The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Fighting the Silver King

"Su Yu has completely shed himself of his past humiliation!" Xu Sen sighed, envious and dejected.

The atmosphere in the audience was excited. Su Yu, the dark horse, was, indeed, incredibly powerfulhe was the highlight of the day!

Chen Tiannan stared at the arena coldly, his expression cruel; "I never thought he could achieve this!"

Chen Feng clenched his fists. "No matter how strong he is, he will never match up to my brother!" he said bitterly.

Everyone in the crowd was excited about Su Yu's next fight. "Semifinals. The last fight, Su Yu versus Xuan Lefei!"

Xuan Lefei's power was beyond description; Xu Sen had been easily defeated at her hands.

"Hehlittle brother is so strong, you'll have to show big sister some mercy later." Xuan Lefei was all smiles, but deep within her eyes, she held a cold edge.

Before he left, Li Minghao had instructed her to viciously punish the boy; he told her to let the purple-blooded bats give him two bites, so he would be poisoned; only then should she begin punching.

Su Yu smiled as he held up his hands. "Senior, please be sure to show some mercy."

"The fight starts now!" Jiang Zhishi announced harshly.

Xuan Lefei happily tapped her colorful pocket; out flew two purple-blooded bats.

Su Yu was waiting.

The further away you were, the less dangerous the bats' ultrasound was. In order to avoid the ultrasound attacks, the best thing to do was to stay a good distance from the bats.

But the two bats were super fast, and Xu Sen was unable to hide from the approach of the bats; thus, he was defeated by Xuan Lefei.

"Go!" Xuan Lefei whistled.


The two purple-blooded bats immediately flew towards Su Yu with blindingly fast speed.

There would be no more hiding!

Xuan Lefei was too strong; any little mistake would end in her defeat!

"Cloud Shadow!" Su Yu grunted deeply; he finally displayed the light-body cultivation technique that he had been hiding for so long.

His shadow was like the windhis light body like the shadow of a cloud, moving around freely with ease. Su Yu was like drifting duckweed, gliding along within a glimpse.

The audience only saw a blur, yet Su Yu had moved ten feet with his incredible speed! Su Yu was more than double the speed of the purple-blooded bats!

Xuan Lefei hid by the side as she secretly waited for Su Yu to be poisoned; how could she have known Su Yu was hiding such a difficult technique?

Xuan Lefei realized the bad situation she was suddenly in and swiftly called the bats back as she spread her feet to run away.

How could she get Su Yu where she wanted him?

The speed of the Cloud Shadow technique at Level One Top Class was not any slower than Xuan Lefei. In the small space of the arena, both traveling at the same speed, there was not much room to run. After a while, Xuan Lefei was both surprised and angry; she had to fight Su Yu face-to-face!

"Universal Stroke!" In close combat, Su Yu did not hesitate to display his strongest attack technique.

At that moment, the purple-blooded bats behind him surged nearer; Su Yu had to end the fight, fast!

Xuan Lefei also realized the situation, and retaliated desperately; she tried to hold off Su Yu and wait for the purple-blooded bats, so they could catch up to them and she could regain control!

Xuan Lefei was good at controlling demonic beastsnot at close combat.

The Universal Stoke's punches and kicks were extremely fast and had no breaksthey struck her like raindrops, pelting downwards.

The sixteen consecutive hits felt stretched through timeyet, they only actually occurred within a single breath of space.


The last kick was extraordinarily strong; Xuan Lefei was hit in the chest and she fell off the arena.

At that time, the purple-blooded bats slowed their flying. Having lost their owner, they stopped their attack and returned to their owner's side.

Xuan Lefei covered her painful chest, her cheeks red with embarrassment as she stared at Su Yu angrily.

Really, dare to kick anywhere. Losing this fight was not her fault; the opponent had managed to hide such a powerful technique. If she had known about his skills, she would have never lost! But, ultimately, she had lost.

She exited the venue unwillingly. As she passed through a dark channel, Qin Feng appeared brightly.

"Xuan Lefei, complete a task, and you will get a top-grade spirit elixir!"

Xuan Lefei's face changed color and she shouted, "Top-grade spirit elixir?"

A low-grade spirit elixir required a hundred taels of silver, a middle-grade elixir required five hundred taels of silver.

But, the top-grade spirit elixir required 2,500 taels of silver!

It would be impossible for her to get so many taels of silver, even if she spent the whole year hunting in the Twilight Mountains.

Besides someone with a prominent family background like the Junior Duke, who else could afford to provide so much silver?

"What do you need me to do? Obviously, I'm not letting you touch me!" Xuan Lefei's pupils were fiery, but she did not forget Qin Feng's previous propositions.

Qin Feng pursed his lips apathetically. Why would he be interested in Xuan Lefei when he was about to get Jiang Xueqing?

"You better do this well." Qin Feng handed over a piece of papercarefully aware of their surroundings. Written on the paper was the task required of Xuan Lefei. After she had remembered it, he burned the paper, leaving no trace.

This was a crucial moment for his father, and Qin Feng, as his son, could not cause any additional trouble.

Xuan Lefei was surprised upon seeing the task. She hesitated for a moment, clenched her teeth and agreed, "Okay! But, you have to give me the spirit elixir first!"

Qin Feng thought about it and nodded slightly; he handed it over, grimacing. Although he was the junior duke, it did not mean he had unlimited silver to burn. His monthly allowance was only around three thousand taels of silver. But, for today, he actually took out the top-grade spirit elixirworth two thousand and five hundred taels of silver.

"The task must be completed!" That said, Qin Feng blended into the darkness. With his identity and family background, he doubted Xuan Lefei would have the courage to steal the spirit elixir and run away without finishing the task.

