The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Estranged
Chapter 195: Estranged
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When the waves splashed, three people leaped into the lake.

Su Yu revolved his crystalline pupils and saw the situation within the lake clearly with a look.

The lake was fifteen miles deep. At its deepest part, there were three ruins that were a hundred feet broad each and they stood side by side.

Hundreds of Black Dragon Plants grew in the ruins that were at the sides and the Black Dragon Plants were also scattered everywhere in the two ruins.

Only in the middle ruins, among the tens of Black Dragon Plants, there were four or five plants that were sparkling and shaped like night-luminescent pearls. It had white bud scale which covered its body gracefully, causing it to be elegant and beautiful.

That was the extremely rare White Dragon Plant!

At the same time, it was also the legendary medicinal herb with its effects greater than that of a top grade marrow cleansing elixir that the Faction Master mentioned!

However, the middle ruins were surrounded by an eel that was a thousand feet long!

It gave off an aura of a Dragon Realm Level Three, causing Su Yu to feel fear.

"Is that the Heaven Howling Fish? Su Yu's heart turned serious.

Six Dragon Realm Disciples' hearts were shattered by its vibration and transported out.

At the very moment, the Four Great Disciples went near the ruins carefully.

The one thousand foot long eel did not notice them. It closed its eyes and continued to rest.

When they were thirty feet within the ruins, the one thousand feet eel opened its eyes abruptly. It's fierce and black eyes were overflowing with a crafty expression.

thousand feet


The eel which was taking a short rest launched an attack abruptly!

It opened its mouth and emitted a strong sound wave!


The frightening sound wave caused the water current to circle around, resulting in a great disturbance in the lake!

In an instant, the fifteen miles deep lake was in a turbulence!

The sound waves passed through the water and passed through everyone's body.

As they were subjected to the sound wave attack at a close range, Mo Wu and Cao Xuan's whole body turned stiff. Their blood energy and spiritual energy became stagnant and their hearts compressed slightly as if they were about to explode.

Even Shen Jiuyin who was strong groaned.

Ji Hongxue's snow-like face changed slightly and he quickly gave a light roar. "As expected, it was pretending to not notice us! Everyone, pick your Black Dragon Plant quickly and leave the lake."

Among the all of them, only Ji Hongxue had a normal expression. However, he was also quite fearful at the same time. He picked a Black Dragon Plant and rushed towards the surface!

Mo Wu's pretty shadow flashed continuously. She drew her sword from her waist and sliced the horizon!

The swift and fierce sword energy cut off a Black Dragon Plant and carried it towards the sky.

Mo Wu revealed a joyful expression. She extended her jade-like hands, grabbed the Black Dragon Plant and immediately rushed to the surface!

Shen Jiuyin and Cao Xuan were about to make their move.

However, a frightening black shadow disrupted the water current and headed for them!

The expressions of both of them changed slightly. They gave up on the Black Dragon Plant and retreated hastily.

In no time, they caught up with Mo Wu and Ji Hongxue. The four of them had extremely serious expressions and they escaped together!


The Heaven Howling Fish was unsatisfied. It swayed its one thousand feet long body and chased away them quickly!

The sound wave attack was always successful and it slowed down the speed of four of them!

"Attack at the same time!" The expression on Ji Hongxue's snow-like face changed and he gave a light roar!

Rumble, rumble

Four of them were at Dragon Realm Level Two. Mo Wu was at Dragon Realm Level Two Lower Tier, Cao Xuan and Shen Jiuyin were at Dragon Realm Level Two Upper Tier and Ji Hongxue was at Dragon Realm Level Two Peak!

When the four of them teamed up, their powers were so strong that it could shake the Heaven and Earth.

However, the Heaven Howling Fish revealed a disdainful expression. Its head which was as big as a house clashed with the attack abruptly!

Rumble, puff

The combined attack by the four of them was dispersed at that moment!

The remnants of the waves rebounded onto the four of them!

Ji Hongxue groaned. His strong body resolved the wave attack directly.

Shen Jiuyin frowned slightly and he revealed a slightly pained expression.

Cao Xuan bit his teeth and it was difficult to endure the pain. He had just made a breakthrough to Dragon Realm Level Two Upper Tier and his abilities were inferior to Shen Jiuyin.

