The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Chapter 168
Chapter 168: Chapter 168
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The shadow belonged to an imperial clothed woman. Although she was about twenty years old, she had achieved the frightening Seventh Level Peak Holy King!

In regard to her talents, apart from the faction's top ten disciples, who could achieve that?

The imperial clothed woman headed toward Su Yu swiftly and fiercely. When she came nearer to Su Yu, she stopped leisurely and spit. "So, it is a Junior of Fifth Level Holy King. What a waste of time!"

After her speech, she gave up on Su Yu and flew high up into the sky, headed for another direction.

The danger came and went too quickly, causing Su Yu to be dumbfounded for a moment. However, he gradually became at ease and his expression turned grave. "Seems that there is something going on in the abyss of Wutong!"


Su Yu flew on top of the abyss of Wutong carefully and stood at its edge. When he looked around the abyss of Wutong, his expression changed!

The scene within fifty meters of Su Yu had caused him to become serious!

A group of extremely talented teenagers was capturing Sixth Level Holy King disciples of the abyss of Wutong freely.

Sixth Level Holy Kings who were troublesome to deal with were killed on the spot!

Among the ten Sixth Level Holy King disciples, eight or nine of them had been killed!

The fight ended before it even started. The gap between both sides was too huge!

"They are" Su Yu was shocked. Where did this group of frightening teenagers come from?

Su Yu was only shocked for a moment. He flew across the horizon!

He was headed in a direction that was opposite of the Liuxian faction.

Those teenagers came prepared and they had captured nearly everyone. Flying back recklessly was equivalent to walking right into the trap.

Beneath his legs, the forest became gloomy.

Su Yu continued to feel uneasy.

Will the surprise attack on the abyss of Wutong bring about change?

A disastrous thought filled his mind. His escape would continue on for many hours. The only thing that made Su Yu feel gratified was that the pursuers were uninterested in Fifth Level Holy Kings like Su Yu, they would only attack the Sixth Level Holy Kings.

Although it was dangerous, he could still escape from the abyss of Wutong safely.

When Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief, he heard the sound of a violent combat as well as a charming voice.

"Mo Wu?" Su Yu was surprised. She was not easily overcome.

Su Yu concealed himself, went toward Mo Wu's direction, and observed the battle.

The corners of Mo Wu's mouth were stained with blood. Her cold and jade-like face was filled with murderous intent.

A pair of phoenix eyes glared at Tang Yixuan coldly!

"What a traitor! You are actually a spy sent by the Empire of Darkness! No wonder the location of the abyss of Wutong is exposed!"

Tang Yixuan berated her coldly, "Temptress! Throughout the journey, you kept on protecting Su Yu again and again. Let's see if you can still show off!"

The man beside Tang Yixuan was the strongest among the twenty silver clothed guards. He was a martial artist of Dragon Realm Level One Peak. His eyes looked fierce and his face was filled with admiration as he measured Mo Wu's abilities.

"Even though you are twenty years old, you already possess the abilities of a Dragon Realm Level One Peak. You are quite talented. If you were in the Empire of Darkness, the emphasis would be given to nurturing you. If you joined the Empire of Darkness sincerely, you would definitely achieve success and not remain as a small fry in the continent."

Mo Wu's phoenix eyes were filled with murderous intent. "No need! Human beings need not possess arrogance. However, they must possess an unyielding spirit! Surrender now! I cannot comply with your wishes!"

"Han Xiaowei, I have told you before. Mo Wu is cold and arrogant. She is very difficult to reason with and she will not turn traitorous and switch over to our side. Our only option is to kill her!" Tang Yixuan's eyes were filled with coldness.

Mo Wu shouted coldly. "I still have wishes to fulfill. Hence, I will not die here! Both of you will be the ones to die!"

"Cold Gale Sword!" Mo Wu shouted with a charming voice and she took out an elastic sword from her waist!

The sword was shining with a silvery light that sent chills down a person's spine.

Layers of cold air revolved around the silver sword.

When she held the silver sword, her temperament changed.

Her jade-like face which was already icy cold became even colder as if she was a sword that was unsheathed!

She was swift and fierce!

