The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Looking At Benefits But Overlooking Future Trouble
Chapter 169: Looking At Benefits But Overlooking Future Trouble
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The fact that Tang Yixuan was a spy planted by the Empire of Darkness was exposed.

With that, Su Yu's questions were answered.

He understood why Tang Yixuan went against him again and again, to the point that Tang Yixuan wanted to kill him. It was because Su Yu had killed someone from the Empire of Darkness!

At the place where Wutong's Zhang Zun died, Tang Yixuan wanted to kill Su Yu. At the same place, Su Yu had asked Tang Yixuan why he wanted to kill him.

Tang Yixuan had mentioned that Su Yu had killed someone who he shouldn't have!

At first, Su Yu had thought that Tang Yixuan was someone who was familiar with either Liu Guang or Li Hao.

He did not expect Tang Yixuan to be referring to a silver-clothed guard from the Empire of Darkness!

Thinking about it, the exposure of the abyss of Wutong's location as well as the surprise attack by the Empire of Darkness were both caused by Tang Yixuan!

Seeing that Su Yu was stubborn, Tang Yixuan became vigilant. He secretly looked left and right and then laughed coldly. "Other than hiding behind a woman's back, you still have a trump card?"

"Trump card? I do have a trump card. However, I will not require it especially when I am dealing with you!" Su Yu moved forward instead of retreating. He condensed a frightening amount of spiritual energy on his palm and attacked Tang Yixuan with it!

Tang Yixuan confirmed that within the surroundings there was no one laying in ambush for him. He felt at ease and he laughed coldly. "Prepare to die"


However, things did not play out as he had imagined. Instead, Tang Yixuan retreated quickly and he tasted a taste of blood in his throat. A stock of forceful spiritual energy entered his body and started to wreak havoc all over his body.

His cold smile froze and he gasped. "You achieved Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King? Moreover, what is with the amount of spiritual energy you have? How can it be more than mine!"

"I will tell you the answers in your next life!" Su Yu headed for Tang Yixuan.

Tang Yixuan had caused Su Yu to be at the death's door. As such, Su Yu was filled with murderous intentions to kill Tang Yixuan!

Tang Yixuan found it hard to believe that in a few days, Su Yu, who ran away from him like a stray dog, actually made a comeback and was overpowering him!

"Again!" Tang Yixuan was unsatisfied and he shouting furiously.

Rumble, bang

They exchanged blows again. Su Yu condensed a purple colored lotus on his palm. The purple-colored lotus was emitting a thunderbolt that was filled with the power to annihilate everything.

When his attack collided with Tang Yixuan, it released a huge amount of power.


Tang Yixuan spit out a mouthful of blood. After Su Yu's attack collided with him, he was sent flying.

The combination of having an amount of spiritual energy which exceeded that of Tang Yixuan's and Stage One Top ClassPurple Star Thunderbolt was able to oppress Tang Yixuan as they were more superior to Tang Yixuan!

Tang Yixuan wiped off the blood at the corners of his lips. Finally, although he was unsatisfied, he finally accepted the cruel fact.

Su Yu had surpassed him, causing Su Yu to be a lot stronger than him!


Without thinking, Tang Yixuan fled towards the abyss of Wutong. He looked back. "Follow me if you have the guts!"

The abyss of Wutong was under the control of the Empire of Darkness. If Su Yu intruded the abyss of Wutong, he might not come back alive!

"Do you think I am so stupid?" Su Yu stood up with his hands clasped behind his back. He remained composed and stood still at his position.

After escaping far away, Tang Yixuan confirmed that he was at a safe distance away from Su Yu. He then looked back and shouted coldly, "You had better remember this. If you don't kill me today, there will come a day where I annihilate your whole faction!"

However, against his threat, Su Yu sneered. "Do you think you can live beyond today? I am not chasing after you because you will return of your own accord!"

Eh? Tang Yixuan became stupefied as he did not understand the meaning of Su Yu's words.

Suddenly, Su Yu's eyes shone abnormally like a demonic bright moon!

Not good!

Tang Yixuan's expression changed greatly. However, it was too late for him to react!

"Incredible Moon-Lit Demon Eyes!"

After swallowing the crystal spiritual flower, Su Yu'sIncredible Moon-Lit Demon Eyeshad made a breakthrough to Stage One Upper Class and it could control someone whose cultivation base was not above his own by three tiers!

