The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Soul Waves
Chapter 187: Soul Waves
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A thousand miles away, at the border of the vast ocean near the Liuxian faction, the twenty disciples including Su Yu and Mo Wu stood shoulder-to-shoulder and stared at the horizon.

Under the guidance of the Faction Master and the Elders, they had arrived at the place where the Ancient Xianyun Temple would descend.

They had already waited for half a day.

Along with the sun rising in the eastern sky, within the rosy clouds, a dot of pitch-black shadow followed the clouds and floated over slowly!

"The Ancient Xianyun Temple is here!"

The black dot was sometimes slow and sometimes fast. As the group of them was talking, the black dot arrived and descended on top of the heads of all of them!

That was a dilapidated, desolate and huge ancient temple that was tens of thousands of feet big.

After the Ancient Xianyun Temple descended, it blotted out the sky and the sun, causing the sky to be dim.

Lumps of terrifying energy flooded the surrounding of the ancient temple. At once, everyone had a feeling that they were tiny and that under the influence of the energy, it was as if they were going to be killed in an instant!

Even the Liuxian Faction Master had the jitters!

White clouds gathered around the surrounding of the ancient temple. At first glance, it looked as if celestial clouds surrounding the ancient temple.

That was how the name Ancient Xianyun Temple came about!

Su Yu fixed his eyes upon the ancient temple and examined it carefully.

Signs that it had gone through many changes were engraved atop the bluestone's surface.

Mottled marks covered the body of the ancient temple densely.

A frightening palm print remained on top of the ancient temple.

That palm print caused Su Yu to whisper. "Another civilization that has been destroyed by the giant palm?"

The Faction Master was filled with anticipation. "How much you will develop will depend on your own abilities!"

"The ancient temple is split into three levels. The first level is the Meteorite Forest! Within the meteorite, some treasures such as elixirs and cultivation techniques were hidden occasionally. However, your task is to find Advancement Stone hidden within the meteorite quickly. Only with that can you enter the second level of the ancient temple! If you are unable to find the Advancement Stone within an hour, you will be transported out by the Ancient Xianyun temple! Keep in mind that you cannot waste any time!

"The second level is the Sky Garden and it is also the place where you undergo development! Within the Sky Garden, many rare medicinal plants are grown. As the medicinal plants have been growing for a long time, their effects are extremely strong. Most of the medicinal plants have effects comparable to that of a top grade marrow cleansing elixir! Moreover, there is also a rumored medicinal plant with effects that are above that of a top grade marrow cleansing elixir. By swallowing one of those medicinal plants, you will have no problems making a breakthrough to the next tier of the Dragon Realm!

"If your luck is good, it is possible to make a breakthrough to two tiers above your current tier! However, within the garden, there are many dangerous Spiritual Snakes, bees, and mice. If you are bitten by any of them, you will be poisoned by a deadly poison immediately and be at death's door. At that moment, you will be transported out of the Ancient Xianyun Temple. Hence, bear in mind that you cannot be too greedy!

"The third level is the Eternal Stairs! For this level, none of you can enter!" The Faction Master warned them seriously with harsh words.

Everyone's heart felt cold.

"Once you come into contact with danger for the first two levels, you will be transported out by the Ancient Xianyun Temple automatically. However, for the third level, once you enter it, you will be unable to come back! In the past, all the disciples who went missing were trapped in and died in the Eternal Stairs!

"For the third level, once you enter it, you will find yourself in an endless ladder. Hence, you will be trapped and die as a result. There have been no exceptions! As such, everyone is forbidden from entering the third level!"

There have been no exceptions? Su Yu's heart felt a bit cold. In the past, how many Heaven Rulers have appeared in Liuxian faction?

Have any of the disciples who entered the third level returned before?

"Remember my words! Do not enter the third level! Now, all of you will set out immediately!" The Faction Master joined hands with several Elders and opened the Ancient Xianyun Temple's black giant door to create a passageway big enough for one person to enter.

"Hurry! We can only hold the door for twenty breaths' time. Every one of you has one breath's time to enter!" The Faction Master shouted with a low voice.

Rustle, rustle, rustle

Immediately, shadows entered the Ancient Xianyun Temple one after another.

In the blink of an eye, the twenty of them entered the Ancient Xianyun Temple.

Rumble, bang

The giant door closed. Including the Faction Master, everyone's face turned slightly pale as opening the giant door was extremely taxing.

