The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 192

Chapter 192: Breaking Into The Dragon Realm
Chapter 192: Breaking into the Dragon Realm
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Chan Yunfei's pupils dilated. "Junior Su, can"

Not waiting for her to finish speaking, Su Yu smiled. "Senior Chan, I'll borrow your Queen Bee. We'll split the honey. I'll take ninety percent and you'll have the other ten!"

Chan Yunfei was tearing, her expression showing the gratitude in her heart. She was on the verge of crying. "Thank you, junior"

Su Yu had helped them unconditionally in the Meteorite Forest, and at this critical moment, he had intervened without any requests. How would Chan Yunfei not be grateful for this?

Without him, she would have been violated by Duan Yanyu!

"But before that, please wait for me for a moment Junior Su! Let me teach the scheming despicable person a lesson first!" Chan Yunfei wiped away her tears, her eyes adopting a merciless gaze.

Duan Yanyu turned pale as a sheet, swallowing vigorously. "Senior Chan, we can discuss this!"


Chan Yunfei struck with the intention to kill, fierce and merciless!

Duan Yanyu could only block two moves before being struck by a palm, flying back with a bloodied mouth!

But the direction he was flying in was toward Su Yu!

Duan Yanyu had hatred in his eyes. "It's all due to your meddling! I'll capture you first!"

If Chan Yunfei cared about Su Yu, he could salvage this situation!

Su Yu let out a mocking smile. "Why, aren't you going to first thank me for finding you an Advancement Stone? Repaying your favors with hatred is not right!"

"Cut your nonsense!" Duan Yanyu flared. "You dare say this after meddling with my plan?"


Duan Yanyu formed a claw with his hands and struck toward Su Yu!

Su Yu could only yield to the difference in their cultivation level!

Chan Yunfei's expression changed, hurriedly flying over. "Be careful Junior Su!"

But she was shocked to see Su Yu did not attempt to dodge the attack, instead he took a step forward.

A terrifying spirit energy materialized in his hands as he struck!


Palm and claw collided, setting off an explosive sound!


A figure crashed into a stone wall as if a rock that had been catapulted!


A large mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth!

Who could it be, other than Duan Yanyu?

In terms of spirit energy, Su Yu had decidedly triumphed over Duan Yanyu, who was Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier!

Chan Yunfei was shocked!

In the fight in the Xianyun Contest, Su Yu had only barely managed to reach the level of Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier.

In just a few days, he had already surpassed that level!

After close observation, Chan Yunfei realized that Su Yu had grown from Seventh Level Lower Tier Holy King to Seventh Level Peak Holy King!

No wonder his spirit energy level had increased explosively!

Blinking her fierce eyes, Chan Yunfei flew forward, delivering the fatal blow to the gravely injured Duan Yanyu!

"Ah! No"

The Ancient Xianyun Temple sensed that Duan Yanyu was in danger of losing his life, and automatically sent him out of its grounds.

White light glowed around Duan Yanyu as he disappeared into thin air.

He had lost the rare opportunity to train in the Ancient Xianyun Temple!

"Hmph! I'll teach you a lesson when I get back to the faction!" Chan Yunfei's hatred was hard to quell. But as she thought about her brother, her expression became more muted, hurriedly saying, "Junior Su, please do something to save my brother."

Su Yu nodded, taking out the Five Colour Pollen. He took out a thumb-sized piece and stuffed it into the mouth of the Queen Bee.

The Queen Bee swallowed excitedly and after some time, a five-colored crystalline liquid flowed out from its mouth!

The glow of the five colors was radiant.

An alarming fragrance intoxicated many. Just taking a whiff of it caused Su Yu to become giddy.

The five color liquid harbored great amounts of spirit energy, causing Su Yu to become very excited!

Compared to the honey of the Poisonous Black Bee, wasn't the energy of the Five Colour Honey more than five times stronger?

"It only has one percent of the effectiveness of the Hundred-Flowered Honey, but this is enough for you. Keep the pollen. Giving it to this Queen Bee is a waste. Furthermore, the Five Colour Honey is only effective the first time you consume it, it is not worth it to make more!" Yun Yazi peacefully said.

Just a percent was so mind-blowing. Just how scary was the real Hundred-Flowered Honey?

Su Yu felt a little pity for the Five Colour Pollen, quickly keeping it.

Su Yu took ninety percent of the multicolored liquid, filling a small jade bottle.

He passed the rest of the honey to Chan Yunfei.

Chan Yunfei was immensely grateful but did not know how to repay the favor.

But hearing her brother's groans of pain, she hurriedly fed her brother the Five Color Honey.

After Chan Leiyun consumed the Five Coloured Honey, the poison within him started to fade.

His blackened appearance gradually recovered its red color.

Seeing this, Chan Yunfei finally put down her heavy heart!

"I'll never be able to return you this favor!" Chan Yunfei turned around, her eyes harboring tears.

Su Yu shook his head with a smile. "There's no need to. I borrowed your Queen Bee. It was a win-win situation."

After saying this, Su Yu wanted to say goodbye. But just as he took his first step, he felt his legs buckle, the world turning upside down as his head turned fuzzy.

