The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Defeated By One Move
Chapter 176: Defeated By One Move
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The scarlet raging flame fell onto the arena.

Rumble, rumble

The arena shook with a loud bang! Even the ground shook lightly from the bang.

Liu Qian staggered along the floor and he almost overturned onto the floor. His eyes were filled with surprise.

The sudden appearance of the red light had caused the arena to burst into an uproar.

Looking at it, in the center of the arena, the ground sunk in and broken rocks splattered all about!

A scarlet shadow stood tall and upright on the spot quietly!

He had unique silver hair and a handsome face. Many people immediately recognized this disciple who was quite reputable in the faction, Su Yu!

Although he had only entered the faction for half a year, he had accomplished many impressive and miraculous feats.

However, many people felt that he was unfamiliar. Especially people whom Su Yu was well acquainted with.

Mo Wu's eyebrow twitched slightly. Her snow-like eyes were filled with surprise and an unfamiliar feeling.

After being separated from Su Yu for one and a half months, Su Yu gave off a totally different vibe.

The blood-colored seal in the space between his eyebrows was like a lump of flame.

The flame looked lifelike as though it was a real flame and it gave people a charming and unusual feeling.

Combined with his silver hair which was fluttering, his temperament was extremely unusual.

"Is that the rumored Su Yu? Although he looks frightening, he is very charming." Among the disciples, some of the young ladies' faces turned red and they spoke softly and haltingly.

Although his temperament was extremely unusual, it did not give off an ill feeling. Instead, it made him more mysterious which attracted the attention of the people.

Mo Wu frowned. She did not know why, but she could slightly feel a ridiculous amount of pressure from Su Yu. When she looked at him attentively, her beautiful eyes were filled with surprise that was rarely seen from her. Her lips opened slightly and she gasped. "Sixth Level Peak Holy King? Justjust by drinking water, he is able to make a breakthrough to Sixth Level Peak Holy King?"

The Second Elder's pale eyes were filled with admiration and fondness. "His cultivation base is a lot higher than that. There is a great pressure on his body and it seems like it is intentional!"

In the past, the Second Elder stated plainly that Su Yu had no chance to enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple. Back then Su Yu's difficulties and situation were indescribable by words. However, the current Su Yu had gone against overwhelming odds and came thus far.

As she admired Su Yu, she grew fonder of him.

Su Yu had returned!

Xi Ruolan frowned slightly and her expression turned cold. "There are no slots available for you to participate in Xianyun Contest, step down now!"

Su Yu looked at Xi Ruolan calmly. His gaze actually caused Xi Ruolan's heart to beat extremely fast and also feel extremely uneasy.

"Do you have the right to decide whether there are slots available for me to participate in Xianyun Contest?" Su Yu's gaze was like a sharp arrow which pierced through Xi Ruolan.

Xi Ruolan swayed her body slightly. She would have to retreat somewhere else to avoid his gaze!

Within her heart, a wave of astonishment appeared. Half a year ago, Su Yu escaped from her hurriedly as she chased after him. At the cost of Li Guang's life and the protection of the Li family, Su Yu managed to survive.

He, who was once an ant, was able to make her feel fearful?

The Second Elder's hoarse voice echoed throughout the arena. "There are ten slots available for the disciples from the abyss of Wutong. However, all of them have been captured and only Su Yu is left. Hence, it is natural that there are slots available for Su Yu."

Liuxian's Faction Master nodded his head indifferently and he had no objections. Although the Great Elder and Tenth Elder frowned slightly, they did not rebut against the Second Elder.

Since the higher-ups had come to an agreement, Xi Ruolan could only cast aside her hostility. She then nodded her head coldly. "You can participate in the assessment. I do not need to explain much about rules. Against a Seventh Level Holy King, the more moves you withstand against him, the more outstanding your results will be. The current highest score is four moves!"

After her speech, Xi Ruolan's gaze floated towards Liu Qian who was at one side. "Go down first and wait for him to finish his assessment."

Liu Qian frowned slightly and glared at Su Yu discontentedly. "Is there any need for me to go down? He is just a trash who will be defeated by one move!"

Although he noticed that Su Yu's cultivation base had risen greatly, who could break his record of four moves?

However, even though he was discontented, he still followed Xi Ruolan's words and stepped down from the arena.

When he passed by Su Yu, he hummed coldly. "What a waste of time"

Su Yu ignored Liu Qian. In Su Yu's eyes, Liu Qian's shadow was inexistent and his gaze fell on Wu Baiyi calmly. "Do I make my move first, or will you make your move first?"

