The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Who Is Undefeatable
Chapter 180: Who Is Undefeatable
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The remaining member of the three-man team was unable to defeat an opponent in time and he was eliminated as a result. Hence, only Su Yu and the Three Unmatched Holy Kings met the requirements to be promoted.

"Yao Hong! Do you know what you have done?" Having allowed Su Yu to successfully get the chance to enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple, Long Fan was extremely furious!

Yao Hong's eyes were filled with fear. However, her heart felt magnanimous and she did not have any regrets. She tried to reason with Long Fan. "Without a bitter and deep-seated hatred, why do you want to ruin someone else's future? Junior Su has outstanding talent. If he is given the chance to train in the Ancient Xianyun Temple, he will become an extraordinary person in the future."

Within her heart, Yao Hong secretly heaved a sigh of relief. The second round of the assessment had come to an end. Although she had offended Long Fan, thinking that she would not meet him again, she did not need to worry about him taking revenge on her.

When her heart became at ease, Yao Hong walked toward Su Yu and blocked half of his body. Her intention to guard him was obvious.

Feeling grateful to her, Su Yu did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Although Long Fan was strong, Su Yu did not feel any fear at all. Only a real match could decide the outcome between both of them.

Yao Hong's intention to guard Su Yu had completely angered Long Fan.

His eyes were gloomy and it was accompanied by a burning anger. "I understand! I hope that from now on, you will not come across me, if not"

Xi Ruolan frowned slightly. "We have a total of five slots. However, we are currently short of one person. Hence, there is a need to select another person from the six persons who had been defeated. Among the four of you, the strongest person will assess them!"

The strongest among the four of them?

Without question, it would naturally be Long Fan!

However, without going through a duel in front of the audience, even if it were Long Fan, he would not be considered as the number one.

"In this case, the four of you will have a contest to determine who is the strongest. As we are running low on time, ten moves will be allowed for every duel. We will determine your strength based on the duel." Xi Ruolan's eyes shot a glance Long Fan. "You will start first. According to the rankings, you will fight with the two remaining people of Three Unmatched Holy Kings first followed by Su Yu. Remember, you are allowed ten moves for every match."

Long Fan's gloomy expression gradually became a hideous grin. "Yao Hong, I bet you never expected this to happen!"

Yao Hong's flower-like face turned serious. Her throat felt like it had been blocked by something, causing her breathing to become sluggish.

She had thought that she would not fight with Long Fan again, but who knew

At that moment, a big, gentle, and warm hand appeared from her back and held her jade-like hand. "Senior Yao, let me do it."

Having felt his warm palm, Yao Hong's anxiety disappeared. She looked at him and smiled. "No need."

That smile looked particularly stiff and forced.

As one of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings like Long Fan, Yao Hong was well aware of how strong the undefeated mythological Long Fan was.

"Begin now." Xi Ruolan said indifferently.

Long Fan's eyes fell on Rong Hanming. "You will start first."

According to the ranking of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings, the first challenger was naturally Rong Hanming.

Rong Hanming took a light breath and his eyes were overflowing with a fierce intention to fight Long Fan.

There were not many opportunities for the Three Unmatched Holy Kings to fight among themselves. Hence, it was a rare opportunity for him to fight against Long Fan.

"Senior Long, during the match last year, I had only comprehended Winter Fishing to Stage One Upper Class. As of today, I have honed this legacy level cultivation technique to Stage Two Lower Class, achieving Winter Fishing Pattern Four! Senior, please handle my attack carefully!"

Long Fan had a relaxed expression. He then revealed an expression which showed that he was interested. "Show it to me!"

Rong Hanming had an overwhelming fighting spirit. He extended his hand and took out the bamboo pole on his head!

"Winter Fishing Pattern One!"


His spiritual energy passed through the bamboo pole, transferred over to the fishing line and was moving in the air with a mysterious path.

As they had the same cultivation base, they must treat the battle seriously.

Long Fan placed both his hands behind his back. Instead of retreating, he moved forward. He took a step forward and he commented with a dull tone. "A Divine Decree that was mixed the bamboo pole and comprehended at the same time. Hence, it is full of rhythm and its ability is average."


