The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 193

Chapter 193: The White Tigers Attack
Chapter 193: The White Tiger's Attack
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At the entrance of the cave, Chan Yunfei, and her little brother discussed their plan.

"Sister, take care of the queen bee, I will be on the guard outside the cave." Chan Leiyun stood at the entrance and looked around his surrounding.

Chan Yunfei nodded her snow-white chin lightly. "Understood! As the queen bee has helped out, it is only appropriate for me to release it. I will need some time to remove its restrains and you will stand guard outside."

As Chan Yunfei smelt the remnant of the fragrance of the Five Color Honey, she could not help but be worried.

The Five Color honey made by the fermentation of Su Yu's Five Color Pollen was so frightening and strong that it could make them drunk.

The cave was open and the remaining fragrant leaked outside. This might attract greedy strong living beings within the Hundred Mile Garden.

Chan Yunfei turned her body and was completely absorbed in undoing the restraints on the queen bee.

Chan Leiyun's eyes flashed. He confirmed Su Yu's direction and chased after Su Yu!


A tall silhouette descended in a place that Su Yu was at before. No one was in that area and no tracks were found.

Chan Leiyun was indeed thrown off track by Su Yu. He frowned and he had an extremely ferocious expression. "Beast! You are indeed fast at escaping!"

However, at that moment, an icy cold voice reverberated on top of his head.

"I have warned you already! Since you came looking for your death, don't blame it on me!"


Amid the clouds in the Heaven, a red light flashed and a shadow descended from the sky!

It was Su Yu, who had been waiting!

Su Yu felt guilty toward Chan Yunfei and not her little brother Chan Leiyun who could not differentiate right from wrong!

Chan Leiyun was not furious. Instead, he was delighted and he gave a light roar. "Beast! For the humiliations that my sister had gone through, you will repay it with your blood!"

What he was really furious about was not the humiliations that her sister suffered. It was the fact that he was inferior to Su Yu in his sister's heart!

"We will discuss this after our fight!" Su Yu said coldly.

Chan Yunfei took a deep breath and treated the fight seriously. "I will defeat you within twenty moves!"

Su Yu's gaze became dull. The spiritual energy in his palm surged and he was about to make his move. At that moment, his eyebrows twitched abruptly.

Su Yu's expression changed slightly and he revolved his crystalline pupils. His gaze passed through Chan Leiyun and looked a distance ahead. After which, his expression changed abruptly. "Not good! Your sister is in danger!"

In his crystalline pupils, a white shadow shrouded in black lightning was heading toward the cave with lightning speed.

That white shadow was none other than the frightening Spiritual White Tiger!

With just a thunderbolt, it could kill all the disciples who were at the second level of the Ancient Xianyun Temple!

It was unknown why but that white tiger was attracted by the lingering smell of the Five Color honey. Hence, it followed the lingering smell and headed straight for the cave!

If it came into contact with Chan Yunfei, the consequences


Without hesitation, Su Yu exhibited Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings and flew toward the cave with extra haste.

Chan Leiyun became slightly stupefied and he laughed coldly immediately. "Useless trash! You wish to find my sister and obtain her protection?"

Su Yu descended into the cave and pulled Chan Yunfei who was undoing the restraints. on the queen bee toward him. There was no time to explain! "Leave quickly! It's dangerous here!"

Chan Yunfei's face turned red and her charming body became stiff. She lost her thoughts and complied with Su Yu's actions to carry her in his arms blindly. Both of them then rushed out of the cave.

At that moment, Chan Leiyun caught up with Su Yu.

Having seen the scene, blood and fury rushed to his head. "Let go of my sister!"

He attacked Su Yu with his palm!

Su Yu looked toward the direction of Spiritual White Tiger. That white tiger was nowhere in sight! This caused the hair on Su Yu's body to stand and his heart to beat extremely fast!

"Leave quickly! The danger is here!" Su Yu said urgently.

Chan Leiyun looked around the surrounding and he grinned coldly. "Do you think I will fall for such a trick? Keep your filthy hands off my sister!"

Without any more hesitation, Chan Leiyun flew closer to Su Yu. He readied his attacking posture and headed toward Su Yu's head. "Five Tigers Exterminating Dragon's Palm!"

Five Tigers Exterminating Dragon's Palm, a legacy level cultivation technique at Stage Two Top Class! It was only a class away from achieving Stage Three!

When Chan Leiyun unleashed his attack, violent spiritual energy surrounded his five fingers as though five ferocious tigers appeared simultaneously!

Even if it was a dragon from the Heaven, it would also be exterminated by that palm on the spot!

Its power was firm, fierce and extremely explosive It was the strongest palm technique within the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures.

Although both of them were at Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier, it was difficult for Duan Yanyu to last for ten moves under the power of the Five Tigers Exterminating Dragon's Palm!"

Su Yu was furious!

Although the situation was so dangerous, Chan Leiyun still could not differentiate good from bad!

At the very moment, Su Yu could not hold back anymore!

"Glazed Ice Flame!"


