The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Becoming Yun Yas Disciple
Chapter 171: Becoming Yun Ya's Disciple
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"This game has come to an end!" Miss Hua stamp her foot lightly and the soil below her legs exploded!

The intense explosion generated a frightening shockwave, causing Su Yu and Mo Wu's expression to change at the same time!

An illusion of their death appeared in their mind uncontrollably!

In the end, they were still discovered!

Mo Wu's beautiful eyes were full of fighting spirit. "Time to go all out"

However, she could hear a silent voice beside her. "Now, I can only use my last card! Space-time manipulation!"

Su Yu gave a loud roar. Su Yu's right eye turned red and flashed, illuminating the small and narrow cave!


An unusual scene appeared. In imminent peril, Su Yu and Mo Wu, who were engulfed by the red light, disappeared!

Su Yu teleported himself and Mo Wu away to another place!

The explosion came!

The soil splashed about and the land split with a loud bang. The cave that Su Yu and Mo Wu had hidden in was exposed in a split second!

When she looked into the cave, the cave was empty. Although the cave was empty, it was full of remnants of their spiritual energy!

Miss Hua's smile became serious. After a short while, her eyes turned cold and shot toward the last remaining land that was in good condition.

However, Su Yu's shadow could not be found there.

Miss Hua's smile became icy cold. "Although I don't know what kind of trick you used to escape, within the cave, there are still remnants of your body's warmth and spiritual energy, meaning that you left not long ago!"

A pair of clear eyes gradually became narrower and they looked around the surroundings coldly.

A series of horrible shrieks could be heard from the abyss of Wutong!

A scarlet shadow broke free of his restraints, flew toward the sky, changed into a red light, and disappeared into the horizon.

Miss Hua's jade-like face became cold. "Old bastard! You actually escaped!"


After hesitating for a short while, Miss Hua bit her silver teeth and shouted loudly at her location. "Little bastard, I will remember this. Next time, don't even think of escaping from my hands!"

After her speech, she flew toward the horizon hastily back to the abyss of Wutong!

"What's going on? I have sealed his internal blood energy channel, causing him to become a disabled person. Moreover, I have plundered all the magical treasures on him, how is he still able to escape?" Miss Hua descended from the sky.

Han Xiaowei covered his wound which was streaming with blood and said surprisingly. "By injuring himself, he broke the sealed internal blood energy channel. After which, he activated a magical treasure hidden in his mouth forcefully and escaped with a shocking speed!"

Miss Hua was furious. "He hid a magical treasure in his mouth? Crafty old bastard! I was careless!"

"Miss Hua, what do we do now?" Han Xiaowei said unhappily. Miss Hua was unable to capture the Fourth Elder who had cut off his arms alive!

Miss Xia frowned and she said coldly. "We do not need to care about them for a while. In the meantime, we had to examine the abyss of Wutong. That demonic woman is waiting for us to return and hand over the cultivation techniques that we have found!"

At the scorched ruins, it was quiet and no one was present.

Suddenly, a head popped out from the ground. Although its face was in dire straits, it was unable to conceal its happiness. It was Su Yu who had escaped from the crisis!

After which, opposite him, a jade-like face full of dust came out from the ground. It was Mo Wu.

Her pretty face was filled with happiness and surprise. "Su Yu, how did you do it"

"This place is quite near to the abyss of Wutong as it is only a few miles away. Hence, this is not the place to talk; let's leave here first." Su Yu showed no signs of relaxing and said coldly.

Mo Wu felt the same and nodded her head.

Both of them climbed out from the ground and shook the soil off their body. Both of them had a tacit agreement and immediately left their current location hastily.

After flying for one day and one night continuously, Su Yu exhausted all his spiritual energy. Hence, he had to stop and take a rest.

"Since they did not give chase after one day, I doubt that young lady would come after us." Mo Wu heaved a sigh of relief and collapsed onto the ground. She recalled the events that happened the day before and felt like it was a dream.