However, Mo Wu was sent flying in an instant!


The remnants of the waves attacked her abdomen and shook her five internal organs. Hence, she was fatally injured in the blink of an eye.

However, using the energy from the rebound, she rushed out of the Jade Lake first. She coughed out blood, staggered and fell down on the shore.

Whiz, whiz

Ji Hongxue and the remaining two of them returned to the shore after that.

Apart from Ji Hongxue's strong body which was unmatched, the rest of them were in dire straits. In particular, Mo Wu suffered internal injuries.

Although they had managed to obtain the Black Dragon Plant, they had also paid a heavy price for it.

However, Mo Wu wiped off the blood at the corners of her mouth. Her beautiful eyes stared at the Black Dragon Flower and smiled even though there was still blood in her mouth.

"Mo Wu, you will rest for one day and recuperate from your injuries." Ji Hongxue revealed a worried expression.

"No need, I can still carry on!" Mo Wu rejected him with great resolve.

Ji Hongxue frowned slightly. "Making preparations won't delay the work. If you insist on entering the lake at your current condition, your injuries will become worse."

"What's wrong with my injuries becoming worse?" Mo Wu's eyes were glowing with firmness. "There is not much time left. Even if I were to die, I will still try to improve my abilities to the best of my abilities!"

Ji Hongxue found it hard to understand. Why was Mo Wu so persistent?

Could it be that there was something in the world that was more important than her future?

In the water, Su Yu had witnessed everything and his gaze turned serious.

Although the faction's Four Great Disciples worked together, the Heaven Howling Fish still managed to injure one of them seriously and also force two of them to retreat!

Its abilities had reached the level of Dragon Realm Level Three Peak!

"Su Yu, are we really going to go for the Divine Dragon Plant?" Chan Yunfei held her elegant palm tightly and her heart felt anxious.

Chan Leiyun's lips moved. Putting Su Yu's thoughts in a pleasant way, it was audacious in the extreme. In a bad way, it was ignorant!

The Heaven Howling Fish could kill the Four Great Disciples easily. They only dared to go for the Black Dragon Plants at the left and right ruins. They did not dare to go beyond their limits and go for the middle ruins.

As for Su Yu, he was more concerned about the Divine Dragon Plant in the Heaven Howling Fish's stomach!

Although Chan Leiyun wanted to hold Su Yu in veneration, he always withdrew his words when he was about to say them.

Su Yu cast aside his unusual expression and said indifferently. "Naturally. However, before that, I need to do something else first!"

"Both of you will lure the Heaven Howling Fish away for some time, I will take out something." Su Yu instructed.

"That" Chan Yunfei's pretty eyes turned slightly serious and she hesitated completely.

Chan Leiyun's expression turned ghastly pale. "Brother Su, are you joking? Even after the Four Great Disciples teamed up, they still ended up in dire straits. If this is the case if it were me and my sister, wouldn't our hearts be shattered by its roar in an instant, causing us to be transported out?"

Su Yu smiled. "If both of you agree to this, there will be great rewards for you after this is over. Moreover, both of you only need to lure the Heaven Howling Fish thirty feet away from the ruins and both of you do not need to get close to it."

"Even if it were luring it thirty feet away, the risk is also extremely high!" Chan Leiyun held his fist secretly and he felt angry. Su Yu's request was extremely absurd. Which request required them to escape from death narrowly!

However, Chan Yunfei bit her lips slightly and her eyes flashed. After a long time, she said. "Understood! I will agree with your request!

"But The favor that my brother and I owe you would be written off after this!" Chan Yunfei's voice was filled with a bit of coldness.

"Sister!" Chan Leiyun was anxious.

Chan Yunfei did not allow anyone to interfere. She did not look at Su Yu as she grabbed Chan Leiyun and plunged into the deep waters. "I have already decided that I will do this. I must definitely return the favor that I owe!

"By asking us to lure away the Heaven Howling Fish so that he could pick the spiritual plants, this is equivalent to forcing us to dig our own graves and also ruining our future in the Ancient Xianyun Temple! He used kindness to enhance his influence, what a despicable person!"

Chan Leiyun roared angrily. "Sister, I find that it is not worth for you! Your innocence has been stained and you have been taken advantage of by this hypocritical and evil person. Moreover, all of this is for nothing!"

