The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Planting Traps

"Senior Xia, there's going to be a full moon in two weeks; are you going to the ancient ruins?" Fang Qingzhou fell half a step behind Xia as he greedily breathed in the beautiful woman's fragrance.

That ancient ruins were in the Twilight Mountains. Fang Qingzhou had once stalked and pestered the celestial beauty until she went hunting with him, and together they had discovered the ruins in a secret location; thus, the location became a shared secret between the two of them.

"Yes, after the Golden Assessment, the institute's ten great demon students will head to the imperial capital as representatives. Before leaving, I wish to study the mural at the ruins again." She replied.

"Alright, I'll join you," Fang Qingzhou said; his eyes flashed wickedly.

The celestial beauty raised her brows slightly, and nodded; "Alright then."

After all, the ruins had been discovered by the both of them together. If he requested to come along, it was understandable.

Also, Fang Qingzhou was powerful and intimidating; she did not have the strength or prestige required to decline him.

A lewd Fang Qingzhou watched the graceful shadow of the celestial beauty move away. With excitement building up in him, he licked his lips; she would be his, regardless of her intended future or feelings.

That night, as Su Yu dragged his tired body to his dorm; inside, he found multiple institute managers tidying his things.

Wu Song was standing by the side courteously; he barely dared to breathe.

"What's this?" Su Yu asked.

The leader was a Level Four middle-aged lady, her face indifferent. Looking back ay Su Yu, she stopped working and her apathetic expression turned into a warm smile, "You are the Silver King; naturally, you shall have a better dorm."

It turned out that all the past generations of Silver Kings had their own single courtyard, right beside the courtyards of one hundred gold students. Not only was the environment clean, but the peaceful atmosphere was well-suited for training. Moreover, any necessities were all specially provided by servants. Among the silver students, only the Silver King got such special treatment.

Wu Song breathed in a mouthful of cool air, his expression mixed. Once upon a time, Su Yu was just a punching bag; a piece of useless trash. But now he had shot to the sky and become the Silver King, who was above thousands of people!

If I had only known Su Yu was destined to be the Silver King, I would have developed a bond with him; but now...

Under Wu Song's envy and jealousy, along with the other respectful eyes that peeked out from the corridors and bedrooms, Su Yu left for his new home.

Su Yu was extremely pleased with the clean courtyard; he had three female servants to serve just him and quiet privacy away from people. He did not have to go to the mountains to train anymore, the courtyard would suffice.

"Power makes all the difference for how you're treated, I suppose; this is worlds away from how I was treated when I was considered weak," Su Yu said quietly.

Dismissing the servants, Su Yu immediately began to treat his body and took the time to recenter himself.


The sun was bright in the courtyard the next morning.

Hoo, ha

Fists and legs attacked, one after another.

Four hits! Eight hits! Sixteen hits! Seventeen hits! Eighteen hits! Nineteen hits

After recovering, Su Yu was surprised to discover that, after yesterday's battles, Universal Stroke had been greatly sharpened! Also, the stagnant Universal Stroke had been sharpened to the stage of Top Class! Now, Su Yu could keep attacking consecutively without stoppingan infinite consecutive attack!

The improvement in Universal Stroke was assuredly due to all the battle experience Su Yu had gained the day before when he used Universal Stroke multiple times. More importantly, however, were the consequences of Jiang Zhishi's immense suppressionUniversal Stroke had, as a result, sharpened immensely.

"Haha! If that old hack knew that I owed it to him for breaking into Universal Stroke's Top Class, I'm sure he wouldn't be too pleased!"

At the same time, Su Yu also accidentally discovered that within his brain an engraved ten-inch long purple dragon had been washed by the spirit serum of the Nine-Dragon Cauldron. As a result, an inch of the purple dragon had turned to crystalwhich was very similar in color to that of Su Yu's crystalline pupils.

Inspired, Su Yu activated his pupils. After a moment, he grinned; his eyesight had improved yet again! Before, he could see tiny things that were over 600 feet away; now, he could discover a mosquito's leg 1,600 feet away! As long as there was nothing to block his view, Su Yu could see every detail within a mile! Such eyesight was almost unbelievable!

