The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Using A Sword To Castrate Oneself
Chapter 189: Using A Sword To Castrate Oneself
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Su Yu laughed enigmatically. "It's very simple. I want you touse a sword to castrate yourself! Only then will I believe that you will not have any thoughts of laying your hands on Xianer again!"

Would a eunuch still be interested in a woman?

Use a sword to castrate myself?

Those six words were like a roar from a thunderbolt which shone brilliantly and shook the earth to the point that Cao Xuan's whole body was shivering!

His feelings of bitterness and embarrassment which resulted from being made a fool of by Su Yu turned in flames of fury. "Su! Yu! Do not go too far!"

Su Yu laughed mockingly. His eyes were overflowing with extreme coldness and his words were cold and prickly. "How can I, Su Yu, compare with both you and your master regarding crossing the line? Why was my master, Li Guang, confined in Shenyue island for a hundred years, living a miserable life? Why was my fiance, Xianer, forced to marry you and why did she also suffer from all kinds of twists and turns? Who exactly is the one who has gone too far?"

Although Cao Xuan's eyes were burning with anger, he could not answer Su Yu.

Su Yu's gaze was cold. "You only have two choices. Firstly, use a sword to castrate yourself! Secondly, scram back to the outside world and once I have achieved something big from my training, I will return to take your life!"

Cao Xuan's pupils shrank. If Su Yu mentioned that he would take Cao Xuan's cursed life in the past, Cao Xuan would only take it as arrogant words from an ant which overestimated itself.

Su Yu was about to catch up to him!

Even if he gave up the Ancient Xianyun Temple, Su Yu would still get the chance to train in it.

With such a tradeoff, he would end up being ground by Su Yu's heel!

Looking at the feud between both of them, his head would end up in Su Yu's hands one day!

Deep humiliation reverberated within his heart.

Previously, at Shenyue island, that ant had looked up to him. However, at the very moment, that same ant was standing in front of him and forcing him to use a sword to castrate himself!

He had never once had such a galling shame and deep humiliation in his life!

Using a sword to castrate himself, or give up on the Ancient Xianyun Temple?

Apart from that, he who was left with merely two minutes had no other choices!

"Su! Yu! Are you sure that you want me as your enemy forever?" Cao Xuan's eyes were spouting flames of fury that was filled with hatred!

It was as if it was the first time that Su Yu had seen this kind of threat. His expression turned icy cold and the spaces in between his teeth were overflowing with extreme coldness. "I will give you a final chance to choose. Use a sword to castrate yourself, scram back to the outside world?"

Seeing that there was no room for leeway, Cao Xuan closed his eyes with humiliation.

After some time, he opened his eyes which was filled with resolve. He bit his teeth tightly, made a thumping sound as if his teeth were about to shatter.

His eyes were filled with unprecedented hatred. "OK! I, Cao Xuan, will forever remember what you forced me to do today! I will use a sword to castrate myself. After which, you will hand over the Advancement Stone!"

"I, Su Yu, will never go back on my words!" Su Yu took the last extra Advancement Stone that he had.

Cao Xuan took out an icy cold dagger from his chest. He bit his teeth tightly and he glared at Su Yu with cold eyes that were filled with hatred!

After which, he raised his hand and swung the dagger!


A horrible shriek echoed throughout the Meteorite Forest!

His blood splashed all about and a hideous black and long object fell out from his crotch.

"Advancement! Stone!" Because of his pain and hatred, Cao Xuan's eyes were blood red as if he was a ferocious ghost that was yelling in a stern voice!

Su Yu had a dull expression and he flicked his finger.


Cao Xuan caught the Advancement Stone with his hands and crushed it on the spot!

A layer of space energy surrounded him and transported him to the second level.

Before he left, he glared at Su Yu fiercely with ferocious ghost-like eyes and said ominously and sternly. "Su! Yu! Just you wait!"

Su Yu laughed coldly. "Since I dare to give you a chance, I naturally have the guarantee that I can grind you under my heel such that you are unable to rise up again forever!"


At the horizon, Mo Wu had an anxious expression and she flew towards Su Yu hurriedly!

Above her head was a big meteorite that she carrying. The meteorite was so big that it was frightening!

Its size was as big as the small mountain that Su Yu was carrying and it was one of the biggest meteorites among all the other meteorites!

