The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Breaking Into The Dragon Realm
Chapter 194: Breaking into the Dragon Realm
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Its gaze scanned past the crypt, but it did not spot anything. The white tiger flew away.

In that half a month, multiple experienced disciples immediately fled when they caught a glimpse of the tiger.

Half a month later, Su Yu slowly opened his eyes in the crypt.

Buzz Buzz Buzz

The spirit energy was raging, forming a vortex as it entered Su Yu! The richness of the spirit energy formed a small black cloud above the crypt.

The air was flowing rapidly, forming a wild wind and causing the flowers around to dance wildly.

The weird phenomenon spread. Some Dragon Realm creatures were looking on seriously. They knew that this was a sign of a Dragon Realm!

Spirit energy that was almost liquified was maniacally entering Su Yu's body, putting pressure on the spirit energy already in his body.

Su Yu found it hard to breathe. He felt that he was going to explode from all the spirit energy in his body.

But when the spirit energy reached its peak, it began to compress!

The rich spirit energy condensed into drops of liquid, gathering at the energy center.

It was like a well of spirit energy. The liquefying of spirit energy was a sign of a Dragon Realm!

Liquification meant that one could store even more spirit energy. That was the reason why Dragon Realms were more powerful than Holy Kings!

But Su Yu's transformation did not end there. The power of the Five Colour Honey was startling!

Spirit energy did not stop pouring into Su Yu's body, causing the Dragon Realm cultivation level he had just reached to improve even further.

In a few minutes, it stopped at Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier!

"The ancient pollen had achieved its potential in your hands!" Yun Yazi exclaimed. "Seventh Level Holy Kings need loads of time in cultivation to pass the hurdle into the Dragon Realm. But you just reached Seventh Level Holy King and easily slipped into the Dragon Realm under the effects of the Five Colour Honey, reaching even the Upper Tier, much to the envy of many."

Su Yu was surprised. Dragon Realm was once an unattainable level, but today he had finally achieved it!

Back then at the Shenyue Island, he could only look up to Cao Xuan who was in the Dragon Realm.

But today, he had stepped into the same level as him!

If Li Guang knew about this from his grave, would he be proud of Su Yu?

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Su Yu's brain trembled. The dormant Nine-Dragon Cauldron had begun vibrating violently!

A ball of red liquid fell out from within. Atop the cauldron, the red dragon which had a third of its body turned into crystal, had another third of its body crystallized!

A ripple of space silently escaped from Su Yu's right eye.

From his experiences with the crystallization of the purple dragon, the more the dragon turned into crystal, the more powerful it became.

The purple dragon was time acceleration. The red dragon was space manipulation.

Now, his space manipulation became more powerful with the crystallization of the red dragon!

Previously, his space manipulation could only target a single object and the object could not be too big.

The largest object he transported was back when he was being chased by Hua Zhilan. Su Yu had teleported him and Mo Wu at the same time. Now he could shift something the size of a hill!

Furthermore, the distance he could shift something had expanded by a ten-mile radius.

Within a ten-mile radius, anything that Su Yu's red eyes passed could be forcefully shifted by him.

"Eh?" Su Yu's heart skipped a beat when he realized that Yun Yazi could observe the weak space ripple.

A ghostly figure flickered into existence, staring at Su Yu as if it wanted to look through Su Yu's brain.

Yun Yazi had a serious look for the first time. "That's weird, there's a wondrous object in your soul, blocking even my soul out!"

The strength of Yun Yazi's soul was far from ordinary, but there existed something that he could not see through!

Su Yu's expression changed. His biggest secret was the Nine-Dragon Cauldron. He did not know whether to tell Yun Yazi of not.

"Everyone has their secrets, I am no exception. I am only curious, I will not force it out of you." Yun Yazi laughed heartily, returning into the jade box.

With a sigh of relief, Su Yu was grateful for how magnanimous Yun Yazi was.

If it were someone else, noticing that a person of weak cultivation level was in possession of a precious treasure, their first thought would be to take it for themselves!

Shifting his gaze, Su Yu immediately turned to leave. He could not stay here for too long!

The strange phenomenon just now was shocking, and the air currents had spread the lingering fragrance of the Five Colour Honey outwards. A few minutes had passed. If he did not leave now, there was bound to be trouble!

Su Yu broke open the crypt, flying in the air towards the Jade Lake, rendezvousing with Ji Hongxue.


A terrifying aura descended!

Black lightning flickered as a white tiger descended! Looking at the broken crypt, the eyes of the white tiger flashed with fury. "What a crafty lad!"

It had passed by this area many times, but did not sense Su Yu's presence!

"Unless you leave the second level, otherwise don't dream about escaping from me!" The white tiger grunted, turning into black lightning as it vanished in the air.

At the Jade Lake, Ji Hongxue and Shen Jiuyin were standing side by side, gravely looking at the horizon.

Ji Hongxue was calm. "It is rumored that the guardian beast of the second level is guarding the divine herbs in the fencethe Ice and Fire Herbs.

"But no worries, it seems to not mind us."

