The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Xianyun Contest
Chapter 175: Xianyun Contest
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Half a month passed. In Liuxian faction, the hearts of the people were fluctuating.

Many disciples who had shut themselves off from the outside world woke up from their seclusion. Their minds became disturbed as they walked about.

Be it a friendly duel to learn from one another or be it the exchange of new knowledge with one another, the reason for their awakening was simple; the Xianyun Contest which was held once every five years was in sight!

The Xianyun Contest was considered a glorious duel, there was nothing else like it!

Anyone who got through the Xianyun Contest would earn the right to enter the rumored Ancient Xianyun Temple and undergo a major development!

In the past, there was a Seventh Level Holy King disciple who went into the temple and obtained countless opportunities. When she came out from the temple, she became someone of Dragon Realm Level Three!

After that, she became an Elder of the faction! She was the Second Elder of the faction!

She was a legendary person who accomplished amazing feats throughout her life!

The time to enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple which appeared once every five years had come. The chance to fight into the top twenty and obtain the chance to develop himself was right in front of the disciples' eyes.

Perhaps that was the chance for them to bring about a radical change in their own situation and also swim across the Heaven!

At the Second Elder's yard, Mo Wu stood behind the Second Elder and bowed down. Her beautiful eyes were filled with concern. "Master, why did you leave your secluded area in advance?"

Because the Second Elder left her secluded area earlier, her injuries looked like they had gotten worse.

The Second Elder's voice was natural and graceful, making it pleasant to listen to. "I was looking for information regarding an ancient book."

Mo Wu was extremely intelligent. "Ancient book? Is it regarding Qin Xianer's Phoenix of Death?"

"Yes." The Second Elder nodded her chin and did not explain much in detail. However, her pale eyes were filled with a bit of uncertainty.

She had taken Xianer with her and shut both of them off from the outside world as a form of extra precaution. However, when she interacted with Qin Xianer, she realized that Qin Xianer's Phoenix of Death was quite abnormal. Hence, she gave up on shutting Qin Xianer and herself off from the outside world and decided to look for information regarding an ancient book.

Mo Wu felt jealous. Her master still showed favoritism for Su Yu as per before!

"I hope that he does not let your good intentions down" Mo Wu said.

The Second Elder did not reply. Instead, she said softly, "To you, the Ancient Xianyun Temple is a place for you to develop yourself. Hence, do not be careless during Xianyun Contest tomorrow."

"I understand! I will take advantage of the opportunity to make a breakthrough in my cultivation base and earn the right to enter the alliance!" When Mo Wu mentioned the word alliance, her heart shook and her eyes became extremely firm like never before.

The Second Elder sighed. "I accepted you as my disciple, not for my own selfish motives. Hence, you do not need to be persistent in joining the alliance."

Mo Wu remained silent and her eyes were as firm as before.

The next day, it was finally time for the Xianyun Contest that the audience was looking forward to.

The Faction Master, the faction's Ten Great Elders, the management staff, and the disciples within the faction showed up for the contest!

The gloriousness of the occasion was unique.

Mo Wu looked around her and she became worried.

Su Yu had not shown up yet!

Could it be that he was unable to get here in time? The Second Elder's pale pupils were also filled with a bit of concern.

Su Yu had worked very hard thus far and he finally got into the abyss of Wutong. Moreover, he managed to continue living and he had also gotten the opportunity to participate in the Xianyun Contest. If he were late, then it would indeed be a pity!

"Since everyone is present, let's begin now." The Faction Master declared the start of the contest indifferently.

The head of the referee was Xi Ruolan, the Clan Master of External Affairs Divison. She flew to the center of the arena and she announced the rules of the contest expressionlessly.

"The contest is split into three segments! The first two segments will be a selection round and the last segment will be the final battle!"

"For the first round of selection, the most outstanding martial artists will be selected from among the Sixth Level Holy Kings. Moreover, only one person will be able to enter the next round of selection!"

After her speech, the group of Sixth Level Holy Kings was stunned!

Among the hundreds of Sixth Level Holy Kings, only one person could enter the next round of selection. The cruel assessment had caused them to be stupefied.

"As for the specifics of the assessment, the faction will send a Seventh Level Lower Tier Holy King to take charge of the arena. The Sixth Level Holy King disciples who are participating in the selection round will fight with a Seventh Level Holy King. If you can withstand more attacks from the Seventh Level Holy King, then your results will be better as well."

Under the observations of the higher-ups, it would be clear whether the Sixth Level Holy King had managed to withstand the blows from the Seventh Level Holy King. Hence, no one would dare to cheat.

Those rules were indeed fair and square!

"Seventh Level Holy King?" Many of the Sixth Level Holy King participants were shocked.

"I give up!" In no time, a number of Sixth Level Lower Tier Holy Kings made a rational decision to give up after they pondered for some time.

Since the gap between a Seventh Level Holy King and them was too big, it was pointless for them to go to the arena.

They felt that by relaxing their mind and observing the battles attentively, their gains would be greater as compared to fighting a losing match in the arena.