What made him even happier was that, after activation, his time-warping power had doubled!

Before, in quiet conditions, when one hour passed in the outside world ten hours would pass for him! Now, when one hour passed in the outside world, twenty would pass for him!

Under agitated conditionslike battle conditionshis time had formerly been tripled. Now, it was quadrupled!

"When I meet Chen Tiannan again, I'm sure I'll beat himjust by using Universal Stroke!" Su Yu clenched his fists.

Knock Knock

"Brother Su Yu, sister has come to find you." Xuan Lefei was outside the courtyard. Her sweet face eyed the Silver King's courtyard with envy.

Su Yu was rather surprised. Why was Xuan Lefei looking for him?

"What's the matter?" Su Yu stood at the courtyard gate with no intention of letting her in.

Xuan Lefei pursed her lips; "Petty! I came to find you because I wanted to go to the Twilight Mountains, where we can hunt and kill demonic beasts together."

Hunt and kill demonic beasts? Su Yu was intrigued. With the few taels of silver given as an allowance to students, it was difficult to purchase the training materials he required. Depending on just the few taels of silver distributed to students, it was hard to purchase enough training materials.

"Come on in," Su Yu invited her in.

"Let's go talk in your room. I have top secret information," Xuan Lefei said, her voice low.

A ray of bright light flashed through Su Yu's eyes.

A while later, they sat in Su Yu's room.

The room was simple but very clean. It was quiet and peaceful, and the clear windows were bright.

Xuan Lefei took a deep breath longingly, and did not hide her envy as she said, "I really hope to achieve this someday."

As she spoke, she sat down on the bed.

"Spill it, what top secret information?"

Xuan Lefei laid back onto the bed. Lying horizontally, her exquisite curves were exposed. Her petite body had really developed quite well. Xuan Lefei sat up, and with a mysterious look, she lowered her voice and said, "I heard that in the Twilight Mountains, someone found two category-one demonic beasts. They are guarding a cavern with many precious spiritual things inside, which all the golden students are after."

Oh? Two category-one demonic beasts? Su Yu was slightly moved. Demonic beasts were rather intelligent, and the things they guarded were usually treasures.

Even the silver students were interested; these treasures were surely worth a lot.

"Besides me, who else have you invited?" Su Yu asked. With just the two of them, they could not take on one category-one demonic beast, let alone two.


"Ah! What are you all doing? This is the Silver King's courtyard!"

There was a commotion below; a woman screamed that someone had broken in.

"Make way! We got a report that Su Yu is taking advantage of a female student!"

Su Yu paled, and he turned his face away. Xuan Lefei arranged her face and swiftly removing her top. At the same time, she ruffled the fabric to make it look rumpled.

Next, she took out some chili powder and rubbed it in her eyes. Tears rolled out as she laid on the bed; she looked as though she had been violated.

How could Su Yu not understand?

He had been framed!


Su Yu took big steps over, his hands clasped onto Xuan Lefei's shoulder. Xuan Lefei resisted with a cool face!

Bang Bang

The sounds of people urgently coming up the stairs came from the floor below!

There was no time to spare. Once they barged in and saw the scene, he would not be able to explain!

"Universal Stroke!" Su Yu displayed his full powerthis was an emergency!

Xuan Lefei sneered, "I am prepared!"

In an instant, she had silver armor between her eyes, allowing her to withstand her opponent's consecutive hits.

Four hits! Eight hits! Sixteen hits! Thirty-two hits! Sixty-four hits!

Xuan Lefei's sneer froze and beads of sweat dotted her forehead. Her sweet face was bright red and pained.

What is going on? Doesn't he only have sixteen consecutive hits? Why does it seem like he's hitting me such much more than just sixteen times? It feels infinite!

It was easy to imagine the damage that sixteen consecutive hits, executed within a breath's moment, could inflict.

Even dripping water could wear away a rock with time; imagine, then, what legs and hands were capable of.

Crack!The armor completely shattered!

With a cry, Xuan Lefei flew back and crashed into the bed's headboard. Her blood boiled and her head spun.

