The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Dragon Realm Level Seven
Chapter 170: Dragon Realm Level Seven
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The Fourth Elder was shocked and he swallowed deeply. How could he still be bothered by Su Yu? Without hesitation, he escaped immediately!

The young lady took light, graceful steps and chased after the Fourth Elder. Before she left, she looked at Su Yu and laughed. Her crescent moon-like, beautiful, and clear eyes moved to and fro and she had a smiling expression. "You had better escape quickly. After I kill that old bastard, it will be your turn. Since you killed my favorite Snow Lion, I would not let you go easily!"

After her speech, the young lady disappeared in an instant and chased after the Fourth Elder.

Su Yu's body turned stiff. The owner of the Snow Lion? Back then, when Li Xiaowei escaped hurriedly, he said that Su Yu had killed Miss Hua's spiritual pet and that the Empire of Darkness would come looking for him eventually!

Could it be that the young lady in front of him was Miss Hua?

She was a strong martial artist that could kill the Fourth Elder. Su Yu might not have the ability to go against her!

"Su Yu, follow me back to the faction!" Mo Wu' expression changed again.

Having anticipated that Miss Hua would come back for him, Su Yu pondered for some time and his gaze became firm. "Senior Sister, please go back first. The person that she is looking for is me and I cannot drag you along with me."

Mo Wu was unusually persistent and she grabbed Su Yu's shoulders. A rare change appeared in her expressionless pupils. "I cannot leave you for a second time!"

As there was nothing that Su Yu could do, he secretly looked at the small jade box.

He could hear Yun Yazi's sigh in his ears. "There is nothing that we can do. Bring her along with us."

Su Yu had no guarantee that he could escape from Miss Hua. Looking at her confidence, perhaps Miss Hua would return after a short while.

It would be difficult to escape from Miss Hua's hands. As Yun Yazi was indebted to Su Yu, he could give Su Yu advice on how to escape. However, due to Mo Wu's concern, Yun Yazi could not do so.

"I understand. However, Senior Mo, I hope that you can listen to me." Su Yu nodded his chin.

Mo Wu's eyes turned into ice. Listen to Su Yu? At that moment, she remembered that for Su Yu to return from the forbidden ruins alive, Su Yu must possess a unique viewpoint.

After thinking for some time, Mo Wu nodded her head. "Understood. However, I must agree with your ideals! I must take responsibility for you!"

Su Yu agreed with the first half of her words. As for the next half Su Yu felt awkward.

After they exchanged their views, Mo Wu questioned. "Tell me your strategy! Which way do we escape? What is our destination?"

Su Yu's eyes flashed. "The most dangerous place is the safest place. Is there a need for us to run? It is fine for us to stay here!"

Stay here? Mo Wu was stunned.

As for Su Yu, he had already flown downward. The great battle earlier on had caused many trees to collapse and there were many places for them to conceal themselves.

Su Yu chose a spot, dug a hole big enough for two persons and leaped into the hole.

Mo Wu frowned. "The most dangerous place is indeed the safest place. However, under absolute power, all the schemes and intrigues are useless. It is impossible for that young lady to not discover the existence of our spiritual energy."

Su Yu laughed. "Relax, I have an idea."

Looking at Su Yu's eyes which were full of confidence, she felt that she could trust him. She bit down on her lip and chose to leap into the hole.

The hole was only enough for two persons to sit down with their legs crossed.

"As time is short, senior sister, please forgive me." Su Yu apologized to Mo Wu before he carefully put the broken branches above their heads. Next, he passed his Divine Ice Threads through the spaces between the branches and covered the hole with the soil that he dug out previously.

When looked at it from the outside, it was as if nothing had changed. The only change was that the soil was pushed slightly upward, but it had been covered by broken branches.

Yun Yazi's voice could be heard in his ears.

"I thought that you were only proficient in ice techniques and did not expect you to be proficient in lightning techniques as well. However, it is a pity that you were a bit late." Yun Yazi said regretfully. Previously, Su Yu had used Purple Star Thunderbolt to deal with Tang Yixuan, and Yun Yazi realized his proficiency in lightning techniques.

Su Yu was stunned and he suddenly recalled the rumors that said the forbidden ruins had an Immortal level lightning cultivation technique. His eyes then started to burn excitedly. "Senior Yun Ya, is there really an immortal level lightning cultivation technique in the abyss of Wutong?"

"Immortal level cultivation techniques?" Yun Yazi was stupefied and his tone became strange immediately. "Yes, there is indeed an immortal level cultivation technique.

"However, you are a bit too late. This manual was within the ten buildings of the imperial palace at the end of the forbidden ruins. The manual should be in the hands of the Fourth Elder that you spoke of. Now, it is probably in that young lady's hands."

Su Yu's heart became icy cold. Had it landed in Miss Hua's hands?

"Senior Yun Ya, with your abilities, if you fought with Miss Hua, do you have any guarantee that you would win?" Su Yu questioned. If Yun Yazi could defeat her, then he would be able to obtain that cultivation technique's manual.

However, Yun Yazi shook his head lightly. "It is impossible for me now. However, if I rest for a couple of months, I should be able to recover my abilities that could rival her. After all, she was at Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak. In my current state of condition where I have just broken free of the seal, it will be difficult for me to achieve that."

Su Yu gasped. "Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak? It is unimaginable that even though she is so young, she had such strong abilities."

When Su Yu finished sighing, the air current above their heads changed abruptly.

Yun Yazi secretly said. "She is here! If you want to observe her, at her level, she is able to sense someone looking at her no matter how weak the gaze is."

Su Yu was shocked and he quietly passed the message on to Mo Wu. Mo Wu's expression changed greatly and she withdrew her gaze hurriedly.