As such, only the Sixth Level Upper Tier Holy Kings and the Sixth Level Peak Holy Kings remained as they wanted to attempt to get into the next selection round.

Xi Ruolan had a dull expression. "Let's invite the Deputy Clan Master of the Elixir Production Division, Wu Baiyi, to take charge of the arena!"

Wu Baiyi was about fifty years old. He had a white face and he looked composed. He stood behind the Fifth Elder and he was beside the Fifth Elder's first disciple. Wu Baiyi was promoted by the Fifth Elder to his current position. Hence, it was natural that he was well acquainted with the Fifth Elder's disciple, Wei Kang.

After Xi Ruolan's speech, Wei Kang cupped his fists and congratulated Wu Baiyi. "Uncle-Master Wu, congratulations for being able to take on such a big role."

Wu Baiyi was a bit surprised. The person tasked to take charge of the arena was decided on the spot and he was not informed beforehand.

With a happy expression, Wu Baiyi flew to the arena and started to take charge of it.

Wei Kang's face wore an indifferent smile. He turned his head and talked to a fat young man who had a cultivation base of Sixth Level Peak Holy King. "Liu Qian, remember to perform properly later on. Although Uncle-Master Wu would not go easy on you in front of the higher-ups, you are very familiar with his moves. Compared to the others, you have the advantage. Hence, you will definitely be able to take many moves of his."

Liu Qian was the Fifth Elder's second disciple, meaning that he was Wei Kang's junior.

His body was dark and fat and he looked like a stone roller. However, he was extremely powerful with a cultivation base of Sixth Level Peak Holy King, which was a step away from Seventh Level Holy King.

Seeing that his Uncle-Master Wu was in charge of the arena, his fat face squeezed out a thankful expression and he nodded his head hurriedly. "Yes! Senior Wei!"

Liu Qian rolled his eyes. "If I meet Su Yu, I will help Senior to teach him a lesson! Senior has a high status and I know that you felt that it was not worth to argue with a small fry like him. However, I cannot tolerate the fact that he showed off his power in front of you!"

In the forbidden ruins, Su Yu had stolen the spotlight from Wei Kang many times in front of Mo Wu. In addition, Mo Wu was protecting Su Yu. Hence, those two incidents had caused Wei Kang to be burning with jealousy.

Wei Kang imagined Liu Qian teaching Su Yu a lesson and nodded his head. "You can do that, but don't overdo it."

After all, there were many higher-ups at their location and they could not overdo it.

"Junior understands!"

"The selection round will commence. When I read out your name, come onto the stage!" Xi Ruolan took out a name list and started to read out the names.

"Ma Xiaoling, please step onto the arena!"

Ma Xiaoling was a female young lady with a cultivation base of Sixth Level Upper Tier Holy King. Her charming body leaped onto the arena. She looked weak and a bit shy.

She bit her lips lightly and her face was a bit red. She then made a bow. "Uncle-Master Wu, please go easy on me!"

Wu Baiyi stayed composed. His expression was gentle yet dull. "You can make your move now."

Ma Xiaoling took a deep breath and twenty jade-like needles wrapped around her beautiful palm. "Pardon me, I am about to attack!

"Pear Blossom Rainstorm!"

After giving a charming shout, Ma Xiaoling's temperament changed from weak to swift and fierce.

The twenty jade-like needles on her palm released a white fluorescent light and every lump of light looked like a pear blossom.

When the twenty pear blossoms came together, it looked magnificent and beautiful.

However, as Ma Xiaoling moved her jade-like palm, the murderous intentions concealed in the pear blossoms were like it was a torrential rain and it rained down on Wu Baiyi!

Under the effects of the fluorescent light of the pear blossoms, the jade-like needles were hidden and it was difficult to find out where it was.

Wu Baiyi's expression was normal. He laughed indifferently and commented. "You are well trained in using hidden weapons. Your hidden weapons also contain illusions, making it difficult for an inattentive person to block your attack. However, as it is a hidden weapon, it is only useful when the enemy is caught off guard. When engaging an enemy face to face, its power will fall drastically."

As he talked, he raised one of his hands high up into the sky and moved his five fingers.



The pear blossoms were destroyed one by one and the jade-like needles that were hidden fell onto the ground one by one with a clear and melodious jade-like sound that was pleasant to the ear.

After which, Wu Baiyi flicked his finger and a thread of tyrannical spiritual energy attacked Ma Xiaoling's body.

The strong wind blew all over her body and she was blown out of the arena.

"Ma Xiaoling, one move." Xi Ruolan declared calmly and recorded down her score at the same time.

"Second person, Zhan Feipeng!"

Zhan Feipeng was a Sixth Level Upper Tier Holy King and he specialized in lightness skills.

However, similar to Ma Xiaoling, after he stepped onto the arena, he was defeated by one move!

"Third person, Huang Bing!"

"I concede defeat!"

After observing two matches, many Sixth Level Upper Tier Holy Kings chose to give up.

