The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 174

Chapter 174: The Rebirth Of Su Yu After Breaking Out Of His Cocoon
Chapter 174: The Rebirth Of Su Yu After Breaking Out Of His Cocoon
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The weak scarlet light erupted and became a hundred feet of scarlet raging flames. It wanted to swallow up Su Yu!

Moreover, Su Yu could not react in time. He was frozen by the red ice on the spot!

The scarlet cold energy passed through his body surface eroded his flesh, and wanted to turn him into ice!

Even though Su Yu's body was frozen, his mind could still think. The shadow of death had caused his heart to beat extremely fast and his blood was flowing extremely fast as well!

If I don't resist the scarlet cold energy, I will die here!!

"I don't believe that I cannot do anything to a thread of the remnants of the Incredible Icy Raging Flames!" Biting his teeth secretly, Su Yu gave a light roar and the Blue-Green Ice Flame rose from his body!

Titter, titter

A strange scene appeared. Once Su Yu's Blue-Green Ice Flame came out from his body and touched the Incredible Icy Raging Flame, it melted like a snowflake and turned into a blue-green smoke which curled upwards.

The ice flame that he obtained after training for a long time disappeared into nothingness in a short while!

"I don't believe that I cannot suppress you!" Su Yu had no time to be in distress. He revolved all the spiritual energy in his body crazily to keep the Incredible Icy Cold Flame in check.

The revolved spiritual energy was like it had disappeared. The scarlet ice flame entered Su Yu's body mercilessly and started to destroy everything inside his body as though it was a joke!

"Again!" Su Yu shouted angrily in his heart. Combined with the pressure from the small mountain, his blood vessels revolved quickly and moved all the blood energy and spiritual energy within his body!

However, the Incredible Icy Raging Flame was like it was sneering at Su Yu. There were no obstacles standing in its way and it pulverized all the obstructions. Su Yu's blood energy and spiritual energy were unable to withstand a single attack from the Incredible Icy Raging Flame and it froze into nothingness!

The big piece of raging flame entered Su Yu's body arrogantly.

It took a long time to enter Su Yu's body like it was entering a place where there was no one and it took Su Yu's life sarcastically.

From the body surface to the internal blood energy channel, from the internal blood energy channel to the flesh, from the flesh to the organs, and, finally, Su Yu's icy and exquisite heart!

If his heart were frozen, his life would cease!

The absolute oppression caused Su Yu to feel hopeless.

He could only feel that he was gradually entering the abyss of death. Death was never as clear and intense as the current moment where it was right in front of him.

It was the end of his life!

Su Yu saw his life flash before his eyes. The Xianyu prefecture, the imperial capital, the Sanctuary, and the Zhenlong continent. He had walked many paths, experienced many things, and met many people.

However, there were three things that he could not dismiss from his mind.

Li Guang's revenge, Xianer's life, and also, a young lady who had promised him that she would use her eyes and witness the wonderful continent on his behalf!

He regretted not being able to live up to their expectations!

If he died, who would avenge Li Guang? If Xianer knew about his death, would she be depressed? If he died, would Jingyu be persistent and continue to witness the wonderful continent on his behalf?

Dissatisfaction and reluctance became an anger which was burning in his chest like it wanted to burn him into ash.

"How can I die here? Before I accomplish everything I need to do, I shall not die!"

The Incredible Icy Raging Flame which clung to Su Yu had reached Su Yu's icy and exquisite heart and it was about to swallow his heart in one go.

Su Yu had no way out!

"Do you think that you are the only one who knows how to swallow up stuff?" Su Yu's eyes turned cold and his heart contained a dying will and insanity!

He shouted furiously! His icy and exquisite heart beat abruptly and swallowed the Incredible Icy Raging Flame which had entered his heart!

The ice flame was so frightening that it extinguished the life of the Dragon Realm catfish immediately. However, Su Yu swallowed the ice flame of his accord. Was he trying to bring about his own destruction?

However, the witty Incredible Icy Cold Flame which could pass through the soul became slightly stupefied. It then retreated fearfully at once!

Without hesitation, his icy and exquisite heart rose in revolt and it swallowed all the ice flame which was near him abruptly!


A terrifying scream could be heard.

The Incredible Icy Raging Flame was like tidewater. It retreated from Su Yu's body hurriedly and fled toward the ice lake!

