The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Yellow Dragons Green Cloud Movement
Chapter 179: Yellow Dragon's Green Cloud Movement
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Long Fan's eyes flashed. After some time, he shook his head indifferently. "A movement technique that is faster than the speed of sound. In addition, if Cheng Hao was not arrogant, he would not have won so easily."

Mo Wu's beautiful eyes were filled with surprise and admiration. "A pretty good movement technique that is comparable to the Dragon Realm. However" Her eyes swept pass Long Fan and she sighed. "If that is it, against Long Fan, there will not be any suspense regarding the outcome of the match."

Xi Ruolan was stunned and her pupils were filled with a giant wave of astonishment!

For that attack just now, even it if were she, she would be unable to capture it clearly!

This meant that Su Yu, who once fled in panic at her hands, had surpassed her in the field of movement techniques!

In the past, she had a premonition that she would die in Su Yu's hands one day.

As of then, that feeling became even more intense.

Her mouth closed slightly. Although she wanted to say something, there were still some forms of uncertainty within her heart. In the end, she stopped herself from saying the words that she wanted to say.

Her expression returned back to being cold and she glared at Su Yu coldly. She then declared expressionlessly. "Tenth group, victor, Su Yu!"

At that moment, the ten strongest martial artists from the second segment finally emerged.

The Three Unmatched Holy Kings who defeated martial artists of similar cultivation bases as them as well as veteran Seventh Level Peak Holy Kings whose abilities were outstanding.

Lastly, the king of the new stars who won by displaying his tyrannical power which shocked the whole arena, Su Yu!

From the Fallen Star Contest, the quarreling and fighting during the wedding which occurred after that and his fight with Cao Xuan with all his might all the way up till the Xianyun Contest at the very moment, Su Yu had gone against overwhelming odds and attracted the attention of many people dazzlingly.

It was correct to say that he is the king of the new stars!

Next, it was the second segment's final battle, the Ten Great Contest!

The top five would earn the right to stay on the arena and enter the final segment, Xianyun Ranking Competition!

At the same time, this also meant that the top five would earn the right to enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple!

Su Yu's hard work thus far was for the sake of entering the Ancient Xianyun Temple. At the current moment, he was not very far away from his objective!

"The Ten Great Contest's rules random battles!" Xi Ruolan shot a glance towards Su Yu profoundly.

"The ten of you will be on the arena altogether and the ten of you will fight a random battle! The five remaining people on the arena will be promoted to the top five!"

"There is only one rule. You must defeat at least one person. If you rely on evading all the attacks to stay in the arena, you will be eliminated as well!"

Putting it in simple terms, if a person wanted to stay in the arena, he must defeat at least one person. After which, before five people remained, he must stay on the arena and not be defeated by anyone else.

Everyone understood the rules.

There was only one rule. In other words, there were no restrictions on the methods used as long as they could defeat their opponent. Those restrictions included teaming up!

Rustle, rustle, rustle

The ten of them retreated, looked at one another face to face and gathered in twos and threes!

In particular, two teams appeared and every team contained three people, totaling up to six people.

The remaining four people were indifferent and had no intentions of teaming up.

They were the Three Unmatched Holy Kings and Su Yu!

The expression of the audience turned grave. A random battle was the time to accurately measure one's abilities.

It was only during the instant where the outcome of the battle between both sides could not be determined that one would unleash his potential. Compared to a normal assessment, the effects of a random battle were greater. However, the level of difficulty was greater as well.

Especially when there were big teams!

When three Seventh Level Peak Holy Kings team up, even if it were a person from the Three Unmatched Holy Kings, he needed to be careful.

Moreover, there were two teams in the arena!

At that moment, the martial artists who did not team up were Su Yu and the Three Unmatched Holy Kings.

Many people could understand the actions of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings. Among the three of them, any one of them had the ability to suppress someone else of the same cultivation base as them.

However, Su Yu Could it be that he, who defeated Cheng Hao, had the confidence that he could the Three Unmatched Holy Kings?

Although Su Yu defeated Cheng Hao with one move, Cheng Hao had fought with Rong Hanming before and he had a record of being undefeated even after ten moves of Rong Hanming.

However, anyone could tell that the Rong Hanming at the very moment could not be compared to the past and Cheng Hao might not be able to withstand many moves of his.

Hence, Su Yu was alone and he was in a dangerous situation.

