The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Hundred Territories Alliance
Chapter 182: Hundred Territories Alliance
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"It's about the Hundred Territories Alliance Meet. It is going to happen just as the Ancient Xianyun Temple leaves. Before entering the meet, it would be detrimental to you if you display too much of your abilities."

Hm? Su Yu arched his eyebrows, his eyes lost. "What is the Hundred Territories Alliance? And what is this meeting about?"

"The Hundred Territories Alliance is the Hundred Territories Alliance..." Mo Wi had just realized that Su Yu had only entered the faction half a year ago! "The Hundred Territories Alliance is the alliance formed between several hundred powerhouses of the continent, the Liuxian faction is one of them."

Su Yu was shocked. "Other than the Liuxian faction, the Zhenlong continent still has several hundred other powerhouses? The Zhenlong continent is indeed massive!"

Even though he had thought about the fact that the Liuxian faction was not the only powerhouse in the Zhenlong continent, he did not think that there were so many powerhouses, the numbers reaching several hundred!

Mo Wu froze for a moment, before doubling over in laughter! As cold as she was, she had never shown her smile in front of another person. Even the Second Elder had not seen much of her smile. But she could not control her laughter.

Her petal-like red lips parted, showing off two rows of snow-white teeth. Her eyes took the shape of her laugh, forming a pair of crescent moons. Her two dimples hung on the side of her cheeks. She looked like the cherry blossoms in March, causing many to be drunk on her beauty.

Su Yu was also shocked. It was also the first time he had seen Mo Wu laugh.

Mo Wu seemed to realize her unusual actions, covering her lips with her jade-like hands. Her face was slightly flushed, laced with some feelings of shyness. Those later turned into frustration as she stared at Su Yu. "What are you looking at?"

Her smile had been kept and she regained her composed look. "Do not say anything about this in front of outsiders, or they will surely laugh!"

Looking at Su Yu's confused eyes, Mo Wu calmly explained, "The vastness of the Zhenlong continent is out of your imagination! The Liuxian faction is merely a tiny fraction in the Zhenlong continent.

"There's not enough time to explain everything to you. Don't you have a chance to enter the depository that you haven't used? Within the depository is a book called the Summary of the Zhenlong Continent. It explains the Zhenlong Continent in great detail, and would be beneficial in improving your knowledge of the Zhenlong Continent."

Su Yu had once gone on a mission to the Wolong Snowfields and had received the reward of entering the depository. But he did not have any techniques that he needed to learn as of now, and thus had always kept that right.

Mo Wu's words had piqued Su Yu's curiosity. Just where did the Zhenlong Continent really count in the world?

"Alright, just remember it. There's no need to fight for a good rank," After Mo Wu said this, she left as if she was escaping from something.

The disciples who saw the scene were still dumbfounded. None of them had ever seen Mo Wu smile. Mo Wu was a cold person, rejecting people from a thousand miles away no matter who they were. Only Su Yu could cause her to be relaxed and let out the accidental laugh! That laugh was beautiful and grabbed the attention of everyone, making it hard for anyone to forget! Many of the male disciples were drunk on that beauty. Of course, there are some with nasty expressions, such as Wei Kang! His sinister eyes glared at Su Yu, marking him as an enemy!

The feelings of Mo Wu when she protected Su Yu in the Abyss of Wutong was clear as day. And today, Su Yu had made her laugh. Undoubtedly, Su Yu occupied an extraordinary position in Mo Wu's heart!

"Su Yu! Do you dare touch the woman I have claimed? I'll teach you a lesson!"

Xi Ruolan walked to the contest stage. "The Xianyun Ranking Competition starts now! You can choose who you want to challenge by yourselves. Each of you would have one chance to challenge someone! The victor continues to the next round of sparring until we find the last one standing!"

Her voice was gentle but filled the entirety of the faction.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

the Dragon Realm disciples who were late were gradually arriving, gathering at the preparation area.

The faction had fifteen Dragon Realm disciples, but only twelve had arrived today. There were three disciples that had not arrived.

"Of the Four Great Disciples of the Liuxian faction, only Mo Wu had come. Ranked first Ji Hongxue, ranked second Shen Jiuyou and ranked third Cao Xuan had not arrived."

It was not the first time Su Yu had heard the names of the Four Great Disciples of the Liuxian faction.

Su Yu was extremely familiar with Mo Wu and Cao Xuan. But he had never seen the high and mighty disciples ranked first and second.

According to the rumors, they were all madmen when it came to cultivation, locking themselves in throughout the year with little regard to what was happening in the outside world, and thus was hard to catch a glimpse of.

Would they come for the trials of the Ancient Xianyun Temple?...


Two air breaking sounds could be heard!

Cao Xuan, who had been injured by Su Yu, had his injuries recovered. He was floating in the air, giving off a noble aura.

But what was strange that him, being proud and arrogant, was adopting a conservative stance, following at the back of a black haired man.

The black-haired man was skinny, his frame lanky. He was so skinny that many thought that he would be toppled with just a gust of wind.

But as skinny as he was, he gave Su Yu a deep feeling of threat!

It was as if he was facing a ferocious tiger back when he was still mortal!


The black-haired man descended onto the preparation area, causing the earth to tremble slightly.

Deep in his eyes, his pupils moved slightly, scanning the powerful Dragon Realm disciples around him, as if searching for someone.

"He did not come?" The voice of the black-haired man was raspy to the point where it was almost sinister.

After saying this, he walked to a corner of the preparation area and closed his eyes to rest.