The appearance of the Empire of Darkness was very sudden. That power to oppress everything gave her the jitters.

The nine Sixth Level Holy Kings was captured in just an hour.

As for the Fourth Elder, he was captured alive by the mysterious Miss Hua.

"This matter must be reported to the faction immediately!" Mo Wu said to herself.

Su Yu took some time to catch his breath and he opened his eyes slightly. "This is a big matter. Senior Mo, please return to the faction first. I cannot drag you down with me!"

Comparing their speed, Su Yu was a lot slower compared to Mo Wu.

After pondering for some time, knowing that Su Yu was safe, Mo Wu nodded her head lightly. "I understand. However, there are only one and a half months before the Xianyun Contest. With your speed, you would require about a month even if your objective were to go without stopping. During your journey, there must not be any delays. If not, you will miss the Ancient Xianyun Temple. If that is the case and if Qin Xianer faces a death threat, I will hand her over to Cao Xuan on your behalf!"

Mo Wu's last sentence caused Su Yu's heart to shake and he nodded deeply. "I understand! I can rescue my woman on my own and I do not need the help of anyone else!"

"If you understand, then all is good. However, I must warn you something. Only twenty people are allowed into the Ancient Xianyun Temple. Moreover, among the faction's top twenty people, the weakest person has a cultivation base of Seventh Level Peak Holy King. At your current level, you are still far from being able to get into the top twenty," Mo Wu said attentively.

Every disciple of the faction's Tenth Elder had a cultivation base of Dragon Realm! As for the ten remaining spots, they were all occupied by the Seventh Level Peak Holy Kings. Su Yu could deal with Sixth Level Lower Tier Holy Kings easily. However, the gap between him and a Seventh Level Peak Holy King was too big!

Su Yu's expression remained calm as always. He cupped his fists. "I have never given on hope!"

"Please look out for yourself!" Mo Wu looked at Su Yu deeply and flew away.

A long time passed.

Su Yu's hands started to tremble slightly as he could no longer restrain himself.

To Su Yu, Seventh Level Peak Holy King was extremely far away!

How would it be possible for him to achieve Seventh Level Peak Holy King in one month and a half?

Although his expression was calm, his heart could not be at ease!

However, when he thought of Xianer's pretty and charming face, Su Yu's mind gradually became firm.

"The person that I want to rescue, who can take her away from me? Even gods cannot take her away from me!" Su Yu took a deep breath. His eyes were overflowing with a fighting spirit that defied the overwhelming odds.

In his life, he was once an insignificant being. However, he rose abruptly to the top, defying his fate and the mighty current of destiny. He had managed to become who he was at the very moment.

He would not give up easily!

With Su Yu's fighting spirit that defied overwhelming odds, he managed to become who he was at the very moment step by step.

However, the gap between him and Seventh Level Holy King was huge and hard to close. As such, it was difficult for Su Yu to determine how he should train.

"You have a strong and charming willpower that is similar to that female child. Both of you have a strong will that refuses to admit defeat." Yun Yazi's laughed.

Su Yu cast the great obstacles in his heart away and his expression returned back to being calm. However, his expression contained a thread of bitterness. "Can everything in this world be decided by willpower? Everything that I have done is based on my clear conscience. When I have given up all hope, I am able to tell myself that I have done my best and struggled for it. Hence, I have never once felt any regrets"

"No regrets" Yun Yazi sighed disappointedly. He became silent for some time, like he was pondering and hesitating over something. He made up his mind. "Su Yu, are you willing to accept me as your master?"

Accept you as my master?

Su Yu was shocked. Yun Yazi was unfathomable and he was a unique spiritual being. Su Yu had not thought that he could have Yun Yazi as his master.

Su Yu realized that perhaps accepting Yun Yazi as his master would be a good idea!

