The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Black Thunder White Tiger
Chapter 190: Black Thunder White Tiger
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Su Yu continued scouting. The last area was a nursery of about ten feet in radius.

The fencing of the nursery was neat, within it multiple unknown precious plants!

Even though Su Yu was fifty miles away from it, he could still smell their fragrance!

Taking a shallow breath, Su Yu ice based techniques activated on their own!

"What kind of fragrance is so startling?" Su Yu's heart was thumping wildly. Of the masses of unknown plants, there were two that were extremely special!

One of them was covered in flames, radiating an intense heat. The other was covered in frost like an ice sculpture.

Su Yu's ice-based techniques activating was proof of how fragrant the icy flower was!

Despite going through many things, Su Yu had never seen a treasure that could cause his ice-based techniques to activate itself just by fragrance alone!

Would consuming it cause all the ice techniques he knew to reach their full potential?

Any techniques get more difficult to cultivate the more advanced you get.

But Su Yu's intuition told him that consuming that flower would cause all his ice technique to break through to top class!

But Su Yu was not near to the nursery!

Despite the fragrance of the nursery, there were no living creatures around the fence!

It was like the ten-mile nursery was a forbidden ground to the living creatures of the Sky Garden!

Suddenly, Su Yu noticed that there was a straw hut in the middle of the nursery!

The straw hut was simple and clean but devoid of life. But a normal white tiger walked out from the hut.

Even though they were fifty miles apart, it could feel Su Yu's observing gaze!

"Merely a Holy King dares to scout the grounds of the temple! Die!" What shocked Su Yu was the tiger's ability to speak!


A black lightning seal between the tiger's eyes shined, and a black lightning flare cut through the heavens, striking destructively!

Su Yu felt as though he was going to be struck by five bolts of lightning, and that his body was going to be completely destroyed!

Without thinking, fifty foot wide wings appeared behind his back!

A pair of phoenix wings blanketed the earth. Every move it made caused wild winds to blow.

With a flicker of red light, Su Yu disappeared.

The white tiger was slightly shocked. "Phoenix wings, could he be a disciple of the Cabinet of the Nine Phoenixes?"

The black thunder flare had locked onto Su Yu, pursuing him speedily. But, despite its speed, its power was depleting, growing weaker by the second.

Finally, after chasing Su Yu for about a hundred and fifty miles, it dissipated into several black thunder arcs.

A remnant of the thunder splashed onto Su Yu's Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings.


Even though it was clearly a remnant spark, it exploded immediately, causing Su Yu's Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings to shatter!

The resulting impact caused Su Yu to fly back a hundred feet!

His stomach shook, a metallic taste welled up in his throat!

He forcefully stopped himself from flying back. Su Yu was shocked, just what in the world was the speaking white tiger?

Its abilities have surpassed the Dragon Realm. It is at least the level of the master of the faction and the Great Elder!

A serious gaze circled in his eyes. He could not go there again!

Su Yu could only escape successfully because it was a nonchalant strike from the white tiger.

If the tiger struck at full power

The fire and ice plants were precious, but they were not precious enough for Su Yu to lose his life for!


Su Yu heard sounds of battle.

He shifted his gaze towards that direction.

Three miles away, Long Fan, Yao Hong, and Song Hanming, the Three Unmatched Holy Kings, were engaged in battle!

Long Fan and Song Hanming were attacking Yao Hong together.

Yao Hong's abilities were below that of Long Fan's but above Song Hanming's. He was holding his own against their combined attacks!


Finally, there was an opportunity for Long Han to use the Yellow Dragon's Green Cloud Movement. He was like a yellow dragon flying in the sky, striking at Yao Hong's shoulder!


With a pathetic cry, Yao Hong flew back while spitting blood, his shoulder blade broken!

He was furious. "You guys!"

Long Fan appeared, his eyes had a fierce glow. "Hand over the honey! Otherwise, don't blame me for sending you out, severing your fate with the Ancient Xianyun Temple!"

Yao Hong was furious. "I discovered the honey first, why should I give it to you?"

Song Hanming had a fishing rod in his hand, stepping forward forcefully, with a cold smile. "It should be shared amongst those who see it. Trying to usurp it for yourself would result in bad consequences!"

"You! Despicable!" Yao Hong had found a dead black bee, in its mouth a fist-sized amount of honey.

Its energy was powerful and pure, enough for her to enter the Dragon Realm.

But to think that she would meet Long Fan and Song Hanming. They were tempted by the treasure and joined forces to injure her.

Long Fan stepped forward as the leader of the Three Unmatched Holy Kings. "You could not even hold up against one of my techniques, why do you bitterly struggle? Could it be that you think someone is coming to say you? Of the top ten disciples of the faction, I do not recognize anyone who is on good terms with you!"

Yao Hong had fury in her eyes, she was all alone in the faction and naturally did not have ties with the top ten disciples.

But a soft voice entered their ears. "Is it? I wonder if my ties with her count?"


Within the clouds, a red light flashed, like thunder had just passed.

Afterward, a figure was standing between them with his hands behind his back appeared out of nowhere.

"Su Yu?!" Long Fan lost his voice in shock, his lips shivering.

The purple-robed, silvered-haired figure that easily defeated Wei Kang was imprinted in his mind.

Song Hanming was like struck by lightning, respectful like he had just seen a deity. His cold smile turned rigid.

"Junior... Junior Su, why have you come?" Long Fan retreated slightly, his eyes full of fear.

If Su Yu sent them out of the Ancient Xianyun Temple, it would ruin their futures!

"Disappear from my sights in three seconds!" Su Yu coldly looked at him and Song Hanming.