Tang Yixuan was surprised. He retreated a few steps quietly and stayed vigilant. "Even though my surprise attack broke her internal blood energy channel, sword techniques are this woman's forte! Once she holds a sword, she becomes thirty percent more powerful and it is difficult for someone of the same level as her to defeat her!

"She does not draw her sword easily. If she draws her sword, it means that she is fighting for her life! Han Xiaowei, please be careful!"

The Four Great Core Disciples of the faction have their own specialty. As for Mo Wu, she specializes in using a sword!

Han Xiaowei's expression gradually turned grave. The moment Mo Wu held her sword, he sensed danger hat could cost him his life!

However, at the same time, Han Xiaowei was burning with a fighting spirit. "Good! Let me show you the power of a sword!"

"Three Lives Extinguishing Sword!" Han Xiaowei extended three fingers from his right hand.

The three fingers were shaped like three swift, fierce longswords!

Every finger was giving off a swift and fierce sword energy that was no weaker than a real blade!

When the three fingers were combined, it gave off a frightening amount of sword energy!

Rub, rub, rub

Tang Yixuan who was behind him could not help but retreat a few feet away!

Looking at him, it was uncertain when, but the sword energy had penetrated his clothes numerous times. The sword energy passed through the holes caused by the penetration and came in contact with his body. As a result, his body was filled with numerous red spots!

Tang Yixuan was stunned!

That was the repercussions of the sword energy. If all the sword energy were directed toward him, wouldn't he be killed by thousands of blades quietly?

Su Yu, who was observing the situation from afar, was shocked.

Was that the power of someone of Dragon Realm? It is so powerful that it was difficult for someone of the Holy King's realm to understand.


At that moment, Han Xiaowei and Mo Wu disappeared from their spots. When they appeared again, they in the middle of where they stood previously!

Clang, clang

The sound of colliding metal echoed throughout the sky! The fierce sword energy spread in all directions!


They stood in the middle of a split tree fifty feet in diameter.

The leaves flew everywhere, the dust surged, and a pitter-patter sound filled the sky.

An overwhelming force almost destroyed everything!

Rub, rub

The two of them did not budge for some time. Han Xiaowei's expression turned grave and he retreated a few steps.

His ruddy face gradually turned pale and a shred of blood streamed down the corners of his lips.

It was obvious whose sword techniques were superior!

Han Xiaowei's pupils were filled with surprise. "What strong willpower! What is your wish?"

When their attacks collided, within his opponent's sword energy Han Xiaowei sensed that Mo Wu had a strong will to live. Was it because of an unfulfilled wish that she refused to die?

What kind of wish would cause her sword energy to be so swift and fierce?

"Tang Yixuan, I am not her opponent. This woman is indeed frightening. Make your move when you have the chance! The both of us will team up and kill her!" Han Xiaowei was not a stubborn and prideful person. When he fought alone, he was inferior to Mo Wu. Hence, it was natural for him to team up with someone else to deal with Mo Wu.

Mo Wu's eyes were cold. She held her sword as though she was a war goddess.

Amid the vast sky, she fought with Han Xiaowei!

Every swing of her sword contained murderous intents!

If any of disciples from outside the Sanctum were present, they would realize that the Mo Wu of the current moment was quite similar to Su Yu who fought righteously.

Even though she was in an adverse situation, she still had a strong will to live. As such, she displayed an unyielding willpower!

Hence, every swing of her sword was extremely strong. Moreover, every swing became even more swift and fierce!

Han Xiaowei, who had the same cultivation base as her, was still able to fight with her initially. However, after a while, he became unable to withstand her attacks!


Finally, Mo Wu's cold-blooded sword pierced Han Xiaowei's shoulders!

She tilted the sharp end of her sword, opening up a large wound, which caused a large amount of blood to gush out from it.

The extreme pain allowed Han Xiaowei to narrowly escape Mo Wu's sword.

Han Xiaowei felt uneasy. His deep voice was filled with anxiety and concern. "Tang Yixuan! Make your move now! This woman is too frightening!"

The more he fought, the more afraid he became. At that moment, he had no doubt that Mo Wu was able to kill someone who had the same cultivation base as her!