"Elder Yunya, what's happening to me" Su Yu was shocked.

"There's no problem. It's just that the fragrance of the Five Colour Honey was too intoxicating. You inhaled too much of it and became drunk. You should be fine after resting for awhile!" Yun Yazi calmly said.

He looked at Chan Yunfei, who was also giddy and unstable, knocking into obstacles beside her.

Knowing that he was merely drunk, Su Yu's worry eased.

But the world in his eyes was revolving, and he fell into a slumber soon after.

While unstable, he did not know where he fell, only feeling something soft and warm under his body.

After that, he was completely knocked out.

Half a day later, Su Yu gradually came to his senses, dizzily shaking his head.

"Ah" Suddenly, a gentle voice entered his ears.

En? Su Yu shook his head, his eyes slowly opening.

His body was pressing down on Chan Yunfei!

Cold sweat poured from Su Yu's forehead. Did they do anything wrong while they were drunk?

With an idea in his heart, Su Yu immediately stood up, his expression apologetic.

Chan Yunfei's face was red with shame and anger. It was lucky that they were still fully clothed. They had not committed the final act!

The two stood up in a hurry, each adjusting their clothing.

Su Yu was a little awkward, wanting to find an excuse to leave. But at this moment, Chan Yunlei woke up with his poison expelled.

Even though he had entered a comatose state when he suppressed the poison, he could still see what was going on around him!

Su Yu had slumped on his sister's body for half a day!

But he could not move then, even though he was extremely anxious and furious, he could not wake up!

"Su Yu! You beast!" Once Chan Leiyun woke up, he sprang out with his face full of fury. His large hands struck toward Su Yu who was looking away from him!

Su Yu's gaze turned cold. Even though he was apologetic, that did not mean that an outsider could direct their temper at him!

"Leiyun! What are you doing!" Chan Yunfei was angry, pointing with her hands, hitting back Chan Leiyun!

Seeing how his sister, who doted on him the most, not only not help him, but protect the beast that had defiled her and struck him! He felt that his organs were on fire, howling with his eyes red. "Sister! Are you mad? That beast had treated you like that, but you"

"Shut up!" Chan Yunfei was blushing but had a fierce look in her eyes. "That was an accident! Furthermore, he saved your life! Even if you do not know how to repay him, how could you strike him?"

Chan Leiyun was fuming!

His innocent sister had scolded him in defense of that beast!

"But sister, this beast" Chan Leiyun felt as though his chest was about to explode.

Su Yu's cold gaze fell on him. "Try calling me beast another time!"

He could understand Chan Leiyun's feelings, but he could not accept his irrational frenzy!

"You dare threaten me? You" Chan Leiyun was laughing in fury, about to call him beast again!


A dainty hand slapped across his face.

The fiery pain dazed Chan Leiyun! When has his sister ever hit him?

"You" Chan Leiyun was in disbelief!

Chan Yunfei's expression was cold, her teeth clenched. "Have you come to your senses? If not, let me slap you a few more times!"

Chan Leiyun's lips quivered but did not speak. He only shot a death glare toward Su Yu!

"Junior Su, let's say our goodbyes here, you should leave first." Chan Yunfei paid her respects, deeply apologetic. Her face was also unnaturally red.

Su Yu was shocked, wishing to say some words of apology to Chan Yunfei. But the situation did not allow him to stay any longer.

"Take care of yourselves."

After saying this, he turned to leave.

"Sister! Why did you stop me? He violated you!" Chan Leiyun could not control the fury in his heart after Su Yu left.

Chan Yunfei still had some blush. "I have said it was but an accident, he is not to be blamed! Furthermore, he saved your life Treat whatever that happened as repayment"

After saying this, Chan Yunfei's voice was filled with shame and bitterness.

"Without him, what I would have faced would be even more terrifying. Have you thought of that?"

Hearing this, Chan Leiyun froze, then his expression was that of shame.

Duan Yanyu had almost got his way in taking his sister's purity! Without Su Yu and his generosity in giving them the Five Colour Pollen, his sister would really have been violated!

He should be thanking Su Yu, but he did not and instead tried to attack him. It was returning a favor with hatred.

"But Su Yu he" Chan Leiyun could not accept this. But in comparison, even though his sister still sacrificed herself, it was better than letting the despicable Duan Yanyu have his way!

"Don't let me run into Su Yu!" Chan Leiyun felt injustice!

Chan Yunfei shook her head. "I also wish that you do not meet him again, for you are definitely not his match!"

Chan Leiyun laughed angrily. "Haha? Am I not his match? Was defeating Duan Yanyu that big of a deal? When we are facing off, Duan Yanyu cannot even hold up to ten moves of mine!"

"It is my intuition, you are not his match, in fact, even I may be no match for him!" Chan Yunfei's expression was grave.

"Is it?" Chan Leiyun had a fierce glow in his eyes.

Su Yu had left the crypt, feeling the bottle of Five Colour Honey in his robes, his heart full of anticipation. "It is time to break into the Dragon Realm!"

But suddenly, Su Yu looked back, squinting his eyes slightly.

His gaze gradually turned fierce. "You're looking for death on your own, don't blame me for not giving you a chance!"


Su Yu's figured disappeared.