The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 167

Chapter 167: The Appearance Of The Empire Of Darkness
Chapter 167: The Appearance Of The Empire Of Darkness
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Under a situation where he had insufficient resources, it would be extremely difficult for Su Yu to achieve Seventh Level Holy King, even if he meditated for hundreds of years.

Am I going to be trapped at the bottom of the rift for the rest of my life?

Feeling dissatisfied, Su Yu's eyes flashed. He condensed his spiritual energy into a Blue-Green Ice Flame and shot it into the crevice.

The ice flame remained for a few breaths' time before extinguishing by itself.

Yun Yazi was surprised. "Eh? So you have learned ice-based cultivation techniques. Since this is the case, you only need to achieve Sixth Level Holy King. By combining your ice-based cultivation technique and the spiritual energy of a Sixth Level Holy King, you might be able to barely withstand the temperature of the flames in the crevice."

To Su Yu, achieving Sixth Level Holy King was something that was quite far away.

Immediately after that, Su Yu created another Blue-Green Ice Flame with thick layers of spiritual energy.

When the Blue-Green Ice Flame was shot into the crevice, it lasted for thirty breath's time before extinguishing.

Yun Yazi was astonished. "You are rich in spiritual energy. Even though you have a cultivation base of Fourth Level Peak Holy King, the amount of spiritual energy that you possess is comparable to someone who is of Fifth Level Peak Holy King!"

Is that considered good? Looking at the whole faction, among the Fourth Level Holy Kings, who dared to compete with Su Yu with regards to the amount of spiritual energy they possessed?

"Seems like you only need to achieve Fifth Level Holy King and your spiritual energy will be comparable to that of a Sixth Level Holy King." Yun Yazi heaved a sigh of relief.

It was still possible for Su Yu to achieve Fifth Level Holy King.

Achieve Fifth Level Holy King? Su Yu nodded his head. It was about time for him to start training and make a breakthrough to Fifth Level Holy King.

Under the effects of the crystal spiritual flower, his blood vessels had returned to normal, allowing the medicine to exhibit all of its benefits.


Su Yu took out a top grade marrow cleansing elixir.

That top grade marrow cleansing elixir was exchanged beforehand. Su Yu was fortunate as it was said that the top grade marrow cleansing elixir could only be given out with the faction master's consent.

The top grade marrow cleansing elixir was dark blue in color like it was a ball that emitted a dark blue light. It had a savory aroma, causing Su Yu's cultivation base to loosen and also giving him signs of making a breakthrough.

What a frightening medicine! By just breathing in a breath of its aroma, Su Yu showed signs of making a breakthrough?

The top grade marrow cleansing elixir could do more than that.

If he swallowed it, would his cultivation base make a breakthrough to Fifth Level Peak Holy King from Fourth Level Peak Holy King instantly? If not, would he achieve Sixth Level Holy King instead?

When Su Yu was about to swallow the top grade marrow cleansing elixir to make a breakthrough, Yun Yazi shouted at him to stop. "Top grade marrow cleansing elixir? Are you not afraid of your body exploding, causing your death as a result?"

Su Yu was shocked. "Elder, are there any problems with the elixir?"

Yun Yazi could not help but laugh. "The elixir has no problems. You are the one who has problems! The effects of the top grade marrow cleansing elixir are equivalent to the effects of hundred medium grade marrow cleansing elixir. To you, the amount of energy it contains is extremely huge. Just like a ball, if you put in too much air, what do you think will happen?"

Su Yu became terrified. "But I have swallowed thirty-five medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs before, why did nothing happen to me?"

Yun Yazi laughed. "If I did not guess wrong, the thirty-five elixirs did not take effect at the same time. If not, something would have happened to you already! Am I correct?"

It was not just correct, he had completely hit the mark!

That time, because of his blood vessels, the effects of the thirty-five elixirs were precipitated in his body and his body took two attempts before absorbing its effects fully.

Yun Yazi's words were not fake.

"But if I don't swallow the elixir, it will be difficult for me to achieve Fifth Level Holy King in a short time!" Su Yu was worried.