A number of disciples secretly shook their head.

"Su Yu is so full of confidence. He actually has the guts to let Uncle-Master Wu make his move first. It that is the case, there is no suspense in this match. Since Uncle-Master is going to make his move first, Su Yu will not have any chances to make his move." Numerous Seventh Level Holy Kings leisurely crossed their arms as they watched the match.

In particular, a tall and pretty lady shook her head and sighed softly. "Humph! In the past, I have heard that Su Yu is arrogant and conceited. From today's observation, it seems that it is true." Beside the pretty lady, a bookworm's eyes were filled with disdain. He also had hostility toward Su Yu which was concealed.

"Senior Long Fan, I have heard about the matter regarding Junior Yang Fan. The abyss of Wutong's recruitment assessment was a fair match between Junior Yang Fan and Su Yu. As Junior Yang Fan was unable to defeat Su Yu, the slot to enter the abyss of Wutong was snatched away. Hence, Senior Long Fan, why are you venting in anger about Su Yu?"

Long Fan's gaze became cold and he hummed coldly. "Yao Hong, are you talking to me?"

The young lady was known as Yao Hong. Her lips shivered slightly and she had a fearful expression. She then kept quiet angrily.

Within her heart, she was full of resentment. With a cultivation base of Seventh Level Peak Holy King, Long Fan was the Fourth Elder's first disciple. As for Yang Fan, he was the Fourth Elder's second disciple.

To Yang Fan, Yao Hong was a person who was difficult to flatter. Regarding the matter where he forced a married woman in the faction to submit to him, Yao Hong acted as though she did not hear of it.

Afterward, when Yang Fan was injured by Su Yu in front of the audience, that female disciple then managed to free herself from the devil's hands.

As his Senior, it was unavoidable that Long Fan would feel hatred towards Su Yu.

"Humph! Trash like him can only withstand two moves from Wu Baiyi at most! He wasted the resources of the abyss of Wutong for no reason"

However, the scene that unfolded shortly after in the arena caused his voice to cease abruptly. Su Yu's calm eyes had caused Wu Baiyi to reveal a struggling expression and Wu Baiyi dared not to make his move for a long time.

In the end, he laughed bitterly and cupped his fists. "I concede defeat."

After his speech, he stepped down from the arena as numerous people stared at the scene and became stupefied.

Having not expected this scene, Xi Ruolan was slightly stupefied as well.

"Wait! Your duty is to examine the abilities of all the disciples. What do mean when you say that you concede defeat?" Xi Ruolan said to stop Wu Baiyi.

Wu Baiyi turned his head and forced a smile. "Clan Master Xi, I have no rights to examine Su Yu's abilities because he is many times stronger than me!"

Only by facing Su Yu squarely, one would then notice that mountainous pressure from Su Yu!

When Wu Baiyi stood in front of Su Yu, although Su Yu did not make his move, Wu Baiyi had a feeling that he was facing a landslide!

Wu Baiyi's instinct told him that if Su Yu made his move, his move would be so powerful that the mountains would collapse and the earth would crack!

That absolute oppression from the Su Yu's aura had allowed Wu Baiyi to understand clearly that he was far from being Su Yu's opponent!

His answer had caused the whole arena to become extremely still!

Su Yu had the abilities to defeat Wu Baiyi?

If that was the case, as the genuine strongest Sixth Level Holy King, the only slot to enter the next selection round belonged to Su Yu?

The sudden turn of events had caused many people to be unable to react.

Long Fan turned stiff. He immediately shook his head and said with a low voice. "Impossible! Although Wu Baiyi's abilities were not strong, how can that piece of trash catch up with him?"

There were countless people who thought the same way as Long Fan. Many people even suspected whether the examination was fair.

Without a fight, Wu Baiyi conceded defeat on the spot. To the audience, it was extremely fishy!

However, the Faction Master and the Ten Elders' expression were normal and they did not rebut Wu Baiyi's decision.

Xi Ruolan could only frown and she declared indifferently. "The first round of selection has come to an end and the victor is Su Yu!"

Compared to Su Yu, Liu Qian had only managed to withstand four moves of Wu Baiyi.

However, Su Yu had the abilities to defeat Wu Baiyi. Hence, it was clear who was stronger and who was weaker.

Liu Qian was stunned. He finally reacted.

"Hold it there! I am not satisfied!" Liu Qian leaped on the arena and his whole face was full of anger. "Without going through a fight, what basis does he have to obtain the only slot to enter the next selection round?"

"Are you questioning me?" Xi Ruolan asked indifferently.

