The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 172

Chapter 172: The Toughest Training
Chapter 172: The Toughest Training
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Su Yu sighed. "Thank you elder for your kindness, I"

"You do not need to reply me now. You can answer me after you have avenged your former master!" Yun Yazi smiled.

Su Yu was moved and thankful. He bowed down. "Thank you Elder Yun Ya!"

"However, I will not interfere in your revenge for your former master. You will avenge your former master by yourself. This is my respect for you and also my test to you before I accept you as my disciple. If you are unable to accomplish this, I will have to reconsider whether I should accept you as my disciple!"

"That is my intention. As my former master's disciple, how can I let outsiders help me with my revenge?" Su Yu felt thankful for Yun Yazi's respect.

Yun Yazi nodded his head satisfactorily. "Good! From now on, before you avenge your former master, I will stay within the small jade box. As compensation for living in the small jade box, I will devote myself to advising you on your training for the next one and a half months."

Su Yu was pleasantly surprised. However, his eyes appear dejected at the same time. If he had met Yun Yazi earlier, he might still have a hope of defeating Seventh Level Peak Holy Kings.

However, at the current moment, it was too late.

The gap between a Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King and a Seventh Level Peak Holy King was equivalent to a natural moat. In just a mere one and a half months, it was impossible to close the gap between a Fifth Level Upper Tier Holy King and a Seventh Level Peak Holy King.

As though he knew what Su Yu was thinking about, Yun Yazi laughed loudly. "How difficult is it to achieve Seventh Level Holy King? If you follow my advice, within one and a half months, even achieving Dragon Realm will be easy!"

Su Yu was extremely shocked. He felt like his throat had been blocked by something. "Dragon Realm?"

Su Yu did not expect himself to achieve even Seventh Level Peak Holy King. In spite of that, Yun Yazi would be able to help him achieve Dragon Realm quickly?

"However, the prerequisite is that you must be able to bear hardships!" Yun Yazi added indifferently.

After his speech, Su Yu laughed loudly. "Bear hardships? If I were afraid of bearing hardships, then now, I would still remain a nameless and unknown student in Shenyue continent!"

"If that is the case, then let's begin your training now!" Yun Yazi pondered for a short time and pointed toward a giant rock at the bottom of a mountain. "Carry that rock."

Su Yu looked toward the direction that Yun Yazi pointed and his lips twitched. That was a giant rock with a five-foot diameter. It was at least two tons heavy, which was equivalent to the weight of a car in his previous life.

If a normal person carried the giant rock on their back, their skeleton would break for sure.

As for Su Yu, his physique had changed greatly and it was many times stronger than an ordinary person.

He took a deep breath and tried to use his body to carry the giant rock. However, the giant rock did not budge in the slightest bit!

An idea came to his mind. He revolved the spiritual energy around his body and his strength increased greatly at once!

"Ha!" He gave a light roar and both his hands grabbed the cracks of the giant rock tightly. When he used his strength, the two-ton heavy giant rock finally left the ground and was carried by Su Yu!

Although the rock was extremely heavy, with the help of his spiritual energy, it was not difficult to carry it.

"Elder, I have carried the giant rock, how do I proceed with my training?" Su Yu's eyes were full of excitement.

Yun Yazi warned him carefully. "Giant rock? What I wanted you to carry is that small mountain!"

Rumble, bang

Su Yu's body turned stiff and the giant rock on his hands dropped onto the floor with a loud bang.

"Smallsmall mountain?" Su Yu looked up rigidly and examined the small mountain in front of him!

It was about thirty feet tall and its long shadow enveloped the tiny Su Yu!

With a rough estimation by eye, that small mountain was at least a hundred ton heavy!

"Elder Are you sure that it is this small mountain?" Su Yu's mouth became dry. If he carried that small mountain on his back, even the current Su Yu would be crushed into minced meat!

However, Yun Yazi said casually. "Why, is it very heavy?"


With a stroke of Yun Yazi's robe, a rumbling sound could be heard. The small mountain was then carried up by his soul energy and it floated a few meters up into the sky!

"Catch it!" Yun Yazi said indifferently and flicked his fingers.


Rumble, rumble

The small mountain carried a rumbling sound and crushed Su Yu who was below it!