Yun Yazi laughed. "Don't worry. I can help you absorb one-third of the elixir. As for the remaining two thirds, you will absorb half of the elixir and the other half will be sealed in your body. With that, you can prepare to make a breakthrough to Fifth Level Holy King at your own time!"

Even if it was one-third of the elixir, its effect was equivalent to the effects of thirty-five medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs.

"I will help you to absorb the one-third of the elixir. With that, I hope that you can make a breakthrough safely."

Su Yu hesitated for a moment. Even though he would lose one-third of the elixir to Yun Yazi, if he were able to absorb the top grade marrow cleansing elixir safely, then it would not be considered a loss.

Su Yu took out his top grade marrow cleansing elixir immediately.

Within the small jade box, an inconspicuous space energy appeared and covered the top grade marrow cleansing elixir.

In the blink of an eye, the marrow cleansing elixir became thirty percent dimmer with a speed that a naked eye could just barely perceive. Thirty percent of the elixir was lost!

"I have absorbed one-third of the elixir and also sealed another one-third of the elixir. As for the remaining thirty percent of the elixir, your body will be able to absorb it. You can swallow the elixir now!"

Su Yu bit his teeth and swallowed the elixir.

Thirty percent of the elixir was equivalent to thirty-five medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs. The energy that it contained was equivalent to a flood and it was wrecking havoc in Su Yu's body!

His blood was excited instantly, causing his internal blood energy channels to swell like it was about to burst from the excess energy.

Su Yu could felt a prickly feeling all over his body! Su Yu had a feeling that he was going to explode.

Yun Yazi was right. Although the elixir was good, its effect was too strong and it was no different from a poison!

In imminent peril, Yun Yazi lent him a helping hand. A soft yet strong soul energy entered Su Yu's body.

After coming in contact with the soul energy, the violent energy became as gentle as a lamb. It followed the soul energy gently and cleansed Su Yu's body. Yun Yazi took action to help Su Yu and also examined his body.

After muttering to himself for some time, Yun Yazi spoke deeply. "Your body is quite weak!

"You have progressed too quickly. Hence, your fundamentals are not strong and your physique is clearly not the same as a real Fourth Level Peak Holy King. If not for your strong cultivation techniques and spiritual energy, against other Fourth Level Holy Kings, you would suffer many defeats instead of being victorious."

Su Yu was surprised. Indeed, he had progressed greatly with an astonishing speed. He did not expect Yun Yazi to be aware of his problems after looking at him once.

"When I have the time, I will make you some elixirs to help you solve your problems." Yun Yazi mentioned casually after pondering for some time.

Su Yu's heart was filled with happiness. "Thank you, elder!"

"No need to thank me. Take it as my compensation for absorbing one-third of your elixir." Yun Yazi then said, "Now, relax your mind. As the effects of the elixir are extremely strong, it will take you about two days to completely absorb them!"

After hearing what was said, Su Yu started to concentrate and absorb the effects of the elixir.

At the outside world, in the tents on top of the abyss of Wutong, there was a gloomy atmosphere.

In the exploration of the forbidden ruins, some people gained treasures from the ravine while the rest of them did not get what they wanted.

Not to mention, the rumored Immortal level cultivation technique; they did not even find the remnants of a manual of a Legacy level cultivation technique.

They had also sacrificed Junior Su Yu!

After getting such a report from the group of them who had gathered, the Fourth Elder revealed an indifferent expression. "Since the forbidden ruins have been filled with deadly energy, we can only give up! Tomorrow, all of you will clean up the abyss of Wutong. The next day, all of you will return to the faction."

After answering the Fourth Elder, the group of martial artists started to bustle about.

As for Tang Yixuan, his eyes were filled with coldness and he glared at Mo Wu, who was standing on the cliff by herself. His cold eyes then flashed. "Mo! Your good days have ended!"

Lan Ling and Wei Kang stood in front of the tents and looked at Mo Wu quietly.

"Senior Wei and Senior Mo looked like they feel guilty for Su Yu's death." Lan Ling sighed.

Wei Kang's face revealed an angry expression. "Humph! Who do you think he is? Is he a person that Mo Wu should feel guilty for? His incompetence caused him to die in the forbidden ruins. Hence, it is his fault that he died!"

