The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Poisonous Black Queen Bee
Chapter 191: Poisonous Black Queen Bee
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"I shall take my leave as well!" Su Yu flew thirty miles towards the East hastily.

A long time passed before Su Yu's silhouette descended in front of a black bee which was decomposing.

When he fixed his eyes on that bee and observed, that bee had a huge physique that was about the size of a pig!

It had a dark body and it looked ferocious. At its tail, there was a hideous black sting that was curled up. A lump of blood had dried up on the sting.

"As expected, this bee died after stinging someone." Su Yu understood what had happened. The blood which had dried up belonged to human beings.

However, he did not know who was stung and whether that person was transported out.

Su Yu flew high up into the sky, looked around, and examined the situation within a fifty miles' radius.

Suddenly, fifty miles awaywhich is the limit of his eyesighthe saw a black beehive that was about the size of a small house.

Ferocious black bees were flying in and out of the beehive one by one and their mouths contained precious honey!

"Could it be, it's there?" Su Yu's gaze turned serious!

Suddenly, Su Yu also discovered that somewhere near the beehive, there were two people hidden there. They were Chan Yunfei who was ranked number five and Duan Yanyu who was ranked number seven!

They looked as if they were spying on the beehive and waiting for a good opportunity to strike!

Su Yu's eyes flashed. He quietly approached the beehive and stopped three miles away from it.

Su Yu then secretly observed Chan Yunfei and Duan Yanyu.

"Junior Duan, are you sure that the honey fermented by the queen bee can save my younger brother?" Chan Yunfei's beautiful eyes were filled with anxiousness and she turned her head to look at Duan Yanyu who was behind her.

Duan Yanyu looked normal. His age was similar to Chan Yunfei which was around twenty-five years old.

He smiled. "It is definitely true! This kind of bees are known as the Poisonous Black Bees and its ability are between Dragon Realm Level One Lower Tier and Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier. Only the queen bee would achieve Dragon Realm Level Two Peak! The poisonous sting at the tail of a normal Poisonous Black Bee contains a deadly poison that spells death when you are stung by it! If you want to treat the poison, you would need the honey secreted by the queen bee!"

Duan Yanyu specialized in controlling spiritual beasts and he was rich in knowledge regarding spiritual beasts in the universe.

Chan Yunfei's anxious expression was slightly eased.

After the three of them entered level two, they came across a Poisonous Black Bee. Chan Leiyun was carelessly stung by the Poisonous Black Bee and he was poisoned. By relying on his spiritual energy, he managed to barely suppress the poison.

If the poison spread across his body and put his life to be in danger, he would be transported out by the ancient temple.

Chan Leiyun was waiting for them to bring back an antidote to save him!

"Junior Duan, I will leave everything to you!"

No one noticed Duan Yanyu give off an evil smile. His deep eyes were filled with a reluctance to leave and he looked at Chan Yunfei's plump and charming body. He then gave an evil smile. "I will naturally do my very best. However, Senior Sister must honor your promise! Firstly, Senior Sister will be in charge of capturing the queen bee alive and all the honey obtained will belong to me. Secondly before I give you the honey to treat the poison, Senior Sister, please don't forget what you have promised."

After hearing what was said, Chan Yunfei's pretty face turned cold and her eyes were glowing with disgust.

Duan Yanyu actually took advantage of her misfortune to do her harm. He cast greedy eyes on her good locks, used her little brother to threaten her, and requested for her to comply with his request!

"I understand!" Chan Yunfei promised him and a flash of coldness flashed passed her clear eyes.

Duan Yanyu grinned coldly!

"However, do not take any reckless actions for now. At the very moment, the queen bee is laying bees and there are many Poisonous Black Bees protecting her. Although you are strong, if you show yourself recklessly, it will be difficult to avoid all the attacks of the Poisonous Black Bees. Let's wait for one day quietly for the Poisonous Black Bees defending the beehive to disperse. It is not too late for you to enter afterward."

Chan Yunfei's beautiful eyebrows turned down. "I guess we can only do that."

Su Yu overheard the conversation between the both of them and he revealed a strange expression. Is the queen bee's honey different from the rest of the Poisonous Black Bees?

At that moment, a Dragon Realm Level One Lower Tier Poisonous Black Bee flew passed Su Yu's head to collect pollen and ferment honey.

