The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Incredible Icy Raging Flame
Chapter 173: Incredible Icy Raging Flame
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The place where I yearn to be, even in my dreams?

A place that was considered dream-like in Yun Yazi's eyes, what kind of incredible place is it? Su Yu found such a place unimaginable.

Yun Yazi's words had caused Su Yu to burn with energy and he continued to absorb the effects of the elixir like his life depended on it!

Under the extremely great pressure, his blood circulated even faster!

The effects of the elixir were absorbed into Su Yu's four limbs at an unprecedented speed, causing Su Yu's cultivation base to rise upwards!

Finally, after many hours, his body had completely absorbed the effects of the elixir!

A tingly sound resounded in Su Yu's mind and he made a breakthrough the Sixth Level Holy King!

In the forbidden ruins, Su Yu took one day to completely absorb the effects of one-third of the elixir.

However, when he was under the extremely great pressure, he only took half a day to completely absorb the effects of one-third of the elixir!

Sure enough, like what Yun Yazi had said, under a situation with extreme pressure, he unleashed his potential and he achieved results twice as fast with only half the effort!

Sixth Level Holy King!

Su Yu found it hard to believe that he made a breakthrough so quickly!

Before Su Yu went to the abyss of Wutong, he had only made a breakthrough to Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King.

In just a mere half a month, he had achieved Sixth Level Holy King; it was as though he was in a dream!

If Su Yu did not experience it himself, he would find it hard to believe that it was possible. Having become strong like never before, Su Yu's confidence rose greatly!

Xianyun Contest! Xi Ruolan, Cao Xuan, Han Zhi; all of you, just wait! I, Su Yu, am catching up to all of you step by step! In no time, I will defeat all of you!

Su Yu cast his excitement aside. He looked at the tip of his toe, bit his teeth, and took a step forward!

When he raised his left leg, his remaining right leg supported the whole weight of the small mountain!


A small cracking sound indicated that Su Yu's right leg's bone had cracked slightly!

An extremely painful sensation could be felt from his right leg, causing Su Yu to gasp!

If he moved even the slightest bit, there was a possibility that his right leg would be completely crushed into minced meat.

However, Su Yu endured the extreme pain, bit his teeth and took a step forward with his left leg!

Rumble, bang

Under the great pressure, when his left leg landed on the floor, it was as if a meteorite had crashed into the ground, causing the bottom of his leg to have a small explosion!

A one-foot wide and half a foot deep horrifying footprint appeared and it could be seen clearly!

He had finally taken a step forward!

Yun Yazi who closed his eyes and was meditating opened his eyes slightly. His pupils were shining with a thread of admiration. "You are half a day faster than I expected."

Yun Yazi stood up leisurely and smiled. "Since this is the case, I shall fulfill my promise!"

"As your reward for successfully taking a step forward, I will bring you to a place!"


Yun Yazi waved his robe. Su Yu felt that the wind engulfed him. That unstoppable air current caused Su Yu and the small mountain to be sucked into the Heaven!

He could hear the fierce wind whistling and he was moving at an extremely fast speed!

Compared to the eagle in the faction, he was moving at a speed that was more than ten times faster!

Is this speed really achievable by a soul body? How strong is Yun Yazi? Is it really not comparable to that Miss Hua?

Su Yu could not help but suspect that Yun Yazi was hiding his true abilities intentionally!

As if he knew what Su Yu was thinking, Yun Yazi gave a true yet fake smile. "You do not need to guess how strong I am. The only thing you need to remember is that you must rely on yourself for everything."

"Whether or not you become my disciple in my future, I can only help you with your training! Your hostility to others is your own affairs and I will not interfere with it! Similarly, even if you were killed by others in front of me, I will not interfere! At most, I will only kill that person who has killed my disciple after you die."

Su Yu was stupefied. What a cruel method! However, when he thought about it again, he felt relieved.

Before he had a master, didn't he fend for himself step by step?

Back then, he was considered fortunate to have a master who gave him additional advice! Su Yu would always manage, help or not.

"Yes, I understand!" After half a day, the fierce wind stopped.

Su Yu felt dizzy. When both his legs landed on the ground, he could feel the great pressure on his back immediately!

Surprised, he immediately bit his teeth and carried the small mountain like his life depended on it!


He could hear a cracking sound from under his legs. It was the sound of ice cracking!

Su Yu felt different. When he looked down, he realized that he was standing on top of a vast ice lake!

