The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Ordering The Elites
Chapter 188: Ordering the elites
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Su Yu calmly looked at them. "There are no free lunches in this world. If you wish to get an Advancement Stone, you naturally have to work for it."

Everyone present was intelligent, they saw through the meanings of Su Yu's words!

What Su Yu was implying that he would give them an Advancement Stone if they paid a price!


Three figures flew toward Su Yu, surrounding him.

"Stop! As disciples of the faction, how could we harm each other!" Three Dragon Realm disciples stared at Cao Xuan. If Su Yu felt threatened by Cao Xuan and used an Advancement Stone to leave, the other two Advancement Stones would go to waste.

Cao Xuan's neck throbbed, stopping his body as he stared at Su Yu. "What do you want in exchange for the Advancement Stone?"

The three Dragon Realm disciples also shot curious gazes, all wanting Su Yu's remaining Advancement Stone.

Su Yu calmly shook his head. "There's no need to exchange anything. You just have to help me do something."

"What's that?" The three Dragon Realm disciples raised their eyebrows.

Su Yu's gaze flickered. "I'll wait here. Y'all can help me gather the meteors. After they are shattered, if there are any Advancement Stones, I would give them to you. Any other items belong to me!"

Gathering meteors by himself was a little slow. He might as well direct them and gather the meteors to search for the treasures that lay within.

"You want us to work for you?" The three Dragon Realm disciples, and Cao Xuan had ugly expressions.

They were the cream of the crop of the faction and were incredibly arrogant, how would they be willing to fall under the control of someone of the same status as them?

Su Yu shrugged. "If you are unwilling, you could follow what Ji Hongxue and Shen Jiuyin are doing, breaking through the meteors by yourselves!"

Ji Hongxue and Shen Jiuyin were incredibly powerful, able to break five meteors with just one technique!

In terms of the speed of their search, they were only slower than Su Yu by half. Finding an Advancement Stone was only a matter of time!

But the rest of them did not have that kind of power. They could only break one meteor at a time. With time pressing on them, their fates were obvious.

The three Dragon Realm disciples clenched their teeth. "Fine! We agree!"

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

The three figures flew in all directions, quickly gathering thirty meteors.

Su Yu's soul ripple checked the meteors over three batches before he finished his detection. There was one meteor with something inside.

Breaking the meteor, it was a broken metal that was not very useful.

"There's no choice, continue searching." Su Yu was frustrated.

Even though the three Dragon Realm disciples were disappointed, but using this method, the rate at which they could find Advancement Stones was ten times higher. Even though they were unwilling to fall under the control of someone else, they began frantically searching for meteors.

Finally, after three tries, they found an Advancement Stone.

Su Yu kept his promise, giving it to the person who found the Advancement Stone.

"Thank you, Junior Su!" The person who got the Advancement Stone was elated, immediately crushing the Advancement Stone, entering the Sky Garden on the second level.

This scene caused many who were anxious about not finding an Advancement Stone to feel a glimmer of hope!

"Junior Su, please lend me a hand!"

"Me too, I only wish for an Advancement Stone, any other items are yours!"

Ten Dragon Realm disciples flew all around, quickly gathering batches upon batches of meteors!

In just the time to drink half a cup of tea, Su Yu had tested over three hundred meteors!

He had found ten Advancement Stones!

There were also fifty to sixty useless strange items.

Other than those, he got a bottle of colorful pollen. According to Yun Yazi, this was a rare pollen from ancient times, called the Five Colour Pollen. It can no longer be found today. It is used to make the Hundred Flower Honey, which was incredibly precious in ancient times.

But the method to make that was lost, and the pollen itself was not effective in aiding cultivation, causing Su Yu to feel disappointed.

During this process, Ji Hongxua and Shen Jiuyin had used their powerful abilities to destroy meteors over a large area, successfully obtaining their Advancement Stones!

Five lucky disciples also used their own abilities to find an Advancement Stone.

The rest of the five were proud and refused to listen to Su Yu's instructions, but were also not very lucky.

among them were Cao Xuan and Mo Wu!

There was little time left, and only the five of them had not found an Advancement Stone.

Su Yu had found an expired Black Wind Elixir, a bottle of Five Colour Pollen, as well as three Advancement Stones.

Seeing as to how there were only about five people left, Su Yu rose. It was time to enter the second level Sky Garden.

According to the master, this was the place where he could achieve enlightenment!


At this moment, a petite frame flew in front of Su Yu.

Her fragrance came in waves, it was Mo Wu!

Quietly standing in front of Su Yu, her icy face showed a rare blush. She bit her lips softly, wishing to speak but stopping herself.

Her hands were tangled together, showing her inner struggle.

Su Yu was shocked, then observed that Mo Wu had not found an Advancement Stone.

He had just opened his mouth when Mo Wu's lips quivered. "Su. Su Yu, I'll help you gather meteors, if there's any Advancement Stones, can you give it to me?"

Hearing the plea in her voice, Su Yu felt foreign.

The Mo Wu he remembered was independent. He would never have thought that she would plead with someone!


Su Yu threw an Advancement Stone over, calmly shaking his head. "There's no need. Senior you've helped me many times. It's just an Advancement Stone, you can have that."

Mo Wu was shocked, subconsciously grabbing the stone.

Her heart settled as she was grabbing the Advancement Stone. But proud as she was, she did not want to accept a favour from others without doing anything.