Su Yu's eyes turned cold. "Trying to escape?"


Su Yu's body flashed and caught up with the ice flame atop the ice lake. He grabbed strands of ice flame, stuffed it into his mouth, and ate them on the spot!

Once the ice flames entered his body, his icy and exquisite heart swallowed them immediately!

The remaining ice flame became frightened and headed deep into the ice lake.

Su Yu laughed coldly. "It is now my turn to chase after you!"


A string of Divine Ice Threads was like it was a steel needle and it was plunged into the ice layer which was ten feet thick to chase after the remaining ice flame. With the help of the Divine Ice Threads, the ice flame was retrieved from the bottom of the ice lake. Those ice flame were eaten by Su Yu and swallowed by his icy and exquisite heart!

Whiz, whiz

A strange scene appeared. Su Yu's actions had caused lumps of scarlet Incredible Icy Raging Flame below the surface of the lake to escape continuously!

Su Yu was a matchless Demon King.

Su Yu uttered a long and loud cry. "Divine Ice Ring!"

Snort, snort

Hundreds of strings of Divine Ice Threads blotted out the sky and the earth was plunged into the bottom of the ice lake. It forcefully caught lumps and lumps of the Incredible Icy Raging Flame.

Terrifying, horrible shrieks reverberated repeatedly within the soul of the ice flame.

Su Yu's Divine Ice Threads were dyed completely red by the ice flame like they had retrieved blood!

In a short amount of time, Su Yu's body had absorbed a lump of Incredible Icy Raging Flame!

As for Su Yu himself, his whole body was covered by the ice.

Su Yu closed his eyes. As he swallowed the ice flame continuously, he also started to hone his three ice-based cultivation techniques immediately!

Yun Yazi had a leisurely expression and he finally revealed a gratified smile. "You have really done it."

"The incredible ice had experienced a thousand years of precipitation, causing it to have a weak soul. The stronger your willpower to resist is, the more afraid the incredible icy cold flame is. For the ice flame to escape fearfully, it seems that you have a strong fighting spirit that defied overwhelming odds!

"Now is the time where you face many obstacles as you try to achieve the Dragon Realm. The level that your cultivation base can make a breakthrough to will depend on your luck."

Yun Yazi whispered softly and waited for Su Yu patiently.

The time was like water and it passed quietly. Half a month passed. There was only one month's time before the Xianyun Contest.

On that day, at the abyss of Wutong, multiple Elders from the faction descended into the abyss of Wutong.

The first person to arrive was the Faction Master followed by the Second and Tenth Elder who woke up from their seclusion.

Having gotten the report where the abyss of Wutong was attacked by the Empire of Darkness, a great number of Sixth Level Holy King disciples had been captured and that it was unknown whether the Fourth Elder was dead or alive from Mo Wu and the other Fifth Level Holy Kings who had escaped, the faction was shocked and it immediately came to the abyss of Wutong to investigate.

As they looked around the deserted abyss, the expressions of the three of them turned grave.

Liuxian's Faction Master's heart was anxious and fearful. He said in a low and soft voice. "Has the Empire of Darkness extended their hands to the district of Liuxian faction?"

The Tenth Elder revealed a fearful expression. Although the Fourth Elder was a lot stronger than him, it was unknown whether he was dead or alive!

The Second Elder's voice was hoarse and ear piercing. "The person that should be detested the most should be the person who remained unconcerned about our request!"

Her words had caused the Faction Master's expression to turn gloomy and unpleasant.

Previously, they had reported the intrusion of the Empire of Darkness to the alliance and had requested the assistance of their strong martial artists.

However, the response that they got was that the Empire of Darkness was ready to make trouble in every place of the continent and the alliance had no time to give their attention to Liuxian faction which was at a remote place!

After a long time, the Faction Master said in a low voice, "We can only rescue our people by ourselves! Search the area and see if we can find the whereabouts of the Fourth Elder!"

The faction had paid a heavy price to raise an Elder. Hence, they could not give up on the Fourth Elder.

The Second Elder's eyes flashed and her pale eyes were filled with concern.

From Mo Wu's words, Su Yu had not gone too far away from the abyss of Wutong and it was unknown whether he was safe.

After ten days, the three of them assembled again.