Tang Yixuan had a cold expression. He circled behind Mo Wu, looked for an opening when she attacked and launched a surprise attack on her!

Mo Wu's expression changed. She then turned her body around to block the attack with her sword.

However, since Han Xiaowei had been fighting in close combat for a long amount of time, he was extremely experienced. Although it was just a short moment, it was enough for him to find an opportunity to kill Mo Wu!


A surprising scene appeared. Han Xiaowei released the long sword on his hands and held a silk thread instead. He then pulled the silk thread to launch a surprise attack which had the potential to kill Mo Wu!

As Mo Wu was taken by surprise by both of them, she could only choose to block one of the attacks!

Clang, clang

In imminent peril, she chose to block Han Xiaowei's attack. Hence, nothing was in the way of Tang Yixuan's attack and his sinister palm attack struck Mo Wu's back ruthlessly!


Although that attack was not strong enough to kill Mo Wu, it had broken quite a number of her internal blood energy channels, interfering with the circulation of her spiritual energy as a result.

Hence, the long sword that she was holding started to shake as it became difficult to hold it!

Her ruddy mouth then spit out a mouthful of blood.

When she was about to return the attack furiously, Tang Yixuan escaped to another side. He looked at Mo Wu and laughed coldly. "Fool, although you have taken two of my attacks, you are still not dead. You are as fortunate as your ugly master!"

"For insulting for the master, I will kill you!" Mo Wu's eyes were burning with anger. She gave up on dealing with Han Xiaowei and headed for Tang Yixuan.

It was as if Tang Yixuan had mentioned something sensitive and caused Mo Wu to be infuriated!

Having anticipated that, Han Xiaowei took advantage of his situation and headed for Mo Wu. "Just like this, Tang Yixuan, you and I will work together to kill this crazy Mo Wu here! After we return, we will ask the Empire of Darkness to record down our impressive feat!"

Tang Yixuan felt delighted. He then said jokingly, "Come and chase after me! It is a pity that your good life will end here today!"

Mo Wu felt depressed. Am I going to die here?

If she died, who would fulfill her wish?

"Senior Tang, you seem to be enjoying yourself. Why not let me join in the fun as well?" A sneering voice could be heard from the sky!

Knowing that someone had come, all of their expressions changed!


The white clouds were disturbed and a purple shadow descended from the sky!

The purple shadow had silver hair and purple clothes. These unique clothes and hair color were Su Yu's unique symbol!

Although his purple clothes were destroyed and were hence in tatters, his pitch-black eyes which looked like a galaxy shone brilliantly.

Han Xiaowei was stunned and he immediately shouted coldly. "Tang Yixuan, I will leave the small ant to you!"

After hearing what was said, Tang Yixuan's eyes were overflowing with happiness!

He had thought that Su Yu had perished in the forbidden ruins along with that unique small jade box.

He did not expect Su Yu to return back alive!

That secret unique small jade box was fated to be his!

"Su Yu! You actually came out! Today, I would like to see, apart from hiding behind a woman's back, what else can you rely on?" Tang Yixuan was overjoyed. His eyes were burning with a fighting spirit and she headed straight for Su Yu!

Su Yu had a calm expression. His eyes swept pass Tang Yixuan and landed on Mo Wu. He then said indifferently. "Senior Mo, please take care of yourself and leave Tang Yixuan to me!"

Initially, Mo Wu was delighted that Su Yu managed to escape from the deadly energy. After which, she felt disturbed. In the end, she said coldly and arrogantly. "I alone am more than enough to deal with both of them and I do not need anyone to help me! Leave immediately!"

Su Yu smiled. Even though she was at death's door, she still insisted on fighting alone?

Su Yu once felt that Mo Wu was lonely. As of then, he understood why she felt lonely.

It was not that no one was standing by her side. Instead, her heart had no one that she could rely on.

She walked alone in solitude, taking small steps to fulfill her wish.

That was Mo Wu's persistence as well as her loneliness.

Su Yu did not say anything else and his eyes floated toward Tang Yixuan. A refreshing breeze stroked his silver hair and he revealed a calm expression.

"We can finally settle the feud between both of us!" Su Yu sighed calmly and took a stride forward!