Clenching her teeth, Mo Wu flew to the distance, leaving behind a trailing message. "Stay where you are, I'll help you find meteors!"


At this moment, three out of the four people came in front of Su Yu.

Cao Xuan was proud and had a deep animosity with Su Yu. It was naturally hard for him to put down his status and ask Su Yu for help.

The rest of the three were powerful disciples among the top ten, ranked fifth, sixth and seventh!

among them, the disciple ranked fifth, Chan Yunfei, was a Dragon Realm Level One Peak, about the same as Mo Wu!

Ranked sixth Chan Leiyun was Chan Yunfei's brother, a powerful person of Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier. His abilities were the strongest among all the Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tiers!

The two were brother and sister, getting into the top ten disciples of the faction at the same time. They received much praise in the faction!

Ranked seventh, Duan Yanyu, was also Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier. He had quite a reputation, specializing in beast controlling techniques. His abilities were extraordinary!

They were all legendary figures within the faction, and would not easily bow down to Su Yu.

But with the help of Su Yu, ten people who were far weaker than they had all entered the second level. Only they were left stuck in this situation!

They had used three-quarters of the time and had not found any Advancement Stones. With a quarter of the time left, the chances are slim.

Chan Yunfei's quail egg-like face was white as snow. She had a slender figure and was rather graceful. She was dressed in a flower print dress, exceptionally fitting.

At this moment, her cheeks were flushed. She blinked her eyes as her melodious voice said. "Junior Su Please help us!"

Su Yu raised his brows. He did not want to stay here for too long. He needed to go to the Sky Garden.

Seeing his hesitation, Chan Yunfei thought. Could Su Yu be taking advantage of the situation and want to up the price?

Thinking about this, she felt regretful. Had she known, she would not have been guided by her emotions and put down her pride sooner, listening to Su Yu's instructions. How would she end up like that now?

Biting her lips gently, Chan Yunfei bowed. "Junior Su, if you have any other requests, feel free to say it. I will try my best to satisfy it."

Such a bitter plea brought pity. Any men would develop indecent thoughts.

"Sister! We shouldn't beg him. At the very most, we will exit the temple!" Chan Leiyun, compared to his slender sister, was muscular, his appearance wild. He could not bear to see his proud sister bowing to plead with another person.

But the Ancient Xianyun Temple comes once every five years, should she miss this year, there would not be another chance for her.

This was an opportunity that could change her life. Even if it was humiliating, she had to bow down her head! Even if she was going to lose something precious to her!

Su Yu's eyes were clear, not thinking too much.

He pondered for a moment before nodding. "Alright, you all be quick!"

Chan Yunfei was elated. Su Yu had not had any impossible requests, causing her to feel elated!

"Thank you Junior Su!" Her face was red, her eyes flashed with joy and gratitude. Chan Yunfei thanked him repeatedly before flying away in search of meteors!

What was weird was that Duan Yanyu had no intention of going in Chan Yunfei's direction, but had a longing in his eyes.

Cao Xuan clenched his teeth tightly, his expression a little flustered.

At this moment, Chan Yunfei, Chan Leiyun, and Duan Yanyu had brought a huge group of meteors over.

Even though their breathing was heavy, they could not mask their anticipation.

Su Yu helped the three of them check their meteors. After blasting the meteors, his lips quivered.

There were three Advancement Stones in thirty meteors!

They were rather lucky, causing Su Yu to feel jealous!

"Thank you Junior Su! I, Yunfei, would never forget this benevolence!" Chan Yunfei was filled with gratitude.

Su Yu waved his hands. "You're welcome. Y'all should leave soon."

Only Su Yu, Cao Xuan and Mo Wu were left on the first level.

Only Cao Xuan was still bitterly searching for an Advancement Stone. The fluster in his heart was obvious.

There was but a few minutes left and Cao Xuan began maniacally destroying meteors.

But no Advancement Stones appeared!

His forehead was laced with sweat. Cao Xuan was incredibly anxious.

Clenching his teeth, Cao Xuan fought hard to put on a gentle gaze, looking towards Su Yu. "JuniorSu, can we not talk about our misunderstandings for now? You have another Advancement Stone. If you are willing to give it to me, I will pay any price."

The Ancient Xianyun Temple was a trial that comes every five years!

Those that participated in this would at least break through one entire level of the Dragon Realm!

In fact, it was even possible to break through three whole levels of the Dragon Realm!

If he missed this, Cao Xuan would gradually be kicked out of the top ten, and would not be able to enter the Alliance Meet!

Even if he was able to enter again five years later, he would no longer be able to catch up!

"Any price?" Su Yu meaningfully nodded, a calm smile forming on his lips.

Hearing this, Cao Xuan was a little happy. He did not expect any room for negotiation!

"As long as I can do it, I would definitely promise you!" There was hope in Cao Xuan's eyes.

"Alright!" Su Yu nodded his head gently, his expression turning colder. "You had once tried to violate Xianer? My price is that you would no longer have these thoughts!"

Cao Xuan thought for a while, swearing to the heavens. "I, Cao Xuan, in the name of my teacher, would never"

"The Tenth Elder? What use is the name of the despicable person?" Su Yu laughed.

Cao Xuan fell silent, feeling the pressing deadline, lowly grunting. "Then how do you want me to promise?"

"Promise? I don't trust any promise! I would only request you do one thing!" Su Yu's eyes had a mocking light.

"What's that?" Cao Xuan's heart skipped a beat, a feeling of unease welling up within him.