"I hope that they would gain something from the inside. We will wait for them outside." The Faction Master's eyes were filled with anticipation. His only disciple, Ji Hongxue, was his only hope.

The Ten Great Elders were also filled with anticipation and they stood quietly.

Clang, clang

Once Su Yu had entered the ancient temple, he realized that a giant object is about to pound on him and his expression changed slightly!

Without thinking twice about it, he raised his palm and gave a fierce attack!

At once, a noise which sounded as though he had hit steel could be heard.


Although that object had been smashed into pieces by Su Yu, Su Yu's palm also felt a slight pain.

When he fixed his eyes upon the object, he realized that he had smashed a floating stone that was floating towards him with a punch!

The stone was about the size of a head. On its surface, there were many small holes, indicating that it had been burnt before.

Some peculiar foreign matter was found within the stone.

"A meteorite?" Su Yu's mind was triggered and he thought of something. When he raised his eyes and looked in front, his pupils shrank slightly!

He was in a big space that was about fifty miles broad!

The sky was filled with meteorites that were floating close to one another.

The shapes and sizes of the meteorites were different. The smallest meteorite was as small as a fist. As for the biggest meteorite, it was as big as a small mountain!

Its paths of movements were in a mess. As it moved slowly, it collided with one another frequently.

A moment ago, it was a small floating meteorite that crashed into Su Yu.

"Why are you standing there stupefied? Smash the meteorites quickly and find the Advancement Stone!" A wonderful, graceful and pretty shadow flashed passed Su Yu's body, leaving behind a light roar.

Mo Wu had an anxious expression. She smashed all the meteorites around her and looked for the Advancement Stone.

When Su Yu was about to start searching, Yun Yazi said leisurely. "A legacy of a land of historical remains? Still passable."

Su Yu's mouth shrank slightly. A legacy that was considered its foundation by Liuxian faction was only considered passable by Yun Yazi?

Having no time to argue with Yun Yazi, Su Yu smashed the small meteorites beside him with a punch. Apart from the slight pain that he felt in his fist, he did not manage to find anything.

"If you use this stupid method, you will not find the Advancement Stone even if your fist is totally smashed!"

Su Yu's eyes shone. "Elder Yun Ya, can you help me to find the Advancement Stone?"

"I have said before, I will only help you to train. As for your own affairs, I will not interfere!"

When Su Yu was about to feel disappointed, he heard Yun Yazi's laughter. "I will definitely not interfere. However, I will teach you how to find the Advancement Stone!"

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Although you have innate soul talent, you cast it aside and not use it. It is indeed a waste," Yun Yazi said, "Look carefully!"

After his speech, a layer of weak soul waves was emitted from within the small jade box. Similar to a wave, the soul waves were spread across all directions!

A part of the soul passed through the meteorite and went far away. However, a small part of the soul was reflected after it collided with the meteorite.

Su Yu's eyes flashed and he flew over to the meteorite which reflected the rippling soul. He smashed the meteorite with a punch and found an ancient sword which had rotted!

This scene had caused everyone's expression to turn slightly cold.

"You luck is quite good!" Upon realizing that it was a useless item which had rotted after shooting a glance at it, Cao Xuan laughed coldly.

Su Yu was shocked. What is going on?

"Bats emit ultrasonic waves. When the waves collide with something unusual, it will be reflected back. The soul waves utilize the same concept! This is the easiest way to use your soul, give it a try!"

The soul can be used like this as well? Su Yu immediately gave it a try.

However, when he first tried to use it, he could not even emit any wave!

However, he did not feel discouraged. After trying for ten times, he managed to emit soul waves successfully once!

Moreover, he could only emit his soul waves within a one-foot radius of his body, which was far from Yun Yazi who was able to emit his soul waves across the boundless horizon.

"In your first try, you are able to succeed once out of ten times. Your innate soul talent is not too bad!" Although it was rare, Yun Yazi praised Su Yu. His "not bad" was the highest form of praise that Su Yu had ever heard!

Among what Su Yu had learned, it seemed that his innate soul talent was indeed his greatest talent.

Having realized that he had something to rely on, things became much easier for Su Yu from then on.

Whiz, whiz, whiz

While everyone was busy smashing the meteorites, Su Yu flew around randomly and gathered a large pile of meteorites.

After which, he stood in front of the meteorites and tried to emit soul waves with all his might.

Among the ten tries, he succeeded once!