"No, I am questioning him!" Liu Qian shot his gaze towards Su Yu. He then extended his hand and pointed at Su Yu's nose. "I wish to have a duel with you!"

Su Yu had a calm expression as if he did not hear what was said. He then turned his body and walked down the arena.

Having been ignored, Liu Qian became even more furious and he bit his teeth. "Su Yu! Stop being arrogant! Eat my attack! Big Dipper's Seven Star Fist!"

Liu Qian took advantage of the opportunity to get close to Su Yu and his attack headed toward Su Yu's back!

Mo Wu's expression changed slightly. "Su Yu, be careful!"

Yao Hong frowned slightly. "A surprise attack? What a sly person!"

"Humph! This is good. Since he is so insolent, he must pay a price for his insolence!" Long Fan revealed an expression which took pleasure in other people's misfortune.

Liu Qian's surprise attack suddenly became inconspicuous and he did not give Su Yu any time to react!

The power of his fists headed for Su Yu's back and there were no obstacles to block it!

Seeing that his surprise attack was going to succeed so easily, Liu Qian laughed coldly and scornfully. "Your standards are not as good as I have expected!"

Rumble, bang

His fists finally landed on Su Yu's back!

However, before his fists struck Su Yu's back, a thread of weak scarlet light shaped like a lump of small flame appeared from the body surface of Su Yu's back.

However, when that inconspicuous small flame collided with Liu Qian's attack, Liu Qian's expression suddenly turned serious!


After giving a horrible shriek, Liu Qian suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood!

His blood contained a thick cold energy which changed into blood-colored pieces of ice and there was a voluminous amount of them.

His body was as if it had been subjected to an unprecedented amount of energy and it was sent flying for hundreds of meters!

He was sent flying from the arena directly to the auditorium!

Rumble, bang

The auditorium was filled with smoke and the hard floor which was made of bluestone caved in!

Liu Qian's mouth was full of blood and he was half dead!

His organs were damaged and many of his bones were broken. In particular, the flesh of the right fist that he used to launch his surprise attack had rotted and his pure white bone turned into powder!

His right hand was crippled!

"Su Yu What did he do?"

It was obvious that Liu Qian had launched a surprise attack. However, Su Yu did not even turn his head. To be exact, he did not even care about Liu Qian.

He did not even lose a single strand of his hair! However, the extremely strong Liu Qian was wounded and disabled! The huge contrast between Su Yu and Liu Qian caused the people to gasp!

Wu Baiyi was also shocked. However, in his mind, he was rejoicing!

The strength of Su Yu's counter-attack was extremely frightening. If he took the initiative and attacked first, then Thinking about that, Wu Baiyi swallowed his saliva forcefully.

Yao Hong's beautiful eyes were full of surprise. , Long Fan was stupefied and his expression immediately turned gloomy. "You piece of trash! The speed at which you improve is indeed fast!"

In the past, Su Yu could only defeat Yang Fan by a narrow margin.

At the current moment, he was extremely strong!

His change from the past to the present was extremely huge to the point that he had become a completely different person!

As the audience gaze at Su Yu, Su Yu had a calm and happy expression and he walked down the arena quietly.

That charming and unusual face, as well as the unusual silver hair, had become the only scenery in the audience's eyes.

Xi Ruolan glared at Su Yu deeply. A thread of unusual feeling flashed across her deep eyes.

"The first round of selection has come to an end. Su Yu has succeeded in entering the next round of selection! You have two hours to rest and prepare for the next round of selection."

After her speech, the audience in the auditorium was whispering to one another and it looked like they were discussing the match which had just occurred.

Su Yu's soul-stirring match had shocked many people and they were all guessing the true abilities of Su Yu.

The protagonist in their mouth then walked towards the Second Elder quickly.

His eyes reflected her ugly yet familiar silhouette and his heart still felt grateful to her. "Greetings to Second Elder, how are your injuries?"

Knowing that it was Su Yu after shooting a glance, the Second Elder displayed her old habit and she wore a fierce expression. "Do I require your concern?"

Su Yu laughed loudly within his heart. After which, his expression turned grave. "Second Elder, how is Xianer's condition? Why didn't she come?"

"Don't worry, she will not die!" The Second Elder hummed coldly.

Mo Wu could not help but sigh. "You do not need to worry. Master had passed on many cultivation techniques to Xianer and had also bestowed her with numerous elixirs. She is currently training and she can leave the secluded area after two months."

Two months later would be when the Phoenix of Death descended upon Xianer.

Whether she lived or die would depend on Su Yu's action.