As Su Yu was a Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King and Tang Yixuan was a Sixth Level Lower Tier Holy King, Tang Yixuan was within the range that Su Yu could control!

In a split second, Tang Yixuan's eyes turned blank and he became stupefied.

"Go now. Your enemy is over there. Perish along with him!" Su Yu's words were dull. However, to Tang Yixuan, it was extremely charming. As such, it was difficult for Tang Yixuan to resist his words and he flew toward Han Xiaowei.

Rumble, puff

Tang Yixuan attacked Han Xiaowei out-right. Tang Yixuan's condensed his spiritual energy to the best of his abilities and he attacked fiercely and bravely!

As Han Xiaowei was suppressed by Mo Wu, how could he have time to react to Tang Yixuan's attack?

As such, Han Xiaowei's internal blood energy channel was broken by Tang Yixuan!

"Ah! Tang Yixuan!! You piece of trash!" Han Xiaowei was enraged!

He blocked Mo Wu with his sword in one of his hands and his other hand grabbed Tang Yixuan's chest. He wanted to get rid of someone who was hindering him.


How scary was an attack from someone of Dragon Realm?

Tang Yixuan's chest was like a paper. Han Xiaowei's claw pierced into his chest and crushed his heart into pieces on the spot!

At that moment, Tang Yixuan regained his senses due to the pain. He gave a horrible shriek. "Ah"

In a state of confusion, out of Tang Yixuan's instinct to survive, he grabbed Han Xiaowei who was very close to him tightly and gave a horrible shriek agitatedly!

Not good!

Han Xiaowei became extremely furious. His spiritual energy vibrated and he crushed Tang Yixuan's body into pieces forcefully!

A horrible shriek filled the whole sky for a moment. After which, blood splashed all over Han Xiaowei's body.

Without hesitation, Han Xiaowei retreated quickly!

Just as he was about to escape, a swift and fierce sword energy rained down on the spot that he was standing on originally.


Han Xiaowei gave a horrible shriek. One of his arms was chopped off by the remnants of the sword energy!

However, he succeeded in escaping with the loss of an arm! In the blink of an eye, he rushed towards the abyss of Wutong.

Mo Wu's body had taken two of Tang Yixuan's surprise attacks and her body was injured heavily. As such, how could she still chase Han Xiaowei?

In addition, the abyss of Wutong was under the control of the Empire of Darkness. If Mo Wu chased him, it would be equivalent to walking into a trap.


Mo Wu was puffing and panting as she was quite exhausted.

Her beautiful eyes looked towards Su Yu and her lips wriggled to change into an unusual hum. "Don't expect me to thank you"

Su Yu's back was facing her and he did not reply.

Mo Wu was a bit angry. "What are doing there, standing stupefied? Are you waiting for Han Xiaowei to bring reinforcements and take revenge on us?"

However, she did not expect Su Yu to turn back and sigh. "Senior Mo, please leave first. I don't think that I will be able to leave!"

Mo Wu was dumbfounded as she did not understand Su Yu's words.

When she was about to question Su Yu, a familiar voice could be heard from her the forest beneath her. "Although your abilities are weak, your observation skills are extremely strong that you are able to detect my presence!"


A red-robed shadow appeared in the blink of an eye and it generated a strong wind with overwhelming force.

Mo Wu looked carefully and became surprised. "Fourth Elder?"

The person in front of her was a dignified old man wearing a red robe with a solemn expression. If he was not Luxian's Fourth Elder, then who else could he be?

Su Yu could not do anything. "Looks like Senior Mo is unable to escape as well."

"Su Yu, what nonsense are you spouting? With the Fourth Elder present, we will be able to escape from our danger successfully!" Mo Wu said angrily. She thought about Su Yu's words.

Could it be that the Fourth Elder was going to do something unfavorable to them? Was that possible? Had they done anything that would cause Fourth Elder to attack them?

The Fourth Elder smiled.

"Su Yu is right. I didn't want to attack both of you. However, both of you disregarded my good offer and continued to stay here. Now, don't blame me for killing both of you here!" The Fourth Elder's expression turned cold.

Su Yu stared at the Fourth Elder. "Fourth Elder, if I am not wrong, does the red-eyed shadow that I saw in the abyss of Wutong belong to you?"