In his life, there were two people who had made his life take a turn for the better. The first person was the Duke of Xianyu, his father-in-law. It was him who had given Su Yu the chance to enter a wider stage to display his abilities.

The second person was Li Guang, his unofficial master. It was him who had given Su Yu the chance to enter Zhenlong continent, the real world.

Yun Yazi was the third fateful person that could change Su Yu's fate. Su Yu's instinct told him that Yun Yazi could change his life!

However, at that moment, he thought of Li Guang when he was at death's door. When Li Guang heard Su Yu call him "Master" for the last time while he was on the verge of death, he had displayed a gratified smile. As such, Su Yu was conflicted.

On one hand, it was a unique and strong martial artist who could make his life take a turn for the better. On another hand, it was his gratitude toward his former master, and he could not forget his vow to take revenge for him.

Su Yu was caught between two difficult positions.

After a long time, Su Yu raised his head lightly and sighed deeply. "Thank you Elder Yun Yazi for your good intention. I once had a master who died because of me and I have not avenged him yet. Hence, I am unable to accept another person as my master."

As though he had used all his energy to say those words, Su Yu knew that he had given up a very big opportunity.

However, at the same time, he knew that his conscience had gone through an important test.

He knew that, in the future, he would accomplish nothing and forever be an average person. But when Su Yu recalled the events that happened on that day, he did not feel any regrets.

"Are you sure about your choice? In my whole life, I have only had one unofficial disciple. Today, that disciple could extinguish all the strong martial artists in Zhenlong continent with his hands! In front of my unofficial disciple, the faction that you mentioned would become nothing with a flick of his finger.

"In his whole life, he had begged me to accept him officially as my disciple so that I could impart my knowledge to him. However, I never once agreed to it!

"Now, are you really sure about your choice?"

Su Yu was shocked and he gasped!

An unofficial disciple could show disdain for all the strong martial artists in Zhenlong continent?

How strong must he be to be able to do that?

As a master, how mythological was Yun Yazi?

The deepest part of Su Yu's heart felt that he would have an eventful life if he accepted Yun Yazi as his master. However, the astonishment within him was unable to affect Su Yu's decision.

Su Yu took a deep breath and said apologetically. "My choice remains unchanged I cannot forget my gratitude toward my former master. Hence, I will not regret the decision that I had made today!"

Within Su Yu's heart, he sighed quietly. He knew that he had completely given up on the biggest opportunity of his life.

There were no strong martial artists that could tolerate his own disciple serving another master!

That would be disrespectful and an insult to him!

However, what Su Yu did not expect was that after remaining silent for some time, Yun Yazi laughed mockingly. His laughter was so loud and clear that it reached the Heaven. He was very open-minded and he laughed like he had not laughed at his heart's content for a very long time. "Junior, in my whole life, I am proud to say that I have seen many people. However, it is the first time that I see someone as stupid as you!"

Su Yu laughed at himself mockingly. "Yes. Apart from me, who would turn down Elder Yun Ya's kindness?"

Su Yu's heart felt bitter. He had given up on the greatest opportunity of his life.

However, Yun Yazi's tone changed. "However, even though you are stupid, it is the first time that I have seen someone who valued gratitude and relationships highly!"

Yun Yazi's tone gradually turned melancholy, as though he was recalling about his past. "If I had met you first back then, I would not have ended up in my current state!"

Su Yu was surprised. It seemed that Yun Yazi had a past that was not known to anyone.

"In the past, I was blind. This time around, I will make my bet again!"


Yun Yazi's soul body sprang out from within the small jade box and it became the shadow of a human being!

His white robe was making a whistling sound and each and every of his white hair was drifting although there was no wind. He had a pair of eyes that was like the sun and moon in the world which was bright and dazzling.

He looked old, serious and dignified. An invisible supreme energy surrounded his body.

A loud and clear voice which pierced through the gray clouds reverberated in the world.

"Su Yu, are you willing to accept me, Yun Yazi, as your master?"