The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Striving For A Decisive Victory
Chapter 183: Striving For A Decisive Victory
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Su Yu did not fear a single match!

Xi Murong's pupils shrank slightly and he became serious. Ji Hongxue who was so strong actually judged Su Yu as well?

Xi Murong's heart felt restless like never before!

He cast aside his shocked look and he forced himself to remain composed. "Rules of the ranking competition are as follows: as there is a shortage of time, everyone will be given one chance to make his move. Based on the multiple times of display of abilities through the duels, the Faction Master and the Ten Elders will give you an appropriate ranking."

After listening to the rules, many people felt that it was unfair. Without a match where one went all out, how was it possible for them to ascertain the rankings of the participants accurately?

However, thinking about it carefully, what kind of diabolic eyesight did the Faction Master and the ten supreme Elders have?

During the match, it would be difficult for superiority and inferiority to escape their insight.

In addition, the Faction Master and the Ten Elders would exchange their views at the same time. Hence, the chance of there being an error would be extremely slim!

"First match, Cao Xuan versus Mo Wu!"

At once, the audience became excited! The first match was a match between the Four Great Core Disciples of the faction's number three, Cao Xuan and number four, Mo Wu!

"Cao Xuan has a higher chance of winning. After all, he has a cultivation base of Dragon Realm Level Two Lower Tier, which is one tier higher than that of Mo Wu!"

"Indeed, when the two of them fought with one another previously, Mo Wu was defeated after a hundred moves. After one year, the cultivation bases of both of them did not grow and their abilities should not be too far apart from one another."



Two noises broke the silence.

Two shadows appeared out of the void on the empty arena.

One of them was a young man in his twenties. He had a normal face and he wore a green coat with white clothes. His eyes were bright and he was glowing with health and radiating vigor.

The other person was an eighteen-year-old young lady with a remarkable youthfulness. She was extremely dignified and her temperament was cold, elegant and threatening.

Cao Xuan smiled delicately. "Junior Mo is even more graceful compared to the past. In this duel, I will go easy on you."

Against the most beautiful woman in Liuxian faction, anyone would have a heart that showed pity and tender love.

"No need, please give your best." Mo Wu's expression turned cold. Since her opponent's words were filled with mockery, Mo Wu treated him heartlessly.

Cao Xuan knew that that was Mo Wu's natural reaction and he did not become angry. "If this is the case, then I shall not hold back!"

"Six Fingers of Destruction!"

Grow, grow

Raging flames emerged from the six fingers!

The flames looked gentle and did not have any powers. However, in the arena that was filled with ten thousand people, it was evident that the flames were scorching hot!

"What a frightening temperature Six indistinct flames alone already have such power. Within a short distance of the flames, everything would be burnt!" Countless disciples swallowed firmly.

"As expected of Dragon Realm. Every move and action has the intention to destroy!"

The Second Elder frowned. "A Stage Two Upper Class legacy level cultivation technique?"

In the past, when he suppressed his cultivation base and fought with Su Yu, his legacy level cultivation technique was only at Stage One Top Class. After a few months, he had managed to comprehend his legacy level cultivation technique to Stage Two Upper Class. His speed of improvement was so fast that it was shocking.

The Tenth Elder smiled gratifyingly and indifferently. "Human beings will strengthen themselves when faced with miseries. Cao Xuan started to work hard after he was shamed. After he lost to Su Yu, he worked extremely hard and shut himself off from the outside world for a few months. After which, he made a lot of progress on the comprehension of his cultivation technique. In another sense, he should thank Su Yu."

Cao Xuan's greatest shortcoming was his level of comprehension!

Although his cultivation base was high, his level of comprehension was the lowest among the Four Great Disciples. Hence, his cultivation technique's training fell behind the other three of them.

He had managed to make up for the gaps caused by his shortcoming. Hence, all the more Mo Wu could not match him!

"Is that so?" The Second Elder replied indifferently.

Atop the arena, Mo Wu's prideful and charming body stood tall and upright calmly. Against the frightening temperature, her heartless eyes remained unchanged.


She extended two of her fingers from her jade-like hands and treated them like a sword.

"Cold Gale Sword!"

In an instant, Mo Wu herself was like a cold sword. Her temperament was cold as though it could force someone into submission!

Her two fingers emitted an abundant amount of sword energy that was swift and fierce like an overlord!


Both of them disappeared high up into the sky at the same time and their attacks collided outrageously with a speed faster than sound!

One of the attacks was six fingers shrouded in a frightening temperature and the other attack was two fingers with an overwhelming amount of sword energy!