The surface of the lake was frozen with white ice that was tens of feet deep. It was so deep that even though Su Yu was carrying a small mountain that weighed a hundred ton, he did not break the ice at all!

At the same time, the cold temperature engulfed his body so deeply that even his bones could feel it!


Both of Su Yu's leg became frozen atop the ice surface!

If it were a normal person, then it would not be considered strange.

However, Su Yu was an ice-based martial artist who could condense cold energy into ice flame!

Given that he had a surprising amount of cold energy within his body, who was not fearful of him? However, he was actually frozen!

"This is an incredible ice lake that is tens and thousands of miles away from the abyss of Wutong. The precipitation of cold energy within the lake water had caused incredible ice to be condensed over countless years. When someone of the Dragon Realm touches the incredible ice, the incredible ice would disappear in an instant."

"As for the cold energy in your body dispose of all of it! Even if you don't feel ashamed of it, I feel ashamed of it! Yun Yazi sat on top of the lake leisurely. With the extremely cold energy, it was extremely difficult to approach him!

He kept moving his white eyes and he gave off a cold expression.

Dispose of all of it? Su Yu's lips twitched. The two kinds of ice flames were obtained by him after he narrowly escaped from death!

However, Su Yu knew in his heart that those two ice flames had not been of any use for a very long time.

As the enemies he met gradually became stronger, the Blue-Green Ice Flame was unable to keep up with the pace of his improvement.

"The incredible ice in the lake would emit ice flame continuously and it is known as the Incredible Icy Raging Flame. Although its power is average, with your cultivation base, you can absorb three lumps of it at max. If you absorb one lump of it, the numerous ice-based legacy level cultivation techniques that you possess will have no problems in making a breakthrough to the next class. If you could absorb three lumps of it, combined with your level of comprehension, it would be easy for you hone them completely to its highest grade.

"However, the number of lumps that you can absorb will depend on your willpower and efforts. I will not take any actions to help you."

Su Yu breathed rapidly and his eyes were burning with fighting spirit!

To Su Yu who was trained in ice techniques, his current location was a Holy Land that he yearned to go to even in his dreams!

The three legacy level cultivation techniques, Glazed Ice Flame, Icy Divine Wings, Sigh of Ice only required him to absorb a lump of Incredible Icy Raging Flame to make a breakthrough to the next class?

"Incidentally, let me remind you something. If you stay at the same spot of the surface of the lake for too long, you will be eaten by the Incredible Ice Sea Demon. As such you had better start moving quickly!"

As if it was responding to Yun Yazi's words, below the lake which was tens of feet deep, a hundred-foot-long black giant catfish appeared indistinctively!

The catfish had overwhelming bloody-red eyes that were filled with greed and it was staring coldly at Su Yu who was on the surface of the lake!

At the next moment, the giant head headed upwards and bumped into the ice!

Rumble, bang

The surface of the lake shook fiercely!

Half of the ten-foot-deep ice was bumped into pieces!

Su Yu staggered along the ice and he almost fell down. At the same time, his eyes shrank. "Dragon Realm!"

Yun Yazi gave a true yet fake smile. "You are right. This catfish is of Dragon Realm and its ability is not very different from that female child who was with you. This catfish has a cultivation base of Dragon Realm Level One Peak. If you do not wish to be eaten, make your move quickly!"

Dragon Level One Peak?

Su Yu was extremely terrified! His legs started to tremble and the trembling spread throughout his whole body!

Seeing that the catfish was about to bump into the ice again, Su Yu moved his legs hurriedly!

However, as Su Yu body was under a great pressure, his movement was as slow as a snail!

Due to the difficulty he faced, he only managed to take one step forward!

Due to the collision of the catfish and the ice, there was only a thin layer of ice remaining under his legs!

The giant catfish had a joking expression that looked human! Its giant body dived into the water again and it was preparing to launch a frightening attack!

Su Yu's feet were emitting cold air and his inner energy surged!

In imminent peril, the spiritual energy within his body vibrated violently at an unprecedented speed!

At death's door, Su Yu unleashed his potential again!

Rub, rub, rub

He took a few steps consecutively. In Imminent peril, Su Yu carried the small mountain and went away from the area with the cracked ice!



The giant head of the giant catfish opened up its big mouth, appearing from the ice surface and swallowing the position that Su Yu stood at previously.

Su Yu was a few feet away from ending up in the mouth of the giant catfish! However, the giant catfish did not return to the water.

It revealed a joking expression and climbed onto the ice surface. It then crawled on the smooth ice surface quickly and headed for Su Yu!

Su Yu gasped!

