The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Charging Into The Top Ten
Chapter 184: Charging into the top ten
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Pitter Patter

A palm-sized scene of mountains and seas rising and falling was faintly visible between Wei Kang's palms!

As he rotated his palms, the scene became more violent, displacing the seas and mountains, striking down at Su Yu!

Su Yu felt the world turn darker, the scene of the mountains and seas crushing down from above his head!


The stone board under Su Yu's feet was completely obliterated!

The Dragon Realm disciples near the stage all had expressions of shock, retreating rapidly. The blood in their body was curling. The pressure of the seal caused their flow of blood to become unstable.

The Seventh Level Holy King that did not retreat in time vomited blood as he flew back, completely shocked!

"Whatwhat a scary seal!" A Seventh Level Holy King wiped the blood off the corner of his lips, exclaiming in surprise as he withstood the pain in his stomach.

"Is Wei Kang really Dragon Realm Level One Lower Tier? With the power of such a move, shouldn't he be closing in on Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier?"

The power of the Seal of Mountains and Seas was more powerful than anyone imagined!

Su Yu's eyes remained calm, despite being in the middle of the impact.

"Stage Two Peak of a legacy level technique? Unfortunately, I've only cultivated mine up to Stage Two Upper Tier!" Su Yu muttered, lifting his head under the pressure of the seas and mountains.

The bright red flame imprint between his brows jumped rapidly, like a spark of fire!


It was as if the seal holding back an icy world had come undone. At that moment, a horrifying chilly energy spread forth from the seal between his brows! The chilly energy rushed to the skies, condensing into clouds. Even though it was a sunny afternoon, the vapors condensed, forming dense black clouds!

White snow fell, time turned back into a harsh winter!

The sudden chill assaulted everyone, forcing them to circulate their spirit energy to prevent the chilly energy from entering their body.

"What a terrifying chilly energy! In terms of the technique's power, it is not weaker than the temperatures of Cao Xuan's Six Fingers of Destruction!"

"Look closely! This is just the beginning! Su Yu has yet to release the true chilly energy!"

A serious look finally entered Ji Hongxue's eyes. "There is somebody who cultivated the closest technique to Immortal class techniques in the depository, the Glazed Ice Flame, to Stage Two Upper Tier?"

Shen Jiuyin's cold gaze also showed signs of surprise. "What monstrous levels of perception! The difficulty in understanding this technique puts off even elders, but Su Yu could cultivate it to Stage Two Upper Tier?"

Cao Xuan was shocked. He had personally felt the power of this technique. Had Su Yu cultivated that technique to such a degree?

The threat and pressure had never felt larger to Cao Xuan. He clenched his fist. "Ants are ants! Don't think of trying to fly in the heavens with me!"

In his heart, Cao Xuan felt a deep sense of injustice. How would the power of Stage Two Upper Tier technique hold up against the might of the Stage Three Peak of the Seal of Mountains and Seas!

Atop the stage, Su Yu's eyes were shut tightly. Only the Fire Cloud Seal between his brows flashed suddenly!

"Glazed Ice Flame!"


It was as if a volcano erupted, fiery red flames spewed from Su Yu's Fire Cloud Seal!

The boundless flames covered the surroundings as if a ball of burning cloud. It was thirty feet long, hovering over a third of the arena! But there was no heat to the flames, only an extreme cold!

"Holy Kings retreat immediately, Dragon Realms circulate your spirit energy to defend so as to ensure no casualties!" The master of the Liuxian faction was visibly shocked. The strange fiery red chilly energy caused even him to fear for his life!

If the chilly energy was stronger by a few more notches, it would be enough to send his soul scattering!

This was the Incredible Icy Raging Flame, condensed into a ball by Su Yu! The alarming chilly energy froze heaven and earth! The mountains and seas were frozen, becoming a picture of icy mountains and frozen seas!


As the chilly energy became stronger, the Seal of Mountains and Seas could no longer keep up, finally cracking!


Wei Kang, who was using the technique, was implicated. His face turned red, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood!

In the chilly energy, the blood froze, turning into snowflakes as it scattered in the heavens.

Wei Kang's face was etched with shock and fear His technique was clearly a tier higher than his opponent's. But the results of the collision was a definite defeat!

The fiery red cloud of ice flames was immensely horrifying!

A victor had been decided for this battle.

No one could believe such an unexpected result.

A mere Sixth Level Peak Holy King had decisively defeated a Dragon Realm Level One Peak, even though Wei Kang had deliberately held back, but to be able to best him caused many to be in shock.

Ji Hongxue shook his head gently, his eyes laced with disappointment. "Not bad, but unfortunately, he had not displayed what I wished to see!"

Shen Jiuyin was also disappointed. "If his abilities are but so, he is not worthy of fighting me."

"Hmph! His abilities are average!" Cao Xuan was shocked by the power of the Glazed Ice Flame, but seeing Su Yu's abilities, he was at ease. "Wei Kang had held back, only using forty percent of his abilities. Su Yu had won with much difficulty, his abilities average. If Wei Kang had used his full abilities, Su Yu would never be able to match him."

Atop the arena, Wei Kang's eyes were filled with humiliation. He had lost!

He could bear with it had he lost to anyone else. But he did not allow himself to lose to Su Yu!

He was but an ant needing to be protected by a woman in the Abyss of Wutong, but now he could stand toe to toe with him at forty percent!

"Don't be arrogant! It's not over!" Wei Kang clenched his teeth, furiously grunting. "I had wanted to hold back, but now I guess I need not reserve my strength when it comes to dealing with such an arrogant fellow!"

