The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 178

Chapter 178: A Tyrants Unmatched Power
Chapter 178: A Tyrant's Unmatched Power
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A lump of frightening spiritual energy passed through the fishing rod into the fishing line and arrived at the fishhook!

Suddenly, the fishhook was shining with an astonishing sharp light. It sliced open the wind from the palm and with the momentum of a thunderbolt, it hooked onto Zhen Shicheng.

Rong Hanming flicked his wrist and raised his fishing rod lightly. Zhen Shicheng then became like a fish and he was tossed out of the arena onto the auditorium.


Zhen Shicheng spit out blood on the spot and he gasped with astonishment.

In the previous year, he could withstand five moves from Rong Hanming. However, at the current year, he could only withstand three moves!

Rong Hanming kept his fishing rod indifferently. "With just you alone, you have no rights to shatter the myths of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings!"

After his speech, he shot his gaze toward Yao Hong and Long Fan with an overwhelming intention to fight them.

The two of them were formidable opponents who could defeat him. As for the rest of the Holy Kings they were weak!

Mo Wu nodded her head. "Rong Hanming has improved greatly and his abilities are comparable to the abilities of Yao Hong of the previous year. Su Yu, it looks like you will have a lot of difficulties."

It was Meng Ting's turn to fight Rong Hanming.

Meng Ting specialized in using gentle techniques and she had a slight advantage over Rong Hanming's Winter Fishing.

Hence, although Meng Ting was unable to defeat Zhen Shicheng, she successfully withstood four moves from Rong Hanming! Compared to Zhen Shicheng who withstood three moves, she had withstood one move more!

When Meng Ting was defeated in the arena, she did not feel depressed. Instead, she felt delighted and she smiled. "Thank you, Senior Rong, for going easy on me."

Rong Hanming stood still on the arena for a long time. He then smiled. "Compared to last year, your abilities have improved greatly. If you concentrate on your gentle techniques, you will definitely make a name for yourself in the future."

Meng Ting's face turned slightly red. She had a grateful expression and her beautiful eyes were filled with pride and admiration. "Senior, thank you for your advice. I will bear it in mind."

Rong Hanming nodded his chin and continued his duel with the two remaining persons.

They were Seventh Level Upper Tier Holy Kings. Although their abilities were strong, it was far from being comparable to Zhen Shicheng and Meng Ting.

Hence, they were defeated within two moves from Rong Hanming.

When the four matches came to end, the referee declared the end of the duels in the first group. The duels in the first group had come to an end with an astonishing speed as they ended in less than an hour.

"The second group, begin!" Xi Ruolan declared indifferently.

In the second group, Yao Hong of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings was inside of it!

Although she was also a Seventh Level Peak Holy King, she had abilities to suppress Rong Hanming.

Every time she made a move, she would use her jade-like bamboo flute to defeat her opponents. When she opened her mouth, she would play her jade-like bamboo flute with a graceful rhythm that was pleasant to the ear, causing anyone who listened to it to be drunk.

However, within the sound from the bamboo flute, a sound wave attack was hidden in it, causing anyone who listened to it to faint!

It was difficult for a Seventh Level Upper Tier Holy King to block against the first rhythm.

Even if it were a Seventh Level Peak Holy King, it would be difficult for him to block against two rhythms which were overlaid onto one another!

Four matches came to an end in a few minutes. Compared to Rong Hanming, the four matches came to an end in an even shorter amount of time.

From the start to the end, Yao Hong handled all the duels with ease and she defeated her four opponents easily.

Mo Wu nodded her head slowly. "Similarly to Rong Hanming, she did not display even half of her powers."

"Third group, begin." Xi Ruolan declared the start of the duels in the third group after the duels in the second group came to an end.

After her speech, the audience who became extremely excited from Rong Hanming and Yao Hong's battles became even more excited at the very moment!

Long Fan, the unmatched mythological Holy King who was known as Half-Dragon and was also the strongest disciple among the Holy Kings, was in the third group!!

Within Liuxian faction, he, who was at the top of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings, was the closest to Dragon Realm!

His existence was a natural moat that the rest of the Holy Kings looked up to!

As long as he continued to exist, everyone else would continue to look up to him!

No one had managed to shatter his myth of being undefeated among the Holy Kings!

For two whole years, he had not fought anyone. Among the Holy Kings, he was unmatched.

"Long Fan, step onto the arena!" Xi Ruolan shouted lightly.