He had forgotten that he was carrying a small mountain. He opened up his steps, revolved all his spiritual energy and escaped like his life depended on it!

Initially, Su Yu could only take a step forward with some difficulty. After which, he became able to walk slowly and then quickly. As of then, he finally became able to run!

Luckily, the giant catfish was not used to crawling on the mainland. Hence, its speed was not fast and Su Yu was barely able to keep his distance from the catfish!

However, as the situation carried on like this, Su Yu's spiritual energy was depleted and the gap between the catfish and him gradually closed up!

Su Yu caught a glimpse of the hole that the giant catfish climbed out of abruptly. A lump of scarlet flame slowly floated on top of the water!

"The Incredible Icy Raging Flame have appeared. It is up to you whether you can get it," Yun Yazi said casually.

That is the Incredible Icy Raging Flame? Su Yu's eyes were burning with fighting spirit. However, it was a pity that there was only one lump of it!

According to Yun Yazi's words, the Incredible Icy Raging Flame was not too different from the incredible ice and its power was average.

Once the Incredible Icy Raging Flame appeared on top of the water, the hole created by the giant catfish suddenly became frozen without any reason and it changed into the ice that was tens of feet deep again!

At the same time, the whole surface of the lake was covered by the scarlet ice flame quickly and the ice layer atop the lake became five feet thicker!

Looking at it, the whole surface of the lake was like it was burning with a layer of scarlet raging flame!

As the scarlet ice flame spread across the surface of the lake, it covered the catfish's huge body. The scarlet ice flame then turned into a layer of red ice!

The ice entered the catfish's marrow, causing it to squeal in agony. Its flesh then turned into a red residue of ice quickly with a speed that a naked eye can perceive!

The catfish's life was extinguished in an instant!


With a clear and melodious noise, the ice sculpture of the giant catfish shattered into pieces in the sky and became pieces of sparkling red ice.

A Dragon Realm demonic beast that was as strong as Mo Wu actually turned into ice!

Su Yu swallowed firmly. What a frightening ice flame! Thisthis kind of power is considered average?

In comparison, the Blue-Green Ice Flame within Su Yu's body was equivalent to trash that was not fit to be seen!

However, the scarlet ice flame did not let Su Yu off. As if it was a raging flame, it gave off a whistling sound and it wanted to swallow Su Yu!

The expression of Su Yu who was carrying the small mountain changed greatly and Su Yu ran towards an area outside the ice lake hurriedly!

He finally realized that acquiring three lumps of ice flame was a fantasy that was hilarious! Instead of saying three lumps, even one lump of ice flame would be able to kill him a hundred times!

Yun Yazi remained composed and revealed a thoughtful expression. "I forgot to tell you. If it was that Dragon Realm Level Seven Miss Hua, she might not even be concerned with one lump of the Incredible Icy Raging Flame. Little kid, I do not know but how many lumps did you plan to absorb?"

The blue veins on Su Yu's forehead were twitching continuously and his mind wanted to curse at someone. Why didn't Yun Yazi tell him that earlier?

Although the Incredible Icy Raging Flame was icy flame emitted by the incredible ice, it was still unusually frightening!

Having no time to reply Yun Yazi, Su Yu's soul was as if it had left his body. He carried the small mountain and took vigorous strides as if he was flying!

Thump, thump, thump

Every step that Su Yu took was as if there was an earthquake, putting so much pressure on the ice that a creaking sound could be heard!

However, the frightening scarlet ice flame was moving at a speed faster than Su Yu!

The good thing was that Su Yu was about not very far away from the shore. He was about ten steps away!

The scarlet ice flame swallowed everything and headed for Su Yu.

Su Yu fled desperately! Only nine more steps!

The Incredible Icy Raging Flame was about five feet away from Su Yu!

Rub, rub, rub

Four steps away!


In imminent peril, Su Yu succeeded in jumping onto the shore!

The Incredible Icy Raging Flame collided with the shore and disappeared in an instant!

As if the Incredible Icy Raging Flame was unsatisfied, it roared angrily for a few times before gradually withdrawing back to the middle of the ice lake and seeped into the ice lake.


Su Yu wiped off the cold sweat on his cold sweat and he felt very uneasy.

What a close shave! If he were a step later, he would have ended up like the giant catfish!

However, he could hear a faint cracking sound. When Su Yu looked down, his heart sank!

There was a thread of weak Incredible Icy Raging Flame that had splashed onto his legs and it was emitting a magnificent red light!

The red light was the eruption of a deadly ice!