The gap between Wu Baiyi and them was too big and it was difficult for them to withstand even one of Wu Baiyi's moves. Hence, it was pointless, even if they participated in the selection round.

"Fourth person"

"I concede defeat!"

"Fifth person"

A great number of Sixth Level Upper Tier Holy Kings chose to give up.

Those who persevered were all defeated by one move!

"Hundredth person, Luo Tianxiang!"

Luo Tianxiang was a Sixth Level Peak Holy King!

He specialized in lightness skills and fire techniques. His body attacked and defended at the same time and his abilities were powerful. Among the Sixth Level Peak Holy Kings, he was considered a veteran. He had also faced many dangerous people, causing him to have plentiful fighting experience.


Luo Tianxiang leaped onto the area and he was filled with an overwhelming fighting spirit. "Uncle-Master Wu, pardon me, I am about to attack!"

"Magnificent Waves!" Luo Tianxiang encircled Wu Baiyi and moved quickly.

Many fragmentary shadows encircled Wu Baiyi.

To the naked eye alone, it was difficult to ascertain which shadow was real or fake.

Looking at it from afar, Wu Baiyi was like he had gotten himself caught within layers upon layers of waves and he was surrounded.

"Burning Sun's Flame!" The fragmentary shadows of Lan Tianxiang breathed fire one after another.

The scarlet raging flames came from all directions towards Wu Baiyi, causing Wu Baiyi to be caught in a sea of fire.

Although Wu Baiyi's expression turned a bit grave, he was still relaxed. "Your movement techniques and attacks come from the same body. These two moves are quite compatible with one another and they complement one another smoothly. However, your shortcoming is that since you honed these two moves concurrently, they are not very powerful and is average as a whole!"

After his speech, his ten fingers emitted spiritual energy and extinguished the raging flames which came from all directions.

Luo Tianxiang's expression changed slightly. He used his movement technique again to get close to Wu Baiyi so that he can engage Wu Baiyi in close combat!

However, Wu Baiyi easily predicted Luo Tianxiang's movement. He attacked Luo Tianxiang's should with his palm and sent him flying out of the arena.

"Luo Tianxiang, two moves!" Xi Ruolan nodded her head slightly. After all, Luo Tianxiang was only a Sixth Level Peak Holy King. For him to force Wu Baiyi to use a second move, he was considered quite good.

After which, tens of Sixth Level Peak Holy Kings went onto the arena one after another.

However, there was only a handful of them who withstood two moves of Wu Baiyi.

"Last person, Liu Qian."


A black and fat shadow leaped onto the arena. The shadow belonged to Wei Kang's Junior, Liu Qian, who was a Sixth Level Peak Holy King.

Although he was fat, his abilities were outstanding and he was also a veteran Sixth Level Peak Holy King. It was said that he had dueled with Luo Tianxiang before. Within thirty moves, he defeated Luo Tianxiang!

"Uncle-Master Wu, pardon me, I am about to attack!"

Liu Qian had a strange expression and he attacked openly! He specialized in close quarter fist techniques!

"Big Dipper's Seven Star Fist!" Liu Qian extended both his fists. Within a few breath's time, he launched seven fists of attack!

A thread of admiration appeared in Xi Ruolan's eyes. "Legacy level cultivation technique of Stage One Top Class. It is only a step away from Stage Two."

Wu Baiyi's expression turned a bit grave and there was nothing he could do.

As Wu Baiyi dueled with Liu Qian quite frequently, Liu Qian naturally knew Wu Baiyi's weak point.

That was close quarter combat!

Rumble, bang

With a bit of cautiousness, Wu Baiyi used his absolute abilities to repel Liu Qian.

However, using his experience from his duels with Wu Baiyi, Liu Qian took a step to dodge Wu Baiyi's attack and used his fist technique to counterpart of Wu Baiyi's attack. At the cost of a light injury, he managed to take on Wu Baiyi's attack!

"Again!" Liu Qian's eyes were secretly filled with excitement. From the looks of it, the only spot to enter the next selection round belonged to him!

Three times, Liu Qian got his way.

Although he was finally sent flying out of the arena, he had succeeded in withstanding four moves!

Xi Ruolan nodded her head contentedly. "Liu Qian had managed to withstand four moves and his result is the most outstanding!"

Mo Wu was anxious. Even though the first round of assessment was about to come to an end, Su Yu had not shown up yet!

The Second Elder frowned deeply. If that were the case, Su Yu's hard work thus far would be completely wasted.

"I hereby declare that the first round of assessment is over. The selected person is, Liu"

A scarlet light pierced through the Heaven. It was like a burning meteorite was glimmering within the thick layers of cloud.

The audience only managed to catch a glimpse within the thick layers of clouds, it was like there was a flash of a red lightning. After which, everything became peaceful again.

Many people thought that it was an illusion!

However, a giant vortex suddenly appeared within those thick layers of cloud!

Within the giant vortex, a lump of scarlet raging flame descended with a speed that was as fast as a meteorite!

What followed after that was a carefree voice. "I, Su Yu, had not arrived yet. How can you say that the first round of assessment is over?"