Their attacks collided soundlessly and it shook the clouds in the sky!

The explosive energy spread across all directions as if it was the ripple effect!

With the exception of the martial artists of the Dragon Realm who was safe and sound, all the Seventh Level Holy Kings retreated and kept themselves out of the way!


In the middle of the arena, both of them retreated!

Cao Xuan retreated about two steps while Mo Wu retreated about ten steps!

The outcome of the match was obvious with just a glance!

Cao Xuan smiled arrogantly and said leisurely. "Junior Mo, it seems that you need to train harder."

In the previous year, Mo Wu was defeated after hundred moves. However, at the very moment, the outcome was determined after one move!

The Faction Master and the Ten Elders exchanged looks. After which, they stared at Mo Wu and were filled with admiration. "Not bad. There is finally a change in the ranking of the Four Great Disciples. This match goes to Mo Wu! Mo Wu's rank will rise by one to the third position while Cao Xuan's rank will fall by one to the fourth position."

After the speech, their gazes shot towards Cao Xuan and they admonished him. "Training is like sailing against the current. Instead of progressing, you have deteriorated. You have to train harder, or else the late bloomers will catch up with you."


The whole arena was stunned. Although it was evident that Cao Xuan was victorious, why was the assessment as such?

Cao Xuan's expression turned serious and he shot his gaze towards the Tenth Elder, his master. However, what he got in return was a gloomy and unpleasant expression!

The Second Elder's mouth opened slightly and she grinned.

After experiencing the extreme changes in the abyss of Wutong, Mo Wu's cultivation base which had remained stagnant for a long period of time made a breakthrough. A few months ago, she had made a breakthrough from Dragon Realm Level One Peak to Dragon Realm Level Two Lower Tier.

At the current match, she had suppressed her cultivation base and she did not care about winning or losing. However, her actions did not slip past the eyes of the Faction Master and a number of the Elders.

With a cultivation base of Dragon Realm Level Two Lower Tier, a legacy level cultivation technique at a frighteningly high level of Stage Three Lower Class, combined with her usage of her fingers to replace her sword, Mo Wu had suppressed her abilities greatly.

Hence, even though she lost, she did not get in the way of the judgment of the Faction Master and the Elders.

Mo Wu's abilities had surpassed Cao Xuan!

"Second match"

"Third match"

The matches which carried on afterward were all Dragon matches. The Dragon matches were brilliant and they were hailed as the best matches!

Su Yu was the same as most of the disciples. He observed every match attentively so that he could learn from it and also heighten his level of comprehension."

Only Ji Hongxue closed his eyes and crossed his legs throughout the matches. He did not shoot any glances at the matches.

It was as if all the matches did not catch his eye!

"Ninth match, Su Yu versus Wei Kang!" A thread of waves appeared in Xi Ruolan's voice which was calm throughout for the first time.

How strong was Su Yu?

Ji Hongxue who felt uninterested and closed his eyes throughout the other matches slowly opened his eyes.

His swift and fierce eyes were looking forward to the match and he smiled. "Let me see which aspect of the person that I am looking forward to seeing is strong in!"


Gazes upon gazes came from the void and landed on Su Yu.

A person that was considered "very dangerous" by Ji Hongxue and a person that Shen Jiuyin was looking forward to fighting. How special was he?

Bearing many gazes, Su Yu stepped onto the arena indifferently.

Wei Kang looked at Xi Murong with a grateful expression inconspicuously. It was not a coincidence that he was able to face Su Yu.


As if he were a lump of smoke, Wei Kang's movement technique was quick and skillful and he floated onto the arena.

He was also someone with extremely strong movement techniques!

"This is the end of the line for you! I, Wei Kang, will use my fists" Wei Kang secretly saw Mo Wu who was paying close attention to the match and his heart burnt with jealousy!

He did not understand what did Su Yu have that caused Mo Wu to treat him with special respect!

Be it abilities, resources or status, he was way above Su Yu by many times!

However, before he was able to finish talking, Su Yu interrupted him coldly. "I will give you three breaths' time to finish your ranting."

Wei Kang stopped talking and he was furious. "Good! Since you want to get down the arena earlier, I will grant you your wish!"

"One move is more than enough to defeat you!"


Wei Kang's body transformed into light noise that was shaped like a ghost and he floated towards Su Yu.

His speed was not slower than Su Yu's movement technique!

"He had honed Misty And Solitary Goose to Stage Two Top Class and its speed is comparable to someone of Dragon Realm Level Two Upper Tier." Ji Hongxue commented dully and his gaze focused more on Su Yu.