Xuan Lefei nodded her head, smiled, and replied, "Of course."

Turning back to look in Su Yu's direction, Xuan Lefei smiled sweetly. "Sorry little brother. For big sister's spirit elixir, just sacrifice yourself."

In the arena, Jiang Zhishi was in disbelief.

After a long time, he took a deep breath and coldly announced, "Semifinals, Su Yu is the winner!"

In the VIP seats, housemaster Ye's face showed a strange expression. It was rare for his indifferent face to have a trace of a happy smile.

"Su Yu mastered light-body cultivation techniques such as 'Cloud Shadow,' which even gold students can't successfully train, yet he is able to comprehend it; it is rather surprising."

How could he have known that Su Yu could cheat with time-space manipulation? While others studied for one day, Su Yu studied for ten days; for every ten days others studied, Su Yu had studied for one hundred!

As such, the light-body cultivation technique, while difficult for others to train, was possible for Su Yu.

The audience bubbled with excitement. The fight for the Silver King, the final fight, was finally about to start!

"Su Yu! Go for it! Defeat Chen Tiannan!"

The students' blood boiled with excitement, especially the silver students who have been in the middle and lower reaches for a long time.

"Defeat him, and you'll be the next Silver King!!"

In their mind, the Silver King was the supreme king; he was a person to be respected, it was a position they could never touch. However, Su Yu, wholike themexisted in the bottom silver level, could counter-attack and fight for the crown against the dazzling Silver King.

In that instant, Su Yu became the spiritual sustenance for countless low-level silver students; he represented their dreams, he had become the black horse for them to wish upon!

The crowd went wild: they roared, cried, and screamed as their blood boiled from the heat of their hope. People growled crazily all aroundit created an impactful sound which spread throughout the entire institute. No one could keep calm, no one could keep still, and no one could deny the state of the people around them; everyone was affected by the fierce energy within them.

The strongest black horse in history would be fighting against the strongest Silver King for the supreme crown!

Jiang Zhishi squinted and shouted loudly, "Silver King! Chen Tiannan! Enter the arena!"

"Chen Tiannan! Enter the arena!"

"Enter the arena!"

The echoing shout built upon the crowd's energy and excited their bloodthe cries stirred their hearts even further.

Chen Tiannan, the silver crown on his head, rose up from the one and only silver throne; an air of superiority and power rose with him in a magnificent wave.

"Very good! The fact you got this far is enough for me to go all-out on you." Chen Tiannan, the strongest of all the silver, slowly walked over.

Chen Feng gazed at his elder brother's back, his eyes filled with respect.

Stepping into the arena, Chen Tiannan took off his crown. Jiang Zhishi took back the crown, and announced, "The fight for the Silver King title officially starts now! The winner will be the new Silver King!"

Chen Tiannan stood with his arms folded and did not attackhe only stared at Su Yu coldly, and calmly said, "Give it a shot. Otherwise, you won't have the chance to show your hand."

While it would have sounded cocky coming from someone else, the audience understood it was a legitimate statement coming from the powerful Silver King.

Su Yu laughed lightly, "No thanks. The champion today is the Silver King, and the tactics are open and honest. I don't need any tricks."

Chen Tiannan's expression was cold and his voice was hoarse and harsh; "You're bravepity you don't know your strength! How can a firefly fight for brightness against the moon?"

"How powerful did you find Xuan Lefei?" Chen Tiannan asked suddenly.

Su Yu pondered slightly and gave a fair appraisal: "Very strong."

"Then let me tell you; a week ago, she challenged me. She was defeated by one move!" Chen Tianman said indifferently.

The crowd began to stir into a commotion!

"Xuan Lefei was actually defeated by one move?"

"Woahthe Silver King is indeed the strongest, so scary!"

Su Yu's eyes were serious; Chen Tiannan was the strongest opponent he had ever met!

But, he would definitely not admit defeat!

"You've never fought me though, how do you know how this will end?" Su Yu took a deep breath and shifted into a fighting stance.

Chen Tiannan stood with his hands folded and calmly said, "Alright, I shall, reluctantly, make the first attack.

"Angry King Kong Buddha!" Chen Tianan grunted lowly. His skin glowed with a light bronze color; he looked like a living copper statue.

A look of surprise crossed housemaster Ye's face. "Not bad, a basic-level technique like 'Angry King Kong Buddha' has been trained to the Top Class by Chen Tianan. His skin and flesh are indestructible, attacks will not easily harm him."

"Ghost Spirit technique!" Chen Tiannan immediately shouted again, displaying another technique. The fingernails on his two hands slowly turned a nasty and ghostly green color, an eerie gloom seeping from his fingertips. His eyes turned scarlet and his lips began to turn a greyish green color.

From a distance, Chen Tiannan seemed like a demon, ready to battle. Even one look would make your heart turn cold.

Housemaster Ye's face was full of shock; "'Ghost Spirit technique' is a medium-level technique that is close to an advanced-level technique, and he has already trained it to Level Two? That's impressive."

Su Yu instantly felt a cool breeze, and the thick sense of danger crashed in on him. He was especially wary of those ten green poison clawsSu Yu was sure a brush with those would be incredibly dangerous.


Chen Tiannan's one step was ten feet long, and, three steps later, he was nearly on top of Su Yu. The eerie demon claws viciously swiped at Su Yu's chest, but Su Yu was ready; he immediately used the "Cloud Shadow" trick, andlike floating duckweedhe narrowly dodged the attack.


Su Yu managed to avoid the attack, but a corner of his shirt was touched by a nasty green fingernail. The thick robe made with white cloth started erupting into green pus, a hissing sound seeping from the fabric!