As he spoke, the fishing line wrapped around his silhouette easily and also revolved one round around his neck.

The extremely strong Long Fan was bounded easily. However, not only was Rong Hanming not happy, his expression turned grave and he retreated.


Long Fan, who had been trapped by the fishing line, turned into a fragmentary shadow and disappeared!

As though he was a ghost, Long Fan appeared at the spot that Rong Hanming stood at previously! If Rong Hanming were a step later, he would have been defeated by one move!

"Winter Fishing Pattern Two!" Shocked, Rong Hanming made his move seriously.


His fishing line circled the air and headed straight for Long Fan's back with a cunning angle.

However, his attack only dispersed a fragmentary shadow!

Long Fan himself was shaped like the air and there were no traces of him!

"Winter Fishing Pattern Three!" Rong Hanming was extremely serious.

His sharp fishhook was as cold as snow. It pierced the air and headed for the empty space in front accurately!


At that moment, a shadow appeared at the empty space which was clearly empty. That shadow extended two of his fingers and leisurely clamped the fishhook in between his fingers.

The shadow, which was Long Fan, stood with one hand behind his back and also extended two fingers of his other hand!

With just two fingers, he was able to stop Rong Hanming who attacked with his full power?

Rong Hanming bit his teeth and gave a light roar. "The last attack! Winter Fishing Pattern Four!"

Rumble, puff

It could be seen that the fishing line cracked abruptly and became numerous fishing lines that were finer!

Every fishing line was extremely sharp and it sliced the air!

With the cold energy that was imbued into it, numerous sharp fishing lines were dancing about crazily in the sky!

A snorting sound lingered on faintly.

Long Fan was taken by surprise and he was shrouded in the airtight fishing line!

His silhouette was minced into pieces in an instant!

Rong Hanming's expression sank and his heart thumped. "Another Fragmentary shadow!"

At that moment, he could hear a light sigh. "This dominating technique will not be broken so quickly and easily! The power of your fourth move is satisfactory. However, its speed is too slow!"

After his speech, a finger was as if it had appeared from the void and it touched the space in between Rong Hanming's eyebrows!

At that moment, Long Fan's silhouette gradually appeared!

A layer of thin yellow light gradually disappeared.

"I have lost!" Rong Hanming was depressed.

The Second Elder was full of admiration. "Long Fan is indeed outstanding. He had honed Yellow Dragon's Green Cloud Movement, the strongest legacy level light-body cultivation technique in the faction to Stage Two Upper Class. Hence, his movement technique is brilliant and he remains invincible among the other Holy Kings of the same cultivation base."

Mo Wu took her words to heart. Even if it were she, she could not look down on Long Fan's movement technique.

After defeating his opponent with four moves, Long Fan shot his gaze toward Yao Hong and he laughed coldly. "Yao Hong, it is your turn now! You had better prepare yourself!"

Long Fan stopped himself when he conveyed his teachings to Rong Hanming. However, that did not mean that Yao Hong would get the same treatment.

"Humph! If you wish for me to fight, I will fight. Who is scared of you!" Yao Hong also had her own pride.


With a grab of her jade-like hands, she took out her jade-like bamboo flute.

"Chilly Mountain's Green Spot!" Yao Hong's pretty face turned serious. She opened her mouth slightly and a whistling sound from the bamboo flute reverberated leisurely across the arena.

The audience's hearts felt chilly as if they had seen a scene with winter.

In the snow amidst the desolate and cold mountain, all beings either withered or died. However, a green spot remained.

When the audience regained their senses, they were shocked!

Their mind had been affected by the sound unconsciously!

If they were at the arena, they would

Atop the arena, Long Han stood with both his hands behind his back. He had a relaxed expression and the corners of his mouth carried a mockery. "A sound wave attack. If a movement technique is faster than sound, then the sound wave attack will be useless!"

"Although your move is strong, it is a pity that it is useless against me!" Long Fan took a step forward.

It was evident that his fragmentary shadow was taking a step forward. However, his body flashed in front of Yao Hong and he thrust his palm toward her head!

Yao Hong's pretty eyes became serious and she was not flustered. She wriggled her lips and the tempo of the whistling sound from the bamboo flute became faster!