Yao Hong's eyes swept past the arena and landed on the two big teams. Her eyes were filled with a bit of fear.

"Senior Long, Junior Rong, how about the three of us team up and sweep the arena clean?" Yao Hong suggested.

Rong Hanming pondered for some time. His eyes were filled with a thread of fear and he nodded his eye. "Sure."

Even though he was confident that he could handle the two big teams, he did not want to be arrogant as it might cause him to suffer an unexpected failure.

The chance to enter the Xianyun Contest which was held once every five years was hard to come by!

"Senior Long, how about you?" Having recruited Rong Hanming successfully, Yao Hong felt at ease and she asked for Long Fan's opinion.

Who knew that Long Fan shot a glance towards Rong Hanming and Yao Hong coldly. "Only the weak will team up. It is fine for both of you to team up and there is no need for you to call on me as well!"

Yao Hong pretty face turned red. She felt embarrassed and furious at the same time.

Rong Hanming almost lost his temper. However, his lips wriggled due to his fear and he did not rebut against Long Fan in the end. "Senior Yao, who is our target?"

Rong Hanming's eyes flashed and landed on Su Yu who was alone.

As an undefeated black horse, Su Yu had shocked the whole arena during his previous match. Hence, it was difficult to not attract the attention of Rong Hanming.

"In a contest where both of us needed to team up, Junior Su actually dared to act alone. Shall we try him?" Rong Hanming's eyes which were under the plaited bamboo hat became narrow and it was filled with hostility.

Him? Yao Hong looked at Su Yu attentively. Her eyebrow became crooked and ishe ooked as beautiful as a crescent moon.

After some time, a light of pity flashed through her eyes and she shook her head lightly. "Forget it. It is quite rare for a new star of the younger generation to emerge. If we team up and ruin his future, it will be a pity. Let's give him a chance to mature. After a few years, we might have a new formidable opponent. Isn't that great?"

Rong Hanming was not satisfied and he frowned. "A few years later? After training in the Ancient Xianyun Temple, it will be difficult for him to catch up with us."

In the Ancient Xianyun Temple, the higher one's ability was, the greater his development would be. Their gap between each other at the very moment might not be big. However, after going through the Ancient Xianyun Temple, their gap would become bigger quickly with an explosive momentum.

However, Rong Hanming did not rebut against Yao Hong's intentions and he nodded his head in consent. "I understand!"

Within Yao Hong's heart, she wished Su Yu the best of his luck.

As if he had noticed what was going on, Su Yu smiled at Yao Hong to express his gratitude.

Yao Hong smiled valiantly and did not take it to heart. She teamed up with Rong Hanming, chose a three-man team and headed for them!

Atop the arena, Su Yu and Long Fan stood still for a long time at their original position and they did not move.

The eyes of the remaining three-men team swept passed both of them and the six eyes landed on Su Yu coincidentally.

"Let's get rid of Su Yu first. Long Fan is too strong and we might even be his opponent even if we team up. Let's get rid of Su Yu, team up with the other three-men team and get rid of the other two people of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings."

The three of them came to a consensus quickly and they headed for Su Yu at the same time!

Su Yu had a dull expression and his mouth opened slightly.

His silver hair was fluttering in the air and the fire seal between his eyebrows twitched. He had a face as handsome as a celestial being and he gave a smile which was weird and unusual.

"So, you have chosen me?" Su Yu smiled unusually.

It was evident that he was still smiling at his original position. However, with a flash of a red light, he moved in the blink of an eye and appeared in front of the three of them!

The expressions of the three-man team changed and they were shocked. What a frightening speed!

When observing him from a side, they thought that it was nothing.

However, when they experienced it first hand, they understood the fear that their body could not feel!

Against Su Yu's head on a surprise attack, the person who led the three-man team did not even have the time to react!

Within his pupils, Su Yu's silver hair and fire seal were particularly charming and unusual!

At that moment when he was about to be attacked, a ray of yellow light that was like a thunderbolt descended from the sky.

The yellow light was a step faster than Su Yu and a palm was thrust into the body of one of the team members of the three-man team!


As he spat out blood, he saw that tall and sturdy shadow within the yellow light clearly.

With just a glance, he revealed an astonished and confused expression. "Long Fan"

The person who stole the first move from Su Yu was actually Long Fan!