The Fire Cloud Seal in between Su Yu's eyebrows twitched rapidly!

A cold energy which made people feel as if it was winter swept through the clouds!

Raging flames which covered the sky gushed out and covered Chan Leiyun who was very close to it!

Chan Leiyun laughed coldly. "Do you think that the trashy cold energy that you used to deal with Wei Kang would be effective against me?"

His palm was shaped like a knife and five tigers exterminated the dragon!


The scarlet raging flame was sliced open in the sky!

However, before Chan Leiyun had the time to reveal a delighted expression, his expression turned serious abruptly!

After Chan Leiyun sliced open the ice flame which was covering him, he realized that he had only sliced open one-tenth of the ice flame!

There were nine more layers of ice flame headed for him as if it were a tsunami!

Rumble, puff


As if numerous mountains crashed into him, Chan Leiyun gave a horrible shriek and spit out a huge mouthful of blood!

His eyes were filled with horror!

Having not seen Su Yu for just a short ten days, compared to the previous time, the power of Su Yu's ice flame rose greatly!


As he was sent flying to the ground with a heavy blow, Chan Leiyun spat out a mouthful of mouth again and entered a semiconscious state.

His heart had been taken over by fear!

Su Yu actually used one move to injure him fatally and also causing him to be half dead at the same time!

Recalling that he approached Su Yu aggressively, the hair on Chan Leiyun's body stood up!


Su Yu's eyes were filled with coldness. He flew toward Chan Leiyun with the intention to give him a deadly blow and ruin his great opportunity to train in the Ancient Xianyun Temple!

"No!" Chan Yunfei finally came to her senses. She struggled free of Su Yu's embrace, stood in front of Chan Leiyun to shield him, and requested for Su Yu to let her brother go.

Her heart was extremely shocked.

Her instinct told her that Su Yu was extremely strong. However, she did not expect him to be so strong to the extent that he could fatally injure her brother and cause him to be half dead with just one move!

Su Yu's posture returned to normal and he shot a glance toward Chan Leiyun coldly. "You should really be thankful that you have such a good sister! If not, your great opportunity to train in the Ancient Temple Temple will be ruined!"

After being reprimanded by Su Yu, Chan Leiyun became as silent as a cicada in cold weather. Although he was an arrogant person, he did not dare to talk back to Su Yu.

"Thank you Junior Su for giving us mercy!" Although Chan Yunfei was furious that Su Yu went a bit too far, she could not bring herself to hate Su Yu as Su Yu only attacked because of her brother's aggressiveness!

Su Yu's expression turned slightly serious. "Leave quickly! It is not advisable to stay here for long!"

He exhibited Ice Phoenix's Divine Wings and escaped!

Chan Yunfei looked into the horizon. After which, without hesitation, she brought her brother along with her, followed Su Yu and left their current location quickly!

A few minutes after they left, in the sky, a white tiger appeared out of thin air!

The black thunderbolt on its body dispersed and its frightening appearance scared away tens of thousands of beasts. It gave off a dignified air which signified that it was the king of tens of thousands of beasts!

The white tiger's eyes glared at the direction that Su Yu went to and talked like a human. "Eh, its that little kid from the Phoenix Cabinet? He actually didn't die?"

Previously, the white tiger had used a thunderbolt. According to its calculation, Su Yu should have been killed by that thunderbolt.

"Forget it! For the sake of the Phoenix Cabinet, I will not hold it against you!" After the white tiger finished talking, it flew into the cave.

The queen bee which had removed its seal and regained its abilities as a Dragon Realm Level Two Peak crawled on the floor at once and shivered nonstop!

The white tiger shot a glance at it indifferently. With just a glance, the queen bee gave a horrible shriek and its body exploded with a loud bang!

Although it did not die, it was bleeding!

After breathing in a breath of the lingering fragrant, the white tiger revealed a slightly drunk and surprised expression. "Hundred-Flowered Honey? No, it is a smell from the raw materials of the Hundred-Flowered Honey!"

Even if it were the white tiger, it also gave a slightly drunk expression after inhaling a breath of the lingering fragrant!

Moreover, he mentioned the existence of the Five color pollen!

"The honey was fermented by you? Are there any extra, and where is it?" The white tiger's eyes were burning with excitement.

The queen bee trembled with fear. "In the hands of that silver-haired human being!"

"That small ant?" The white tiger was surprised and its eyes glowed fiercely immediately. "If this is the case, then I cannot let you off!"


A black lightning flashed and the white tiger disappeared from the cave!

Su Yu only stopped running after running wildly for about a hundred miles away.

That white tiger could sense any situation within fifty miles' radius.

Chan Yunfei did not see the living that Su Yu referred to as dangerous.

However, after running for a few minutes, she could clearly sense a frightening gaze sweeping pass her!

Even though that gaze was about ten miles away, her inner strength was vibrating and she had the jitters!

At the very moment, Chan Yunfei's heart was still beating quickly and she was also still trembling slightly. "Su Yu, what is that? Why is it so frightening?"