Long Fan sat in the auditorium firmly. His snow-white shirt remained still and did not move. His eyes were calm, undisturbed and filled with tastelessness.

In his eyes, he found it unworthy to take on any matches with Holy Kings. In other people's eyes, wonderful matches appeared one after another. In his eyes, those matches were considered not interesting at all.

When it was his turn to go onto the arena to duel with his group, his eyes were filled with no intention to fight.

His gaze swept around the surrounding and landed on the group members of the third group.

However, those group members who were swept pass by his eyes were filled with veneration and fighting intentions.

A gaze from the undefeated mythological figure of the Holy Kings was sufficient to cause those group members' blood to boil with excitement!

Against many gazes that wished to have a match with him, Long Fan's expression became indifferent and it was full of disappointment. "Among all of you, none of you are worthy of me. Please surrender, I do not wish to waste time."

The expressions of the four Holy Kings who wished to have a match with him turned serious and it gradually became that of anger.

However, unexpectedly, none of them felt ashamed. It was natural for them to be looked down on and to be underestimated! This was because the person who underestimated them was Long Fan! It was Long Fan, the undefeated mythological figure among the Holy Kings!

"I concede defeat!" One of the group members sighed and conceded defeat.

"I concede defeat as well."

"I concede defeat."

All four of them conceded defeat!

Rong Hanming and Yao Hong had used their abilities to defeat members of their group.

As for Long Fan alone, his words caused his opponents to cast aside any thoughts of battle with him!

At that moment, without a doubt, the power of the undefeated mythological figure became clear.

Xi Ruolan looked at Long Fan at the corners of her eyes. Her beautiful eyes were filled with a seriousness that was rarely seen.

When placed under their care, he was also known as the undefeated mythological Holy King, similar to whom the disciples perceived him as.

Long Fan was a legendary disciple of the Holy Kings!

"Fourth group"

The audience felt that it was a pity. The most intense and most exciting match that they were extremely looking forward to ended just like that.

The matches which carried down after that were considered dull and uninteresting.

Long Fan shut off his eyes completely, sat down quietly and did not move.

For the remaining matches, within every group, there would normally be opponents who were equally matched in strength.

Hence, the matches came to a deadlock and did not end as fast as per before.

The audience gradually became less interested in the matches as the tediously long battles continued.

When it was the sixth group's turn to duel with one another, a number of disciples either became tired and took a rest or spoke to one another.

The numerous battles atop the arena no longer caught their attention.

"The tenth group!"

It became the tenth group's turn to duel. By then, some audience had left the auditorium.

The second round of the assessment had gone on for too long and the matches were very repetitive. Hence, anyone would lose his patience.

"First match, Cheng Hao versus Su Yu!"

The noisy and fidgety audience suddenly became quiet! Pairs of eyes suddenly paid attention.

"Cheng Hao? That Cheng Hao who remained undefeated after withstanding ten moves from Rong Hanming, one of Three Unmatched Holy Kings?"

"He is actually in the tenth group?"

"Interesting! It is rumored that he is right behind the Three Unmatched Holy Kings and he is also the person who has the highest hope of shattering the undefeated myth of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings!"

"Yes, I have seen him fight before. Among the Seventh Level Holy Kings, with the exception of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings who had exceptional abilities, no one could match Cheng Hao."

A number of disciples turned back as they were about to leave. The noisy auditorium gradually became quiet with the appearance of Cheng Hao.

Mo Wu frowned slightly and she could not help but worry.

As for the Second Elder, she was also slightly worried about Su Yu.

Even she had also heard of Cheng Hao's reputation. Cheng Hao was a person with talents that were considered outstanding.

When Long Fan of the undefeated mythological Holy King heard Cheng Hao's name, his eyes twitched slightly and he slowly opened his eyes!

His eyes which were full of dullness revealed a light that was seldom seen.

It was as if he had found an opponent who was worthy of him!

When his gaze landed on Cheng Hao's opponent, Su Yu, he shook his head lightly. "This is the end of the line for you."

Whiz, whiz

Two shadows reached the arena at the same time.

On one end, it was Cheng Hao who wore embroidered clothes that were magnificent. On the other hand, it was Su Yu who was incredibly handsome.

"Cheng Hao shut himself off from the outside world for one year. I wonder how strong he is now and I am really looking forward to his fight with Rong Hanming again!"

"Yes, Cheng Hao had withstood more than ten moves from Rong Hanming before and I wonder how well he will perform this year."

