Seventh Level Holy King and use your strong spiritual energy to withstand the flames, if not" Yun Yazi sighed. Considering that Su Yu had a cultivation base of Fourth Level Peak Holy King, it was impossible for him to make a breakthrough to Seventh Level Holy King in a short amount of time.

Seventh Level Holy King? Su Yu's heart sank abruptly.