Layers of sound waves which have turned into a substance as though it was waves spread across the surrounding like the ripple effect!

Rumble, bang

Long Fan's palm attack was repelled by the substance-like sound waves on the spot!

The Second Elder's eyes shone brilliantly. "What an impressive achievement of the sound wave! When the sound waves turn into a substance, its speed and power will increase by two-fold! For this book of Chilly Mountain's Green Spot which is a legacy level cultivation technique, she had achieved Stage Two Lower Class and it is very close to the level of Upper Class!"

Mo Wu's beautiful eyes shrank. "It is unexpectedly that Yao Hong's improvement would be so great within a year! The number of disciples who had achieved Stage Two Upper Class for a legacy level cultivation technique can be counted with my fingers!"

Stage Two of a legacy level cultivation technique was a threshold. Among the many disciples in the faction, only Dragon Realm disciples with outstanding talents could comprehend a legacy level cultivation technique to Stage Two!

Once Yao Hong makes a breakthrough to Upper Class, her abilities would not be much weaker from Long Fan.

Her hidden abilities had indeed caused everyone to be surprised.

Long Fan frowned and retreated for the first time!

He did not calm down. He became colder. "Humph! You have really hidden your abilities deeply. However, it is a pity that it is still far from enough to defeat me!"

"Yellow Dragon's Green Cloud Movement!" Long Fan gave a light roar. His body emitted spiritual energy which was like the cloud continuously and the spiritual energy lingered around his body.

His silhouette disappeared into the spiritual energy. When looked at it from afar, it really looked as if a yellow dragon was moving about.


The yellow clouds surged forward with a power as if it was a yellow dragon which shook the blue sky!

That extremely fast speed had caused the people to click their tongue in surprise!

Mo Wu was shocked. "What? He still had hidden another speed?"

The Second Elder was surprised as well and a thread of seriousness appeared in his eyes for the first time. "Perhaps it will be difficult for Su Yu to defeat Long Fan. Long Fan had honed his Yellow Dragon's Green Cloud Movement to the point that it is very close to Stage Two Top Class!"

Mo Wu's clear eyes revealed a rare fighting intention. "I am looking forward to his growth! Even for me, I had only honed my legacy level cultivation technique to Stage Three Lower Class!"

Yao Hong's expression changed slightly and her substance-like sound waves continued to spread like the ripple effect!

However, as that yellow dragon was extremely fast, her substance-like sound wave was unable to catch up to it!


At that moment, Long Fan's speed had surpassed the substance-like sound waves and he flew toward Yao Hong with cold eyes.

Yao Hong knew that her situation was not optimistic. However, with Long Fan's speed, she could only catch a glimpse of his cold eyes clearly. After which, a palm was thrust onto her abdomen.

At that moment, her throat immediately tasted the taste of blood and a lump of power damaged her organs easily!

In a situation where she was unable to block the attack, she took a heavy blow and suffered a fatal injury!

Long Fan was ruthless and he did not have any intention to let her off!

As Yao Hong was sent flying, Long Fan appeared next to her with a flash and his fist headed for her head!

With a speed that even a Dragon Realm Level One considered imposing, even Xi Ruolan who was very close to her could not help her!

"You had better lean down!" Long Fan's eyes were filled with ruthlessness. A wind which scraped her face and caused her to feel pain accompanied Long Fan's fist as Long Fan's fist headed for her face!


It was evident that Long Fan's extremely fast punch was a few inches away from Yao Hong's cheek.

However, his sure-kill punch actually punched the air!

Because of his inertia, Long Fan staggered and he almost fell down!

His eyes were filled with surprise and he cried out in alarm. "Which Senior helped her?"

Without question, a person who could rescue Yao Hong who was a few inches away from Long Fan's punch in a split second where normal people could not even react must be a Senior with a frightening movement technique that was unimaginable!

At the very least, he was a Senior who was of the Dragon Realm!

"Senior? Are you referring to me?" A familiar voice echoed near his ears!

The voice had indeed echoed near his ears!

The voice was filled with warmth! The person who spoke was behind him!


Long Fan's body trembled and he was extremely astonished!

What kind of frightening speed did that person have such that he could rescue Yao Hong who was right in front of him and also circled to his back before he had any time to react!