At that moment, Su Yu came over in a flash, picked Xuan's displaced shirt and swiftly twisted it into a hemp rope. Next, he speedily tied Xuan Lefei up and dangled her from the window. Before leaving, he picked up a piece of dirty cloth and stuffed it into Xuan Lefei's mouth.

The courtyard was in a quiet location. Without standing under the window, it would be hard to realize that a girl was hanging from it.


In that instant, the door was kicked down and a line of people entered. The leader was Jiang Zhishi, whose injuries were not yet healed.

"Search!" Jiang Zhishi looked around coldly, a murderous look in his eyes.

The people behind him had already started searching everywhere without waiting for his instructions. Below the bed, in the cupboards, in the luggagethey searched everywhere, but nothing significant turned up. They looked at each other and quietly waited for Jiang Zhishi to speak.

"What are you all doing?" Su Yu's face was cold as he scolded them.

Jiang Zhishi stared at him; "We received a tip-off that you were violating a girl from the institute, where did you hide her?" he asked viciously.

"Haha..." Su Yu turned his anger into laughter; "Alright! Alright! Oh Jiang Zhishi, if you want to point out my crimes, just do it. But you slandering me for violating female students without proofI will not take it lightly!

"You all can search all you want! Search all you want! If you don't find proof, I will immediately head to Housemaster Ye and ask him to give his judgment on this event!"

The people within the room were instantly stunned. They had come to the search with the utmost confidence, sure they would conquer Su Yu; but, in the end, they could not find any abused girl and were forced into a passive position. If Housemaster Ye were really alerted to this incident and found out that they had purposely framed a student, no one would be able to save them from his ruthlessness.

Jiang Zhishi also realized the tricky nature of his current situation. He already had a record, and if he were to be caught by Housemaster Ye again, he might not make it out with only minor injuries. Xuan Lefei had failed to uphold her part in the plan; it was her fault he was now forced into passivity!

"Since this must be only a misunderstanding, we shall be leaving." Jiang Zhishi's face was cold as he turned to leave.

"Hold it!" Su Yu shouted coldly; "You all barged into my courtyardyou think you can come and go as you please? I have to report this incident to Housemaster Ye and ask him to serve justice!"

Jiang Zhishi's eyes were cold as he turned around; "So what do you want?" he asked.

They were all smart enough people; did Jiang Zhishi, the wise old man, not detect Su Yu's intention to extort some benefits out of this situation?

"It's not what I want, but what you want!" Su Yu said angrily; "You all destroyed my clean reputation, what should you do?"

Jiang Zhishi silently hated him. Not only did he not hold the upper hand over his rival, but he had fallen into the passive position. Jiang Zhishi waved his hand and dismissed his men throwing out a token with a phrase engraved on it: "Order of Unlimitedness. Something you can't buy! You should be satisfied!"

The Order of Unlimitedness? Su Yu raised his eyebrows.

The item came from the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, and there were only ten tokens in total. According to the rules of the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, one could only enter the depository once every six months. But, with the Order of Unlimitedness, one could ignore the rule.

Moreover, the holder of the token could enter more than just the first level. They had access to the second level as wellwhich only gold students qualified forand the third level, which only demon students qualified for.

This token was awarded to people in the high levels of the institute; unless someone had a direct relationship with a token-holder, students did not have the chance to touch one. The item was incredibly precious.

Jiang Zhishi also had no choice; he had tried to frame Su Yu, and if Housemaster Ye found out about it he would be in deep trouble. So, he used the ultimate bribe to pay off Su Yu and ensure his silence regarding the incident.

"Since it is a misunderstanding, then I shall leave it as such. I just hope that next time Jiang Zhishi will think before he acts!" Su Yu said meaningfully; he put the matter to restwith the token, he had sufficiently benefited from the situation.

With a cold face, Jiang Zhishi left in a huff. Su Yu waited for the group of people to be completely gone before he went to the window and pulled up Xuan Lefei, who had been dangling in the air, and threw her on the floor.

Terrified, Xuan Lefei's face was as pale as paper. She kneeled on the floor as her thin body quivered.