The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Ice Phoenixs Divine Wings
Chapter 181: Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings
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That voice was unusually familiar!

He turned his head rigidly and an unbelievable scene was reflected in his pupils.

Su Yu carried Yao Hong's graceful and charming body in his arms and he stood thirty feet behind Long Fan's back quietly.

The person who saved Yao Hong was actually Su Yu!

At Su Yu's back, there was a pair of magnificent giant wings that looked like an illusion and it was shown to the people beautifully!

The pair of wings was so huge to the point that it was exaggerating!

When the wings opened up, it was about fifty feet broad. It blotted out the sky and the sun, enveloping the arena with its shadow!

Its shocking appearance had caused everyone to be astonished!

The wings looked lifelike, with its veins, arteries, and feathers clearly visible.

Every wing was formed by the concentration of the scarlet raging flame. When looked at it, the whole pair of wings was burning.

When looked at it from afar, it looked as if a huge fire phoenix had descended from the sky!

The shocking scene of a fifty feet broad giant flame wings had shaken the hearts of everyone!

"Phoenix" Within the audience, many disciples' throats were as if it had been blocked by something. Their hearts shivered violently and they found it difficult to say anything.

"Whatwhat a big pair of wings!"

"Is that really the phoenix's wings? It's so beautiful!" After being shocked, many female disciples looked at Su Yu with admiration and respect!

Mo Wu's beautiful eyes shrank completely and she was extremely surprised. "This is"

The Second Elder's eyes were filled with astonishment. With the sudden appearance of a pair of phoenix wings that blotted out the sky and the sun, even if it were she, she was also stunned and attracted by the wings' beauty for a short while.

After some time, she revealed a smiling expression. "We have all underestimated him! A Stage Two Top Class legacy level cultivation technique!"

"Stage Two Top Class" At that moment when Mo Wu became absent-minded, her heart started to shiver.

The whole arena was silent. As they stared at the giant phoenix wings which blotted out the sun and the moon on the arena, the violent waves in their hearts did not seem to stop!

When they fixed their eyes on the owner of the phoenix wings, Su Yu, all of them regarded him with veneration!

When his fluttering silver hair, the strange seal in between his eyebrows and his extremely handsome face were combined with the extremely beautiful phoenix wings, he gave others the illusion that he was a god!

That was the second form of the Icy Divine Wings, Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings!

After being shaken up hastily by the incredible raging ice flame's cold energy, Icy Divine Wings made a breakthrough at an explosive speed, where it made a breakthrough from Stage One Top Class to Stage Two Top Class. This breakthrough was so fast that it was unprecedented.

Su Yu put down Yao Hong whom he carried in his arms with a calm expression and said with a warm voice. "Senior Yao, how are your injuries?"

Yao Hong opened her beautiful eyes so big that it was like a circle and she raised her eyes in disbelief to look at the giant fire wings which blotted out the sky and the sun. When her gaze landed on Su Yu's face, she felt shocked for the first time.

For Su Yu to rescue her in that kind of imminent peril, it could be seen that Su Yu's movement technique was so frightening that it was unimaginable!

It seemed that the reason why Long Fan managed to catch up with him three times was that he was suppressing his movement technique intentionally!

He had finally displayed the true abilities of his frightening movement technique!

"I I am fine." Yao Hong came to her senses from her astonishment but there were still remnants of astonishment in her eyes. She who was valiant and heroic had lost control of herself unavoidably and she walked down the arena wobbly.

Su Yu nodded his head, looked at Long Fan calmly and flapped his fifty feet broad and towering wings lightly. "Do you want me to display my moves, or do you want to concede defeat?"

Su Yu questioned Long Fan calmly without any threat of violence.

However, no one felt that Su Yu was arrogant!

It was as if it was normal for those words to come out from his mouth!

Long Fan could not believe the scene in front of his eyes. That was the real abilities of Su Yu's movement technique; previously, Su Yu had suppressed his abilities!

However, when he heard Su Yu's words that were filled with disdain, even though he felt surprised, he also felt anger.