Chan Yunfei bit her lips and her eyes were filled with disappointment that was indescribable with words.

She had thought that Su Yu was a man of honor. He had helped her without asking for anything and her heart was secretly moved by him before.

At the very moment, her heart felt bitter!

"If you want to blame someone, blame it on my inability to discern good and bad that resulted in us repaying a false debt! After this, there will be no more old scores between him and us as it would be written off!" Chan Yunfei's heart quivered slightly and her eyes were filled with some tears.

Both of them headed deep into the water and were about five miles away from the Heaven Howling Fish.

"Hundred Flower Palm!" Chan Yunfei's palm shadow appeared continuously and disrupted the water current. The palm attack passed through five miles and headed for the Heaven Howling Fish.

After passing through five miles, the palm attack became weaker but it landed on the Heaven Howling Fish. Although the attack was weak, it angered the Heaven Howling Fish which was guarding the ruins!

With a flash of its fierce eyes, the Heaven Howling Fish deflected the water current, went against the current and headed for the both of them.

"Run quickly!" Chan Yunfei's flower-like face turned grave and she headed for the surface along with her brother!


However, the Heaven Howling Fish's speed was extremely fast and it caught up with the both of them quickly.

The both of them had the jitters and they escaped at their full power.

In no time, they had traveled five miles and they brushed past Su Yu.

When they passed by him, Chan Yunfei's pretty eyes were cold as though she was looking at a stranger.

Su Yu finally moved!

"Space-time manipulation!" Su Yu's wine-red right eye emitted an unprecedented magnificent light!

A lump of invisible space energy descended upon the world and enveloped the middle ruins which were a hundred feet broad!

"Move!" After a light roar, the whole piece of middle ruins immediately disappeared into thin air, leaving behind a huge pit!

The ferocious eyes of the Heaven Howling Fish which was about two to three miles before catching up with Chan Yunfei and her brother flashed abruptly. It gave up on chasing them and glared at the Su Yu's direction!

Ten miles away from the bottom of the lake, there was a piece of ruins floating in front of Su Yu!

Thirty Black Dragon Plants and Five White Dragon Plants were fluttering quietly!

Su Yu's artifact flashed and Divine Ice Threads came out from it abruptly!

Along with the White Dragon Plant, the thirty-five rare spiritual plants were cut off and tied up together.

Su Yu immediately squeezed the pile of spiritual plants into his chest and rushed out of the lake without hesitation!


The Heaven Howling Fish behind him gave an extremely furious roar!

One-third of the ruins including five White Dragon Plants which were rare were forcefully snatched away from it!

That roar caused Su Yu's body to turn stiff slightly.

However, the good thing was that he was quite close to the surface. In addition, he had made preparations beforehand and he managed to rush out of the lake in one shot!

Rumble, bang

When Su Yu rushed out from the lake, a huge black shadow appeared atop the water surface and its house-sized giant mouth bit the sky fiercely.

Su Yu had already flown high up into the sky. Having failed to land an attack, the Heaven Howling Fish fell back into the water with hatred. However, it did not leave straight away. It swam around the water surface and its ferocious eyes glared at Su Yu firmly!

It roared and hit the water surface continuously, causing giant waves that were a thousand feet high to form!

It killed many Dragon Realm Level Two fish demons with its vibrations unintentionally, causing the Jade Lake to be filled with blood along with dead bodies everywhere in an instant.

The expressions of Ji Hongxue and the group of them changed greatly and they moved far away from the Jade Lake.

When they gathered again later, they were still astonished as per before.

"Su Yu, what did you do to make the Heaven Howling Fish so angry?" Ji Hongxue was extremely surprised.

They had harassed the Heaven Howling Fish for a long time, but they had never seen it so furious before.

Su Yu wiped his mouth awkwardly. "I just took some of its stuff."

Cao Xuan's expression turned serious. "What have you done! If you angered it completely, entering the lake again would be as difficult as ascending to the Heaven. Don't you think that you owe us an explanation?"


Cao Xuan took a huge step and got close to Su Yu.

"You want to fight? I will accompany you!" A prideful and charming body flashed in front of Su Yu and a pair of pretty eyes stared at Cao Xuan.

