The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 185

Chapter 185: The Summary Of The Continent
Chapter 185: The Summary Of The Continent
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Shen Jiuyin's eyes were filled with trouble and he revealed a thread of anticipation. "The assessment is reasonable. Su Yu's abilities are way above Wei Kang and they are very near to a Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier. In addition, he still has hidden abilities that he has yet to show us. Hence, it is not too much for the Faction Master and the Elders to conclude that Su Yu is ranked tenth."

Ji Hongxue frowned slightly. He shook his head and sighed. "Isn't number ten a bit unfair to him? My instinct tells me that Su Yu is more dangerous than you imagine. He should be in the top five and hence be standing side by side with me!"

Cao Xuan gasped. "Number five? Him?"

Ji Hongxue swept his eyes across him indifferently and said normally. "Putting aside the suppressing of the cultivation base, you could not even withstand a single blow of his This point, it seems that you have already experienced it right?"

Previously, when Cao Xuan suppressed his cultivation base, he was assaulted by Su Yu to the point that he was half dead. Even Ji Hongxue, who shut himself off from the outside world, had also caught a wind of that incident.

Cao Xuan's face turned red. That defeat was a disgrace that he could never hope to clean off!

"Su Yu! I will never acknowledge that you have the right to be my equal!" Cao Xuan glared at Su Yu firmly and he was burning with anger.

No disgrace was as deep as it was in his bone marrow except when an ant caught up to him.

Last match, Ji Hongxue versus Shen Jiuyin. The both of them were the strongest disciples in the faction!

But they did not fight one another!

"The match between you and me shall happen during the Alliance Meet!" Ji Hongxue said with his eyes filled with anticipation.

Shen Jiuyin's eyes were burning with excitement. "Haha. That is for the best. The Alliance Meet is the stage for both of us. Liuxian faction is too small!"

In the end, Ji Hongxue's gaze swept past the people and landed on Su Yu. He revealed his intentions to fight Su Yu. "You owe me a match! The next time, you must be sure to exhibit what I am looking forward to!"

Su Yu cupped his fists in awe. "Of course!"

The Xianyun Contest had come to an end. As an unprecedented black horse, Su Yu fought into the top ten of the faction in one shot and became the most dazzling new star!

"The twenty of you have half a day's time to prepare before we head to the place where the Ancient Xianyun Temple descends!" The Faction Master declared indifferently. Before he left, he looked at Su Yu profoundly.

Among the ten elders, a number of them looked at Su Yu profoundly.

At the very moment, that junior who once caused havoc because of a marriage leaped and grew into one of the Ten Great Martial Artists of the faction who possessed frightening talents!

There were many people who felt remorseful. If they had known that this would happen, they would have taken the risk of offending the Second Elder to take Su Yu as their disciple. If that were the case, how glorified would they feel?

Moreover, Su Yu possessed many surprising ice-based cultivation techniques. If they had taken Su Yu as their disciple, they would acquire his cultivation techniques as well.

"Little kid, the old bastards in your faction seem to harbor ill intentions. Luckily, you have kept that remnant of the immortal level cultivation technique hidden and not exhibit it. If not, they might not even wait and question you forcefully regarding the origins of that immortal level cultivation technique straight away." Yun Yazi's voice which took pleasure over Su Yu's misfortune echoed in Su Yu's chest.

He was experienced and vicious and was able to notice unusual expressions on a number of the Elders.

Su Yu also noticed it and he nodded his head lightly. "Yes, I cannot stay in Liuxian faction any longer!"

Within Su Yu's heart, he was rejoicing slightly.

He had stayed at the incredible ice lake for two months. Under the effects of a time flow that was two hundred times faster, two months was equivalent to three hundred over years!

Su Yu had finally comprehended that remnant of immortal level cultivation technique and he possessed a small portion of the powers of the immortal level cultivation technique.

That was what Ji Hongxue was talking about! Fortunately, he had kept that power hidden. If he had exhibited it, it would bring trouble!

The Second Elder might be able to protect him for a short period of time, but it would be difficult for her to protect him for life! He could not stay in Liuxian faction any longer.

After killing Han Zhi and Xi Ruolan, he had to think of ideas to break away from Liuxian faction.

Before that, he had to enter the Ancient Xianyun Temple to look for the Phoenix Blood Elixir and save Xianer!

After deciding what he had to do, Su Yu kept his small mountain and rested for a short while. Looking at the situation, he had half a day's free time.

Su Yu's eyes flashed and he went to the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures.