Shen Jiuyin nodded his head, calculating as he twirled his finger. "In three days, it will be the one-month deadline since we entered the Ancient Xianyun Temple. During that time, the third level Eternal Ladder will descend, are you planning to enter it? It is rumored that every step of the Eternal Ladder was good fortune. If you manage to reach the end, you will obtain heaven shaking fortune."

The Eternal Ladder was a forbidden ground that the master of the Liuxian faction had not allowed anyone to enter!

Amongst all the generations, there was no one who made it back alive when they entered!

It did not matter if they were the son of the heavens or world-class geniuses. They were all eternally trapped in the incredibly mysterious Eternal Ladder.

Hearing this, Ji Hongxue's eyes showed a struggle, then he lightly shook his head. "Unless there's no other way, I would not enter!"

In the history of the faction, there were too many geniuses who had entered with confidence, but none have returned.

Even the genius Second Elder, the first ever genius of the faction had stopped before the Eternal Ladder, never once entering it!


A red light flickered in the sky, Su Yu had arrived at the Jade Lake.

With his vision, it was incredibly easy to find out where they were gathering.

At this moment, three Dragon Realm Level One disciples were guarding at the edge of the lake, waiting sternly.

Sensing Su Yu's arrival, they looked in the direction, forcefully letting out a smile.

Of the three, there were two who had relied on Su Yu to find the Advancement Stone in the Meteorite Forest.

"Junior Su." the three lightly nodded, paying a little respect.

Su Yu surveyed around. "Where are the other disciples?"

The three Dragon Realm disciples were cautious. "Is anything the matter Junior Su?"

"I naturally came to answer the call of Senior Ji Hongxue to gather here," Su Yu nonchalantly said.

The three looked at each other, two of them wearing uncomfortable expressions.

Only the elder disciple of about twenty-five years of age lightly creased his brows.

His name was Li Jun, he had relied on his own luck to find an Advancement Stone, not owing Su Yu any favors. He lifted his eyelids, observing Su Yu and putting on a fake smile. "Junior Su, it's more suitable for you to return to the Hundred Mile Garden. This is not a place where you can come and go as you like."

He thought back to Chan Yunfei's reminded. Only Dragon Realm disciples got the notice. Su Yu understood.

"If it's like that." Su Yu stroked his chin, Dragon Realm Upper Tier spirit energy suddenly emerged from within him!


Li Jun could not defend in time, suddenly pressured by the tsunami-like spirit energy.

His knees buckled, kneeling on the ground!

The two Dragon Realm Level One Lower Tier disciples behind him took several steps in retreat, their expressions as if they just saw a ghost!

"Dragon Realm Level OneUpper Tier? In just a month? How is that possible?" The two expressed in shock, unable to believe the scene before them.

When Su Yu entered the Ancient Xianyun Temple, he was only a Seventh Level Lower Tier Holy King. Even if he had a stroke of good fortune, Dragon Realm Level One Lower Tier should be the limit!

It is to be noted that after breaking through into the Dragon Realm, breaking through to the next tier would require much time.

Normally, it would take half a year to advance a tier. Slower people might even take multiple years.

Su Yu being Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier indeed shocked them!

Li Jun's forehead was laced with cold sweat, his face full of fear. He got up with difficulty, respectfully replying. "Junior Su, Senior Ji had led the others into the lake to pick spiritual plants."

Whilst he was speaking, the water splashed, multiple figures flying out of the lake!

Their expressions were that of surprise and anxiety. They were the Dragon Realm disciples that entered the water!

At the same time, deep in the water came furious howls.

One of the howls was exceptionally terrifying, harboring the spiritual power of a Dragon Realm Level Three! Those that charged out of the water were all drenched, their expressions full of surprise.

Li Jun and the rest on the shore anxiously circulated their spirit energy, their faces wearing pained expressions.

Su Yu creased his eyebrows, spirit energy gathering at the surface of his body. That roar caused him to feel a little faint.

"It's a Dragon Realm Level Three that uses sound to attack?" Su Yu's gaze was serious.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

Six figures flew out.

The Four Great Disciples, Chan Yunfei, and her brother.

Chan Leiyun's face was pale as if he just escaped from death. "What a scary Heaven Howling Fish! Its howl had already shattered the hearts of six of the disciples, causing them to be transported out!"

Su Yu's gaze turned serious!

There were already six Dragon Realm disciples transported out?

"Eh? Junior Su you've come?" Chan Yunfei glanced at Su Yu, freezing for a moment before showing surprise as she ran toward him. Her eyes were filled with happiness.

Seeing the scene before her, Mo Wu raised her eyebrows. When did Su Yu and Chan Yunfei get so close?

Ji Hongxue smiled. "Junior Su, you've also come?"

Su Yu responded to them individually. "Junior Su, the spiritual plants at the bottom of this lake, the Dragon Scale Plant, harnesses a pure water spirit energy. It has great effects in helping Dragon Realms achieve a breakthrough in their cultivation!" Chan Yunfei shook the plant in her hand. It was black in color, laced with pitch black scales.

Within it was a powerful energy, about a third of that of the Five Colour Honey!

