The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 196

Chapter 196: An Equal Match
Chapter 196: An equal match
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Cao Xuan struck suddenly and ferociously. Ji Hongxue was further away, making it hard for him to stop Cao Xuan.

At the side, Shen Jiuyin's lips formed a slight smile.

Only Mo Wu, who came back to her senses from the shock, furiously shouted, "Cao Xuan, don't go too far!"

"So what if I go too far?" Cao Xuan struck fiercely, his gaze looking past Mo Wu, coldly locking onto Su Yu. "Kneel!"

Mo Wu laughed angrily, clenching her teeth. "Say that after you passed me!"

Her silver sword twirled in her hand. Mo Wu wanted to strike, but Su Yu placed his hand on her shoulder. "Our problems should be resolved by us! You rest on the side!"

Not knowing why the clear, calm words of Su Yu gave Mo Wu the impression that he was immensely confident!

She subconsciously followed his instructions, stepping to the side!

Without giving any time to react, Su Yu had already taken a step forward!

"Six Fingers of Destruction!" Cao Xuan's Six Fingers of Destruction was at Stage Two Upper Tier and was nothing exceptional.

But his cultivation level was at Dragon Realm Second Level Peak, completely dwarfing Su Yu!

Combining the two, its explosive power and might was extraordinary!


The flames were intense, its spiritual pressure startling!

Mo Wu's expression was grave!

Between every tier of the Holy King, the difference in their spirit energy was only thirty percent. But for Dragon Realm, it was fifty percent!

"Su Yu run quick!" Mo Wu could only shout.

But Cao Xuan was full of killing intent, how would he give Su Yu the chance to run?

"Kneel, insignificant thing!!" The humiliation of his castration turned into a ball of fury, burning in his chest.

Su Yu's expression was calm, his lips forming a slight smile. "Alright, I'll send you out of here. I'll feel more comfortable not seeing you around!"


A sound of waves crashing came from Su Yu's energy center.

It was his liquid spirit energy raging, flowing to the Fire Cloud Seal between his brows.

The Fire Cloud Seal pulsated, a shred of exquisite chill spreading forth!

It was as if the gates of an icy hell had opened. Countless ice burst from the gates, sealing the entire world!


The fiery red ice flames blanketed the area! It collided with the Six Fingers of Destruction!

The loud sound of the impact reverberated around the surroundings.

Wild winds ensued, causing flowers to fly and the waters of the Jade Lake to churn.

Li Jun and the others retreated in terror to defend against the spillover effects.

"Junior Su had clearly just broken through into the Dragon Realm, how could his spirit energy reserves be so terrifying!" Li Jun was in awe and shock!

Compared to the spirit energy Su Yu showed him just now, this was Su Yu's full power!

It was double the spirit power of anyone in the same cultivation level, not losing to a Dragon Realm Level Two Upper Tier!

Thud Thud Thud

In the fog of dust and debris, two figures each retreated four steps!

Cao Xuan's cold expression had frozen, his face rigid. Shock filled his heart, to the point where he did not realize the bone-piercing cold on his right fist, devouring his life force.

"You... broke through to Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier?" Cao Xuan could not believe it!

A month ago, Su Yu in the Meteorite Forest was only a Seventh Level Lower Tier Holy King! Cao Xuan could kill him with a finger then!

But in a month's time, Su Yu could hold his own!

Mo Wu's eyes widened, gasping. "You... How can that be?"

It was as if she was dreaming. In her eyes, the junior that was in constant need of protection had surpassed her in terms of ability!

Cao Xuan was anxious. The potential Su Yu showed was too scary! He could not give him any more room to grow!

"Senior Shen Jiuyin, please help me!" Cao Xuan clenched his teeth, swearing to destroy SU Yu's future!

Shen Jiuyin's sucked in his cheeks, showing a sinister expression as he laughed. "Interesting, in just a month, he had improved from Seventh Level Lower Tier Holy King to Dragon Realm Level One Upper Tier. The speed of his improvement is shocking!"

"Senior Shen, this person is dangerous, let's strike together!" Cao Xuan was anxious.

Shen Jiuyin calmly glanced at him. "Do I need to team up with you to deal with a mere Su Yu? Look from the side! Useless trash!"

Hearing the chides, Cao Xuan's face was hot, his heart full of grievance.

But Shen Jiuyin was the disciple of the Great Elder. Cao Xuan ultimately had to bow down to Shen Jiuyin.

Coupled with the fact that his abilities could not match Shen Jiuyin's, it made it even harder for him to raise his head. Now that he has been chided in front of everyone, the grievances that he had suppressed in his heart turned into a shred of hatred.

"If I, Cao Xuan, grew stronger, I would definitely teach you a lesson!"

Shen Jiuyin fixed his gaze on Su Yu, letting out a sinister laugh. "Even though I am looking forward to having another worthy opponent, but I am not one who is overly pedantic. Your potential unsettles me and so I wish to sever your fate with the Ancient Xianyun Temple!"

"Hand over the extra spiritual plants and I can consider giving you the chance to die by your own hand," Shen Jiuyin said.

Su Yu sarcastically smiled. "You really think that you would definitely win me?"

"Su Yu!" Mo Wu stepped forward to block Su Yu, her eyes filled with a deep fear. "Don't clash with him, run quickly! He is more dangerous than you imagine!"

"He has a rumored strange spirit, allowing him to transform! He is immensely scary after his transformation!" Mo Wu gravely said, "Even the Tenth Elder took more than ten moves to defeat him!"

Su Yu lifted his eyebrows! A strange spirit that allowed the user to transform!

His abilities were on par with the Tenth Elder, who was Dragon Realm Level Four?