Atop Heaven, Miss Hua's crescent moon-like eyes were surveying the surroundings. She smiled. "There are no remnants of spiritual energy in the surroundings. Does that mean that little kid had not left?"

Miss Hua laughed and her beautiful eyes gradually fell downwards. The range of her gaze was extremely accurate and it was locked onto the area that Su Yu and Mo Wu were at!

We have been found! Su Yu's expression changed!

Mo Wu grabbed her jade-like hands anxiously, her heart was beating extremely fast!

"Interesting. The most dangerous place is the safest place. The little kid also understands this logic? However, it is a pity that you have met me!" Miss Hua's eyes gradually became narrow. Her long and slender jade-like fingers pointed downward gracefully.

Rumble, bang

Where she pointed exploded, revealing a hole that was about five feet deep!

However, that was not the hole that Su Yu and Mo Wu were in!

Su Yu felt at ease. It looked like they had not been discovered and Miss Hua was just suspicious.

His heart was filled with gratitude and he quietly passed on his message. "Thank you elder for using your soul to cover us, keeping our spiritual energy hidden."

This was the reason why Su Yu dared to remain at his current location. Yun Yazi had used his extremely strong soul to secretly cover both of them, keeping their spiritual energy hidden. As such, they were not discovered by the frightening Miss Hua.

However, their situation remained dim.

Having not found them after one attack, Miss Hua's eyes which looked like a crescent moon laughing became even more dazzling. "This is interesting. Compared to that old bastard, this is way more interesting!"

Rumble, bang

She pointed at another spot and an area that was about a hundred feet away from Su Yu's hole. It was blown to smithereens on the spot!

"Interesting. Let me see how long both of you can hide!" Miss Hua smiled. She pointed her fingers at many different areas and sighed.

Rumble, bang, bang

Following where Miss Hua pointed, sounds of continuous explosions could be heard all over the place.

Areas of soil exploded, causing the soil to be tossed about. The area had become scorched ruins.

Every startling deep hole was destroyed and they were strung together disorderly, causing there to be full of bumps and hollows riddling the forest floor.

Miss Hua's laughing expression gradually disappeared.

She had turned the surroundings into a piece of destroyed land. There were only about two or three areas with the diameter of a large cauldron that were still in good condition. However, Su Yu's shadow could not be found anywhere!

"Could it be he escaped to somewhere far away?" Miss Hua stared at the three remaining areas and she was slightly resentful.

Although she was bombarding a piece of land indiscriminately, in the end, she did not find anything!

"Humph! I don't believe that I cannot find you!" Miss Hua's cold eyes swept across the area and it shot towards the opposite direction of Liuxian faction. She then headed towards the opposite direction of Liuxian faction. Before she left, she conveniently shot an attack towards one of the remaining areas with the diameter of a water vat.

However, like before, no one could be seen.

At the point, Miss Hua completely gave up. Her crescent moon-like eyes were filled with shame and anger as she headed toward the opposite direction of Liuxian faction.

However, she did not know that below one of the two remaining areas was the place that Su Yu and Mo Wu were at!

Although the explosion a moment ago had not revealed the cave that they were at, the explosion had caused their cave to collapse!

The shockwave created by the intense bombardment had caused the soil behind Su Yu to collapse and press on Su Yu's back.

Because of the angle of the collapsed soil, Su Yu leaned forward and stayed close to his own body.

Su Yu was shocked. Although he was sitting upright, the soil behind him was shaking due to his movements.

Not good!

Su Yu immediately stopped moving and his expression turned extremely grave. As though it was anticipated by Su Yu, with a whistling sound, a fierce wind appeared not far away from the top of their heads.

Miss Hua had returned!

She stood on the branches on top of their heads and looked at the surroundings with her cold eyes. After which, she said coldly. "Humph! They are really not here!"

After her speech, she disappeared again!

In the cave underneath, Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

Mo Wu's heart which was raised all the way to her throat gradually became at ease and she wanted to stand up.

Mo Wu's expression did not change and it remained serious. "Don't move! If she really wanted to leave, she would not say anything!"

Mo Wu was stunned. Her cold eyes looked at Su Yu and she became curious. Even though Su Yu was younger than her, he did things cautiously and skillfully. His way of doing things did not match the kind of character he should have at his age at all.

As if he had felt Mo Wu's gaze, Su Yu looked at Mo Wu with a doubtful expression.

Mo Wu's expression was unnatural. She turned her head around and her expression returned back to being cold like ice and frost. This had caused Su Yu to be confused as a result.

However, Mo Wu's eyes became a lot gentler and her heart felt unusual.

What a strange man. Although his abilities were average, he was able to give others a sense of security and he was a person that other people could depend on.

As a proud and aloof person, Su Yu was one of the few people to make her feel that she could rely on him.

Minutes and seconds passed. In the blink of an eye, an hour had passed.


Finally, like what Su Yu had anticipated, Miss Hua returned again!

Her smiling expression had become agitated and confused a long time ago. Her beautiful eyes looked at the surroundings coldly and she bit her teeth. "Little bastard! Although I don't know what trick you have used to hide, you can be proud that you have escaped from my radar!"

"However, remember this! A day will come where I catch you personally!" Miss Hua was extremely furious. She stamp her foot angrily and was about to fly away.

However, the stamping of her foot had caused her to realize something unusual.

Within the land that was in good condition that she was standing on, it looked as if there were many holes.

Miss Hua stopped stamping her foot. Her beautiful and clear eyes became a crescent moon again. Although she was smiling, her smile was filled with coldness. "As it turns out, both of you are hiding here!"