Wherever he passed, Dragon Realm disciples were overcome with fear and respect, naturally opening up a path for him.

"Is that the legendary first disciple of the Great Elder, Shen Jiuyin?" Yao Hong's eyes were filled with fear and respect.

Shen Jiuyin, a legendary powerhouse of the faction!

Yao Hong had only seen him twice despite being in the faction for ten years!

"It is indeed him. It is rumored that his cultivation level had been raised to Dragon Realm Level Two Upper Tier. In three years, he would reach the abilities of an elder!" At the side, Song Hanming swallowed, full of fear.

Dragon Realm Level Three was the criteria for being promoted to an elder in the faction.

Shen Jiuyin was only twenty years of age, but had achieved such a cultivation level, rivaling the Second Elder back in those days!

Such an ungodly potential caused many to exclaim as they saw him!

The first disciple of the Great Elder? Su Yu's expression was serious. His instincts told him that he was a formidable figure!


An air breaking sound pierced through the sky. A figure in plain robes had approached them with blinding speed!

He was clearly still on the horizon just a moment ago, but in the blink of an eye had arrived at the preparation area!

Shen Jiuyin opened his eyes, a fierce battle intent burning. His raspy laughed as if came from a ghost. "Ji Hongxue!"


Ji Hongxue's descent had caused the earth to tremble, multiple cracks forming from his legs, spreading around him.

"The rumored only personal disciple of the master of the faction, Ji Hongxue?" Song Hanming took in a light breath, his eyes filled with admiration and respect.

Ji Hongxue was twenty-four, wearing a plain robe. His features were defined and filled with masculinity.

He did not move, but the impact he had on others was as if a wave of steel had crashed onto them!

Su Yu observed him, his eyelids twitching. "What a terrifying body!"

Su Yu had observed him closely, discovering what the others could not.

The air surrounding Ji Hongxue's body was boiling!

It was caused by his body being too powerful, involuntarily dispersing blood energy around him!

The thoughtless action could cause the air around him to boil. If he used his full power...

This impacted Su Yu greatly. This was Ji Hongxue, the top disciple of the faction!

Ji Hongxue and Shen Jiuyin. These two elusive geniuses had descended here today in a shocking fashion!

Ji Hongxue's fierce gaze glanced toward Shen Jiuyin. He kept his gaze there for a second, a bolt of disappointment flashing in his eyes. He gently shook his head. "You... cannot defeat me."

Shen Jiuyin was not angry, instead, his battle intent became greater. "We shall see in our battle later! We have not fought in a year, I wonder what levels had you broken through to?"

"Alright, other than you, there's no other opponent left in the faction." Ji Hongxue let out a light sigh. His words carried a little lonelinessthe loneliness of being the strongest!

His fierce gaze leaped past Shen Jiuyin, scanning the rest of the disciples.

But those scanned by him averted their gaze, not daring to look directly at him.

Ji Hongxue, the legendary powerhouse. His name was recognized all over the faction.

But the disappointment in Ji Hongxue's eyes did not go away.

As he scanned past the familiar faces, Ji Hongxue sighed as he shook his head. "In a year, there are no new Dragon Realm disciples. Your abilities did not improve much at all. There's still only Shen Jiuyin that could stand up to me."

Including Mo Wu, the thirteen Dragon Realm disciples all had expressions of shame and bitterness.

Only Ji Hongxue could look at them like he was the monarch!

In a year, their abilities had improved. But in Ji Hongxue's eyes, those improvements were not worth mentioning. It was the same as not improving at all!

But Ji Hongxue's trailing gaze fell onto someone. He shot his fierce gaze over, locking onto an unfamiliar Holy King disciple.

His unique silver hair was strange and memorable. His strange aura stood out from the crowd.

He squinted slightly. Ji Hongxue gradually said. "Interesting, even though I don't know how you did it, my instincts tell me that you are very dangerous!"

These words caused ripples all around!

A crowd of Dragon Realm disciples had been disregarded by Ji Hongxue. But Ji Hong Xue had said the words 'very dangerous' when he saw Su Yu!

Swoop Swoop Swoop

A thousand eyes from the crowd all shot toward Su Yu!

Shock, curiosity, lost, injustice; many expressions were worn on the faces of the crowd.

It was at this moment that Cao Xuan noticed that Su Yu had fought into the top twenty of the faction!

"How is that possible? How did he manage to get into the top twenty with his abilities?" Cao Xuan lost his voice in shock, his heart filled with uncertainty!

When they last fought, Su Yu could not even rank in the top hundred, much less the top twenty?

Shen Jiuyin squinted his eyes, his raspy voice giving off an icy intent. "He is the Su Yu you talk about? Interesting, Ji Hongxue's judgment is exceptional. He was speaking empty words when he said Su Yu was dangerous! I look forward to battling him!"

Cao Xuan's fist was clenched tightly, his expression sinister.

Shen Jiuyin had not even looked forward to fighting Cao Xuan, but now was looking forward to a battle against Su Yu!

When did the ant that had to look up to him at the Shenyue Island grown to such an extent?

Fury and fear from deep within his soul welled up in his heart!

He could not give Su Yu any more room to grow!

A killing intent circled in his eyes!

Wei Kang's expression was rigid, his heart filled with injustice, especially when he glanced at the cold Mo Wu who had shown looks of surprise!

"Su Yu! I do not believe that you are this powerful!"

The gazes that were shot toward him caused Su Yu to laugh bitterly. He felt especially bitter when he felt the multiple looks of animosity and battle intent.

He had wished to lay low for the first three rounds, but things were not going his way!