The two were not angry, but was instead elated, speedily escaping into the horizon.

After they were far away enough, they cupped their hands in thanks. "Thank you for sparing us Junior Su!"

Yao Hong was dazed, Su Yu had helped her!

After a while, she snapped out from her daze. She had little to do with Su Yu. Su Yu should have his motives for helping her.

Bitterly handing over the crystal-like spirit liquid in a jade bottle. "Junior Su, take... Take this."

Su Yu calmly waved his hand. "It was a small matter, Senior Yao had protected me in the past. I have remembered that."

Yao Hong had pitied Su Yu back at the arena and had defended him from Long Fan.

Even though it was no real help to Su Yu, in the end, it was still a favor. What had Su Yu to lose by returning this favor?

It was like lightning struck Yao Hong's brain as she recalled how she had underestimated her abilities and tried to protect Su Yu from Long Fan.

What she did not expect even more was how Su Yu remembered this favor!

Clenching her teeth, Yao Hong took out half the honey and swallowed it, handing the other half to Su Yu. "I only need half of this to breakthrough into the Dragon Realm. You can have the other half as my thanks for protecting me. Please do not refuse. The favor of defending you back then is nothing compared to what you did for me just now."

Without Su Yu, she wouldn't even be able to keep half of what she got.

With a little hesitation, Su Yu accepted the gift.

He observed the honey, feeling surprised. "What pure energy! There are no traces of impurities, this is extremely pure."

Even though there were many herbs here, if they consumed it indiscriminately, impurities would enter their body and damage them.

In the past, Su Yu had consumed the herb of the Fiery Lion, making his body unable to absorb medicinal properties for some time.

But the crystal-like honey before him was pure energy, not losing to the medicinal properties of elixirs!

Full of anticipation, Su Yu swallowed it on the spot.

It was sweet and refreshing. Afterward, a strong energy coursed through his body!

What was even more wondrous was that even though the energy was shockingly huge, it was extremely gentle!

Even gentler than most elixirs!

The energy was absorbed into Su Yu's body in shreds, nourishing his flesh and blood.

His cultivation level's improvement and stabilization were gradual as the monstrous energy was slowly absorbed by Su Yu!

After half a day, the monstrous energy gradually weakened.

Su Yu opened his eyes, filled with a rich glow!

Buzz Buzz Buzz

The spirit energy around Su Yu turned into a vortex above his head, speedily entering his body, causing his already rich spirit energy to improve by another thirty percent!

His cultivation level had reached Seventh Level Peak Holy King from Seventh Level Lower Tier Holy King!

It advanced by two tiers, which was incredibly shocking!

"What a special honey!" Su Yu was startled. It was not only pure but was also extremely gentle, even better than that of elixirs!

"Congratulations on your rapid improvement, Junior Su!" Yao Hong was all smiles, her pink face radiant.

Her cultivation level had reached the Dragon Realm!

Even though it was only Dragon Realm Level One Lower Tier, but she had passed the hurdle that most Holy Kings could not overcome in their lifetimes!

For that, Yao Hong was obviously elated.

"I should be the one congratulating you!" Su Yu was smiling. "Oh, may I ask where senior found the honey?"

The energy this honey was harboring was immensely shocking, far surpassing medicinal herbs.

But Yao Hong shook her head apologetically. "I do not know. I found this by accident thirty miles to the east, where I spotted a dead bee."

A dead bee? Bees don't die suddenly under natural circumstances. Only after stinging someone would they suddenly drop dead.

Could someone have been stung by the bee?

"If you wish to investigate this further, remember to be careful." Yao Hong reminded him.

"Thank you, Senior! But I am not in a hurry. I'll stay here and stabilize my cultivation and improve my techniques. I'll go after I improve further."

Yao Hong nodded appreciatively. "That's good, I'll cultivate with you so we can have each other's backs."

The two of them cultivated where they were.

Whilst Su Yu stabilized his cultivation level, he continued to ponder over what he had learned under the time acceleration of two hundred times.

Currently, he had three main techniques in his arsenal.

The attack type technique, Glazed Ice Flame.

The movement type technique, Divine Ice Wings

The spirit energy absorption technique, Sigh of Ice.

The latter two had reached Stage Two Top Class. Without fate on his side, it would be hard to break through to the third stage.

But Glazed Ice Flame was only at Stage Two Upper Class, only a shred away from Stage Two Top Class.

Making use of the opportunity of just improving his cultivation level, Su Yu concentrated on pondering the Glazed Ice Flame!

After ten days, Su Yu suddenly opened his eyes.

A ball of red fire burned in his eyes.

The Fire Cloud Seal between his brows was thumping wildly, like a ball of flame anxious to burn through the heavens!

The tiny sliver of frost that was emitted caused Yao Hong, who was just waking up from her cultivation, to change her expression. She hurriedly circulated her spirit energy to defend herself.

Even so, her arms were lined with frost, and the veins in her body showed signs of slowing.

Shocked, Yao Hong covered her lips, her eyes filled with awe.

If she was a Holy King, it would not be strange if Su Yu's frost did that to her. But now that she was Dragon Realm Level One, it still had such an effect.

The flames in Su Yu's eyes gradually weakened, his expression satisfied.

In ten days of cultivation under the time acceleration, it was like sixteen years had passed. He had finally reached Stage Two Top Class of the Glazed Ice Flame!

The chilly energy he emitted was much more powerful than that of the past!

"Congratulations on your massive improvement, I have scores to settle with Long Fan and Song Hanming, I shall not accompany you any longer! Goodbye!" Yao Hong flew away.