Lan Ling was surprised. "Senior Wei, are you still head over heels for Senior Mo? you should understand Senior Mo's personality. It is impossible for you to move her heart."

"I don't believe! There will come a day where I obtain both her body and heart!" Wei Kang revealed a dissatisfied expression as well as his wish.

The next day, all the disciples of the abyss of Wutong entered the bottom of the abyss. They re-examined the ruins to find things that they might have omitted.

that area had been unearthed for many years. If there were treasures, it would be discovered already. As such, the group of martial artists did not find anything.

"Is there any findings?" The Fourth Elder gathered the group of martial artists, looked around and questioned them.

As the captain, Mo Wu moved forward and made her report. "With regards to Elder's question, we did not find anything."

after her speech, Mo Wu paused for some time. " I wish to stay here for a few more days. Once the deadly energy in the forbidden ruins has dispersed, we can enter the forbidden ruins again to examine it."

The group of martial artists was shocked. Is there still a need to enter that frightening and dangerous place?

After hearing what was said, the Fourth Elder sighed. "Mo Wu, I understand that you wish to rescue Su Yu. Within that deadly energy, even if it were me, there was no guarantee of coming out alive. Since he has not come yet, perhaps I cannot let the faction's disciples risk their lives to look for something that is uncertain."

Mo Wu's intentions were exposed and her cold face turned red. Her pretty eyes were filled with even more sadness.

Does she not know that the chances of Su Yu surviving were close to zero?

She only wanted to put in her energy to look for Su Yu!

"Now, we will rest for the night. Tomorrow, all of you will return to the faction with me"

A pretty noise that was pleasant to the ear like it was sound of a silver bell could be heard from the sky.

"Return to the faction? Do you think that you will have the chance to do that?"


While the group of martial artists' pupils shrank, a black floating ship descended from the sky with an extremely fast speed!

Rustle, rustle, rustle

A platoon of silver clothed guards descended from the black floating ship and there were about twenty of them.

All of them wore the same clothes and they were young men and woman aged about twenty-five to twenty-six. Every single one of them had a solemn, cold, and merciless expression!

Their cultivation bases caused the disciples who were there to gasp!

Their weakest person was at Sixth Level Holy King!

Their strongest person had achieved Dragon Realm Level One Peak, which was the same as Mo Wu!

The twenty of them were able to suppress the disciples in the abyss of Wutong who were above Sixth Level Holy King!

The woman who commanded them covered her jade-like face with a layer of a translucent veil, making it difficult to see her real face.

She had a pair of clear eyes which looked like a bright moon. Her gaze was like the reflection of a beautiful and quiet moonlight, causing anyone who saw her be drunk as a result.

She wore a dress and she had a good-looking figure which could be seen clearly.

She was not older than twenty years old. She looked about eighteen or nineteen, which was the most beautiful age where flowers bloomed.

It was difficult to ascertain her cultivation base!

In many people's eyes, she was clearly a weak and powerless woman. Behind her was a group of frightening teenagers who hung their heads low to pay respect to her.

The Fourth Elder was extremely astonished. He was so frightened to the point that even his soul was shaking and he uttered four cold and chilling words. "The! Empire! Of! Darkness!"

The terrifying Empire of Darkness had actually appeared at the abyss of Wutong!

"Split up and escape immediately. Do not look back! Do not escape in the direction of the faction as well!" Without the slightest bit of hesitation, the Fourth Elder gave his orders!

At the same time, he himself also started to make his escape!

That's right. He did not even have the courage to fight with that eighteen or nineteen-year-old woman! Because the Fourth Elder was unable to ascertain her cultivation base as well!


The expression on Mo Wu's beautiful face turned unpleasant. The frightening Empire of Darkness had actually come for them?

Without hesitation, Mo Wu turned her body and started to make her escape!

"Miss Hua, do we give chase?" Among the twenty teenagers, a Dragon Realm Level One young man asked with respect.

The veiled woman's clear eyes moved and she looked like it was a crescent moon.

"Of course! You do not need to concern yourself with the ants that are below Sixth Level Holy King. Capture all the disciples who are Sixth Level Holy King and above, especially the three Dragon Realm Level One disciples! As for the Fourth Elder, leave him to me!" Miss Hua instructed.