Shrouded by the yellow light, one of Long Fan's hands was behind his back and he retained his stance whereby he extended the palm of his other hand. The corners of his mouth carried dullness and mockery.

That silhouette was just nice standing in front of Su Yu!

Su Yu's movement technique was already extremely fast that it was faster than sound. Among the Holy Kings, it was difficult to meet someone who matched his speed.

However, Long Fan was able to be a step faster than Su Yu and he stole Su Yu's target before Su Yu managed to make his move.

Long Fan's movement technique was brilliant and it had reached a frighteningly high level!

At the very least, it was way above Su Yu!

Any person with good sense could tell that Long Fan's actions were intentional.

Long Fan's motive was to use a shocking method to tell Su Yu that the movement technique that he was so proud of was nothing in front of him!

Mo Wu frowned and sighed silently. "This is the reason why there is no suspense regarding the outcome of your match with Long Fan. Because Long Fan specializes in movement techniques that are way above Su Yu's movement techniques!"

Among the Holy Kings, Long Fan's movement techniques were undefeated and only martial artists of the Dragon Realm could fight him.

Su Yu frowned slightly. The tip of his toes touched the ground lightly and with a flash of his silhouette, he headed towards the two remaining Seventh Level Peak Holy Kings.

However, at that moment before he made his move, a yellow light flashed in front of him. Long Fan had used an unsurpassed speed to rush ahead of him and drive the two Seventh Level Peak Holy Kings at the same time!

In just a few breaths' times, Long Fan had used his power which could govern a country to sweep away a three-man team!

The exhibition of his power that made him undefeatable among the Holy Kings had shocked the whole arena!

In particular, he was able to rush ahead of Su Yu and defeat all of his targets.

Looking at it, the power that made him undefeatable became clear!

Su Yu frowned even more. Long Fan had driven two people out of the arena. Moreover, Yao Hong and Rong Hanming had teamed up and successfully defeated one person.

Hence, there were only six people left!

Once there are only five people left, the battle would come to an end!

As Su Yu had no time to argue with Long Fan, he turned his body and rushed towards the three-man team that Yao Hong was fighting. He wanted to defeat the last person and earn the right to become the top five.

Rong Hanming used his Winter Fishing, hooked onto one of the members of the three-man team and tossed him high up into the sky!

Once he falls off the arena, the battle would come to an end!

When that time comes, Su Yu, who had not defeated a single person, would be eliminated and he would be unable to enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple!

Su Yu's expression changed slightly. He chased after that member of the three-man team to defeat him.

However, at that moment, with a flash of a yellow light, a tall and sturdy back which was perfectly straight stood in front of Su Yu and blocked him. Without even turning his head, Long Fan said leisurely. "You have shown off enough. It is time for you to return back to where you belong."

Su Yu was furious and he stopped chasing after that member of the three-man team who was about to land on the floor. Instead, he stopped moving and his expression gradually turned cold along with his gaze. "Well, by defeating you, I can get into the top five as well!"

Right before Su Yu made his move, Yao Hong, who had paid close attention to what was happening, frowned. In imminent peril, she extended her hand, grabbed the member of the three-man team who was about to fall out of the arena, and pulled him back into the arena!

"Su Yu, catch him!" Yao Hong exhibited her heroic spirit. With a swing of her jade-like hand, she tossed the member of the three-man team towards Su Yu.

She pitied Su Yu and she could not bear to see someone with ill intentions ruining his future. Hence, she lent Su Yu a helping hand!

Long Fan raised his eyebrow and an ominous glint appeared abruptly. "Are you looking to die?"


Long Fan's silhouette was like electricity. He thrust his palm towards that member of the three-man team who had been tossed over and he wanted to defeat him before Su Yu.

However, as he was thrusting his palm, Yao Hong's pretty eyes stared at something. She snatched Rong Hanming's fishing rod, flicked her wrist and hooked onto that member of the three-man team with the fishing rod. As that member of the three-man team deviated to another direction, Long Fan thrust his palm onto the air.

At the same time, that member of the three-man team was thrown in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu became stupefied for some time. He changed his initial posture which was about to attack Long Fan to a fist attack towards that member of the three-man team.

With a horrible shriek, he who was miserable and had been tossed around many times was finally driven out of the arena by Su Yu!

As such, the Three Unmatched Holy King, Su Yu and one of the remaining members of the three-man team remained on the arena and all of them totaled up to five people.

The battle had come to an end!