He had a chance to enter the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures. After his identity had been verified, he entered the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures which was under tight security successfully.

His objective was to look through the Summary of the Zhenlong Continent that Mo Wu mentioned.

When he entered the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures again, the great pressure which once oppressed him to the point that he vomited blood was as light as the feather of a swan at the very moment.

As he strolled into the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, the legacy level cultivation techniques that he was once eyeing at could no longer catch his eye at the very moment.

Only the rumored manual of immortal level cultivation technique within the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures could arouse his interest.

That cultivation technique could only be honed by the Faction Master and the Elders could not even touch it, let alone Su Yu?

Atop a frail bookshelf, Su Yu found a booklet which has turned yellow with some parts missing. That book was Summary of the Zhenlong Continent.

When Su Yu flipped open the booklet, the booklet was dilapidated and only one manual remained: The Summary of the North of the Continent.

In no time, Su Yu was immersed in the booklet's vast explanation.

The Zhenlong continent was split into north, south, east, west, four continents.

The location that Liuxian faction was at was the north continent. The reclining dragon's snowfield with snow floating in the air eternally was the symbol of the north continent!

The reclining dragon's snowfield was a mountain range which passed through the whole north continent and it extended endlessly. The mountain range meandered complicatedly and it divided the whole north continent into three territories.

The territory at the northern part experienced winter throughout the year. The snow and ice do not melt through the ages and it was known as the Winter Territory. In the Winter Territory, there was an extremely powerful force known as the Snow Listening Tower and it held the position of an overlord. Without it, no other forces could exist.

The middle territory was cold and hot respectively due to the changes of the four seasons. It was known as the Chaoge Territory and it was controlled by the extremely powerful Cabinet of the Nine Phoenixes. It was difficult for outside forces to enter their fractions.

The territory at the southern part was known as the Hundred Territories. The Hundred Territories was more barbarous and remote than its neighbor, the ocean. Hence, it was extremely short on training resources.

The Hundred Territories was once a barren piece of land.

After many years, the small and medium forces that found it hard to live in the Winter Territory, as well as the Chaoge Territory, gradually gathered at that barren piece of land and the Hundred Territories was formed as a result.

At the Hundred Territories, its faction's powers were heterogeneous and there were at least a hundred of them!

As the Hundred Territories' power was weak, forces of Snow Listening Tower and the Cabinet of the Nine Phoenixes invaded it. Hence, the Hundred Territories formed an alliance spontaneously and they were collectively known as the Hundred Territories Alliance by the outside world. The alliance was formed to repel surprise attacks by the outside world!

The Master of the Hundred Territories Alliance was an extremely powerful force who lost to Snow Listening Tower in their competition many years ago. Although he had lost part of his forces, he still became a big force. He retreated to and stayed in the Hundred Territories, becoming a figure that many other forces looked up to.

Under the command of the Master, the Hundred Territories Alliance was able to live peacefully.

In order to develop the abilities in the big and strong Hundred Territories Alliance, its Master founded the Shentian Manor. Every five years, a Heaven Ruler's disciple of the new generation from every force would be selected from the Hundred Territories that were under the Master's control to enter the Shentian Manor. The resources from the barren Hundred Territories would be gathered to nurture those disciples so that a batch of geniuses would be created, strengthening the abilities of the alliance as a whole!

Hence, the Alliance Meet was held once every five years.

The hundreds of forces that were under the governance of the Alliance would choose an outstanding disciple in their respective forces to participate in the meet, secure a placing to enter the Shentian Manor and further their training.

It was said that without fail, anyone who went to Shentian Manor to further their training would achieve Dragon Realm Level Seven minimally.

Heaven Rulers who transcended the Dragon Realm to reach the levels of Liuxian Faction Master and Elders could be found everywhere!

Moreover, after some Heaven Ruler kings were nurtured, they became legendary figures which shocked the Hundred Territories!

Other than that, in history, a mythological genius which caused an uproar in the north continent had appeared before!

It could be said that by entering Shentian Manor, there would be a huge turn in a person's life!

Staying in a small dwelling forever or marching into the Hundred Alliance to stand at a greater stage. The Shentian Manor was the only chance for disciples of the Hundred Territories Alliance!

The objective of Ji Hongxue, Shen Jiuyin, Cao Xuan and Mo Wu was the Shentian Manor!

there were only a hundred slots in every year of the Alliance Meet!

As for the participants who managed to enter the Alliance Meet, all of them were exceptional Heaven Rulers who stood at the peak!

In the history of Liuxian faction, there was only one person who managed to get into the top hundred!