Su Yu's eyes flashed and it looked as if it was a golden moon!

"Incredible Moon-Lit Demon Eyes!"


The Poisonous Black Bee struggled for a while but was mind-controlled in the end. It descended obediently and stopped in front of Su Yu.

"Go, steal a portion of the honey and return!" Su Yu commanded!

The Poisonous Black Bee immediately flew back to the beehive and it returned with a portion of the honey in its mouth.

The honey was glittering and translucent, sweet and fresh.

Looking at it, it was twice the amount that he swallowed previously!

"Could it be that it is so easy to make a breakthrough to Dragon Realm?" Su Yu felt elated.

After Yao Hong swallowed a portion of it, she successfully made a breakthrough to Dragon Realm!

Filled with anticipation, Su Yu swallowed all the honey in one mouth.

However, what caused Su Yu's expression to sink was that, after the majestic amount of energy entered his body, his cultivation base did not make any progress at all. Instead, the energy was expelled from his pores!

"Whatwhat is going on?" Su Yu was stunned.

At that moment, Yun Yazi's mockingly voice could be heard from the small jade box in his chest. "If the Poisonous Black Honey was so effective, would it still be left lying around for you? It would have already been forcefully seized by the Four Great Disciples!

"When you swallow the Poisonous Black Honey for the first time, it can help to raise your cultivation base. After which, it would only change your body and would not help your cultivation base to progress in any way."

After knowing that that was the case, Su Yu felt disappointed.

If he had known that this would happen, he would have kept the honey and swallowed it after he had made a breakthrough to Dragon Realm.

"However, what you swallowed was normal Poisonous Black Honey. If you are able to swallow the queen bee's honey, there will certainly be an effect. At the very least, you will be able to make a breakthrough to Dragon Realm!"

Su Yu regained his vitality. "The queen bee's honey?"

"Go! Steal a portion of the queen bee's honey and return!" Su Yu commanded.

However, who knew that the Poisonous Black Bee would go against him forcefully!

"The Poisonous Black Bees are extremely loyal to the queen bee and it will be difficult to shatter their loyalty with your coarse soul techniques." Yun Yazi shook his head.

Is that the case? Su Yu's eyes flashed and he looked towards the direction of Chan Yunfei.

One day passed before there was some movement in the beehive and most of the Poisonous Black Bees left the beehive in all directions to ferment honey.

Duan Yanyu had a delighted expression. "Good! The queen bee has flying laying its eggs. Hence, its body is weak and it requires pollen. As such, most of the Poisonous Black Bees left the beehive to look for pollen. Now is the best opportunity to capture the queen bee!"

Chan Yunfei clenched her silver teeth, turned into smoke, and rushed into the beehive!

Consecutive surprised buzzing sounds could be heard and the Poisonous Black Bees were in great disorder.

In no time, a pretty shadow turned into a strong wind and rushed out of the beehive with a Poisonous Black Queen Bee of the size of a cow in her hands!

"Let's leave quickly!" Chan Yunfei gave a cry and her face turned slightly pale. The Poisonous Black Bees behind her whistled and so many of them gathered together that they blotted out the sky and the sun!

Duan Yunya dared not to stay at his position. He followed Chan Yunfei and ran wildly to about sixty miles away from the beehive!

After confirming that no more Poisonous Black Bees were chasing them, both of them started to catch their breath slightly. They carried the queen bee along with them and returned to an underground cave which they unearthed.

Deep inside the cave, Chan Leiyun's whole face was pitch-black as he endured his pain.

The poison had spread across his whole body, causing him to feel excruciating pain.

At that moment, he was still suppressing the effects of the poison persistently.

Whiz, whiz

Two shadows returned and they were Chan Yunfei and Duan Yanyu.

"Brother Leiyun!" Seeing that the poison had spread into Chan Leiyun's vitals, Chen Yunfei felt anxious. She used one of her hands to bring the queen bee under control and used her other hand to take out pollen from her chest that she had prepared beforehand.

She did not have any intentions to let Duan Yanyu interfere!

Duan Yanyu's gaze became narrow. "Senior Sister, you have promised me two things just now. All of the queen bee's honey would belong to me. Apart from that, you and me Now, isn't it time for you to honor your promise?"

Chan Yunfei's pretty face laughed coldly. "Scum! I can make the honey by myself, why will I submit to you?"