"Eh, I have found something!" Among the ten meteorites, Su Yu discovered that one of them reflected his soul waves.

Filled with anticipation, Su Yu smashed the meteorite. However, he found a jade-like bottle which had rotted!

Another rotted item!

However, when Su Yu was about to feel disappointed, he who was sharp-eyed suddenly discovered that within the jade-like bottle, there was a pitch-black elixir!

Because it had been kept inside the jade-like bottle, the pitch-black elixir was still in good condition!

"What! He discovered an ancient elixir!" People who paid close attention to Su Yu's strange behavior cried out in alarm.

Cao Xuan's pupils shrank. "What? An ancient elixir?"

Whiz, whiz

Noises which broke the silence reverberated in the first level.

Even Ji Hongxue and Shen Jiuyin flew over as they were filled with curiosity.

It was true that elixirs would appear in the Meteorite Forest. However, such instances were rare and what appeared more often was the Advancement Stones.

Only one elixir would be found amidst the time taken to find about ten Advancement Stones.

Su Yu's luck was a bit too good as he had managed to find an ancient elixir in half a cup of tea's time!

Only people who observed Su Yu understood that it was not good luck at all! Instead, Su Yu had used some strange methods to see through the meteorites!

Seeing that many people were flying towards him, Su Yu's expression turned slightly cold. He smashed the jade-like bottle with one punch, took out the elixir and threw it into his mouth!


The elixir was bitten into small pieces by Su Yu and swallowed on the spot!

Everyone who rushed to him could not help but feel angry. "What's wrong with letting us take a look at it?"

Su Yu said normally. "I can let you take a look. However, I am afraid that after you have taken a look at it, the elixir will no longer belong to me."

Their current location was far away from the faction and the only rule was abilities!

If the rest of them discovered that the elixir was worth a hefty sum of money, they might snatch it away from him. Hence, regardless of whether it was a jackpot, it would be a clever idea to swallow the elixir first.

Yun Yazi who was under his chest could not help but laugh. "Are you not scared of being poisoned?"

Su Yu laughed indifferently and replied, "How do you know that I have eaten it?"

Yun Yazi swept his soul pass Su Yu's body. He was surprised to discover that in Su Yu's stomach, there was a layer of ice covering the elixir which he had bitten to pieces.

If it was poisonous, he could vomit it out immediately.

"Haha. Your luck is good. This elixir is known as the Black Wind Elixir and it is indeed not poisonous. However, it does not help your cultivation base in any way. It only increases your virility to promote the kidney activities" Yun Yazi said mockingly.

Increase my virility and promote my kidney activities? Su Yu's face was half green half red.

"Haha. However, the effects of the elixir had disappeared and it is completely useless. You can crush the elixir into pieces and expel it from your body via your pores."

Su Yu thought to himself and said. "Forget it. There are many people here. If I expel the black elixir from my body recklessly, this would cause a misunderstanding. We will discuss this again after I find the Advancement Stone!"

After which, Su Yu used the same trick.

He gathered a pile of meteorites, used his soul waves to check it out and smashed any meteorites that contained unusual items!

Even by doing that, Su Yu took about ten tries and checked about hundred meteorites before finally finding an Advancement Stone.

"Su Yu has gotten the Advancement Stone!" Many people shouted at the same time!

There were no longer a few people observing Su Yu!

He held a rounded black stone which was covered with a thin layer of space energy on his hand.

By crushing it into pieces, he would be transported to the Sky Garden in the second level immediately. Hence, he did not need to worry about anyone snatching the Advancement Stone away from him.

Because, in times of danger, Su Yu could leave the Meteorite Forest any time.

With the Advancement Stone that he could rely on, Su Yu was not in a rush to go to the Sky Garden. Instead, he continued to use the same trick to search for unusual treasures daringly and with ease.

Su Yu was flying around everywhere and he could accurately smash a meteorite and obtain some unusual treasures frequently to the point that he had obtained three Advancement Stones. Upon seeing that, the rest of them could only stand by helplessly!

At the very moment, a cup of tea's time had passed. Half the time had passed and none of them had managed to find the Advancement Stone. If this carried on, all of them would be transported outside!

Finally, someone could not sit still and watch!

Cao Xuan's gaze was cold. "Su Yu! One Advancement Stone is enough for you. As for the two extra Advancement Stones, why can't you give it to the rest of us?"

As he spoke, he approached Su Yu with a flash like a thunderbolt!