As for its weight, apart from Dragon Realm Level Two and above, no one could move it.

Even though it was Mo Wu, it was also extremely taxing for her. Her pretty face was pale, she was puffing and panting and her body was filled with sweat.

Her plain and white jade-like hands were filled with bloodstains.

It could be seen that moving that piece of the meteorite was extremely taxing!

"What happened just now?" Mo Wu flew over and saw that there was a hideous object near Su Yu's legs. Initially, she became stupefied. After which, her pretty face turned red and she made up her mind in the end to shoot a glance at the space in between Su Yu's legs.

Su Yu's mouth twitched slightly. "That is Cao Xuan's and it was exchanged with an Advancement Stone."

What? Cao Xuan's A flash of thought flashed passed Mo Wu's mind and she roughly understood what happened. While stunned, she gasped repeatedly.

Previously, that little kid was helpless before Cao Xuan. At the very moment, he had actually forced Cao Xuan to castrate himself!

In just more than half a year, his change was earth shaking!

After casting ahead her astonishment, Mo Wu's eyes swept past that hideous object and her pretty face turned red again. She spat out some saliva and tossed the giant meteorite above her head on the ground. She then hummed lightly. "I will return you the favor! I will not owe you any favors!"

After her speech, she crushed the Advancement Stone and left first.

Rumble, bang

The giant meteorite shook to the point that the ground was trembling fiercely.

Su Yu stared at the giant meteorite dumbfounded. For such a big meteorite, he needed one minute just to examine it!

As the time was tight, Su Yu immediately used his soul waves.

Rub, rub, rub

What caused Su Yu to be astonished was that there were ten consecutive reflections!

Within the giant meteorite, there were so many unusual treasures hidden that it was unimaginable!

However, when Su Yu gave it a try, he realized that it was extremely difficult to smash that meteorite.

When he channeled his inner strength and spiritual energy into a punch, he only managed to open up a crack!

No wonder that meteorite existed for so long and no one was concerned about it. It seemed like only someone above Dragon Realm Level Five could smash that meteorite!

"Elder Yun Ya!" Su Yu said busily.

This was not a battle and it was a small favor. Hence, calling Yun Yazi did not go against his principles.

"Am I worth so little money now?" Yun Yazi did not know whether to laugh or to cry. If he was in his prime and someone dared to call him for manual labor, he would have used his palm and thrust that someone to ashes!

Although Yun Yazi complained, he still helped Su Yu.

A lump of soul exited from the small jade box and smashed the giant meteorite! All the unusual treasures hidden within the meteorite trickled down!

Among the unusual treasures, most of them were useless trash.

There were two Advancement Stones and a broken jade-like shovel.

After thinking for some time, Su Yu kept the Advancement Stone.

As for the broken jade-like shovel which was of the size of a palm, Su Yu fondled it. The handle was in good condition but it lacked half of its head.

When he was about to throw it away after determining that it was a useless item, Yun Yazi laughed mockingly and said. "You fail to recognize a good! This jade-like shovel is a real treasure!"

"It is known as the Delicate Jade-Like Shovel and it is a divine artifact used to obtain rare divine herbs. Although it is broken, it can still be used and it is equal to half a Divine Ice Ring."

Divine artifact? Su Yu's mind was triggered and he thought of something.

"A real and rare divine herb is pure and clear. It cannot tolerate being infected by dirty objects. If it were touched with hands, it would wither and turn into ashes. The Delicate Jade-Like Shovel was made fresh and clear and it is the best tool to pick divine herbs. However, it is difficult to refine it and it is rarely seen in the outside world. If you keep it with you, it will come to be of some use in the future."

Since it was a divine artifact, Su Yu naturally kept it in his chest.

Hence, he had gained a Black Wind Elixir, a bottle of Five Color Pollen, a broken Delicate Jade-Like Shovel and two Advancement Stones.

After shooting a glance at the two Advancement Stones, Su Yu revealed a thinking expression. "Cao Xuan's castration was so cheap"

Buzz, buzz, buzz

One hour had passed and the transportation started.

Su Yu immediately crushed the Advancement Stone and entered the second level!


A layer of white light swept across the Meteorite Forest and transported anyone who had not entered level two outside.

At the outside world, the Faction Master and Ten Elders had anxious expressions.