"Miss Hua, do we not kill them on the spot?" A Dragon Realm Level One Peak man asked her cautiously.

Miss Hua's beautiful and crescent-like eyes flashed indifferently. "You dare to kill someone from the Liuxian faction? If that demonic woman comes after you, don't blame me for not helping you!"

Demonic woman? After hearing what was said, that young man's body shivered in fear and his eyes were filled with a respect that he had never before felt.

"If you understand, capture them immediately! Of course, if they are extremely stubborn, you can kill them!" Miss Hua added.

Whiz, whiz, whiz

The twenty of them turned cold and had nothing to say. They came to a secret agreement. Two of them will form a group and disperse in all directions. Every group would choose one of the ten Sixth Level Holy Kings as their target and go after him.

Miss Hua's pretty eyes looked towards the direction of the Fourth Elder and she smiled. "Old bastard, I will use you as my warm up. After which, I will enter your faction, find and settle my scores with the little bastard who killed my spiritual pet!"


Miss Hua disappeared on the spot without even leaving a fragmentary shadow!

At that moment, Su Yu woke up from his meditation.

He opened his eyes. His brilliant eyes blinked and an extremely strong energy that he never felt before filled his body.

Even without Su Yu's control, layers of spiritual energy lingered on top of his head to form clouds.

"I went up by two tiers and made a breakthrough to Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King in one shot?" Su Yu was delighted!

As expected of the top grade marrow cleansing elixir, even though it was just one-third of it; it had such a strong power!

The thought of that caused Su Yu to become frightened. If no one gave him any warning and if he swallowed the whole top grade marrow cleansing elixir, he might already end up as a chunk of mincemeat.

Yun Yazi withdrew his soul energy gently and felt puzzled. "This is strange. According to my calculations, you would require two days to fully absorb the effects of the elixir. How is it that you are able to do it in one day? Could it be that, within your body, there is something unusual that I have yet to find out?"

Su Yu's heart skipped a beat. His blood vessels had been cleansed by the red liquid from the Nine-Dragon Cauldron, causing his blood vessels to be different from a normal person.

"Perhaps due to the pressure that I am feeling, I managed to absorb the effects of the elixir twice as fast. And now, it is time to leave this place."

Yun Yazi cast aside his suspicions and nodded his head. "Your breakthrough is greater than expected and you will have no problems passing through the crevice."

Su Yu took a deep breath. His spiritual energy and Blue-Green Ice Flame revolved around his body and he headed into the crevice.

At that moment, the blazing hot flames caused Su Yu's body to feel extreme pain.

the flames only caused Su Yu to feel pain and his body was unscathed.

As such, Su Yu became at ease and he followed the path in the crevice. That crevice gradually zigzagged upwards and it was connected to the surface!

"The earthquake one month ago caused this crevice to appear unexpectedly. That evil creature followed this crevice into the bottom of the rift and realized my existence. Thinking about it, the junk left behind in the old imperial palace was also plundered by him." Yun Yazi explained.

Su Yu's lips shrank. Junk? The items left behind in the old imperial palace were the foundation of Liuxian faction. in Yun Yazi's eyes, they were considered as junk!

Moreover, who was the evil creature that Yun Yazi mentioned?

Finally, after an hour, Su Yu passed through the crevice successfully.


After coming out of the crevice, Su Yu took a long breath.

He looked at his surroundings and surprisingly discovered that he had already left the forbidden ruins and come to the bottom of the abyss. Moreover, he was at the ruins that he was familiar with!

"This is" Su Yu instantly recognized his location. The ruins that he was in was the ruins that the red-eyed shadow appeared in sneakily!

Could it be that, back then, when the shadow disappeared, it went into the hidden crevice?

"Elder Yun Ya, can you tell me who is this evil creature that you keep mentioning? Can you describe his appearance?" In Su Yu's mind, a person's shadow appeared!

Yun Yazi's voice became serious. "Little kid, looks like trouble has come for you."


At that moment, a shadow descended from the sky of the abyss!

That shadow had a cultivation base of Seventh Level Peak Holy King, causing Su Yu to suffocate!