"But Shen Jiuyin after transformation would lose his reason and was thus banned from using it during spars. That's why his ranking is below Ji Hongxue's." Mo Wu told him something that was not known by the masses. "The true top disciple of the faction might not be Ji Hongxue!"

"So, take this opportunity, I'll block him, you run quickly!" Mo Wu's expression was unprecedentedly grave.

The true most powerful disciple in the faction was Shen Jiuyin!

Taking a breath, Su Yu's expression was grave, then he coldly shook his head. "No! I cannot escape now!"

Other than the Divine Dragon Plant, he had something important that he had not done yet!

That is to find the Phoenix Blood Elixir!

"Escaping is also wishful thinking! Leave the spiritual plants behind and I'll give you a chance to kill yourself. That's the biggest mercy I can give you." Shen Jiuyin let out a sinister laugh.

Su Yu's expression gradually turned calm, his eyes were serene as an autumn lake. "Why would I, Su Yu, fear a battle?"

Shen Jiuyin laughed, turning even more sinister. "You have guts! But you are also ignorant!"

Seeing the battle between them about to explode.


A majestic figure stood in the center of the two, his fierce gaze striking the hearts of many. "Is now the time to be having an internal strife?"

The horrifying spirit energy blanketed the surroundings!

Su Yu's pupils dilated. "Dragon Realm Level Three!!"

Shen Jiuyin's expression turned rigid, gravely saying. "Youbroken through!"

After half a month of collecting Black Dragon Plants, Ji Hongxue had broken free of the shackles of his cultivation level, silently slipping into Dragon Realm Level Three just now!

His powerful aura caused the breathing of many to become harder.

Su Yu had the impression that if Ji Hongxue wanted to, he could stop him with a finger!

Coldly staring at the two of them, Ji Hongxue's gaze landed onto Su Yu, a battle intent lingering in his eyes, 'Your improvement is rapid. I hope that you can be my rival in the future! Now, there's no opponent that can match up to me!"

In the past, Su Yu could still pique the interest of Ji Hongxue.

But now that he had reached a horrifying Dragon Realm Level Three, Su Yu could no longer pose any threat to him.

"Can you give me one of your White Dragon Plants? We can trade." Ji Hongxue spoke. He had reached Dragon Realm Level Three, the Black Dragon Plant's effects are now negligible. Only the White Dragon Plant was worth trying.

Su Yu's gaze wavered, readily accepting the offer. "Of course! But you need to promise me something. Help me get the Divine Dragon Plant. Specifically, help me suppress the Heaven Howling Fish for a moment."

Suppress the Heaven Howling Fish? Ji Hongxue raised his brows, slightly shaking his head. "Even if I have broken through to Dragon Realm Level Three, there's no guarantee that I could suppress him for half a minute."

"But if Junior Shen would help, that would not be outside the realm of possibility. His transformation ability should not be made light of." Ji Hongxue paused for a moment before saying.

Shen Jiuyin heard this, his eyes blazed with passion, laughing lightly. "If you give me a White Dragon Plant, I naturally would lend a hand!"

Him? Su Yu creased his brows but quickly nodded calmly. "If you did your best, I would naturally accept the offer!"

"We'll rest for a day and take action tomorrow. After it is done, I'll give you guys the White Dragon Plant." Su Yu calmly said.

Mo Wu bit her lips. She was holding ten Black Dragon Plants and a White Dragon Plant. A ripple formed in her heart.

This favor to Mo Wu, who needed a breakthrough in her abilities urgently, was immense.

Mo Wu clenched her teeth, saying. "Do you have any wished that you have not fulfilled? I would use my life to try to make it up to you!"

"My wish?" Su Yu laughed, gently shaking his head. "I'll fulfill my own wishes! These spiritual plants are repayment for the multiple times you protected me over the past half a year. You do not need to obsess over it."

"I do not want to owe you any favors! I'll definitely return it to you in the future!" Mo Wu stubbornly said, her face turning red.

As proud as she was, she did not allow herself to owe Su Yu any favors.

The crowd rested, only two figures stealthily stepped back.

"Senior Chan." Su Yu whispered.

Her figure shivered as she froze on the spot.

Chan Yunfei turned back rigidly, biting her lips. She was fearful and bitter, her gaze welling with a cold intent. "Junior Su, what's the matter?"

Chan Leiyun was full of fear, not daring to breathe. He was bowing, not daring to look directly at Su Yu's eyes.

In just half a month, Su Yu's abilities had improved explosively, allowing him to even compete with the Four Great Disciples!

This caused the siblings to worry if Su Yu would exact revenge.

After all, they knew that they had not cooperated with him in the lake.

"Senior, why are you in a hurry to leave?" Su Yu walked forward with large strides.

Was he really finding trouble? Chan Yunfei's heart was filled with bitterness.

She was grateful for Su Yu's help on two occasions, thus she forgave Su Yu for smearing her purity.

But who would have thought that Su Yu was such a hypocrite!

Not only had he made such an unreasonable request just now, he was still coming to exact revenge after his abilities improved!

The bitterness in her heart caused tears to well in her eyes.

But the pride in her heart made her stick out her chest. With tears in her eyes, she glared at Su Yu. "What do you need, say it now!"

Chan Yunfei's tearing eyes caused Su Yu to freeze. "Senior, this is I only wanted to fulfill my promise and share these spiritual plants with you all. Am I doing anything wrong?"


Su Yu took out a White Dragon Plant and five Black Dragon Plants, stuffing them into Chan Yunfei's hands.


Chan Yunfei and Chan Leiyun were as if struck by five flashes of lightning, freezing on the spot!

Wasn't Su Yu taking advantage of the favors he had done? Was he not a hypocrite This