"One hour has passed. Let's see how many disciples from this batch can enter the second level successfully and undergo development!" The Faction Master was stern.

According to previous batches, about half of the people would be eliminated from the first level.

The Faction Master and the Elders were worried that their disciples!

However, after some time, no one was transported out.

The sea breeze whistled. However, the Faction Master and Elders stood absolutely still and they continued to wait.

It was only a short time later that they revealed a surprised expression.

"Could it beno one from this batch is eliminated?" The Faction Master said unsurely.

The Second Elder became serious and shook her head. "That's impossible. If two or three of them were eliminated, we could still barely understand. However, if none of them were eliminated, some unusual situation that we did not expect must have taken place."

"I hope that it is something good and not a disaster!" The Tenth Elder's eyes turned serious.

Xi Ruolan who was standing by his side glared at the Ancient Xianyun Temple deeply. An inconspicuous anticipation flashed within a deep part of her eyes.

Within the Ancient Xianyun Temple.


Su Yu felt that he was floating in the air and his legs landed on the ground after some time.

In an instant, a fragrance which carried spiritual energy blew passed him.

After breathing in a breath of the fragrant, Su Yu felt that his whole body was so comfortable that it was indescribable with words and his cultivation base progressed slightly!

"What a strong spiritual energy!" Su Yu opened his eyes abruptly and his eyes were glowing with excitement!

The effect of breathing in a breath of air was comparable to swallowing a medium grade marrow cleansing elixir!

In other words, training at his current location was as good as swallowing medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs continuously!

Not mentioning human beings, even a pig's cultivation base would progress greatly!

No wonder Cao Xuan castrated himself rather than giving up the opportunity to enter the second level!

"This environment is not too bad and is beneficial for your cultivation base!" Yun Yazi revealed a satisfied expression that was rarely seen and he immediately tested Su Yu. "From now on, what do you want to do? Look for rare medicinal plants immediately?"

Su Yu shook his head. "No! Making preparations won't delay the work. Since we are going to stay here for two months, there is ample amount of time. Naturally, I must be clear about the terrain. If you remain cautious, there is no danger.

"When you come across any situation, you are always calm, composed, not greedy and not displeased. This is the part of you that I admire the most! Let me see how much you will progress from now on!"

Su Yu nodded his head deeply. His silhouette turned blurry and he flew atop the clouds of the Heaven!

His crystalline pupils revolved and he saw everything within fifty miles with a glance.

In addition, he was looking downwards from a high angle. Hence, he could see almost everything clearly within a hundred miles' radius!

Within hundred miles was a garden with fresh flowers that had bloomed.

The flower's sweet-smelling fragrant made people drunk and beautiful flowers could be found everywhere within a hundred miles' radius.

Beads of rare medicinal herbs swayed gently and were covered densely by the beautiful flowers.

When Su Yu randomly shot a glance downward, he discovered quite a number of medicinal plants used to refine top grade marrow cleansing elixirs!

Su Yu suppressed his greed forcefully. He fixed his eyes on the same position and continued to examine the area. After which, his eyes shrank slightly!

He discovered that deep in the garden, there was a Flower Striped giant snake that was as coarse as a bucket and it was about a thousand Chinese feet long!

It had hidden with the thick clump of grass and was absolutely still. Its ferocious eyes were staring at Su Yu coldly.

Once Su Yu descended, it would throw itself against him and swallow him!

It had a cultivation base of a frightening Dragon Realm Level One Lower Tier!

Su Yu clicked his tongue his fear and flew even higher. He continued to observe what was below him and discovered living beings of all forms and colors one after another!

Seven-Spotted Ladybugs with the size of a human being, caterpillars as coarse as a water vat, mice as big as a small mountain

His current location was filled with an abundance of spiritual energy which gave birth to a group of living beings with many variations. Those living beings' cultivation bases were at least Dragon Realm Level One Lower Tier. As for the living beings with the highest cultivation base, it was at Dragon Realm Level Two!

Filled with vigilance, Su Yu passed through the Hundred Mile Garden.

What appeared in his pupils after that was a giant lake in an area that was fifty miles broad.

When Su Yu swept his eyes across the lake, he was shocked!

Every fish within the lake was an existence of Dragon Realm Level Two!

In particular, there were even fish that were of Dragon Realm Level Three!