Su Yu's eyes were clear and calm. He flipped open his wings and the Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings which blotted out the sky and the sun enveloped half of the arena!


With a sudden flash of a red light, Su Yu disappeared high up into the sky!

Ji Hongxue's dull gaze contained an indifferent laughter. "Among the faction, there are no ice-based martial artists. Even so, he managed to hone his legacy level cultivation technique to Stage Two Top Class and this is deserving of some praise."

The equally matched movement technique collided in the sky!

Wei Kang sneered. "Do you think that by relying on your movement technique alone, you can fight with me shoulder to shoulder? Return back to where you belong!"


A sound as if a thunderbolt was rolling around reverberated within his body. The spiritual energy of the Dragon Realm gushed out from his body as if a volcano had erupted abruptly!

A spiritual energy which suppressed all Holy Kings headed towards Su Yu!

Su Yu was as if he was a lone boat that had met with a stormy sea that could reach the sky and was about to topple!

Mo Wu was a bit worried. Su Yu was alone. Would it be too difficult for him to handle his current situation?

However, Su Yu who was faced with the spiritual energy that was like a stormy sea had pitch-black and deep eyes that were calm like before.

"Fighting me with spiritual energy?" Su Yu whispered indifferently.

Rumble, rumble

A thunderbolt which traveled through the sky erupted from Su Yu's body abruptly!

The thunderbolt was as if it was a sudden clap of thunder and it swam across the sky! After which, the raging spiritual energy splashed out with an explosion!

The two lumps of spiritual energy which had erupted from their bodies collided with a loud crash!

Bang, rumble

A shocking exploding sound erupted between both of them abruptly!

The frightening spiritual energy moved about like a dragon and it spread across all directions!

Although it was incomparable to the match between Cao Xuan and Mo Wu, the spiritual energy could not be blocked by a Holy King!

Most of the Seventh Level Holy Kings retreated one after another and they were shocked!

In particular, Long Fan, who was defeated, gasped and he was extremely shocked!

"Su Yu his spiritual energy is actually so frightening?" That spiritual energy which had achieved the level of Dragon Realm caused the bottom of Long Fan's feet to emit cold air!

Ji Hongxue's dull eyes shone brilliantly. "Interesting! An amount of spiritual energy that is twice of that of someone of the same level as him! Even the Thousand Thread Mantra within the faction does not have such a power!"

The Faction Master and the Ten Elders revealed a thread of surprise for the first time.

"Su Yu's cultivation technique where did it come from?" The faction did not have such a superb legacy level cultivation technique that could expand one's spiritual energy greatly!

Moreover, Su Yu had honed his cultivation technique to a very high levelStage Two Top Class!

Su Yu had honed the two ice-based cultivation techniques Icy Divine Wings and Sigh of Ice to Stage Two Top Class!

The person who was shocked the most was Wei Kang who was sent flying by the attack!

Giant waves of astonishment had started to form in his mind!

In his eyes, he saw Su Yu as a weak person. However, he was equally matched with Su Yu in movement technique and spiritual energy!

His proud words to defeat Su Yu with one move was shattered with a loud bang at the very moment!

Wei Kang's face was half green half red and he was both furious and ashamed. "You can be proud of yourself as your spiritual energy is equally matched with mine! However, everything has already come to an end!"

Wei Kang bit his teeth and he started to weave seals on both his hands.

His fingers moved quickly and it looked like fragmentary shadows overlapping one another.

A strange rhythm gathered in his palm and reverberated in the hearts of everyone.

Every time the finger moved, everyone felt that their hearts tightened slightly.

Mo Wu's expression turned serious. "Is that his unique skill, Seal of Mountains and Seas, that the Third Elder personally passed on to him?

Shen Jiuyin's deep eyes were burning. "Within the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, the Seal of Mountains and Seas is an incredibly strong divine seal!"

As for Ji Hongxue, he was quite curious. "It is said that the Seal of Mountains and Seas originated from some of the rumored legacy level cultivation techniques. Hence, its power is one of the strongest among the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures."

The Second Elder was a bit surprised. "He had honed Seal of Mountains and Seas to Stage Two Top Class? In the past, the Third Elder relied on the rhymed formula of the seal to train but no results were seen! Does Su Yu have any defensive moves to deal with it?"

"Since I have used Seal of Mountains and Seas, who can win against me? Su Yu! Cower upon the might of the Seal of Mountains and Seas!" Wei Kang gave a light roar and condensed the Seal of Mountains and Seas to the best of his abilities!