"You think so highly of yourself?" Long Fan hummed coldly. "It is not so easy to shatter the myth of the undefeated Holy King!"

"Yellow Dragon's Green Cloud Movement!" Long Fan gave an angry roar. The yellow clouds around his body vibrated quickly and changed into a yellow dragon which passed through the clouds back and forth and headed for Su Yu!

With a speed that was comparable to someone of Dragon Realm Level One, the audience could only catch a glimpse of its shadow and they were unable to see its shape!

Yao Hong's beautiful eyes shrank slightly and she observed the match seriously.

However, she was unable to determine Long Fan's path of movement!

The audience was looking forward to the outcome of the match!

Su Yu's Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings and Long Fan's Yellow Dragon's Green Cloud Movement, which one of them was stronger?

However, a delicate voice drifted across the arena. "Too slow!"

Rumble, bang

As the voice drifted, a dull noise could be heard from the arena.

When they fixed their eyes onto the noise, a scene that caused them to gasp appeared!

Long Fan who was about to attack moved with a speed so fast that it was difficult to follow his path of movement.

However, at the very moment, it was as if he had banged into a mountain and he was sent flying backward from within his blurry path of movement!


Long Fan spat out a mouthful of blood and he was filled with astonishment!

He did not manage to see clearly who attacked him and in the next moment, he was kicked in the abdomen!

However, without any time to react, he had punched his face again!


His body which had not fallen flew again!

At the next moment, another kick landed on him!

Rumble, bang

After which, a punch landed!


The arena was dead silent!

In their eyes, Long Fan was as if he was a sandbag that was sent flying in all directions in the sky!

Long Fan did not have the strength to return the attack. More accurately, he did not even know who attacked him!

In the audience's eyes, they could only briefly see a red thunderbolt shining continuously.

Every time the red thunderbolt shone, it would be the very moment where Long Fan was attacked and spit out blood afterward.

After ten moves, Long Fan's body was full of blood and he was heavily injured!


The extremely beautiful Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings appeared.

"Is that your definition of the myth of being undefeatable?" Su Yu's silver hair floated at his forehead. A pair of pitch-black eyeballs was extremely calm. "Seems like it is nothing much."

After hearing what was said, Long Fan was not ashamed. Instead, his expression was filled with fear!

In front of Su Yu, he actually did not have the strength to fight back!

The movement technique that he was so proud of was useless against Su Yu!

If that were a real fight, he would have died many times!

Without question, Su Yu had abilities that were more frightening than someone of the Dragon Realm!

As to which level of Dragon Realm Su Yu was at, no one knew!

The audience in the arena was extremely shocked!

In Su Yu's hands, Long Fan, the half Dragon as well as the number one of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings who was undefeatable, actually had no strength to resist him?

What kind of abilities did Su Yu have? Had he achieved the Dragon Realm?

Mo Wu took a normal breath and her beautiful eyes were filled with surprise!

A few months ago, in her mind, Su Yu was merely a low-leveled Holy King.

At the very moment, he had abilities comparable to someone of the Dragon Realm!

His abilities had grown so quickly that he could be considered unique!

The Second Elder's white eyes were filled with admiration and fondness. Half a year ago, that ignorant little kid who questioned her about the situation in the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures had grown to such a high level half a year later?

Xi Ruolan who was atop the arena gasped. Su Yu defeated Long Fan, the undefeated Holy King so easily?

Xi Ruolan's mind recalled something. Her lips wriggled as though she wanted to say something. However, after pondering for some time, she kept her mouth shut in the end.

Her eyes gradually returned back to being cold. "Do you still want to fight with the two remaining persons of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings?"

Su Yu's eyes swept towards Yao Hong and then landed on Rong Hanming afterward.

"Senior Rong, you seemed like you wanted to fight me just now, now"

Rong Hanming's forehead was streaming with cold sweat and his back was wet with sweat. He could not help but laugh awkwardly. "Junior Junior Su, you have misunderstood me. I concede defeat"

Recalling that he had intentions to fight Su Yu previously, the bottom of Rong Hanming's feet started to emit cold air!

Su Yu nodded his chin indifferently. "I understand."