"Divine Eyes Flames am I correct to say that your disciple, Yang Fan's unique skill, was passed on by you, his master? The red eyes that I saw must be how you looked when you used Divine Eyes Flames.

"As for the imperial palace at the end of forbidden ruins, you already plundered everything earlier on. Moreover, the red flames in the crevice at the bottom of the rift were also left by you. Am I correct, Fourth Elder?"

Mo Wu gasped!

The forbidden ruins were raided by the Fourth Elder himself?

If this matter was found out by the faction, the faction would work together to exterminate him!

However, at that moment, Mo Wu understood something. Since this matter was known by both Su Yu and herself, the Fourth Elder would not allow them to leave the place alive!

The Fourth Elder laughed loudly. "I have always known that you are more intelligent than the others. It seems that I have underestimated you!

"You are actually able to determine my identity?" The Fourth Elder was unable to conceal his surprise and his murderous intent gradually grew. "Originally, I only wanted to kill you so that you would not spread the information regarding the grave without the stone tablet to anyone. I did not expect you to be able to guess my identity as well. As such, I definitely have to kill you!"

For Su Yu to leave the end of the forbidden ruins alive, he must have passed through the crevice at the bottom of the rift which was created by the earthquake. In other words, he must have discovered the shocking grave without a stone tablet.

If this matter were spread to the faction, it would attract the attention of the Faction Master and Great Elder. When that time came, how would he still make use of the soul that had been hidden for countless years?

As such, when he found out that Su Yu was still alive, he was immediately filled with murderous intent!

In addition, Su Yu had defeated his disciple and also refused to give him the elixir. Hence, he, who was narrow-minded, completely revealed his murderous intent!

The matter was clear. The Fourth Elder was the evil creature who sealed Yun Yazi and also tried to tame him!

The reason why the Fourth Elder adopted a carrot-and-stick approach to get Su Yu to hand over his top grade marrow cleansing elixir was that Yun Yazi needed the elixir. Hence, the Fourth Elder wanted to use the elixir to make Yun Yazi submit to him!

The earthquake a month ago had created a crevice which connected to the end of forbidden ruins. As such, the Fourth Elder had to secretly enter the crevice to bypass the light membrane at the entrance which restricted anyone above Dragon Realm Level Three from entering. After which, he discovered the surprising old imperial palace which was left behind and plundered all the treasures. Moreover, with the loosening of the seal, he also discovered the existence of Yun Yazi whose soul had taken the shape of a body!

Seeing that Yun Yazi had a strong soul, the Fourth Elder wanted to capture the soul for himself. Hence, he returned to the faction to look for top grade marrow cleansing elixirs so that he could bribe Yun Yazi.

However, his efforts were in vain. When he used the seal to force Yun Yazi, he disturbed the seal unintentionally, causing it to generate deadly energy. As such, he had no choice but to escape, benefitting Su Yu in the end!

"You have finally revealed your true intentions? Before you kill me, you might want to think about your other enemy!" Su Yu's crystalline pupils flashed abruptly and he looked towards another side of the forest.

"The Empire of Darkness' young lady, sorry for making you watch the show for so long. Are you not afraid that your enemy will run away?"


Not only Mo Wu, but the Fourth Elder's cold expression also turned serious.

"What an interesting kid. You discovered my presence a long time ago?" A voice like the sound of a silver bell and was pleasant to the ear could be heard.

It was the graceful young lady who covered her face with a veil. She had clear eyes which looked like a crescent moon laughing.

"It's you! Didn'tdidn't I lose you?" The Fourth Elder gasped!

When the young lady chased the Fourth Elder, the Fourth Elder had run immediately. He kept his spiritual energy hidden, changed direction numerous times, and finally lost the young lady.

However, from Su Yu's words, before he hid in his location, the young lady had already hidden beside him earlier on and was watching them the whole time?

Didn't that mean that he had not escaped the young lady's fingertips?

"I had wanted to let you be proud for a while so that it would be more interesting. However, it is a pity that I have been found out by this little kid. Since this is the case" Accompanied by her silvery, bell-like voice, she was cold and fierce. "Since this is the case, it is no longer interesting. Old bastard, do you wish to surrender, or do you wish for me to kill you? Decide for yourself!"