"Is this training or an attempt to kill me?" Su Yu's expression changed greatly. In imminent peril, he revolved his spiritual energy like his life depended on it!

However, instinct told him that even if he released all his spiritual energy, he would still be crushed into minced meat!

"Glazed Ice Flame!" Su Yu's whole body was burning with sixty feet of ice flame and everything became frozen!

Yun Yazi remained composed. He leaned against a big tree and nodded his head indifferently. "Ice-based cultivation technique. Among the legacy level cultivation techniques, it is considered the best technique and it also has a shadow of immortal level cultivation technique. However, it is only slightly matured and its power is average."

Even though the ice flame was unleashed to its fullest potential, it did not hinder the movement of the small mountain and the small mountain continued to move downwards toward Su Yu!

The sixty feet of ice flame obstructed the movement of the small mountain for some time before being completely extinguished by the weight of the small mountain!

Faced with a dangerous situation, Su Yu could not hold back any longer!

"Divine Ice Battle Armor!"


The Divine Ice Ring in his chest shot out countless Divine Ice Threads which were weaved into a powerful armor quickly. The powerful armor covered Su Yu's weak body, causing him to look extraordinary soldierly.

The ice flame suddenly became seventy feet tall!

Yun Yazi's dull eyes were moved slightly. "Oh? Do you possess an ice-based divine artifact? It is a pity that you have only unleashed thirty percent of his power, average."


After hindering the movement of the small mountain for two breath's time, the seventy feet of ice flame was extinguished again!

Seeing that the small mountain was about to reach him, Su Yu bit his teeth unleashed all the moves that he had learned in his life!

"Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder!" The half divine grade Holy Decree appeared from the void and headed straight for the small mountain!

Yun Yazi's eyes revealed a rare admiration for Su Yu. "Even though you are fifteen years old, you have managed to comprehend a half divine grade Holy Decree. Seems like your level of comprehension is not bad. Moreover, your Holy Decree has a slight natural rhythm to it. It is a pity that you have only scratched the surface of it. Hence, its power is average."

The small mountain did not stop moving. It continued to move downwards toward Su Yu and it was only a foot away from him!

At the last moment, Su Yu bit his teeth!

"Space-Time manipulation!"

A red light covered the sky and engulfed the small mountain with the intention of moving it away. However, as the target was too big, Su Yu was unable to move it away!

Yun Yazi's old eyes finally turned grave. "What surprised me the most is your ability to control the space! If I did not guess wrong, you must be an Abnormal Spirit Constitution who is extraordinarily gifted. However, although you can control the space, you are still not gifted enough. What a pity."

There was only half a foot left before the small mountain reached Su Yu!

Su Yu could not hold on for any longer!

Su Yu's left eye flashed with a purple light and he exhibited Seal of Time!

In a split second, the small mountain froze in the air!

Yun Yazi stood up abruptly and he was astonished. "Innate time talent? How is that possible? You control both time and space, the two natural gifts?"

A time controller was considered a king, while a space controller was considered a god. If a martial artist possessed any of the two natural gifts, they could mock anyone who had the same cultivation base as them.

Su Yu possessed both of the natural gifts!

Yun Yazi, who was extremely strong and had countless experiences, was very astonished!

After observing Su Yu for some time, Yun Yazi became a bit disappointed. "Although someone with innate time talent is strong in controlling time, your manipulation of time is still not strong enough. You can still use it in the Holy King's Realm, but it will be considered useless in the Dragon's Realm."

The small mountain was putting pressure on the Seal of Time and it finally broke free of the Seal of Time completely!

Su Yu gave a light roar. He wore the Divine Ice Battle Armor and blocked the small mountain!

However, that extremely strong pressure caused Su Yu to look like he did not have any power to block the small mountain and Su Yu was crushed on the spot!


Su Yu spit out a mouthful of blood and he lay on his stomach as he was oppressed by the small mountain!

The extremely strong pressure caused his body's organs to shake violently and his body felt like it was crushed.

However, a scene where he was crushed into minced meat did not appear in his mind.

Su Yu was surprised. After a thorough examination, he discovered that there was a layer of weak soul energy covering the small mountain.

"I have used my soul energy to hold the weight of the small mountain. At the current moment, the small mountain only has one-tenth of its original weight. During the one and a half months, you will carry this small mountain to train until you achieve Seventh Level Peak Holy King! Of course, if you cannot bear hardships and decides to give up halfway through, you can put down the small mountain. However, you will lose your rights to become my disciple. If you cannot bear such a small hardship, you will not be able to become a talented person in the future!"