That person was the Second Elder!

Her talents were so exceptional that it defied the natural order and at the age of eighteen, she fought into the top hundred.

After training for two years, she made a breakthrough to Dragon Realm Level Seven. When she returned, she took on the role of the Second Elder!

Her life was full of romance!

Having understood all of that, Su Yu's heart became restless for a long time.

The north continent alone was already so broad?

In his eyes, Liuxian faction was a place that he found hard to go beyond. among the Hundred Territories, Liuxian faction was one of the weak forces that were at the bottom.

Moreover, in the north continent, the Hundred Territories was considered to be the weakest force.

Outside the north continent, there were still three continents that were not known to anyone!

A great impact caused Su Yu to feel extremely shocked!

The two words Shentian Manor had also caused Su Yu to be filled with anticipation.

The only opportunity to enter the giant stage in the Hundred Territories was to leave the desolate and remote Liuxian faction!

As such, it was no wonder that the Heaven Ruler's disciples in the faction were looking forward to Alliance Meet.

After settling the matters regarding Li Guang and Xianer, Su Yu also wanted to enter the Alliance Meet and compete against the Heaven Rulers in the Hundred Territories.

Having flipped to the last page, the introduction of the northern continent was complete and the booklet with missing parts was finished as well.

there was still half a page left and it introduced the rankings of the forces in Zhenlong continent. As the booklet was missing some of its parts, only the first ten rankings remained.

The force ranked number one was actually the Empire of Darkness!

Su Yu's pupils shrank and he was shocked!

He had imagined that the Empire of Darkness' power was huge and that it was stronger than Liuxian faction. He did not expect it to be ranked number one in the whole of Zhenlong continent!

Looking at Snow Listening Tower and the Cabinet of the Nine Phoenixes which were the strongest in the north continent again, Snow Listening Tower was ranked number ten!

As for the Hundred Territories Alliance, it might not even be in the top twenty!

Moreover, among the alliance, the extremely weak Liuxian faction

Compared to the Empire of Darkness, Liuxian faction might not even be considered an ant!

Behind the rankings, there was a brief introduction.

"The Empire of Darkness is a legacy from the ancient times and it is extremely mysterious. It had dominated Zhenlong continents many times in the past! The strongest person, the King of Darkness has seven generals under his control and they are collectively known as the Seven Lords of Darkness."

"When the Empire of Darkness was at its pinnacle, the King of Darkness could flood the continent with the blood of all the unmatched martial artists. Every lord of the Seven Lords of Darkness had the ability to suppress the force which was ranked number two."

Su Yu was shocked. The Empire of Darkness was actually so frightening?

"The Empire of Darkness has an outpost at every territory of the four continents. It inveigled and assassinated many Heaven Ruler's disciples of the big and small forces. It had also roped in all the geniuses in the continent to strengthen itself."

When Su Yu saw the last sentence, he suddenly recalled that when carrying out his duties of killing the Sea Wolves Pirates, he came across a silver shirted guard from the Empire of Darkness.

His task looked like it was to plunder outstanding disciples from Liuxian faction. When he was rejected by Su Yu, he wanted to get rid of Su Yu so that he could eradicate the source of trouble.

As Su Yu recalled a number of instances of killing people from the Empire of Darkness, he could not help but click his tongue in fear. Although he had no intentions of doing so, he had provoked an extremely frightening force!

"Have you finished reading it?" At that moment, he could hear a cold hum abruptly.

Su Yu returned to his senses from his astonishment. As he was immersed in the introduction of the continent, he did not realize that someone had arrived beside him.

When he turned his head and looked over, an ugly and malevolent-demon looking face was reflected in his eyes.

Su Yu smiled. "Second Elder."

When Su Yu shot his gaze towards the Second Elder, he realized that the Second Elder was also looking up information. Even though it was a glance, he managed some of the words clearly.

The information that the Second Elder was looking up was actually the "Phoenix of Death"!

"Second Elder, is it because there are some changes to Xianer's condition?" Su Yu was anxious. If the Phoenix of Death descends early, all his hard work would go to waste.

The Second Elder shook her head indifferently. "No Qin Xianer's Phoenix of Death is quite special. Hence, I am looking up some information."

During the time when the Second Elder shut herself off with Xianer from the outside world for two months, she discovered that the characteristics of Qin Xianer's Phoenix of Death were a bit strange. Hence, she left her secluded area earlier to look for information.

Special? Su Yu's heart clicked. Could it be that there was something worse than the Phoenix of Death?