As such, Su Yu was worthy of being the number one of the second segment.

He dueled with the six persons who had been eliminated and selected the strongest person out of them to fill up the fifth slot.

"The second round of selection is over! Rest for a short while and prepare for the ranking competition in the third segment," Xi Ruolan declared indifferently and returned back to the side of the Tenth Elder.

The Tenth Elder's expression was a bit gloomy.

Su Yu's brilliant match had caused everyone to be astonished!

In the whole of Liuxian faction's history, there was only one person who could compete with Su Yu's legendary method of training. That person was the Second Elder!

There was a possibility that Su Yu might break her epic record of achieving Dragon Realm Level Seven at the age of twenty!

After all, Su Yu was only fifteen years old at the very moment!

"Li Guang ah, Li Guang, even though you are dead, you have left behind a snake in the grass!" The Tenth Elder whispered softly and his words contained a bit of hatred.

Xi Ruolan stood at one side quietly and her face was filled with fear.

Previously, Su Yu knelt down in front of Li Guang and made an oath which echoed in the sky that he would kill her and Han Zhi with his own hands. At the very moment, that oath reverberated in her heart.

That time, she treated Su Yu's oath as an ignorant, fearless and valueless oath that was made by Su Yu who was in dire straits and she ignored it.

However, at the very moment, she realized that that oath was about to become real!

Su Yu already had the abilities to kill her!

Thinking about that, she whispered with remorse, "If I had known that this would happen, I would have rushed into the Li family at all costs to eradicate the source of the trouble!"

Feeling Xi Ruolan's fear, Han Zhi extended his hand, grabbed her soft, white, and delicate hands and laughed coldly. "Don't worry! If he wants to kill you, he will have to go through me first! He is just a mere Dragon Realm Level One and killing him is as easy as turning my hand over!"

Xi Ruolan laughed gently and her face became at ease. She took advantage of the situation to lean onto Han Zhi's chest and she said gently, "Thank You, Brother Zhi."

Feeling that his chest was warm, Han Zhi greedily breathed in the fragrance from Xi Ruolan's body. His eyes were filled with infatuation and pride. "Ruolan, the thing that I take pride the most in is obtaining you."

Xi Ruolan was born with a unique fragrance, which is what Han Zhi loved the most about her. Because of that, Han Zhi used every mean to obtain her in the past.

Xi Ruolan smiled and got closer to his chest so that he could breathe in more of her fragrance more conveniently.

Having seen that scene, the Elders and disciples remained calm.

The both of them stuck to each other like glue. They had loved one another for a hundred years and were a story on everyone's lips within the faction.

Su Yu shot a cold glance towards the both of them and his murderous intents became thicker!

Li Guang's life was completely destroyed by Xi Ruolan!

If she did not die, Su Yu's anger would not subside!

A delicate fragrance floated over and a dignified and beautiful shadow arrived at Su Yu's side.

"Master told me to tell you that in the duel of the third segment, you need not be too concerned about the results." Mo Wu's expression remained cold. However, when she looked at Su Yu's gaze, her expression became slightly different as Su Yu had taught her something in the past.

Su Yu pondered for some time and he immediately understood the Second Elder's intentions. He nodded his head. "Yes, I know. I have secured one of the slots to enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple. For the third segment's ranking competition, it is only for the sake of glory. Hence, I will not expect too much of myself so that I will not reveal my true abilities."

Among the Ancient Xianyun Temple, the competition was high and it was unwise to reveal one's true abilities early to earn the desired position in the ranking competition.

Mo Wu's beautiful eyes glared at Su Yu with suspicion.

She did not know why, but Su Yu always gave her a feeling that he was more mature than someone of the same age as him!

Even though Su Yu was younger than her by three years old, there were some fields that he was wiser and more composed than she was. Hence, this caused Mo Wu to feel unsatisfied.

"That is indeed one of the reasons. Over the years, there are very few people who will display their true abilities in the third segment of the Xianyun Contest. However, there is one more important reason; the main point that master wants to remind you about!" Mo Wu's beautiful eyes were burning with a fighting spirit that was rarely seen.