She forced the pollen into the queen bee's mouth.

After a long time, the queen bee fermented a honey that gave off a sweet smelling fragrant which filled the air. Comparing to normal honey from the Poisonous Black Bee, the honey fermented by the queen bee contained superb energy!

Chan Yunfei's pretty face revealed a joyful expression and she forced the honey into Chan Leiyun's mouth.

However, the poison did not go away. Instead, Chan Leiyun's condition became worse!

As Chan Leiyun was half awake, he gave off grievous cries.

"Whatwhat is going on? Duan Yanyu! You lied to me!" Chan Yunfei's beautiful eyes were overflowing with murderous intentions.

Duan Yanyu remained calm. He held one of his arms, stood up and he had an evil smile. "I lied to you? Of course not! The honey fermented by the queen bee can indeed treat the poison. However, that will require a high-grade pollen. As for the fermented honey made by using the pollen that you collected randomly, apart from stimulating the poison in his body, there are no other uses!"

As Duan Yanyu gave an evil smile, he took out a medicine bottle from his chest. The medicine bottle contained a purple-colored pollen that was plump, smooth and full of thick spiritual energy.

He still had something up his sleeve!

Chan Yunfei's pretty eyes flashed and she wanted to snatch the pollen from him.

However, a flame rose from Duan Yanyu's palm and surrounded the pollen in the medicine bottle.

"If you dare to move recklessly, the only pollen will be burned into nothingness immediately! When that time comes, your beloved younger brother will be transported out of the ancient temple and his future will be ruined!" Duan Yanyu laughed coldly.

Chan Yunfei felt fear in her heart. She went no further abruptly and her pretty face was full of coldness. "Duan Yanyu! What do you want to do!"

"Haha, what do I want to do? Didn't I tell you already?" Duan Yanyu looked at Chan Yunfei's graceful body and his eyes were burning with excitement. "When I saw you for the first time, I made an oath that I must obtain you! However, it is a pity that you are a proud person and that you are more talented than me. Hence, I did not have any chances to make my move on you!"

"Your only weakness is your love and care for Chan Leiyun, your little brother! I have heard that once, for him, you were willing to throw your life away!" Duan Yanyu's evil smile became bigger. "Now, I will give you a choice. Be my woman, or see your little brother's future get ruined helplessly!"

Chan Yunfei bit her red lips lightly and her pearly white teeth were icy cold. Her pretty eyes glared at Duan Yanyu with hatred. She then gritted her teeth and said every word with a pause. "Duan Yanyu!"

"Just now, you have made him swallow the honey carelessly. Now, there is only about an hour before his life is in danger. When that time comes and he is transported out, he will be unable to find any opportunities that are equivalent to training in the Ancient Xianyun Temple for the rest of his life!"

She could not hesitate any more!

Her brilliant eyes spilled tears of humiliation which trickled down her face.

Chan Yunfei stared at Duan Yanyu firmly and her beautiful eyes were filled with hatred. However, her soft white hands which were trembling undid her corset.

In front of her innocence and the future of her little brother, she chose to sacrifice herself in the end!

Duan Yanyu's heart was beating extremely fast and he became thirsty for lust. His eyes were burning with raging flames and he stared at her as she gradually undid her neckline!


A shadow from outside flew into the cave and a laughter accompanied him. "Looks like it's quite lively here."

His sudden appearance caused Chan Yunfei to have a panic expression and she covered her neckline. Her pretty face was extremely red and she said surprisingly. "Junior Su, diddid you see everything?"

Duan Yanyu raised his eyebrows slightly. "Su Yu! What is your purpose in coming here?"

Su Yu ignored him and his gaze landed straight away on that cow sized queen bee. His eyes then burned with excitement. "I am naturally here for the queen bee!"

After his speech, he took out a jade-like bottle.

A lump of Five Color Pollen lay inside the bottle quietly.

The queen bee which had been brought under control suddenly turned wild and impatient and it looked at the pollen in Su Yu's bottle greedily!

According to Yun Yazi's words, that ancient pollen in his bottle could refine the rare Hundred-Flowered Honey.

He could imagine that for the "rare" word to come out from Yun Yazi's mouth, the Hundred-Flowered Honey must be something extremely extraordinary.

It was logical for the queen bee to have such a reaction.