With the abyss of Wutong as the center, the three of them had searched tens of thousands of miles. However, they did not find any traces of the Fourth Elder.

"He might be fraught with grim possibilities" The Faction Master had a serious expression and he sighed softly. After ten days of search, there was still no information regarding the Fourth Elder.

After the three of them remained silent for some time, the Faction Master could not help but said. "Let's return to the faction. During troubled times, we cannot leave for too long!"

As the Faction Master spoke, he shot a glance towards the Tenth Elder. The true meaning behind his words was that he could not allow the Great Elder to have his own way and also assume command of the faction at the same time.

After which, the Faction Master questioned the Second Elder with concern. "Since you have left your secluded area earlier, how is the recuperation of your injuries?"

As the Second Elder was the only person who could team up with the Faction Master to go against the Great Elder, the Faction Master naturally had to be concern about her.

However, he did not understand the Second Elder. It was said that she had prepared to shut herself off from the outside world for about three months. Hence, why did she leave her secluded area after one month?

The Second Elder said hoarsely and coldly, "Don't worry, I won't die so easily!"

After hearing her words which did not appreciate his kindness that he was used to, the Faction Master smiled and returned to the faction with the two of them.

At the incredible ice lake, it was unknown when it had appeared but, atop the ice surface, there was a scarlet ice mountain that was a thousand feet high tall.

When looked at it from afar, it looked like a burning volcano.

By looking at it closely, one would discover that it was a red ice mountain!

Moreover, within the ice mountain, there was a shadow. The shadow looked like it was a butterfly in deep sleep that was about to be reborn after breaking out from its cocoon!

Yun Yazi opened his eyes slowly and his face was full of admiration. "What shocking willpower! I had thought that you could only endure for half a month. However, I did not expect to be able to endure for one whole month. Moreover, you have changed completely and thoroughly. Your improvement is greater than I expected!"


A faint noise reverberated across the vast ice field.

Within the red ice mountain, the eyes of the sealed shadow opened slowly!

In a split second, the numerous Incredible Icy Raging Flame at the bottom of the lake escaped fearfully, causing the bottom of the lake to be dyed scarlet as though it was burning fiercely!

Rumble, bang, bang

The ice mountain which was a thousand feet high shook.

After which, a "bang" sound could be heard. The sound then changed into broken ice cubes which splashed into the sky!

For a moment, numerous shattered scarlet pieces of ice fell like a blood rain.

A shadow drifted in the cluster of tens of thousands of blood rain droplets before descending.

As the silver hair fluttered, there was a nail-sized fire seal in the space between the eyebrows.

The seal was lifelike and lively like it was a real fire and it was moving slightly in the space between the eyebrows.

The eyes were shining with red light from time to time which was strange and furtive.

Combined with silver hair that was floating in the air, his face which was as handsome as a celestial being gave others an unusual and charming feeling.

Compared to his indifferent temperament previously, Su Yu's current temperament was completely different.

Su Yu raised his head and looked at the small mountain that he was carrying. He then smiled. This smile was weird and different from usual!

"Elder, you can release your soul energy," Su Yu said indifferently.

Yun Yazi nodded his head. He stroked his robe and the other nine-tenths of the small mountain's weight which was carried by his soul energy descended.

However, Su Yu carried the small mountain with ease. He casually extended his palm and carried the small mountain with one hand.

His expression looked relaxed and there was no pressure on him.

"The weight of the small mountain is fine." Su Yu smiled.

To him, the small mountain was an extremely heavy giant rock that no longer has the weight to oppress him.

Yun Yazi wore a smile on his face. He flicked his finger and a layer of soul energy engulfed the small mountain at once.

The small mountain became smaller progressively at a speed that a naked eye could perceive. In the end, it became as small as the size of a palm!

"I have helped you to compress the small mountain. Its weight remains unchanged and you can carry it along with you as you move."

Su Yu was felt grateful and he smiled. "Thank you, elder."

After his speech, he used Divine Ice Threads to hand the small mountain on his waist.

He took one breath, looked into the direction of Liuxian faction and whispered. "Xianyun Contest, I will be coming for you!"

"Xi Ruolan, Cao Xuan and Han Zhi, I hope that all of you will not be too surprised!" Su Yu's eyes turned cold and he vanished into thin air!