"There is no rush. Let's discuss this after his match with Su Yu. Recently, this Su Yu has not been in the spotlight for quite a while. However, as a new star, he had managed to climb up the ranks and be on par with the disciples of the older generation. He is also considered one of the strongest."

"That's right. Looking at how he injured Liu Qian just now, his abilities should be comparable to that of a Seventh Level Upper Tier Holy King. Combined with the rumors that he specializes in fighting with someone of a higher cultivation base, it looks like he can withstand about one or two attacks from Cheng Hao."

"At the same time, we can see how strong Cheng Hao had become over the past one year and Su Yu would serve as a decent touchstone."

Many disciples competed with one another to witness the match.

Cheng Hao became famous when he was a young man. Hence, it was natural for him to feel arrogant.

He was above twenty-five years. When faced with Su Yu who was only fifteen years old, he could not help but frown slightly.

He had heard of Su Yu's reputation. It was said that he was a genius who was from outside the Sanctum and he climbed the ranks abruptly.

In more than half a year, he had risen step by step from a Holy King to a Sixth Level Peak Holy King.

He rose abruptly like a comet and he brought about a miracle that could not be surpassed outside of the Sanctum.

"Still acceptable." After using his eyes to measure the abilities of Su Yu for some time, Cheng Hao then opened his eyes normally.

Su Yu's gaze was distant and his expression was dull as if it were a quiet lake in between autumn and winter that had no waves. "I will give you a chance to make your move."

Although his voice was soft, everyone could hear him as the arena was very quiet. Everyone who heard him became stupefied.

If Rong Hanming was the one facing Cheng Hao, would he dare to be so arrogant?

Was it because of the fact that Su Yu's abilities had risen abruptly that he was so confident?

When they recalled the fact the Su Yu was fifteen years old, the audience felt relieved but sighed at the same time.

"Although he is very talented, in the end, he still has a mindset of a young man who cannot remain calm."

"I think we should not come to our conclusion too early. When he fought Liu Qian just now, all of you thought that he was extremely rude. But in reality, that is because Su Yu's abilities were extremely high and that was the aura that he gave off naturally and unintentionally."

Su Yu did the same thing as Long Fan. Even though it was the same thing, the audience admired Long Fan, the undefeated mythological Holy King.

As for Su Yu, he was labeled as rude.

A number of people gradually turned silent and they looked at Su Yu attentively.

"You are right. Su Yu might be out of the ordinary and he should be able to fight with Cheng Hao."

Atop the arena, Cheng Hao frowned. "Do you think that you are in a favorable situation? I have seen many people like you"

Before he could finish talking, he was interrupted by an indifferent sigh. "You are noisy! I have already given you the chance to make your move."

Cheng Hao's expression changed slightly. Just as he was about to get angry, he suddenly felt an extreme pain in his abdomen!

When he looked down, his pupils shrank!

He did not know when, but a fist had struck his abdomen!

Many fragmentary shadows of the fists appeared blurrily. It gradually became clear when Cheng Hao started to feel the pain.

What became clear to him at the same time was an arm as well as its owner who extended it, Su Yu!

A noise which broke the silence could be heard!

Su Yu's attack actually came earlier than the noise!


The fierce energy from the fist spread across his body from his abdomen and exited from his back.

His organs shook greatly and a mouthful of blood gushed out from Cheng Hao's mouth.

The fierce energy engulfed his body, causing him to be sent flying for hundreds of feet and he crashed into the auditorium forcefully!

Cheng Hao's face was full of astonishment and he could not believe that he was defeated in this manner!

Without without even having the chance to make his move, he was sent flying out of the arena!

No, to be exact, Cheng Hao did not even manage to react as he did not know when his opponent attacked him!

That speed which was faster than the noise which broke the silence caused him to not have a chance to react!

After becoming silent for a long time, sounds of people gasping could finally be heard!

Cheng Hao, who was undefeated even after ten moves from Rong Hanming, actually did not even have a chance to make his move!

Su Yu withdrew his fist calmly. The red light at his back faded away and the outline of a giant pair of wings dispersed leisurely.

Su Yu swept his eyes and his eyes landed on the three remaining group members. He then said indifferently. "Do you still want a match with me?"

"I I concede defeat." One of the group members whom his eyes landed on swallowed firmly and conceded defeat on the spot!

Since Cheng Hao had been defeated, what about them?

"I concede defeat as well!"

"Me too."

As soon as Cheng Hao appeared on the arena, he was defeated by one move. As for the three remaining group members, they were so frightened that they surrendered!

Su Yu's tyrannical aura had shocked the entire arena!