Su Yu was crushed to the point that he could hardly move his fingers. However, he revolved all the energy in his body and bit his teeth. "I will not give up!"

"Good. Let's begin your training. One-third of that top grade marrow cleansing elixir is sealed inside your body. Now, you can start to absorb its effect." Yun Yazi sat down again and gradually closed his eyes. "This is the first step of your training. Stand up now!"

Previously, Su Yu had absorbed one-third of the elixir and Yun Yazi had also absorbed one-third of the elixir. As for the remaining one-third of the elixir, it was sealed within Su Yu's body.


Su Yu was crushed to the point that he could not breathe properly and his face was extremely red.

However, he listened to Yun Yazi's proposal and he gradually released the seal on the elixir.

At that moment, the spiritual energy spread across Su Yu's body!

The powerful spiritual energy spread all over Su Yu's body and caused him to be in extreme pain.

Su Yu felt like he was able to explode from the violent energy and his heart was beating extremely fast.

Looking at Yun Yazi again, he closed his eyes in meditation, like he did not realize that Su Yu was in a dangerous situation!

In a situation that no one could help him, Su Yu bit his teeth and he revolved the blood vessels in his body violently to spread the effects of the elixir all over his body hastily.

Although he could still feel extreme pain, he realized, surprisingly, that under a great pressure, his blood circulation was better than normal!

That violent energy of the elixir spread throughout his body hastily, preventing his body from exploding!

It was difficult to endure the pain of the process as Su Yu had to bite his teeth tightly and his forehead was filled with cold sweat. This was not as comfortable as the previous time where Yun Yazi used his soul to guide the spiritual energy in Su Yu's body.

However, Su Yu had used his whole own abilities to gradually spread the violent energy throughout his body.

At that moment, Yun Yazi who closed his eyes to take a rest said indifferently. "A human will only unleash his potentials when he is in a hopeless situation. Although I am unable to give you a hopeless situation, I am able to give you an extremely great pressure. In such a situation, your training will be twice as fast with half the efforts!"

Su Yu understood Yun Yazi's intention in a flash and he was filled with gratitude. He absorbed the effects of the elixir like his life depended on it and he attempted to make a breakthrough in his cultivation base!

After many hours, a tingly sound could be heard in Su Yu's mind.

Under the effects of the violent energy, Su Yu finally made a breakthrough to Fifth Level Peak Holy King!

"Stand up now!" With the breakthrough of Su Yu's cultivation base to the next tier, his spiritual energy increased greatly and his physique changed.

Su Yu bit his teeth, gave a light roar and stood up with tried to get up with some difficulty!

Rumble, rumble

The small mountain on top of Su Yu shook violently like there was a frightening being at its bottom and the frightening being was trying to struggle free of its pressure!

Su Yu's forehead was dripping with sweat and he was biting his teeth tightly. He had nearly ground his teeth to nubs.

A pitter-patter sound could be heard from his four limbs, indicating that they were about to break!

However, Su Yu managed to climb up bit by bit. Although it was difficult and slow, he was gradually climbing up!

Finally, after a few minutes, Su Yu managed to get up carrying the small mountain in his arms!

A stream of blood overflowed from the corners of his lips. Although he was in dire straits due to being crushed for a long time, he was unable to conceal the happiness in his eyes!

"Elder, I have managed to stand up!"

Yun Yazi opened his eyes slowly and nodded his head slightly. "You were two hours faster than expected. Your willpower is indeed better than an average person!

"If that is the case, then we will proceed with the second step of your training. Walk with the small mountain!"

The first step was to stand up! The second step was to walk with the small mountain!

As though he was like a newborn baby, everything started all over again.

Under Yun Yazi's advice, Su Yu discovered that he had been reborn during his training!

Su Yu started to concentrate. He carried the small mountain and continued to absorb the remaining effects of the elixir like his life depended on it!

Yun Yazi was satisfied with Su Yu's training and his devotion He then revealed a mysterious expression. "If you succeed in taking the first step, I will bring you to a dream-like place that you yearn to be at. That will be the place where you will achieve the Dragon Realm!"