Cao Xuan grinned coldly. "Mo Wu! You are far from being worthy of being my opponent. If you want to scram from this place along with him, I will grant you your wish!"

After all, Cao Xuan had been stuck at Dragon Realm Level Two Lower Tier for a period of time and he was rich in information. Hence, he made a breakthrough to Upper Tier not too long after entering Ancient Xianyun Temple.

However, Mo Wu had just achieved Dragon Realm Level Two Lower Tier not long ago and she was still quite a distance away from making a breakthrough to the next tier.

In addition, she had been injured by the Heaven Howling Fish's vibrations and she was indeed not Cao Xuan's opponent.

"What's wrong with that? If you want to fight, I will fight with you to the end!" Mo Wu gave a cold roar and she drew her silver sword.

Ji Hongxue frowned indifferently. "Enough, collecting the spiritual flowers requires all of us to work together. Now is not the time to fight among one another!"

When Ji Hongxue spoke, Cao Xuan retreated with frustration and gave a warning coldly. "Let me warn you. Don't meddle in other people's business. You are the same as your master, a lunatic who is impossible to reason with! If not, don't blame me for sending you out of the Ancient Xianyun Temple and ruining your future as a result!"

Mo Wu's expression turned icy cold and it could not be determined whether she was delighted or furious.

Su Yu who was standing behind her could feel her charming body trembling. It was trembling caused by anger!

Insulting her master meant going against her.

However, as she was unable to match Cao Xuan, she could only choose to endure.

"Senior Sister" Su Yu tapped her soft and sweet smelling shoulder. His heart was filled with gratitude towards her. Every time he was bullied and oppressed, Mo Wu would step forward bravely and defend him.

Mo Wu turned her head coldly. After seeing that Su Yu's hands were empty, she bit her teeth and squeezed her Black Dragon Plant into Su Yu's hand. She then said with a cold expression. "Take it! Strengthen your abilities so that I will not need to save you every time!"

Su Yu was stunned. He had seen it with his own eyes that Mo Wu suffered fatal injuries for the Black Dragon Plant. She only obtained the Black Dragon Plant after going through so many difficulties. However, at the very moment, she actually gave the Black Dragon Plant to Su Yu!

Ji Hongxue revealed an astonished expression. Mo Wu had actually given the Black Dragon Plant which she obtained with all her might to strengthen her abilities to Su Yu?

"Senior Sister, you have only managed to obtain this Black Dragon Plant after so many difficulties. How could you give it to me?" Su Yu was surprised

Who knew that Mo Wu laughed. "Difficult? It is just a mere Black Dragon Plant, why would it be difficult for me to get it? I can go to the bottom of the lake any time to pick another one!"

Never did she imagine that Su Yu had used his extremely strong eyesight and saw the scene of them picking the Black Dragon Plant.

"Use it with ease. For this kind of thing, no matter how many you request, there will always be enough!" Mo Wu gestured her hand in disapproval naturally. However, at that moment, her injuries flared up. She coughed once violently and blood came out from her mouth.

Mo Wu covered her mouth hurriedly and her pretty face turned red. She glared at Su Yu fiercely. "What do you think you are looking at? Since I have too much blood, is it not fine for me to vomit out some of it?"

Su Yu became stupefied on the spot and he was moved.

Warmth flowed into his heart silently! After a long time, Su Yu revealed a warm smile. He took a step forward and held Mo Wu's palm.

Unintentionally, Su Yu took out a pile of spiritual plants from his chest. He squeezed a pile of Black Dragon Plants with a White Dragon plant mixed in it into her hand. "You are right. It is just a mere spiritual plant. Senior Sister can use them at your own discretion. Even after you finish them, I still have some more!"

Having witnessed that scene, everyone was stunned at first. After which, their expression changed greatly!

Ji Hongxue's swift and fierce pupils shrank abruptly and said astonishingly. "White Dragon Plant? And ten Black Dragon Plants?"

Cao Xuan was more astonished. "How is it possible for you to have so many spiritual plants?"

However, after which, Cao Xuan's gaze turned cold. "Humph! Despicable! When we were luring the Heaven Howling Fish away, you took advantage of the opportunity to seize the spiritual flowers? How many spiritual flowers did you pick, hand over all of them now!"


Cao Xuan's eyes were filled with greed and murderous intents. He headed for Su Yu hastily!