His teacher, the Third Elder, lightly creased his brows, wishing to stop him. But after thinking about it, he ultimately gave up that thought.

Wei Kang would inevitably develop a knot in his heart if he lost this fight, it was better to let him fight with his full abilities.

In front of his full powers, the outcome of the match was clear as day.

Hearing this, Su Yu thought for a moment, gently nodding his head. "Alright, since you are coming with me at full power, I can use this chance to test where my abilities stand when I use everything in my arsenal."

These words caused a stir in the crowd.

"What? That lad had also held something back? What kind of bonds did his body have?" Many of the disciples were shocked.

Su Yu had shown such a powerful ability, but was under the bonds on his body!

Mo Wu's eyes were serious. Her teacher had said that Su Yu had deliberately suppressed his abilities, but she could not see how he was doing that.

A renewed excitement replaced the disappointment in Ji Hongxue's eyes. "Was that bind the thing I was cautious about?"

Shen Jiuyin observed Su Yu, finally locking his gaze on his waist where a stone the shape of a small hill that was tied to him by a Divine Ice Thread. He squinted. "That small rock... could that be somewhat heavy?"

Cao Xuan also shot his gaze there, his expression serious. "It would seem like that is not ordinary. But given its size, even if it were heavy, it wouldn't make too much of a difference!"

Wei Kang laughed. "You do not hold back your words! Are you telling me that there are heavy sandbags around your limbs!"

Such methods of training with weights were not rare, There were many who cultivated with this technique in the faction, but the effects were minuscule.

Su Yu did not regard that, unraveling the Divine Ice Thread and throwing the small rock on the ground.


It was as if a landmine exploded!

It was clearly a small rock, but it was as if a mountain had crashed into the arena! The impact caused the arena to shake. Cracks the size of legs spread everywhere. Everywhere they looked was on the verge of collapse!

The crowd was silent!

"Hehe was carrying a mountain during battle?" Long Fan, who had once fought Su Yu, gasped!

"How, how is that possible?" Cao Xuan could not believe it. Fighting with such a heavy mountain and achieving such a terrifying battle ability. Once this was released, then

Ji Hongxue shuddered, then smiled. "Interesting! How very interesting! Carrying a small mountain while cultivating? This is simply unheard of!"

The Second Elder, who had long seen the binds Su Yu put on himself, was also shocked. "The thing he used to suppress himself was this powerful?"

But what made her, the master of the faction and the rest of elders even more shocked was what kind of power was needed to shrink a mountain to the size of a thumb-sized stone?

To their knowledge, there was no one in the world who could do that!

In the dust and debris that had been sent flying, Su Yu felt incredibly relaxed, letting out a groan of relaxation.

He had been carrying this mountain for about two months now.

Now that he freed himself from it, he felt that his body was light as feathers, unprecedentedly relaxed!

The blood and veins that had been suppressed by the mountain had suddenly been released!


The blood in his body was like a wild horse that had been caged for a long time, charging into his veins!

The power that had been suppressed in his veins were all released, flowing to all parts of his body through his veins!

The flesh that had been freed absorbed that energy hungrily.

Su Yu's Sixth Level Peak Holy King cultivation level rose rapidly!

Buzz Buzz Buzz

In just three breaths, Su Yu's cultivation level had leaped past the hardest hurdle many have in their lives, achieving Seventh Level Lower Tier Holy King!

At this moment, the explosion of power had stopped.

But Su Yu could feel that his flesh was still in a state of hunger. If he fed them enough energy, he could rise another tier in his cultivation level!

"Hehe achieved a breakthrough?" Under the constant burden, his flesh had been incredibly suppressed. Now that he released it from the strain, he could achieve a breakthrough!"

Feeling the power of a Seventh Level Holy King, Su Yu was filled with gratitude.

Without Yun Yazi, how difficult would it be for him to reach this stage?

Su Yu kept his emotions, regaining his calm expression, shooting a look onto Wei Kang.

Wei Kang's expression was rigid, swallowing. Had Su Yu been fighting with him just now with such a heavy item?

Thinking about this, Wei Kang's heart trembled!

Su Yu was not human in his eyes!

But Wei Kang was already primed for the attack, he could not turn back now!

Clenching his teeth, Wei Kang frowned. "Alright, I'll see just how strong you are"

He had not finished his words before a blur flashed past his eyes. It was Su Yu, who had teleported over!

His speed had exceeded Wei Kang's understanding!

"Ah! You" Wei Kang let out a scream of fear.

But the sharp scream stopped abruptly. A palm had assaulted his abdominal area. He could not reach and was sent flying across the arena!


With a pathetic howl, Wei Kang crashed onto the floor, his face red!

His back had been torn by the impact of the crash!

Su Yu, after his release, had defeated Wei Kang at full power with one move!

After releasing his restraints, his speed and power had all received drastic improvements! In terms of movement techniques, he is no longer weaker than a Dragon Realm Level One Peak!"

Xi Ruolan's eyelids were twitching, fear spreading in her eyes, but her eyes hid some signs of surprise

"Round Nine, Su Yu wins!"

The master and the ten elders exchanged opinions, deciding on his placement.

"Rank tenth." The master of the Liuxian faction gave his personal opinion.

The rest of the elders, even the Tenth Elder who was extremely biased against Su Yu, had to admit that that was a reasonable judgment.

But this placement caused an uproar within the disciple!

For Su Yu's placement was even higher than some of the Dragon Realm Upper Tier disciples!

"Wei Kang was merely a bottom ranking Dragon Realm disciple. How did Su Yu warrant a place in the top ten just by defeating him?" Cao Xuan was incredibly anxious. Su Yu had fought his way into the top ten of the faction, rapidly catching up with him!