Surveying the surroundings, only Ji Hongxue and Chan Yunfei had obtained it among the six of them. The rest of the four not only had empty hands, but the had heavy injuries.

They all shot jealous glares of varying degrees towards Chan Yunfei. They had dived into the lake with the purpose of finding the Dragon Scale Plant. The process was difficult and it was insanely hard to obtain.

Cao Xuan glanced over, spotting Su Yu. Hatred and humiliation suddenly boiled in his heart!

The one that had forced him to castrate himself was Su Yu!

But what gave Cao Xuan a little relief was the fact that he had already broken through to Dragon Realm Level Two Upper Tier since he had arrived!

He believed that a month later, he would benefit even further!

At this moment, he saw that Su Yu knew Chan Yunfei, and gave a cold remark. "The defense of the Heaven Howling Fish is getting stronger. The team that enters the water the next time should be as elite as possible. I suggest that only the Four Great Disciples enter. The rest of the people should stay on the shore. Safety should be the top priority!"

Ji Hongxue gently nodded. "This is the only way."

The Heaven Howling Fish was extremely powerful, even he would have some difficulty dealing with it.

Too many people entering would startle the Heaven Howling Fish, doing more harm than good.

He long had the thought of streamlining the team but did not suggest that in consideration of Chan Yunfei and her brother's feelings.

Now that Cao Xuan had suggested this, he naturally had no objections.

Shen Jiuxin coarsely nodded. "I agree, after all the teams need abilities, not luck!"

What he meant was that Chan Yunfei and Chan Leiyun were just there to fill in the numbers and got lucky.

Mo Wu's lips quivered, she had wished to say a few words for Chan Yunfei and her brother, but seeing how close Chan Yunfei was to Su Yu, she felt a little uncomfortable. The words that had already reached her mouth was retracted.

Three of them agreed, and one remained silent. A decision had been reached.

Chan Yunfei's face was flushed with shame, her heart bitter. Were she and her brother being abandoned as burdens?

Chan Leiyun's face turned red, hanging his head down in shame.

Certainly, they were the weakest in the team. They were not very effective against the Heaven Howling Fish.

At this moment, Su Yu's gentle voice circled around Chan Yunfei's ears. "Senior, why not the three of us form a team? It seems like my abilities are too weak to be considered by them."

Ji Hongxue froze slightly. He had wanted to rope Su Yu into their team. He was extremely confident of Su Yu's abilities.

But he had not managed to say anything when Su Yu made his decision.

Chan Yunfei's eyes were full of gratitude. In the awkwardness, Su Yu had helped her once again.

There was a ripple in Chan Yunfei's eyes, her cheeks blushing. "I guess we should take care of each other."

She understood Su Yu's exceptional abilities. With him in the team, there was a chance that they could get the Black Dragon Plant!

Seeing how Su Yu cared for Chan Yunfei, Mo Wu glared, grunting in a pique. "Who cares about you!"

After some rest, Ji Hongxue and the other three entered the water once again.

Chan Yunfei had just digested the Black Dragon Plant, her cultivation level of Dragon Realm Level One Peak improving by thirty percent!

She opened her eyes, full of surprise. "If I can get two more Dragon Plants, I could breakthrough to Dragon Realm Level Two!"

It could only improve a third of your cultivation level? Su Yu was a little disappointed.

Su Yu was used to breaking through entire tiers of cultivation levels, he was slightly disappointed by the effects of the Black Dragon Plant.

But he accepted that after he considered the difficulty of breaking through in the Dragon Realm.

If the Dragon Realm was as easy to advance as a Holy King, Ji Hongxue wouldn't only be at Dragon Realm Level Two Peak.

"Are there only Black Dragon Grass at the bottom of the lake?" Su Yu asked.

Chan Yunfei shook her head. "Of course not! Other than the Black Dragon Plant, there are two other spiritual plants. One being the White Dragon Plant. It could allow users of Dragon Realm Level Three and below to immediately breakthrough a tier. It's three times more powerful than Black Dragon Plants!"

Oh? Light flashed in Su Yu's eyes.

"There's another spiritual plant called the Divine Dragon Plant. It is said that Dragon Realm Level Three and below who consume it would improve their cultivation level by an entire level!"

Su Yu's pupils dilated; an entire level?

Wouldn't that power be equal to the Five Colour Honey?

"But White Dragon Plants are extremely rare, and are all closely guarded by the Heaven Howling Fish. There's no way to get close! As for the Divine Dragon Plant, it is rumoured to be in the belly of the fish!" Chan Yunfei laughed bitterly.

Su Yu thought for a moment, lightly nodding his head. "Alright, let's go down too!"

Chan Yunfei said. "Alright! With the powers of the three of us, let's hope that we can take back a Black Dragon Plant!"

"Black Dragon Plant?" Su Yu let out a meaningful look. "My goal is not the Black Dragon Plant?"

Chan Yunfei took a breath. "Could you be thinking of the White Dragon Plant?"

But Su Yu laughed, the glow in his eyes spreading forth. "My goal is the Divine Dragon Plant!"