Chan Leiyun's face had a ghastly pale expression!

He had also felt that frightening gaze!

When he recalled himself going after Su Yu recklessly, he felt fearful!

Su Yu's eyes became serious like never before. "I don't know what kind of divine being it is. However, it is extremely dangerous!

"If we are under its attack, we had better commit suicide. In that case, we would be transported out of Ancient Xianyu Temple safely. Once it makes its move, I am worried that under a situation where we could be killed within a few seconds, there will not even be opportunities for us to be sent out!"

The principle as to how the transportation in Ancient Xianyun Temple worked was that it had sensed that the disciples who were training were in a life-threatening situation.

However, if it were only for a short while, the Ancient Xianyun Temple might not be able to react in time and the person would end up dying completely!

Chan Yunfei and Chan Leiyun gasped!

"Senior Sister, I am going to look for a place to train in seclusion. What are the both of you going to do?" Su Yu questioned.

Chan Yunfei said. "I will naturally join up with Ji Hongxue."

Eh? Su Yu's eyes implied that he did not understand.

"Could it be that Junior Su doesn't know? All the Dragon disciples would gather in front of the lake?" Chan Yunfei was slightly stupefied. After which, she understood. "Oh Seems like he had forgotten. Brother Su had just entered the ranks of the Ten Great Disciples. Hence, we didn't have enough time to inform you!"

Chan Leiyun looked at Su Yu with veneration and revealed a serious expression to gain Su Yu's favor. "To all of us who are in the Dragon Realm, the effects of the medicinal herbs within the Hundred Miles Garden are limited. In addition, the previous batches had also picked the medicinal herbs many times, resulting in a shortage of medicinal herbs that are effective to us.

"The Jade Lake ahead of us is the real place where all the Dragon Realm disciples like us develop ourselves. There are many spiritual plants that contain pure energy which grew at the bottom of the lake. After picking it, our cultivation bases can progress excessively!

"Before the Xianyun Contest, Ji Hongxue warned us. If we are able to enter the second level successfully, we will gather in front of the Jade Lake immediately. We would then work together to pick the spiritual plant. While my sister, Duan Yanyu and I were on our way to the Jade Lake, we were attacked by the Poisonous Black Bee, causing us to stop for a full ten days!

"Brother Su managed to fight into the top ten unexpectedly. Hence, Senior Ji Hongxue did not manage to inform you in time."

So that's what happened, Su Yu understood.

The so-called Jade Lake should be that lake ahead of them which was fifty miles broad.

According to Su Yu's observation, the living beings were at least Dragon Realm Level Two and the strongest living being was at Dragon Realm Level Three!

What kind of spiritual plant grew at the bottom of the lake that caused Ji Hongxue to be attracted by it?

"Thank you for the information. I will find somewhere to train myself in seclusion. When the time comes, we will meet again." Su Yu bid farewell to Chan Yunfei and her brother. He then looked for a remote corner and dug an underground cave.

The surrounding of the underground cave was heavily sheltered to prevent the smell of the honey from leaking outside.

Previously, he was careless and remnants of the smell of the honey were left behind, attracting that white tiger as a result!

The same mistake, Su Yu would not make it twice.

Su Yu took out the Five Color honey and pondered for a while. He then poured out only one-third of the honey from the jade-like bottle!

"Why do you not want to drink everything? For this kind of honey, it is only useful for your cultivation base when you swallow it for the first time. You should swallow more of it and strive for a greater breakthrough in your cultivation base," Yun Yazi said abruptly.

Su Yu's expression turned grave and he shook his head. "The honey's smell which can make me drunk is too thick. The smell itself can make me sleep for half a day, let alone the pure liquid? If I swallow too much of it, I might sleep for a very long time!"

Yun Yazi revealed a satisfied smile. "Glad that you understand! However, if you swallowed the whole bottle, the consequences would not be as simple as falling asleep for a long time. Instead, it would be an eternal sleep until your body decomposes, causing you to die!"

Su Yu's heart clicked and he rejoiced secretly.

"Even if it is one third, from my conjecture, you will sleep for about half a month. That is the best that your body's digestive system can do."

Half a month? Su Yu nodded his head slightly. Half a month's time was still within an acceptable range.

After checking that the underground cave was concealed and well guarded, Su Yu swallowed the Five Color honey on the spot.

If the Poisonous Black Honey's energy were as boundless as a big river's wave, then in front of the Five Color honey, it would be a breaking wave within the sea!

The Five Color honey's energy was frightening as it was hundred times stronger than that of the Poisonous Black Honey!

An amount of energy that could suffocate people entered the bones of Su Yu's four limbs and fused with it. That energy then caused Su Yu's cultivation base to progress continuously with a swift and violent force!

At the same time, that frightening scent which could make people drunk made Su Yu's vision go blank and fall into a deep sleep in a short amount of time!

After half a day, a white tiger flew passed the underground cave. Its eyes were glowing with thirst. "To a spiritual beast like me, that superb honey is a great tonic! Where exactly is that ant?"